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  • How much would you pay for a Brown Paper Carrier Bag?
    a fair amount to pay for a high quality brown paper carrier bag 5p 10p or maybe 25p Well if you are a fashion conscious gentleman it looks like you might have to dig a little bit deeper German fashion designer Jill Sanders recently unveiled her autumn winter 2012 collection which included the men s Vasari bag made out of 100 percent coated paper Looking much like a regular brown paper carrier bag the designer version went on sale for a staggering 185 and sold out within just three weeks Featuring brown stitched seams gold eyelets along the bottom and the designer s name emblazoned across the front the latest it bag became so popular that the designer was forced to ask external retailers to return their stock and it is no longer available on the official Jill Sander s ecommerce site A staple on the high street for decades the brown paper carrier bag is a strong reliable and practical packaging solution and while regular retailers may not get away with the 185 price tag the popularity of this latest version just goes to show that consumers are happy to pay for something that looks and feels great Paper carrier bags have the advantages of being naturally biodegradable recyclable and in many instances compostable and when made from natural brown Kraft paper they are one of the most environmentally friendly options available With a range of different sizes and styles to choose from our brown paper bags are printable with a whole spectrum of colours and designs but if you want to replicate the designer minimalist version less it most definitely more Sadly the 185 brown paper bag is no longer available but if you have a spare 500 to spare you could always treat yourself to the leather

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  • Ten Tips on Recycling Plastic Carrier Bags
    that isn t likely to go away anytime soon the carrier bag charge tax will continue to generate headlines as it spreads across the UK but aren t we missing the point Whether we pay for a carrier bag or not if we do not take every effort to reuse and recycle our plastic bags the effect they have on the environment is going to remain unchanged Plastic carrier bags are extremely useful and unless the UK government and the British Retail Consortium agree on a total ban they will continue to be part of our everyday life so would it not be better to educate the public on ways to recycle and reuse their carrier bags rather than use the headlines to voice opinions The amount of information available to the public is limited and so we have collated a list of ten tips on reusing and recycling plastic carrier bags to help eradicate the term single use carrier bag Reuse your plastic carrier bags as much as possible Simply fold away after each use and take them with you every time you go shopping High quality plastic carrier bags can hold several kilos in weight so fill them up and reduce the amount you need for each shopping trip Return damaged unwanted plastic carrier bags to your local supermarket Tesco Sainsbury s Morrison s Asda and many other supermarket chains offer in store recycling banks Reuse your plastic carrier bag as a bin liner Cut your bags into strips and make Plarn a versatile plastic yarn suitable for use in the garden or for making bags and hats Donate them to charity shops and or local market stallholders to reuse Send you unwanted plastic bags to craft stores or designers who use them to create plastic art If

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/ten-tips-on-recycling-plastic-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • New Carrier Bags for 2013
    Combining a convenient packaging solution with a unique advertising platform for your brand bespoke printed carrier bags continue to grow in popularity and so to keep up with demand we have added a whole range of new shapes styles and printing techniques to our ever growing carrier bag collection Gift Bag Boxes New for 2013 Launched just in time for the festive season our fantastic Gift Bag Boxes are perfect for retailers looking for a compact and user friendly packaging solution As the name would suggest they combine a gift box with a high quality carrier bag and the result is a smart convenient and practical gift box with rope or ribbon handles Supplied flat packed and complete with a built in lid our Gift Bag Boxes are perfect for gifts gourmet foods and eliminate the need for excess packaging Canvas Carrier Bags The Natural Choice for 2013 Natural reusable and biodegradable our Canvas Carrier Bags are almost twice as thick as cotton carrier bags and therefore bring new meaning to the phrase Bags for Life While we cannot guarantee they will last a lifetime they will certainly last long enough for your customers to reuse them over and again and promote your brand in the process Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags Affordable Packaging for 2013 If like many UK retailers you find yourself constricted to a tight packaging budget for 2013 our smart and stylish Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags might be the perfect packaging solution Machine made from 100 recyclable paper these strong and durable paper carrier bags are suitable for retail exhibitions and trade show events and can be delivered within just two weeks of placing your order We also offer a huge range of plastic carrier bags paper carrier bags mailing bags and cotton carrier bags

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/new-carrier-bags-for-2013/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Plastic Bag Bans and Carrier Bag News
    fate of the plastic bag and they could soon be gone for good Plastic Bag Levies and Bans In an attempt to reduce our dependence on plastic carrier bags governments in Wales and Northern Ireland have introduced a 5p levy on all single use bags but in other countries across the world governments are taking it one step further by pushing for a complete ban If you manufacture sell or distribute carrier bags in the Indian city of Mangalore today you could face a fine of Rs 100 approximately 1 15 If you violate the carrier bag ban in Brookline Boston you can expect to pay 50 for your first offense and a further 100 if you are caught out a second time but this plastic bag ban only applies to major retail establishments with annual sales in excess of 1 million and stores can only be fined once a week so as long as you keep your turnover less than 999 999 you will be fine and not fined The Convenience Stores Association and Plastics Industry are fighting back in Toronto Canada and have now filed documents with the Ontario Superior Court asking them to quash the proposed invalid ban set to come into effect on 1 st January 2013 Carrier Bags saving lives in Scotland Plastic carrier bags are making the headlines in Scotland too and while the Scottish government is still consulting on a carrier bay levy retailers in North Lanarkshire are putting this practical shopping staple to good use Teaming up with the local police and the Choose Life Campaign a suicide prevention group local convenience stores are now using brightly coloured carrier bags with the messages Spill it and Stop bottling it up for those buying alcohol Tackling the link between alcohol and suicide Choose

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/plastic-bag-bans-and-carrier-bag-news/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Lightweight mailing bags – cutting the cost of postage
    every ten internet users making at least one online purchase per year but recent studies by International Parcel Company DPD show that exorbitant postage and shipping costs are having a negative impact on the consumers shopping experience A staggering 73 of UK consumers said that they failed to complete an online shopping purchase and abandoned their shopping cart at the postage stage due to high delivery charges and restricted delivery options while a further 37 per cent said they were put off by expensive automatically selected postage prices In a highly competitive business world many retailers simply cannot afford to offer free or discounted shipping but if the results of this survey are anything to go by it seems limited and expensive delivery options are costing internet retailers millions of pounds in lost sales so what is the solution Strong lightweight and cost effective packaging is a great place to start and by replacing heavy boxes bulky bubble wrap and porous paper envelopes with high quality plastic mailing bags we can ship our products across the world for less Plastic mailing bags are available in a range of different sizes and styles many come with a tamperproof seal and with three different thicknesses to choose from 60 75 and 100 micron you can choose the smallest lightest mailing bag for each particular item Another benefit of plastic mailing bags is that the surface is printable Many online retailers choose to brand their bags with their company logo and contact details which not only installs confidence in the consumer but also advertises the company s services and products as the bags are shipped from one location to another Mailing bags may not remove the costs of postage and shipping altogether but if we offer a lighter and more cost effective shipping

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/lightweight-mailing-bags-cutting-the-cost-of-postage-shipping/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Degradable, Biodegradable, Compostable - What does it mean?
    use and to become more eco friendly there is growing demand for sustainable packaging materials that are both cost effective and kind on the environment No longer a simple choice between plastic carrier bags and paper carrier bags businesses now have to consider what energy is used to make the bags such as wind power solar power and nuclear energy how far the bags are going to be transported and how significant the carbon footprint is going to be Only then can one understand the impact those carrier bags are going to have on the environment and how sustainable they really are Of course consumers do not have access to this kind of information but there are several words we can look out for such as degradable biodegradable and compostable to give us a better understanding of the type of carrier bags we are using Degradable plastic carrier bags contain additives that help them to break down when exposed to direct sunlight The average amount of time it takes for a degradable carrier bag to break down depends on the temperature but many suggest it takes approximately 2 years While these bags fall apart they do not completely disappear and can leave environmentally harmful particles behind Manufactured in much the same way Biodegradable carrier bags contain additives that assist the polythene to degrade when exposed to heat and or light Bio organisms found in soil can also initiate the degradation process so these bags can break down in approximately 18 months once they reach the landfill Compostable carrier bags are governed by the EN 13432 regulation and must be made of materials that will break down within 3 months and have no polythene content Made from organic materials such as cornstarch these bags are designed to dissolve naturally into the

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/degradable-biodegradable-compostable-what-does-it-all-mean/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Recycle Your Christmas Waste and Keep Britain Tidy
    days all those Christmas cards wrapping papers carrier bags and gift boxes will be making their way in to our dustbins and as such recycling groups and waste authorities are appealing to the British Public to dispose of their Christmas waste responsibly We generate several tonnes of extra waste at this time of year thanks to Christmas wrapping paper cans and bottles from Christmas parties and real Christmas trees and unless we dispose of it correctly environmental groups fear it will be cluttering up the countryside until this time next year There are several options when it comes to recycling your Christmas cards and if you do not fancy turning them into next year s decorations you can dispose of them through your local kerbside recycling collections or take them into any Marks Spencer s or Sainsbury s stores Both M S and Sainsbury s will be distributing Christmas card bins throughout their stores and a proportion of the money raised through this collection and recycling scheme will go towards charitable causes such as the Woodland Trust and the Forest Stewardship Council FSC When it comes to traditional Christmas wrapping paper much of it cannot be recycled and so waste authorities across the country are encouraging consumers to wrap their presents in reusable gift bags instead Gift bags made from paper are both recyclable and compostable and as they are far more convenient than Santa covered wrapping paper many high street retailers now offer these as part of the purchase Real Christmas Trees may look beautiful in your home but many people do not know what to do with them once the festivities have passed If it is small enough you can dispose of your Christmas in your garden waste bin alternatively councils across the country have announced that there

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/recycle-your-christmas-waste-and-keep-britain-tidy-this-festive-season/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Spotlight on Spot UV Printing
    bags were introduced to the high street back in the 1960s retailers quickly realised that they were not only a convenient packaging solution for the consumer but that they also provided the perfect platform for advertising their business services or brand Popular high street stores such as Woolworths Marks and Spencer and Tesco soon started to print their company name across the surface of the bag and while printing techniques were still developing anyone over a certain age will remember the bold red lettering of Woolworths the emerald green of Mark s and the distinctive blue and white stripes of Tesco Today carrier bag printing possibilities are endless and thanks to advances in printing technologies ink colours and techniques retailers can add just about any design and or texture to the surface of their carrier bags to make their brands highly visible and more accessible than ever before Spot UV Printing is one such technique that has a multi sensory impact As the name would suggest UV varnish one of the thickest varnishes available is applied to certain areas of the paper carrier bag to create a design that is not only visually attractive but one that feels luxurious too Favoured by high end brands for their luxury products Spot UV printing adds dimension to paper carrier bags without being overpowering or brash and due to the intricate detailing of the process it can be used to highlight even the most complex logos and designs Available in both matt and gloss ranges Spot UV printing will add a subtle sophistication to the surface of your paper carrier bags and when combined with silky ribbon handles and printing on the inside of the bag your packaging will look just as good as the contents inside If you would like any more

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/spotlight-on-spot-uv-printing/ (2016-04-25)
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