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  • Waterproof Mailing Bags – British Packaging for British Weather
    in certain parts of the country today but the Met Office has issued yet another weather warning as a band of heavy and persistent rain is set to hit the UK so if you are about to post something important you may want to replace your paper envelope with a waterproof mailing bag instead Known for grey skies and torrential downpours the Great British Summer is famous for being wet and unreliable and while our postmen and women do their utmost to ensure our envelopes arrive on time and in good condition the rain can often get the better of them One way to ensure your important brochures contracts marketing materials and documents arrive in perfect condition is to replace your standard paper envelopes with a range of waterproof plastic mailing bags Lightweight strong and most importantly water resistant mailing bags do not add bulk or weight to the items you ship so your postage costs remain low and as they are burst tear resistant you can be confident your goods will arrive at their destination in prime condition Much like paper envelopes and packaging waterproof mailing bags are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and as the surface prints exceptionally well they provide the perfect platform for branding your business Ordering your bespoke waterproof mailing bags has never been easier you simply need to choose the size our most popular being 16 x 21 2 the thickness 60 100 micron the colour scheme and finally the film colour and your new packaging solution will be ready to dispatch in a matter of weeks With severe flooding and wet weather set to last now is the perfect time to invest in a range of branded mailing bags the ideal packaging solution for British businesses If you would

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  • The Carrier Bag Tax – ‘Widely Supported’ in Wales
    the British Retail Consortium shows that the five pence carrier bag charge introduced in Wales nine months ago is both effective and widely supported by Welsh citizens The Welsh Government introduced the 5p carrier bag tax on October 1st 2011 to reduce the amount of single use carrier bags supplied in Wales and while the move initially caused outrage amongst local retailers these new figures indicate that support for the policy has grown Food retailers report a significant reduction in demand for single use carrier bags by up to 96 and behavioural research carried out by Cardiff University found that support for the tax increased from 59 per cent to 70 per cent as the Welsh population agree it is an effective way of reducing waste and litter The fact that the five pence carrier bag charge goes to local charities rather than the government seems to be a key factor and this latest report shows that most consumers are happy to pay for their carrier bags when they know the money is going towards good causes Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths is said to be delighted with the new figures and released the following statement Research and retail figures support what shoppers and retailers have been telling us for some time The Welsh public have adjusted brilliantly to the Welsh bag charge and the majority now regularly take their own bags with them when they go shopping He went on to declare the carrier bag tax policy the first of its kind in the UK a success Northern Ireland is set to follow Wales and will introduce the five pence carrier bag charge in April 2013 and as the Scottish government are currently consulting on the issue it looks as though the pressure will soon mount on England to

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-carrier-bag-tax-widely-supported-in-wales/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Printed Plastic Carrier Bags – A Buyers Guide
    Bag quality thickness handle shape and design all contribute in making the perfect carrier bag and so to help you make the right decision we have created a buyer s guide listing our most popular printed plastic carrier bags and the most common uses for each bag 1 Patch Handle Carrier Bags A very popular type of bag our Patch Handle Carrier bags are light strong and extremely versatile so they are ideal for high street retailers and trade show exhibitors The reinforced patch handle provides additional strength and these modern printed carrier bags combine durability with a high quality finish 2 Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags Our Printed Flexiloop Handle Carrier Bags look and feel luxurious and so clothing cosmetic and gourmet food retailers favour them over any other type of plastic bag Available in two different thicknesses with a Matt or Gloss lacquer and a variety of different colours these classic plastic carrier bags are suitable for most businesses 3 Vest Handle Carrier Bags Vest Handle Carrier Bags are ideal for those businesses looking for a cost effective packaging solution Also referred to as T Shirt bags printed plastic vest handle carrier bags are light yet durable and as such they are favoured by market stallholders fast food takeaway outlets greetings card retailers and high street butchers 4 Duffle Handle Carrier Bags Our duffle handle carrier bags are in demand right now due to the upcoming London Olympics A modern and sporty type of plastic carrier bag they come with an integral rope strap that fits comfortably over the shoulder much like a sports bag Perfect for exhibitions trade shows and sports shops these quality carrier bags are both reusable and biodegradable With the latest print technologies at our fingertips and 17 years experience in creating perfect printed carrier

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/printed-plastic-carrier-bags-a-buyers-guide/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Coca-Cola – Ditching Bottles & Cans for Plastic Bags
    of the world s most recognisable brands and in a move to become more environmentally friendly the soft drinks giant has announced it will replace coke cans and glass bottles in many countries with biodegradable plastic bags The idea for the plastic bags which replicate the look of the iconic Coca Cola bottle originated in El Salvador Central America where locals have their bottles of Coke poured into plastic sandwich baggies by the retailer so they do not have to pay a deposit on the returnable glass bottle As a result the beverage mega brand lost vital advertising space and therefore decided to meet the needs of poorer consumers by creating a modern and fun Coca Cola bottle shaped plastic bag Billed as a low cost environmentally friendly alternative to Coke cans and bottles the biodegradable plastic bags retain the drink s fizz and offer full customer experience while Coca Cola gets to recover its famous branding Like many food and beverage giants Coca Cola has come under pressure in recent years to produce packaging that is both recyclable and eco friendly but with the current plastic bag bans taxes and levies the new plastic Coke bags are sure to surprise many critics So is the Coca Cola bag set to reach the US and Europe Well the Daily Mail reports that Coca Cola said that the plastic bags replicate the look of the classic bottle shape but they are unlikely to impress aficionados many who believe the only way to sample the drink is out of a cold glass bottle so it doesn t look promising Bottle or bag everyone should be able to open happiness is the new Coca Cola slogan and as the plastic bags are cheaper to produce and cheaper to ship than the metal and

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/coca-cola-ditching-bottles-cans-for-plastic-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Bespoke Cotton Carrier Bags
    bag cotton carrier bags are natural biodegradable and most importantly reusable so they are perfect for handing out new brochures and marketing materials and if you are going to be promoting your wears in London this year union jack printed cotton carrier bags will keep you right on trend With the recent Queen s Diamond Jubilee festivities and the upcoming Olympics London and the UK in general is awash with red white and blue union jack flags and if you would like to show your support for Team GB then a range of bespoke cotton carrier bags may be just the solution Much like paper and plastic bags cotton carrier bags are available in a variety of different shapes and styles To help you decide which bags are right for your particular business we have listed our three most popular styles below Short Handle Cotton Carrier Bags Measuring 38 x 43cm our short handle cotton carrier bags are ideal for slightly heavier objects such as books brochures and magazines Available in natural beige or dyed colours they print exceptionally well so the possibilities for designed are endless Long Handle Cotton Carrier Bags Our most popular cotton bag it measures 38 x 43cm and weighs just 4oz Many businesses prefer to use the longer handle bags as they fit over the shoulder leaving the recipients hands free Suitable for all marketing booklets DVD s and promotional gifts long handled cotton carrier bags are practical and the recipient will almost certainly reuse them Transfer Printed Cotton Carrier Bags If you want to let your logo do the talking a transfer printed cotton carrier bag will draw all the right attention Bold and colourful they stand out beautifully at busy exhibitions and trade shows which is why many global brands opt for this

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/bespoke-cotton-carrier-bags/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Supermarket Carrier Bag Use – New Stats Released
    Programme WRAP confirms that we used more single use supermarket carrier bags in 2011 than we did in the previous year The report shows that supermarkets issued a staggering 8 billion thin gauge carrier bags during 2011 a 5 4 rise on the 2010 figures so despite carrier bag bans taxes and levies it seems the trusty plastic carrier bag is still in demand The British Retail Consortium BRC puts this increase down to changes in our shopping trends and spending habits and claim the on going squeeze on people s disposable incomes means families are increasingly doing several smaller grocery shops during the week rather than one big trip plus there is a switch away from going by car in favour of public transport For both of these reasons consumers are less likely to have a reusable bag with them The BRC continue by stressing that carrier bags are not the great environmental issue some believe they are and as the 2011 stats show an overall decline of 35 from the 2006 baseline figure of 12 2 billion single use carrier bags it seems we are still moving in the right direction The report reveals that the number of supermarket carrier bags used in Wales during 2011 dropped by 22 on the previous year s figures which is almost certainly down to the recently introduced 5p carrier bag tax England and Northern Ireland saw rises of 7 5 and 8 1 respectively and in Scotland there was no significant change on the 2010 figures The WRAP figures also reveal that there has been a 51 reduction in the amount of Virgin Polymer used to manufacture carrier bags including re usable bags for life since 2006 which indicates that more manufacturers are using recycled materials to make their plastic bags

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/supermarket-carrier-bag-use-new-stats-released/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Promotional Carrier Bags – Advertising at its Best
    shiny new promotional carrier bags not only serve a purpose but they also advertise your products and services as the recipient moves from one location to another effectively advertising your business for free Before ordering promotional carrier bags for your particular business there are several things to consider so to help make this a quick and easy process we have compiled a list of top tips to help you make the right choice 1 Materials Promotional carrier bags are available in a variety of different materials such as plastic paper cotton and jute and choosing the right material is an important part of the process All bags print exceptionally well so it is just a matter of deciding which type of bag best reflects your company image 2 Target Audience As with any advertising and marketing merchandise it is important to know your target audience before your send your promotional carrier bags to print Will the finished bags appeal to your target audience If not you may need to rethink your colour scheme and design 3 Functionality and Practicality If you want the consumer to reuse your promotional carrier bags it is vital that they are both functional and practical Strong high quality bags are most likely to be used again and therefore offer the greatest brand exposure which leads to our next tip 4 Quality or Quantity If you want your brand or business to be associated with quality then it makes sense that you hand out high quality promotional carrier bags Lesser quality bags may save money initially but the long term effect is likely to have a detrimental impact on your business 5 Seek Professional Advice If you are not sure which type of bag is right for your business why not speak to the professionals With

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/promotional-carrier-bags-advertising-at-its-best/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Jute Shopping Bags – The Latest Fashion Accessory
    and shoppers look for a biodegradable eco friendly alternative to the plastic carrier bag Made from natural vegetable fibre threads Jute shopping bags are not only strong durable and reliable but they are also biodegradable and providing they get plenty of use before reaching the end of their lifecycle they are kinder on the environment than other types of carrier bag In recent years Jute shopping bags were favoured by organic markets farm shops and bookstores due to the natural and rustic appearance but today they are making their way onto the high street as fashion designers turn to this unique material for their latest collections The latest must have item printed Jute shopping bags are now the ultimate fashion accessory and whether you use them to carry your lunch to work your towel to the beach or your trainers to the gym you can be sure you are right on trend Retailers thinking about rebranding or ordering a new range of carrier bags will be pleased to know that Jute shopping bags are affordable and available in a variety of different shapes and styles to complement your particular business 2012 seems to be the year in which all things British are in demand so a union jack printed jute bag could be just the item you need to attract fashion conscious shoppers to your store Retailers in the US are selling printed Jute shopping bags to celebrity crowds for as much as 80 US dollars each which just goes to show that with the right design and great marketing your carrier bags can become a much sought after fashion accessory Our high quality Jute shopping bags are screen printed to order so you just need to provide your logo company name and slogan and we will create your range

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/jute-shopping-bags-the-latest-fashion-accessory/ (2016-04-25)
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