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  • Plain Packaging – Government to take on tobacco magnates
    and threats of billion pound lawsuits it looks like the Health Secretary has much to consider One only has to look at the supermarket shelves to see the importance of great packaging and we can be in no doubt that bold colour attractive designs and catchy phrases draw us to certain products but will plain packaging really help the NHS by reducing the amount of smokers Australia is to become the first country in the world to enforce plain cigarette packaging and from 1 st December 2012 all cigarettes sold will be in olive green packs a colour said to be the least appealing to smokers In addition to the unattractive colour the boxes will carry stark health warnings and images covering 90 of the back and 75 of the front Anti smoking campaigners welcome the move and believe that plain packaging will encourage smokers to quit and stop youngsters taking up smoking in the first place but a spokesperson for tobacco giant Philip Morris said that plain packaging will not achieve these aims and that It will mean an increase in counterfeiting and smuggling and the crime levels often linked to terrorism which go with those It is also an attack on trademarks which violates national and international law Tobacco companies have been using packaging as a very effective form of advertising for many years so it is no surprise that they are so upset by the governments latest plans but with millions of pounds at their disposal for a law suit can the Department of Health really afford to take them on in court A spokesperson for the Department of Health said We have not yet analysed all the responses but have already received a substantial number and went on to say We have an open mind on

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  • Eco-Friendly Carrier Bags – Something for the New Season
    season shop displays merchandise and carrier bags so that once the last of the summer bargains have been sold they are ready to stride forward with their autumn winter collections A great time of year to update your image or rebrand your business the changing of the seasons provides us with the opportunity to change our colour scheme modernise our logos and if you are one of the many retailers handing out high quality carrier bags it is the perfect time to switch to something a little more environmentally friendly With plastic carrier bag taxes charges and bans reaching the headlines on a daily basis many retailers are ditching their economy single use bags in favour of something that looks and feels as good as the contents inside and as a result the demand for luxury branded carrier bags is on the increase There are several options available to retailers looking to design their own range of carrier bags and those looking for something that is both environmentally sound and ethically sourced may wish to consider a collection of eco carrier bags Referred to by many as bags for life eco carrier bags made from Cotton or Jute can look just as professional as the alternatives and as there are numerous different shades styles and printing options to choose from there is no need to compromise on quality style or design A strong and convenient alternative to plastic and paper carrier bags eco bags made from high quality fibres have a luxurious texture and as such the consumer is likely to reuse them for several months if not years to come promoting your brand in the process So why not print your vision of the new season directly onto your new range of environmentally friendly carrier bags and be a

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/eco-friendly-carrier-bags-something-for-the-new-season/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Pantone Printed Mailing Bags
    retailers and shipping companies around the world Practical and convenient polythene mailing bags are a quick and easy packaging solution for those who post their products directly to the consumer and with ongoing technological improvements in the materials used and printing options they are now stronger and more colourful than ever before Until recent years the only mailing bags available to retailers were plain white flimsy plastic sleeves that did nothing in terms of advertising or promotion but with today s fantastic range of Pantone colours manufacturers are able reproduce business logos add company details and slogans and create a range mailing bags as unique as the products you sell Pantone offer one of the largest ranges of inks available and recently updated their collection with 336 exciting new shades to offer a total of 1 677 solid colour choices With names such as Artisan s Gold Ice Green Pink Carnation and Crystal Blue there are colours to complement every brand and with the option to add up to eight Pantones on your mailing bags the possibilities for design are endless In addition to the solid colour choices Pantone also offer a broad selection of high trending hues including metallic s neon s pastels and process colours so you can set your creativity free and design a range of printed mailing bags that will get your products and or services noticed as they transport from one destination to another Made from biodegradable Polythene our mailing bags are available in two different styles re sealable or permanent seal Bags with a permanent seal prevent tampering while re sealable mailing bags are suitable for reuse Custom printed mailing bags combine advertising with packaging so they are a cost effective solution for those posting their goods by mail or courier and with 1

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/pantone-printed-mailing-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Bags of Luxury – Laminated Paper Carrier Bags
    offering a fantastic shopping experience Everything from the shop layout the merchandise you sell and the staff you employ will have an impact on a customer s shopping experience and once you have all that down to a fine art the final stage is to let them leave on a positive note with a luxury laminated paper carrier bag A bag that looks and feels as good as the contents inside not only prolongs the feel good factor one has when purchasing something new but it can also help relieve the shoppers remorse we all experience at one time or another so they are a great investment for retailers Laminated paper carrier bags such as those preferred by leading London Cosmetic Brand Rimmel and luxury clothing boutiques look as expensive as the products inside and as a result consumers are quite happy to use them over and again for things like taking their lunch to work and shopping for last minute groceries Big brand retailers with huge marketing budgets realise how beneficial this kind of free advertising is and when you compare it to Internet TV and print media advertising the difference in cost is significant Laminated paper carrier bags are stronger more resistant to wet conditions and may last longer than a regular paper bag and with the choice of both Gloss and Matt lamination there is something to suit every taste Gloss lamination looks glamorous and modern which is why many cosmetic firms and young fashion retailers opt for this type of shiny carrier bag Those looking for something classic and understated will appreciate the sleek effect created with Matt lamination Suited to jewellers and high end accessory stores this type of bag looks and feels luxurious Whether you decide on Matt or Gloss laminated paper carrier bags

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/bags-of-luxury-laminated-paper-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Stock Carrier Bags – convenient packaging for UK retailers
    an affordable price Available to order online and delivered to your door within 2 working days our stock carrier bags come in a variety of different colours and styles including plastic carrier bags paper carrier bags Bags for Life cotton carrier bags and wine sleeves and box sizes from 25 right through to 1000 Plastic Stock Carrier Bags Patch handle plastic carrier bags are practical convenient and suitable for just about every type of retailer The reinforced handle increases the overall strength of the bag and they are available in a range of colours and styles Patriotic British retailers will appreciate our union jack carrier bags and those looking for a greener option should opt for our UK produced biodegradable stock bags Plastic bottle covers also feature in this collection and are ideal for those holding wine tasting events Black on the inside white on the outside these polythene stock bags will ensure the wine brand remains concealed and leave your guests guessing Paper Stock Carrier Bags Those looking for luxurious stock carrier bags will appreciate our rope handle collection Made from quality laminated card they are hand finished and come in classic white or stylish black With four sizes to choose from it is simple to find the right stock bags for your goods In this collection we also carry a range of modern and contemporary wine gift bags Perfect for corporate gifts Christmas presents and awards ceremonies these high quality wine bags are available in standard black or glistening gold Cotton Stock Carrier Bags Often referred to as Bags for Life natural cotton carrier bags are reusable and biodegradable Popular with organic growers eco friendly retailers and farm shops these high quality stock bags last for several years and come with long or short handles All our stock

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/stock-carrier-bags-convenient-packaging-for-larger-uk-retailers/ (2016-04-25)
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  • World News – The Plastic Carrier Bag Ban
    carrier bag ban In a bid to overturn the five cent fee imposed on plastic carrier bags in Toronto Canada the city council went one step further and decided to impose a complete ban on the use of plastic bags by 1st January 2013 The move called the dumbest thing council has done by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will make Toronto the first major city in Canada to opt for an outright ban following in the footsteps of neighbouring US states of San Francisco and Seattle While Mr Ford initiated the vote he claims he was only seeking to overturn an existing five cent levy that has been imposed on plastic bags for some time and that the ban passed 24 20 by the city council was a complete surprise The carrier bag ban will see the current five cent levy end on 1st July 2012 giving retailers a six month window in which to give out all their remaining plastic bags before the citywide ban comes into place in the new year Canada is just one of many countries joining the global move to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment and a recent public opinion poll held by Angus Reid shows that more than half 59 of the 1 019 Canadian citizens questioned agreed with a total plastic carrier bag ban The four provinces of Atlantic Canada gave the highest level of support for the ban where 63 favoured the concept but only 54 of Ontario residents said they believed the plastic bag ban to be a good idea Will Canada join Italy Rwanda and Bangladesh with a total plastic bag ban While we wait for the majors and councils to decide the fate of the trusty carrier bag drop us a line and let us

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/world-news-the-plastic-carrier-bag-ban/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Recycling Plastic Carrier Bags
    bags the options and choices available to the public are unclear and somewhat limited Recycling Carrier Bags as Bin Liners Many environmentalists green parties and government agencies tell us to reuse our plastic bags as much as possible before finally using them as a bin liner but a recent report out of the Philippines shows that unless our carrier bag bin liners are disposed of correctly they can lead to blocked waterways and floods So is this really a good option Disposing of unwanted Carrier Bags in Recycle Bins Once your plastic carrier bag has fulfilled its role in transporting your goods from the supermarket the smart thing to do is reuse it for your kids PE kit packed lunch or as a peg bag and then deposit it into a plastic recycling bin right Well apparently not Many of the single use plastic carrier bags handed out by retailers are designed to biodegrade at the landfill not to recycle and by placing our bags in the wrong recycle bins we can do more damage than good Return your Single Use Plastic Carrier Bags to the Supermarket Many of the UK s leading supermarket chains such as Waitrose Sainsbury s and Tesco s offer carrier bag recycling facilities at their larger stores and if you really want to dispose of your unwanted plastic bags in an eco friendly way this might be the best option However if you decide to do a spot of shopping while you are there you may find yourself carrying away more plastic carrier bags than you have just recycled While carrier bag taxes levies and bans may lead us to believe that our environmental agencies are trying to save the planet from plastic waste we should not forget that plastic bags take up less than

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/recycling-plastic-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Personalised Printed Carrier Bags
    bags When it comes to designing your own range of personalised paper plastic or cotton carrier bags there is much more to it than simply choosing the shape and material Here we look at the different printing options used when manufacturing printed carrier bags to help you decide which is right for your particular brand Screen Printing Screen Printing is the preferred printing method for Bags for Life and Eco Bags made from Cotton and Jute A technique that uses an ink blocking stencil supported by a woven mesh screen printing is particularly well suited to flat smooth surfaces and as the inks are heat cured they do not fade or crack easily It is only possible to screen print one colour at a time so if your design requires a multitude of colours the process will take longer and will inevitably cost more Flexographic Printing Flexographic printing is the technique used for plastic polythene carrier bags Twist and Tape Handle paper bags and counter bags This type of printing uses a plastic or rubber flexographic plate with a raised image or text attached to a roller The inked plates are rotated to transfer the image directly on to the substrate Fast and effective this type of printing is ideal for continuous patterns Lithographic Printing Lithographic printing is the most common printing process used on Personalised paper carrier bags with rope handles The 3 stage technique involves rendering or etching the image on to a flat surface sheet transferring the image onto a rubber roller and then finally printing the image onto the substrate Ideal for those ordering large amounts of the same type of carrier bag lithographic printing offers a smooth professional finish Personalised printed carrier bags are perfect for promoting your brand and with the right printing techniques

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