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  • Union Jack Carrier Bags – The Best of British
    England is awash with the red white and blue colours of the Union Jack Flag as shopkeepers restaurant owners and even high street banks show their support for this auspicious 3 day event A time for Great Britain to shine under the spotlight of the world s media the Queens Jubilee Pageant will transmit across the globe to an audience of tens of millions and as the London 2012 Olympics follow shortly after the celebrations are set to last right through to autumn Events like these boost local businesses dramatically and even Heathrow Airport has joined the Jubilee frenzy by adding at 540 square metre Union Jack flag adjacent to one of the runways welcoming the estimated 780 000 passengers visiting the event in true British style Union Jack flags English souvenirs and traditional British gifts are also in demand and so retailers across the country are not only stocking up on all things British but also ordering Union Jack printed carrier bags to package their goods Appealing to both patriotic locals and foreign tourists Union Jack carrier bags are the perfect solution for carrying everyday items such as groceries or a packed lunch and those visiting the country will promote our nation as they are carry their souvenirs home so for retailers it is a win win situation Both paper and plastic carrier bags print exceptionally well and as they are available in a variety of different shapes styles and sizes you can design a range of unique Union Jack carrier bags to complement your products and services If you have not ordered your patriotic bags in time for the Jubilee there is still plenty of time to place an order for the Olympics and as they support the nation s flag the timeless design will never go out

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  • Why Choose Varigauge Carrier Bags
    the choice of plastic paper jute cotton and canvas a little overwhelming allow us to introduce you to the highly practical affordable and biodegradable Varigauge Carrier Bag Simple yet stylish in design these plastic carrier bags are suitable for every type of business be it the retail sector or those working within exhibitions and conferences and as varigauge carrier bags are produced with biodegradable additives they are an environmentally friendly alternative to the regular plastic bag As the name would suggest varigauge carrier bags feature variable thickness to provide additional strength around the handle area and throughout the base of the bag This extra reinforcement adds longevity to the carrier bags and allows for reuse Varigauge bags are best suited to simple prints but that does not mean you have to compromise on design You can choose up to four Pantone colours during the design process and so they are ideal for those looking for a range of high quality cost effective printed carrier bags In addition to being a practical packaging solution and an advertising platform for your brand our varigauge carrier bags are biodegradable meaning they will automatically break down when they reach the landfill These eco friendly carrier bags not only show a commitment to the environment but they also encourage consumers to reuse the bag several times before throwing it away and as such become an integral part of the three Rs reuse reduce recycle Our varigauge carrier bags are available in two polythene thicknesses 45 90 micron and 62 5 125 micron and several different sizes so no matter what size products you sell or promote it is easy to find the perfect plastic bag for you business Standard lead times are just 2 4 weeks and we offer fast track options for those in

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  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging – Who’s Responsible?
    sandwich wrapper or plastic bottle is environmentally friendly The study carried out on 500 of the UK s leading branding packaging and marketing managers found that consumers are so likely to expect the issue of environmental packaging to have been addressed at the source that just 3 of those taking part believed a consumer s buying behaviour is significantly influenced by sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging Just under half 45 of those questioned said the retailer should be taking the lead in environmentally friendly packaging and a further 19 believe it is the manufacturer s responsibility to green up the supply chain but when it comes to packaging recycling there is a shift in responsibility Twenty eight percent agree that the onus of packaging waste and recycling should lie with the local council 23 believe it lies with the consumer and just 14 feel that retailers should be responsible With the Governments new packaging recycling targets 2013 2017 set to become law in January sustainability remains a hot topic for packaging professionals manufacturers and retailers so much so that there will be a BIG Packaging Debate at the February 2013 PACKAGING INNOVATIONS event at the NEC dedicated to the topic of consumers don t by sustainable packaging Managing Director for EasyFairs UK Matt Benyon said We hope the debate will shed some light on consumers perception of how their goods are packaged and how their buying behaviour is influenced by environmental concerns If the majority of packaging professionals are dubious whether sustainable packaging actually sells as consumers are more concerned about price or the product they are buying rather than the packaging then what should they be focusing on and how can they communicate better to consumers about their initiatives to reduce their environmental impact With Bags for Life biodegradable

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/environmentally-friendly-packaging-whos-responsible-manufacturers-or-consumers/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Luxury Carrier Bags on Show at Packaging Innovations Fair
    the UK luxury goods market currently valued at around 5 8bn and an estimated 76 of consumers making an impulse purchase based on how the product is displayed wrapped and packaged it is easy to see why luxury packaging is an expanding market and what it can do for a brand An entire two day trade show has been dedicated to the world of luxury packaging and those looking for new ideas will find the latest designs materials and sustainable solutions at the PACKAGING INNOVATIONS Fair London 2012 which will take place at the London Business Design Centre from 4 th 5 th October 2012 To keep up with this rapidly changing sector the event will highlight the latest buyer trends high tech printing techniques and inspiring designs and demonstrate the new finishing processes available for luxury carrier bags designer wine boxes and high quality mailing bags such as linings specialist ribbon handles and new embossing techniques As modern brands look for ways to ensure their packaging stands out against that of competitors luxury carrier bags are becoming an extension of the brand rather than a simple packaging solution and as they add untold value to our products and services they are considered an investment rather than a cost In addition to the vast range of luxury packaging products on display including printed carrier bags corporate gift bags and eco friendly packaging alternatives the BIG Packaging Debate featuring a panel of leading packaging professionals will discuss the ongoing challenges faced by suppliers and retailers Despite difficult economic times the luxury market is continuing to grow and with some sectors experiencing an increase in sales of up to 30 it looks as though the high end market is one of the best places to maximise return on investment If you would

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  • Bags for Life – Introducing the Cotton Carrier Bag
    consumers look for a suitable alternative to the single use carrier bag 100 natural strong reusable and biodegradable cotton carrier bags are ideal for grocery shopping carrying the children s sportswear promotions events and exhibitions and as they have an extended life expectancy they will promote your brand or message for several months if not years to come Outside the scope of the recently introduced carrier bag tax cotton carrier bags are widely promoted in most UK supermarkets as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic carrier bags and as they sell for as little as 10p each consumers are happy to pay for a bag for life Of course due to wear and tear a cotton carrier bag much like a regular handbag or sports bag will eventually need to be replaced but with larger supermarket chains such as Tesco s offering free replacements and free Club Card points they certainly seem to be worth the 10p investment Printed cotton carrier bags are not only advantageous to the environment and the consumer but the retail sector can also benefit from using and promoting this type of bag Showing a commitment to improving the environment they may encourage green shoppers to return to a store and every time the bag is reused it highlights your brand or products As one would imagine standard cotton carrier bags are manufactured in a natural beige colour This background shade works exceptionally well with screen printing and helps a colourful logo to stand out Dyed cotton bags are also available and remain popular with trade show and convention exhibitors due to the variety of different colours printing options and sizes available Cotton carrier bags may not be officially certified as bags for life but when you compare them to the alternatives they are certainly a

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  • ‘Plain’ Cigarette Packaging comes into force in Australia
    for advertising a cigarette brand these boxes are now covered with rather gruesome images of diseased body parts depictions of children made ill by their parents smoking habits and a variety of health warnings in an attempt to strip the smoking habit of glamour While referred to as the plain packaging legislation these new cigarette boxes are anything but plain and feature gangrenous feet blind eyes and written warnings such as smoking causes peripheral vascular disease over most of the surface Australia has one of the world s lowest smoking rates but the federal health minister Tanya Plibersek said Even from a very early age you can see that kids understand the message that the tobacco company is trying to sell through their branding She went on to cite studies that showed examples of children linking a crown in a logo with the idea of being a prince or princess Further studies indicate that if people have not started smoking by the age of 26 there is a 99 chance they never will and the Australian government is therefore doing its utmost to prevent youngsters from starting in the first place As one would expect the tobacco industry is not too impressed by the plain packaging law and believe it will boost the black market trade as Counterfeiters from China and Indonesia will bring lots more of these products down to sell on the streets of Australia Going as far as paying Honduras Ukraine and the Dominican Republic to challenge the new rules at the World Trade Organisation leaders in the tobacco industry are prepared to fight the new legislation and they certainly have the funds to do so When it comes to Australian smokers those questioned remain defiant with one stating The pictures don t affect me I just

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  • Waste and Recycling – Interesting Facts and Figures
    wrap all those presents and place them under the tree in time for the big day Gift wrapping is a time consuming job albeit one that takes just seconds to undo and while it may make our gifts look even more festive and appealing have you ever thought about where all that festive paper goes after Christmas has passed The only place for our wrapping paper to go is in a waste bin or recycling bin and when you consider the interesting facts and figures below from DEFRA and other UK Recycling Organisations the idea of adding several thousand tons of Santa covered paper to an already struggling disposal system is not a good one The average person in England produces 263kg of residual waste per year which equates to over a quarter of a ton DEFRA confirm that 40 of our household waste such as paper plastic and glass is recycled each year compared to 11 ten years ago The figures certainly seem to be moving in the right direction but they also reveal that a massive 60 percent of UK household waste is not being recycled According to RecycleNow we waste or throw away 12 billion worth of food each year and this waste is responsible for 5 of the UK s greenhouse gas emissions The UK produces enough waste to fill Lake Windermere the largest natural lake in England covering an area of 14 73km² in just eight months Plastic carrier bags represent less than 1 of household waste despite the fact that supermarkets handed out over 8 million of them in 2011 If you do not like the idea of contributing to the estimated 83km² of wrapping paper making its way into our landfills this Christmas why not ditch it altogether and go with reusable recyclable

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  • Tasty Packaging – influencing consumer's perceptions
    know that luxurious carefully designed packaging is a powerful tool to use when promoting our products and services but a recent study by consumer group Which proves just how important it really is Which asked two groups to taste and score premium standard and budget range chocolate chip cookies from three popular supermarket stores Asda Sainsbury s and Tesco One group were given their biscuits complete with their packaging while the other group tasted them blind The results of the study revealed that the group that saw the packaging prior to tasting the contents rated the biscuits significantly higher overall than the group who did not leading the panel to believe that our perceptions of flavour and how food should taste is heightened by slick glossy wrapping and tempting images So do we really eat with our eyes as well as our mouths Well the experiment certainly seems to indicate that there is a connection between the two and one only has to look at the many UK supermarket chains that have recently re branded their own budget ranges to see that plain unattractive packaging cannot compete with luxury brands High quality packaging be it mailing bags carrier bags gift bags or even wine bags can make a huge difference to the consumers overall shopping experience and if we are successful in stimulating the senses of sight touch and in the case of food items taste then promoting our products and services will be a whole lot easier If you think it s time for a re brand one of the best places to start is with your packaging so why not design a range of high quality printed carrier bags or mailing bags and provide your consumers with the luxurious tasty packaging they crave If you would like any

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