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  • Environmental Groups call for a levy on single use carrier bags
    have it Northern Ireland will introduce it in 2013 Scotland is consulting on it and environmental groups are now urging England to consider it too It being of course the controversial carrier bag tax Recent figures released by the waste reduction group WRAP show that the amount of supermarket carrier bags handed out in 2011 increased by more than 5 on the previous year and the new figures have angered environmental organisations such as the Campaign to Protect Rural England CPRE the Marine Conservation Society and Keep Britain Tidy As a result the organisations believe that England should follow in the footsteps of Wales where carrier bag use has fallen significantly since the 5p charge was introduced last October and bring in a small levy on carrier bags across England in an attempt to reduce public demand A spokesperson for CPRE s stop the drop campaign said carrier bag levies have been shown to work in Wales they will soon be implemented in Northern Ireland and Scotland is consulting on the issue so Why must the English countryside be the last to benefit from good environmental policies With pressure growing on all sides the British Government may have no choice but to add the carrier bag levy to their autumn agenda and a representative for the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA said We want to work with retailers to help them lift their game to cut the number of bags they hand out According to EU statistics the average EU citizen uses approximately 500 plastic carrier bags each year and so if we all do our bit to reuse reduce and recycle the plastic carrier bags we have at home we may just beat the carrier bag levy for a year or two anyway If you would

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  • Printed Paper Carrier Bags
    Plastic Bags Vest Handle Plastic Bags Bags For Life Cotton Bags Jute Bags Non Woven PP Bags Woven PP Bags Mailing bags Mailing Bags Choose Your Film Choose Your Seal Handle Choose your Size Grip Seal Bags and Pouches Labels and Stickers Custom Labels and Stickers Digital Labels and Stickers Fabric Labels Peel and Reveal Labels and Stickers Loop Back Labels Tickets and Swing Tickets Swing Tickets and Tags Tickets Printed Paper Napkins Tissue Paper Stock Bags Testimonials About Us About us News Environmental Guide and Commitment Carrier Bag Tax Resources Design Process Upload Your Artwork Buyers Guide 3D PDF Proofs FAQ s Whats New Contact us Printed Paper Carrier Bags Image Data Dimensions 618px 330px Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name Email Website Fill out my online form Why Choose us Trusted in the industry for over 20 years Highly trained and experienced sales staff Extensive Range A bespoke solution for each client Only accredited factories used Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery Contact Details Templecoombe Ltd The Old Maltings 102a High Street Olney Bucks MK46 4BE Tel 01234 712121 Email sales templecoombe co uk Facebook Testimonials A big thank you for delivery of the

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  • Custom Printed Paper Counter Bags
    daily headlines many retailers are looking for an alternative packaging solution that is both practical and environmentally friendly such as our custom printed counter bags Lightweight convenient and ideal for smaller gift items greetings cards sandwiches and snacks paper counter bags are just as useful as the trusty carrier bag and providing they are made with recyclable materials from sustainable sources they are eco friendly and kinder on the environment A traditional packaging solution that has never gone out of fashion paper counter bags are just as popular now as there were some 50 years ago Anyone growing up in the 1960s and 1970s will be familiar with the plain white or brown paper counter bags handed out at the local sweet shop pharmacy market or grocery store and while the general design may remain the same today s retailers are having their counter bags custom printed to advertise their products and services High Street bakeries rely on paper counter bags to hand out their delicious pastries and hot pies and while these bags may not be suitable for reuse they are recyclable and in many instances compostable so they do not add to the world s waste problem Advances in technology and material quality allow manufacturers to create counter bags that are stronger thicker and more colourful than ever before and as such modern retailers are replacing their plastic packaging with high quality printed counter bags as an alternative for their smaller goods Our counter bags are available in two thicknesses 36gsm or 39gms and are printable with up to two spot colours Pantones Made from the finest quality paper they look and feel impressive and as one of the most economical bags available they are ideal for those retailers looking for a cost effective packaging solution If you

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/custom-printed-paper-counter-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • New Pantone Plus Series, making carrier bags more colourful
    compromising on colour and design you will be pleased to know that Pantone one of the world largest and most successful providers of professional colour matches has recently unveiled 336 new colours in its Plus series Bringing the total of solid colour choices to 1677 the Pantone Plus Series provides designers and carrier bag manufacturers with an accurate way to communicate and control colour throughout the design process and by using a combination of subtle pastels deep tones and vivid brights it is possible to create a range of carrier bags as unique as the products you sell Choosing the base colour of your Printed Carrier Bags Colour is integral to every project and if you really want your logo to stand out against the surface of your carrier bag choosing the right base colour is vital The 336 new colours available in the Pantone Plus Series are available in coated or uncoated formats and as they are formulated using ink film thicknesses our printers can reproduce the exact colours outlined in your specification Adding new dimensions to your Carrier Bags with the use of Neon s Pastels and Metallic s In addition to the new colour palate Pantone offer a superb selection of hot neon s sweet pastel s and dazzling coloured metallic s that will add new dimensions to the surface of your carrier bags Combine these colours with a modern finish such as embossing debossing or hot foil and your bags will certainly have the wow factor Printed Carrier Bag Trends Bright and colourful printed carrier bags remain popular with high street retailers but the newly released range of high trending naturals in the Pantone Plus series indicates that designers are moving towards neutral shades If you want to be right on trend we would have to

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-new-pantone-plus-series-making-carrier-bags-more-colourful/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Biodegradable Mailing Bags
    reliable modern branded mailing bags have replaced the flimsy paper envelopes and bulky bubble wrap of the past and now that biodegradable versions are available they are the ultimate eco friendly packaging solution Suitable for mail courier and even pigeon delivery mailing bags are available in a variety of different shapes sizes and styles and as they are made from water resistant polythene they keep the contents dry and in perfect condition from despatch to delivery Often referred to as courier envelopes or postage bags our printed mailing bags are available in three different thicknesses 60 micron 75 micron and 100 micron 60 micron mailing bags are suitable for most deliveries such as those that include documents lightweight items of clothing and brochures but if you require heavy duty mailing bags our 100 micron bags are the ideal solution Strong and resistant they can withhold heavy objects without the risk of stretching or splitting As our mailing bags are made of polythene they print exceptionally well It is possible to add your logo business contact details and your slogan to surface of the bag and create a branded packaging solution that advertises your products and services as they are transported from one location to another Environmentally friendly packaging is vital in today s society and so we add Biothene or other additives to our master batch during production which helps the Polythene to degrade under the influence of heat and light Of course this reaction does not cause immediate degradation but once the mailing bags reach the landfill exposure to UV light and heat from the ground soil begins to accelerate biological degradation and the Polythene eventually breaks down into a fine powder Ordering your biodegradable mailing bags is easy and they will be delivered to your door in just

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/biodegradable-mailing-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Rope Handle Paper Carrier Bags - Finishes Available
    stand out from the crowd and get you brand noticed You may be wondering how you can do anymore than just printing your logo and marketing message onto your bags well there are a fer other options you may want to consider to WOW your customers 1 Overall Embossing This finish gives your rope handle paper carrier bags not only a high quality look but it also makes them allot more tactile and your customers will feel you have made that extra effort to impress If you want a high quality environmentally friendly bag this is a great option 2 Inside Printing If you want to give your rope handle paper carrier bags a 3rd dimension you might consider our inside printing finish which allows you to continue your bag design on the inside of your bag You may be thinking Why would I want a design on the inside of a bag well as you can see from the example on the left continuing your design on the inside can add a real sense of attention to detail and you may even want to include a marketing message that surprise your customers once they have got there products home and unpacked them 3 Logo Embossing Similar to option 1 but focused on just your logo we raise your logo off the surface of the bag giving a 3d affect This finish is subtle but can pack a real punch and give your rope handle paper carrier bags a high quality look and feel without having an elaborate design running throughout the bag 4 Hot Foil Stamping Similar to option 3 but rather than simply embossing your logo onto your rope handle paper carrier bag we can also add a foil which is typically metallic which creates a more striking

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/rope-handle-paper-carrier-bags-finishes-available/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Voice your Opinions with Printed Carrier Bags
    a range of printed carrier bags by designer Toby Leigh Printed with a variety of tongue in cheek slogans such as They re all on steroids It only took me three hours to get to work this morning and I m renting my flat to a fat American family the souvenir carrier bags are said to echo what many Londoners are feeling Traffic chaos public transport breakdowns and floods of tourists are expected to become part of everyday life during the 3 week Olympic event and while many retailers are hoping for a boost in sales those that have to get into their central London office are already dreading their daily commute The designer of the bags revealed that a lot of research was required to avoid breaking the tough marketing guidelines put in place by the Olympics organisers LOCOG but by using a slightly different typeface and steering clear from the words Olympic rings and London 2012 he managed to create his fun range of printed carrier bags without breaking any copyright laws The printed protest carrier bags have proved to be incredibly popular with London locals so much so that one range is already out of stock and at 15 for a 14 5 inch by 17 inch accessory it just proves that the public do not mind paying for carrier bags if they are printed with a humorous slogan or design When asked why he thought his printed carrier bags were such a success Toby Leigh indicated that it was down to Londoners being a little frustrated with the Olympic event and that we like to laugh at things You may not have time to order your humorous Olympic carrier bags in time for the opening ceremony but why not be one step ahead and be the

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  • Plastic Carrier Bag News – Stories from Around the World
    kits and packed lunches they are practical reliable and reusable and yet they make headlines almost every day and quite often for the wrong reasons In an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet governments and councils in cities around the world are opting for carrier bag bans taxes and levies but when you consider that plastic carrier bags account for just 1 of household waste one could say that this simply distracts attention from larger environmental issues Carrier bag taxes are already part of everyday life in Wales they will soon arrive in Northern Ireland and Scotland is currently consulting on the issue so it looks like we may all have to pay to use a plastic bag in future but until then here are some carrier bag stories currently making headlines around the world While the City of Los Angeles imposes a complete ban on plastic carrier bags from next year Finland has a law in place to prevent the City of Helsinki following suit A Finnish Green City Councillor Minerva Krohn stated Bans are not the way to get rid of plastic waste and that the getting rid of bags would remove an excellent channel for recycling plastic Scotland may still be consulting on a plastic carrier bag tax or ban but the government has already released information stating it expects the charge will require little enforcement input from local authorities and that the public will be urged to shop a shopkeeper to support carrier bag controls If you think a 5p carrier bag tax is a bit steep spare a thought for supermarket shoppers in Bulgaria where the government has decided to increase their carrier bag tax by 233 By 2014 a single use plastic carrier bag will cost as much as

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