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  • Plastic Carrier Bags – Helping the Homeless Sleep Easy
    agencies debate the fate of the plastic carrier bag in the United Kingdom US Parishioners are taking matters into their own hands and putting their single use carrier bags to good use by making Plarn sleeping mats for the homeless The word Plarn derived from the words plastic and yarn may not have made its way into the Oxford Dictionary yet but the handy material made from strips of plastic carrier bags is now widely used by DIY enthusiasts and eco friendly designers who crochet and knit the plastic yarns together to make bags hats and jewellery After hearing about this fantastic new material a group of nearly 40 parishioners in Detroit decided to donate their single use carrier bags and their spare time to knitting sleeping mats of approximately 3ft by 6ft which they then donate to the many homeless living in the city A perfect way to recycle plastic carrier bags and reduce the amount of plastic waste lining the city s streets the Plarn sleeping mats take approximately 500 700 carrier bags each to make and because they are plastic they block moisture and protect the homeless against the cold surface of the ground The group collect all sorts of plastic carrier bags and sort them by colour before cutting each bag into 4 inch strips The strips are then tied together spun into yarn and finally rolled into balls for the knitters to fashion into comfortable one inch deep mats As each Plarn sleeping mat takes approximately one month to make one could argue that it would be quicker and possibly cheaper in terms of time to purchase sleeping mats for the homeless but when you consider how many plastic carrier bags are recycled during the process the pros far outweigh the cons If you would

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  • What are Sustainable Carrier Bags?
    provide businesses and decision makers from across the globe with access to new and cost effective sustainable energy technologies the campaign will highlight the latest smart energy and renewable energy solutions available and award those committed to promoting sustainable energy throughout Europe The theme of this year s EUSEW is Take our future into your hands and many companies public authorities schools and associations throughout the 27 member states are holding their own Energy Days to support the event One topic that is sure to be discussed at length during this weeklong event is the sustainability of carrier bags As cities across Europe and indeed the world move for a complete plastic carrier bag ban we have to ask ourselves what are sustainable carrier bags and what impact do they have on the environment Sustainable Carrier Bags are usually made from natural long lasting biodegradable fibres such as cotton or jute Often referred to as bags for life or eco friendly carrier bags they are designed to use over and again and once they reach the end of their lifecycle they biodegrade without polluting the environment Paper carrier bags made from 100 recyclable paper from sustainable sources are also considered sustainable carrier bags and as they are easier to recycle than the plastic alternatives many retailers now opt for this type of bag Some environmental agencies claim that sustainable carrier bags such as those made of cotton and jute have a greater impact on the climate due to the amount of resources needed to produce them and that an average eco friendly carrier bag would need to be used over 170 times for it to better than a plastic bag So while we wait to hear about the new technologies showcased at the EU Sustainable Energy Week why not drop

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/what-are-sustainable-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Foil Blocked Gold, Silver and Bronze Carrier Bags
    glistening metallic shades of gold silver and bronze as businesses and retailers show their support for the world s largest sporting event With a medal count of 16 Gold 11 Silver and 10 Bronze the United Kingdom is currently number three on the medal board and if you would like to join the Olympic gold rush now is the perfect time to order your foil blocked carrier bags Adding bling to your packaging foil blocking or hot foiling foil stamping as it is otherwise known is a commercial print process whereby metallic foils are branded directly onto the surface of high quality paper carrier bags to create a stunning effect Popular with companies that wish to promote a high quality image foil blocked carrier bags look and feel luxurious and so they immediately boost the feel good factor one gets when purchasing something expensive and encourage shoppers to return to your store Ideal for corporate gifts wedding favours sales and promotional brochures and presents for every occasion foil blocked carrier bags look as good as the contents inside which is perhaps why leading brands across the globe opt for this type of packaging over any other Available in gleaming gold shimmering silver and radiant bronze foil blocking is a cost effective way to add dimension to your carrier bags and when combined with embossing and or debossing your bags will have the wow factor that encourages consumers to use them over and again For optimal results we use foil blocking on our laminated and un laminated rope handle paper carrier bags Litho printed and hand finished these luxury carrier bags are suitable for all retail outlets conventions and corporate events and by adding a 3D metallic element with hot foil you can be confident your bags will stand out in

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/foil-blocked-gold-silver-and-bronze-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Recycling Plastic Bags – How Can We Make It Easier?
    plastic carrier bags and bottles if it were easier Councils businesses and retailers across the country are taking part in the weeklong event organised by WRAP under the brand Recycle Now in an attempt to help people recycle more and waste less by making it easier for the public to recycle as they go about their daily lives Zero Waste Scotland is supporting National Recycle Week by installing hundreds of new recycling bins in town centres bus and train stations public parks and popular tourist attraction sites to provide people with access to recycling bins when they are out and about As such our plastic carrier bags and bottles are more likely to end up at the recycling plant and not in the landfill In Hampshire residents are encouraged to recycle their unwanted electrical items such as DVD players mobile phones and hairdryers and in return will received entry into a competition where they can win gadgets Over the weekend Rubbish and Recycling Shows will be held across the length of the country where tips and information leaflets on recycling plastic carrier bags and bottles will be handed out and you will be able to recycle your plastic bottles at the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration Parties in Manchester and Leeds Big name brands such as Coca Cola IKEA Britvic and Continuum Recycling the largest bottle recycling plant in Europe are showing their support of National Recycle Week 2012 with a variety of different events and with three days to go there is still time for you to take part WRAP recommend organising a competition promoting an activity about recycling running a special promotion on Bags for Life or offering a one off incentive to customers who reuse their plastic carrier bags The message is clear if we make recycling easier

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/recycling-plastic-bags-how-can-we-make-it-easier/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Why Choose Wholesale Printed Mailing Bag?
    seven out of 10 shoppers purchasing at least one item online each year the demand for lightweight and secure mailing bags is on the increase Online retail sales increased by a massive 14 in 2011 with internet shoppers spending more than 50 billion on their groceries electrical goods fashion sportswear and cosmetics A similar increase is predicted for 2012 and if you intend to join the www revolution you are going to need a strong waterproof and tamper free packaging solution to keep your items in perfect condition from despatch to delivery Mailing Bags vs Envelopes Replacing the fragile paper envelopes and bulky jiffy bags of the past polythene mailing bags offer the same protection but have the added benefits of being stronger lighter and water resistant When paper packaging gets wet the contents are easily damaged but with plastic mailing bags you can be confident your goods will arrive in perfect condition Printed Mailing Bags Free Advertising There is nothing like branding to get your products and services out there and printed mailing bags are one of the best ways to package your products and gain free advertising as they transport from one location to another Self Seal Mailing Bags Fast and Secure Removing the need for tape glue or a heat sealing machine our polythene mailing bags self seal with a secure tamper proof strip allowing you to package items in seconds The seal will remain firmly closed until it reaches its destination and any signs of tampering will be evident Mailing Bags do not add to shipping postage costs Unlike padded envelopes polythene mailing bags are extremely lightweight and do not add to shipping or postage costs Wholesale Mailing Bags Buying your printed mailing bags wholesale is a great way to save time and money and with

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/why-choose-wholesale-printed-mailing-bag/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Custom Printed Mailing Bags
    mailing bags are one of the best ways to get your brand noticed Ideal for internet based retailers and global promotions companies custom printed mailing bags are a simple yet effective packaging solution that promotes your message as they travel around the world When it comes to designing your custom printed mailing bags there are numerous options available Much like carrier bags they come in a wide variety of film colours sizes and thicknesses and you can add your business logo company details slogan and up to eight different colours to create the perfect bag Not just for brochures documents and legal papers custom printed mailing bags are ideal for transporting items of clothing children s toys and gift items and as they are made in high quality polythene the contents remain dry and arrive at the destination in perfect condition Those worried about the environmental impact of plastic mailing bags will be pleased to know that biodegradable bags are available Mixed with additives such as Biothene during master batch production these biodegradable mailing bags will degrade under the influence of heat and light when they reach the end of their lifecycle Polythene mailing bags weigh considerably less than cardboard mailing envelopes and as such they do not add bulk or extra cost when shipping an important factor to consider when posting goods across the world From plain and conservative to bold and artistic the possibilities of design are endless when it comes to custom printed mailing bags and as they have a shelf life of several years when stored in a cool dark dry location you can order in bulk and save money in the process Colourful creative and secure why not to switch to custom printed mailing bags and promote your brand while transporting your goods across the

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/custom-printed-mailing-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Our Top 5 Carrier Bags 2012
    of different shapes and sizes and as we use the latest printing technology and inks we can accommodate every design be it subtle and classic or extravagant and bold Choosing the type of carrier bag is the first stage in creating your personalised packaging and so to give you some inspiration we would like to share our Top 5 Carrier Bags for 2012 Laminated Rope Handle Carrier Bags Paper Laminated carrier bags are hugely popular right now with everyone from high end retailers to high street cosmetic companies opting for this luxury style carrier bag Made from high quality coated board and litho printed these hand finished carrier bags give the wow factor and consumers use them over and again Un Laminated Rope Handle Carrier Bags Paper Offering the same high quality finish as laminated bags our un laminated carrier bags are both understated and elegant Available with rope or luxury ribbon handles these stylish carrier bags are suitable for retail corporate gifts and conventions Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags Uncomplicated and convenient our twisted handle paper carrier bags remain popular with larger retailers who are looking for high quality machine made bags 100 recyclable and made with paper from sustainable sources these carrier bags will never go out of fashion Patch Handle Carrier Bags Plastic Part of our Biodegradable polythene bag collection Patch Handle carrier bags feature a reinforced handle which makes them ideal for use a exhibitions and trade shows where sales and marketing materials are handed out Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags Plastic Favoured by high street clothing retailers and supermarkets Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags are strong durable and reusable Available with a Gloss or Matt finish and printable with up to eight Pantones the possibilities for design are endless We also offer a variety of Cotton and

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/our-top-5-carrier-bags-2012/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Is The Carrier Bag Tax Heading to Scotland?
    and Northern Ireland by adding a 5p carrier bag tax on all single use plastic bags The move could see England as the only country in the United Kingdom to hand out free shopping bags in 2013 but with pressure from the Environmental Secretary to introduce a bag tax and the Prime Minister warning supermarkets to do better it looks as though the Treasury will have much to consider in the coming months The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA is examining a range of ideas including an outright carrier bag ban such as that introduced in Italy but the Treasury oppose the idea over fears that the coalition would be attacked for wilfully increasing the cost of a weekly shop during an economic downturn It is still a battle to fight claim DEFRA while the Treasury insist We don t rule it out and as the Governments and Environmental Agencies battle it out on our behalf the SNP are taking a different route by asking the Scottish public what they think In its aim to become Zero Waste Scotland the Scottish Government will be seeking the public s views on phasing out free single use carrier bags during the consultation and will propose a minimum 5p charge for all disposable carrier bags regardless of material to encourage people to re use their bags more often If introduced the SNP scheme will see retailers give the proceeds of the carrier bag tax to charities and good causes which could raise 5million a year On the announcement of the three month consultation Scotland s Environment Secretary Mr Lochhead said Carrier bags are a highly visible aspect of litter and by reducing the amount that is carelessly discarded we can cut waste and its impact on our environment and economy

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/is-the-carrier-bag-tax-heading-to-scotland/ (2016-04-25)
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