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  • Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags – Something for the Sales
    one of the many retailers feeling the pinch of a washed out summer you will be pleased to know that warmer weather and throngs of shoppers should soon be on their way Up to 73 per cent of high street stores decided to bring their summer sales forward in an attempt to recoup lost revenues but with sunshine and the Olympics just days away some retailers are predicting that a bumper sale season could be just around the corner If you have been waiting patiently to start your sales at the end of July now is the perfect time to order your Sale Size tape handle paper carrier bags so that when the bargain hunters arrive you have the perfect packaging marketing solution in place Strong durable and idea for sale merchandise our Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags are made with paper from fully sustainable sources and as they are 100 recyclable they are ideal for those looking for an eco friendly alternative to the plastic carrier bag Tape handle paper carrier bags look and feel luxurious and with a standard thickness of 90gsm they are strong enough to withhold bulky sale items and several pieces of clothing The flat tape handle attached to the interior of the bag fits comfortably into the palm of the hand so consumers are happy to carry them between stores advertising your products and or services in process Our paper carrier bags can be printed with a variety of different colours and designs and if you decide to go for plain brown bags with a colourful Sale logo they can be used throughout the year whenever you run a sale or promotion Practical affordable and reliable why not order a collection of extra large tape handle paper carrier bags today and let your shoppers

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  • Woven & Non-Woven PP Carrier Bags
    great choice for those businesses looking for an eco friendly packaging solution Made by knitting or weaving spun Polypropylene fibres together woven and non woven carrier bags are strong but lightweight and as they are printable with a variety of different techniques it is possible to create a range of stylish carrier bags as unique as the products you sell The main difference between woven and non woven carrier bags is the technical strength of the fabric Woven carrier bags are made from tightly knitted Polypropylene fibres to create a high quality bag with a wipe clean surface Ideal for items of clothing and heavier objects woven carrier bags will last several months if not years with the minimum amount of maintenance making them an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic bags Major retailers such as IKEA prefer this type of shopping bag to any other Non Woven PP Carrier Bags are exceptionally light in weight and fold conveniently to fit into any size bag or pocket Made from long Polypropylene fibres bonded together by heat mechanical or chemical solvent treatment they look and feel like a material bag and can be printed using a variety of different printing techniques Cost effective and convenient non woven PP carrier bags are ideal for use at exhibitions trade shows and promotions events and as they reusable your brand will remain under the spotlight for longer As with regular plastic and paper carrier bags woven and non woven PP bags are available in a variety of different shapes sizes and styles Woven carrier bags come with numerous different handle options a gloss or matt finish and are litho printed to accommodate every design Non woven PP carrier bags are available with long or short handles come in wide selection of colours and are

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/woven-non-woven-pp-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Kodak NX plates, taking printed carrier bags to the next level
    techniques are changing with the times and the Kodak Flexcel NX Flexographic System is pushing the boundaries of flexo printing to the next level Combining the Kodak Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer with Flexographic plates this unique printing technology allows for smoother high density fast imaging that not only creates high quality printed carrier bags but it does so in an efficient and sustainable way In order to achieve this level of high resolution a specially formulated NX Thermal Imaging Layer is exposed to Kodak SQUARE spot imaging technology which allows intimate optical contact with the plate during UV exposure After imaging is complete the imaging layer is laminated to a Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plate removing all oxygen between the layer and the plate to create full amplitude flat top dots It is these flat top dots that create the superior quality high definition print and with the ability to hold highlight dots as small as 10 microns the Flexcel NX System is able to reproduce the most detailed graphics with precision and accuracy Additionally this modern printing system allows presses to run faster reduces the amount of ink consumption and enables printed carrier bag manufacturers to reduce the number of colours used per job without sacrificing print image quality In a competitive business world where marketing and branding is everything high quality printed carrier bags are one of the best ways to get your products or services out there and with this new printing technique your finely detailed logo can be transferred on to your carrier bags with ease Suitable for all Flexiloop Duffle and Patch handle carrier bags the Kodak Flexcel NX system supersedes both analog and exiting digital flexo plate technologies and if you want a range of professional printed carrier bags we can highly

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-kodak-flexcel-nx-digital-flexographic-system-taking-printed-carrier-bags-to-the-next-level/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Bags 2 Riches – Making Good Use of Plastic Carrier Bags
    trusty plastic carrier bag one UK founded jewellery company is tackling the issue of plastic waste with art rather than taxes Established in 2001 by Anna Roebuck in her aim to create desirable accessible objects from everyday waste while helping people in poverty the Bags2Riches Company make jewellery items and interior decorations from recycled plastic carrier bags The successful collection has collected many awards over the years and after a long negotiation process with globally renowned aid and development charity Oxfam Ms Roebuck will soon be selling her recycled plastic wares in Oxfam charity shops across the country Due to an increase in demand for recycled plastic art Anna has collaborated with Indian Fair Trade Manufacturer Asha Handicrafts to help support poorer individuals working on landfill sites A percentage of the proceeds made from Bags2Riches jewellery will help people in poverty and as it helps tackle the world s plastic waste problem it is a win win solution for everyone involved Having satisfied the stringent ethical guidelines set by Oxfam the Bags2Riches jewellery range that includes necklaces earrings chokers and cuffs will be available in many UK Oxfam stores from September 2012 with RRP s at around 6 00 In addition to the jewellery collection Bags2Riches has developed a stunning collection of lamps shades and light art for the home and every item is made from plastic carrier bags or other waste items that were heading for the landfill As there are still too few carrier bag recycling points available in the UK Ms Roebuck suggests we return our unwanted plastic carrier bags to Tesco s or send them directly to her as bright interesting colours are always gratefully received It just goes to show One man s trash really is another man s treasure and so why not recycle

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/bags-2-riches-making-good-use-of-plastic-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Plain white carrier bags, get yours now to avoid an Olympic fine
    and Paralympics Games LOCOG has sent out an entire force of Brand Police looking to fine those retailers using words such as London Games and 2012 on their packaging or marketing materials Only the games official sponsors such as McDonalds Coca Cola and Cadbury s who have paid millions for the privilege may use such words during the Olympic games and if your counter bags carrier bags or mailing bags display any forbidden phrases you could be in for a hefty fine While LOCOG released their rules on Olympic advertising some time ago it seems many retailers underestimated just how strict these rules are and as a result the demand for plain white carrier bags has soared It is not just retailers who need to adhere to the stringent Olympic advertising rules even the police officers patrolling the games have been told that they must not be seen with branded snacks such as sandwiches crisps and chocolate bars LOCOG sent a directive to all British forces involved in policing the Olympic and Paralympics games requesting that they comply with the order to stop unauthorised brands advertising at the Games As a result officers have been told that if they want to enjoy a packet of Walker s Salt Vinegar they must first empty them into a clear plastic bag So is this taking it a bit too far Well it certainly looks that way A spokesperson for LOCOG said There are rules about brands which are aimed around advertising but petty things like food products aren t the target of it and that The rule had been put in place to stop authorised brands advertising at the Games and not to stop anyone enjoying the event The solution for retailers it seems is plain packaging so now is the perfect

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/plain-white-carrier-bags-get-yours-now-to-avoid-an-olympic-fine/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Plastic Packaging Recycling Targets – Are they within Reach?
    fight against plastic waste Conservative MP Dr Matthew Offord has called for an urgent debate on plastic packaging recycling Speaking at the House of Commons last Thursday the Conservative Party MP claimed that the UK is far from meeting the packaging recycling targets set by DEFRA and that the British Government needs to consider the local reality of plastic recycling and do more to improve the UK s sorting and collection infrastructure The aim of the DEFRA Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs plastic recycling targets which will come into force next year is to increase the amount of plastic waste recycled in the UK from 37 in 2013 up to 48 in 2017 although those working within the sector have raised their doubts During his speech at the House of Commons Dr Offord said The government intend to introduce ambitious targets for the recycling of plastic packaging which will impose financial obligations on UK manufacturers and that a realistic road map needs to be established so that smaller UK businesses are not financially responsible for delivering targets that are outside their control The UK packaging waste recovery and recycling targets set by DEFRA for 2013 2017 place a legal obligation on businesses that make or use packaging to ensure that a percentage of that packaging is recovered and recycled However Dr Offord claims this offers little incentive for local councils to improve when they have weight based recycling targets and so the government need to do more The British public it seems are happy to recycle their plastic carrier bags bottles and waste and if the local governments make it easier by providing more collections and more recycling bins our plastic waste will end up in recycling plants rather than the English Channel If you would like any

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/plastic-packaging-recycling-targets-are-they-within-reach/ (2016-04-25)
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  • FAQ: Premium Paper Carrier Bags
    likes of Rolex Louis Vuitton and Chanel who all wrap their designer products in high quality wrapping papers film and boxes before placing them into a premium paper carrier bag to see how important it really is In times of austerity a luxurious paper carrier bag can make all the difference to your consumers shopping experience and so if you would like to upgrade your current packaging solution to something of higher quality our Premium Carrier Bag FAQ may help you decide What are Premium Paper Carrier Bags Unlike mass produced brown paper bags premium carrier bags are made from a high quality coated board and finished by hand Both the handles and the base of the bag are reinforced and the bags are available with a laminated or un laminated finish What Print Finishes are Available When it comes to designing premium paper carrier bags the possibilities are endless Gloss and Matt lamination Foil blocking Embossing Debossing and UV Varnish are just some of the options available so it is easy to create a range of bags as unique as the products you sell What type of Handles are Available We currently offer three different types of handles for our premium paper carrier bags Rope Ribbon and Dye Cut Are Premium Paper Carrier Bags Produced in the UK Yes it is possible to have your premium carrier bags produced in the UK and the turn around times are usually much faster than those sourced from Europe and the Far East are In addition those produced in this country require less transportation and are therefore kinder on the environment Are Premium Paper Bags only for High End Retailers No premium carrier bags are suitable for all types of businesses They are strong enough to hold heavier objects and sturdy enough

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/faq-premium-paper-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Why Choose Litho Printed Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags
    Labels Tickets and Swing Tickets Swing Tickets and Tags Tickets Printed Paper Napkins Tissue Paper Stock Bags Testimonials About Us About us News Environmental Guide and Commitment Carrier Bag Tax Resources Design Process Upload Your Artwork Buyers Guide 3D PDF Proofs FAQ s Whats New Contact us Why Choose Litho Printed Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags Posted by admin July 13 2012 No Comments Litho printing is a popular choice for high volume and exceptional quality printing This printing process uses a soft rubber plate which conforms to the surface it s printed too as opposed to the standard metal plates used in other printing processes which are very rigid and can leave raised or indented text and lines If you want a high quality finish on a very affordable Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags we would recommend using our Litho printing process By using Litho printing you will not only benefit from a superior quality print but there is also no Origination cost which will save you from 500 1000 depending on the size and style of your bag We currently offer Litho Printing in four sizes 240x90x240mm 240x90x320mm 310X120x250mm 310x120x410mm Our minimum order quantity is 2000 and the lead time is roughly 4 weeks which means you could have a superior quality print on a very affordable bag in no time at all If you would like any more information about our range of Litho Printed Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 712121 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page No Comments Categories News Previous Post Next Post Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name Email Website Fill out my online form Why Choose us Trusted in the industry

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