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  • Luxury Gift Bags custom printed to incorporate your brand
    everything Consumers are no longer satisfied with the flowery printed wrapping paper and oversized bows favoured in the 1990s but want a luxury gift bag that looks and feels as good as the contents inside As a result retailers across the country are replacing their single use plastic carrier bags with a range of luxurious and elegant litho printed paper bags so their gift items are ready to give straight from the store Made from a high quality coated board litho printed carrier bags feature a reinforced durable base a choice of handles including rope ribbon and dye cut and a variety of different surface finishes such as matt or gloss lamination embossed debossed and foil blocked to complement products of every shape and size Once you have decided on the style you can choose to have your bags custom printed to incorporate your brand or business identity and create a range of luxury gift bags that the recipients will enjoy using over and again With so many different combinations to choose from it is easy to design a collection of luxury gift bags as unique as the products you sell be it confectionery lingerie cosmetics or items of clothing and if the bag looks as attractive as the contents inside your brand will soon gain recognition on the high street In addition to high street retailers global automotive brands luxury holiday companies and high end jewellers are also turning to luxury gift bags to distribute fliers brochures and marketing materials at exhibitions proving that a touch of luxury can go a long way in these times of austerity So if it is time to give your brand a boost design your own range of luxury gift bags and package your products in style If you would like any more

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  • 10 Reasons to Choose Luxury Rope Handle Paper Bags
    to your customers shopping experience Choosing the right packaging for your particular business is a challenge many retailers face and while expense is not necessarily an indication of quality the phrase you get what you pay for certainly holds true when it comes to luxury carrier bags If you feel it is time for a re brand and are currently considering your options allow us to share our Top 10 reasons to choose Luxury Rope Handle Paper Bags for your business Made from high quality coated board or Kraft paper our Rope Handle Paper Bags are hand finished to ensure they feel as good as they look Including reinforced handles and a durable card base these superior quality carrier bags are strong durable and reusable so they remain in circulation for longer Luxury rope handle paper bags are available with a modern laminated finish or a classic un laminated finish complementing businesses of every type Our paper carrier bags are Litho Printed and there are up to six different print finishes available including foil blocked embossed and spot UV varnish Available from the UK Europe or Far East your bespoke luxury rope handle paper bags can be delivered in as little as two weeks Paper bags print exceptionally well so the possibilities for design are endless and by combining print with embossing or debossing you can create your own unique range Rope handle carrier bags are ideal for handing out marketing promotional materials at conventions exhibitions and trade show events Attractive high quality packaging stands out and provides the perfect platform for advertising your brand Our luxury paper carrier bags are available in a variety of thicknesses and with a ribbed or smooth finish Un laminated rope handle paper bags are 100 recyclable and therefore kinder on the environment Everyone

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/10-reasons-to-choose-luxury-rope-handle-paper-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • European Commission to Introduce EU-Wide Carrier Bag Tax?
    on the environment the European Commission last year urged both individuals and businesses from across the European Union to give their views on how to deal with the ever rising levels of plastic waste The public consultation launched by the European Commission on 18th May ran until the end of August 2011 During this period each of the 27 member states of the European Union were asked to offer their suggestions on how to deal with the billions of bags in circulation how to improve carrier bag labeling so the consumer can make better choices and how to enhance bag biodegradability While several member states have since introduced bans and tax charges on single use carrier bags the European Commission reports the average EU citizen consumes approximately 500 plastic carrier bags per year and most of them are only used once so effective EU action is needed Italy became the first country in the EU to ban non biodegradable plastic bags in 2011 and with the recently introduced carrier bag tax in Wales it looks as though other members of the European Union are likely to support the Commission in their bid to fight pollution The web based consultation also collected the public s views on the EU Packaging Directive after the EU Commission stated The Directive doesn t allow for a clear distinction between biodegradable products that should biodegrade in natural conditions in the environment and compostable products that only biodegrade in industrial composting facilities An amended EU Packing Directive could see improvements in the biodegradability requirements of plastic carrier bags and make biodegradable packaging more visible to consumers While the European Commission has decided against a complete ban on plastic carrier bags it is pushing for a minimum charge for single use carrier bags to be introduced across

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/european-commission-to-introduce-europe-wide-carrier-bag-tax/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Break the bag habit–the latest campaign against carrier bags
    a carrier bag habit If so it is time to break it and start reusing reducing and recycling the plastic bags you have at home according to the latest campaign backed by four UK environmental organisations Keep Britain Tidy Campaign to Protect Rural England CPRE Surfers Against Sewage SAS and the Marine Conservation Society MCS have joined forces and launched the Break the Bag Habit campaign in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic carrier bags handed out in England Calling for the British Prime Minister David Cameron to introduce a small levy on all single use bags the group are confident that a carrier bag fee similar to that introduced in Wales in October 2011 will reduce the amount of litter and waste on the streets in the countryside and along the coastlines and are therefore urging the public to support their cause Recent figures released by WRAP show that we used 5 4 per cent more thin gauge supermarket carrier bags in the UK in 2011 than we did in 2010 and the bulk of the increase came from England With Northern Ireland set to introduce a carrier bag levy in 2013 and Scotland currently consulting on the issue environmental groups feel it is time for Westminster to follow suit The use of single use carrier bags in Wales has fallen significantly 70 96 since the 5p levy came into effect and while retailers were initially against it reports indicate that public support for the Welsh bag charge has grown to seventy per cent of the population The Break the Bag Habit campaign is calling for proceeds from the carrier bag levy to be used to fund environmental and recycling schemes and ask the public to show their support by writing to their MP If you would

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/break-the-bag-habit-the-latest-campaign-against-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • d2w Oxo-degradable Plastic Bags – Real Environment Benefits
    Oxo degradable plastic carrier bags incorporating the d2w additive are significantly ahead of other types of similar products The d2w additive manufactured by Symphony Environmental Technologies changes the molecular structure of plastic carrier bags so they are no longer plastic and become capable of bio assimilation in the open environment Referred to as d2w Intelligent Plastic Technology by Symphony a member of the Oxo biodegradable Plastics Association and a company committed to finding technical solutions to the world s environmental problems the polymer based additive shortens the degradation and biodegradation process of plastic carrier bags reducing the burden of plastic waste on the planet Symphony claim that their d2w formulation is suitable for a wide range of plastic products and by adding just 1 during the manufacturing process the additive will effectively help normal plastic carrier bags to self destruct after they have served their purpose While d2w plastics are not considered compostable carrier bags made with the additive are both re usable and recyclable and offer the same optical properties and performance of regular plastic bags So how does d2w work Symphony has listed a 3 stage process During the manufacturing process d2w additive is included in the basic polymer resin Once the plastic carrier bag reaches the end of its lifecycle the d2w begins to break down the molecular chains starting the degradation process accelerated by heat stress and light The final bio degradation is completed by micro organisms As d2w plastics are made with the same machinery as normal plastics there is no need to change the design or supplier of your plastic carrier bags and as a small amount of the additive is required the increase in costs is minimal If we combine the use of additives like these with the three R s of Reduce

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/d2w-oxo-biodegradable-plastic-bags-offering-real-environmental-benefits/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Luxury Rope Handle Paper Bags
    Plastic Bags Vest Handle Plastic Bags Bags For Life Cotton Bags Jute Bags Non Woven PP Bags Woven PP Bags Mailing bags Mailing Bags Choose Your Film Choose Your Seal Handle Choose your Size Grip Seal Bags and Pouches Labels and Stickers Custom Labels and Stickers Digital Labels and Stickers Fabric Labels Peel and Reveal Labels and Stickers Loop Back Labels Tickets and Swing Tickets Swing Tickets and Tags Tickets Printed Paper Napkins Tissue Paper Stock Bags Testimonials About Us About us News Environmental Guide and Commitment Carrier Bag Tax Resources Design Process Upload Your Artwork Buyers Guide 3D PDF Proofs FAQ s Whats New Contact us Luxury Rope Handle Paper Bags Image Data Dimensions 618px 330px Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name Email Website Fill out my online form Why Choose us Trusted in the industry for over 20 years Highly trained and experienced sales staff Extensive Range A bespoke solution for each client Only accredited factories used Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery Contact Details Templecoombe Ltd The Old Maltings 102a High Street Olney Bucks MK46 4BE Tel 01234 712121 Email sales templecoombe co uk Facebook Testimonials A big thank you for delivery of

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  • How to Order Printed Carrier Bags in 3 simple steps
    and or services noticed it may be time to ditch your plain and simple packaging and create a range of high quality printed carrier bags that present your products in style and advertise your brand in the process When it comes to designing your own range of printed carrier bags the possibilities are endless but by using the latest materials printing techniques and 3D PDF proofs we can help you create a unique range of carrier bags in just three simple steps 1 Choose your Carrier Bag Material Until recent years retailers had a simple choice to make between plastic and paper carrier bags but with today s advances in material technology there are numerous different options available including Laminated Un Laminated Paper Carrier Bags with Rope Ribbon Twisted or Tape Handles Biodegradable Polythene plastic Carrier Bags with Patch Flexiloop Duffle or Vest Handles Woven Non Woven PP Carrier Bags a robust recyclable and reusable alternative Jute Cotton Carrier Bags also referred to as Bags for Life 2 Carrier Bag Ink Colours Artwork Specification One you have decided on the type of carrier bag you would like to use the next stage is choosing a colour scheme and finalising your artwork We recommend using Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Quark Acrobat or Xpress during the design process 3 View Your Paper Carrier Bags in 3D before sending to Print If you decide on Rope Handle Paper Carrier Bags we are able to show you how your completed carrier bags will look before sending them to print Using the latest 3D PDF Movie technology we can produce a high quality flexible proof that can be flipped and rotated for you to see your bags from every angle Ordering your new marketing packaging solution is as easy as 1 2 3 and we

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/how-to-order-printed-carrier-bags-3-steps-from-design-to-delivery/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Mailing Bags & Parcels to be ‘Taxed’ by Royal Mail & UPS
    increased postal prices the Royal Mail is making headlines yet again over its plan to add a 1 tax on all mailing bags and parcels sent via Parcelforce during the Olympics The controversial move is one of many changes set to affect all businesses under postcodes E EC N NW SE SW W and WC due to road congestion and restrictions imposed on central London during the Olympic period Royal Mail claim that the small additional charge of 1 per consignment on all Parcelforce deliveries is to help recoup the logistical costs of employing extra staff and hiring additional vehicles and equipment during the Olympics but many London businesses are calling the fee a tax on business and a profit grab The 1 fee is set to replace the current 50p surcharge Parcelforce levy on deliveries in central London to cover the capital s congestion charge and will last until the final day of the Olympics on September 9th 2012 In addition to the increased delivery fee imposed on all mailing bags and parcels sent via Parcelforce Worldwide the Royal Mail s own courier service we can expect to see a delay in delivery targets during this period by up to 24 hours Delivery to Official Olympic sites such as the Olympic Village are to be carried out by the London 2012 official logistic partner UPS and if you intend to send out mailing bags and envelopes during this period you can expect to pay a final mile charge of 5 while parcels will be subjected to a 20 security charge Parcelforce predict that the level of disruption will reduce during the transition period between the Olympic and the Paralympics but it will not return to normal until September 10th 2012 and they therefore advise all London Businesses to plan

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/mailing-bags-parcels-to-be-taxed-by-royal-mail-ups-during-the-olympics/ (2016-04-25)
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