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  • Proposal for Single-Use Plastic Bag Charge for England
    Carrier Bag Tax Resources Design Process Upload Your Artwork Buyers Guide 3D PDF Proofs FAQ s Whats New Contact us Proposal for Single Use Plastic Bag Charge for England Posted by admin July 4 2014 No Comments We aim to reassure our customers that you will be unaffected by the charge proposed from October 2015 by giving as much information as possible and updating any changes Also to enable our customers to better plan their packaging If you are in Scotland Wales N Ireland or Ireland we have separate links at the end this section will not apply to you Salient Points of Proposal for England From October 2015 a 5p charge will likely to come into force on single use plastic bags in England Crucially for our customers this will not include any bag in organisations with less than 250 possibly going up to 500 employees made from biodegradable plastic bag same cost and same quality as standard used for general packaging sold as sealed item in store mailing bags promotional bags over a 15 390mm width and or 50 micron 200g thickness measurement still to be confirmed made from paper cotton jute woven or non woven bag The Government will not collect any proceeds Organisations will be encouraged to donate profits to good causes For the latest official Defra update for England visit https consult defra gov uk resource atmosphere and sustainability call for evidence plastic bag charge for england supporting documents 131125 20SUPB 20Call 20for 20Evidence pdf For Wales visit http www legislation gov uk wsi 2010 2880 contents made For Northern Ireland visit http www nidirect gov uk baglevy For Scotland visit http www legislation gov uk sdsi 2014 9780111023211 For any further help please contact Mrs Alex Thomsen on Tel 01234 244341 or email alex

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  • Carrier Bag Levy in Northern Ireland
    five pence 5p levy In this guide we will explore more about the most common questions that are being asked about the levy Why is the levy being brought in The answer to this question is simple This levy is being introduced to try to make people use sustainable solutions In Northern Ireland alone 250 million non reusable carrier bags are binned every single year This is significantly increasing the countries carbon emissions After significant research the levy was deemed to be the most effective way of lowering the number of carrier bags Isn t this just a way for shops to make more money No this is not just a way for shops to make money In fact for every single use carrier bag the shop provides they have to pay the five pence levy to the DOE Department of the Environment The money raised from this levy will go toward funding further environmental activities Is five pence all I m going to pay per bag The levy that is being enforced by the DOE is for a flat five pence per bag However as always stores have the right to charge whatever they like for any type of bag they offer What are the other key points I need to know There are several other points you need to take into account The levy will apply to most single use carrier bags but there are some exceptions The levy also applies to single use bags made from paper and natural materials not just plastic bags A store cannot legally cover the levy for their customers They have to charge it The levy will be charged in all stores where single use bags are offered also including online shopping Of course in order to avoid paying the levy you

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/carrier-bag-levy-in-northern-ireland/ (2016-04-25)
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  • 5p Carrier Bag Levy Approved for Northern Ireland
    more from 8 th April 2013 as assembly members vote in favour of the Single Use Carrier Bags Charge Regulations and agree on a carrier bag levy of at least 5p per bag Surprisingly the new levy in not confined to plastic carrier bags but it also applies to biodegradable bags made from paper plant based materials and natural starch with the only exemptions being bags used for hot food due to hygiene and food safety and prescription medicines An estimated 250 million single use carrier bags are handed out in Northern Ireland each year and the assembly believe that this new legislation will communicate a widespread reduce and reuse waste message and that it could cut the demand for single use carrier bags by up to 80 Defending the levy Environment Minister Alex Attwood said The key objective of the carrier bag levy is to reduce or eliminate the unnecessary use of bags regardless of the material from which they are made he continued This is an area where consumers can really help the environment The image of NI as green and clean a major part of the character of our lives and the appeal of this place can be deepened if we deal decisively with carrier bags and the damage they cause From 8 th April 2013 retailers across Northern Ireland will be responsible for collecting at least 5p for every single use carrier bag they hand out and the proceeds will go to the Department of the Environment to help fund environmental projects programmes and activities A similar charge for plastic bags was introduced in the Republic of Ireland some 11 years ago which resulted in a drop in demand by 90 and raised over 160 million for Ireland s exchequer The charge for single use bags

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/5p-carrier-bag-levy-approved-for-northern-ireland/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The Welsh Carrier Bag Charge – One Year On
    all single use carrier bags and as the scheme has been heralded a success by Welsh Ministers it could be just weeks before England and Scotland decide to follow suit While it initially sparked controversy amongst consumers and retailers the carrier bag charge is now said to be widely supported throughout the country and with some retail sectors indicating a decrease in demand by up to 96 it seems the 5p charge is having the desired effect In addition to reducing the amount of thin gauge plastic carrier bags handed out in Welsh supermarkets the charge is also benefitting local charities and not for profit organisations Tesco Wales raised a staggering 770 000 in the past 12 months alone which it has donated to the RSPB Cymru and The Co Operative will add a further 160 000 to the 75 000 it has already handed out to local Wildlife projects within the next few months As the first country in the UK to introduce a compulsory carrier bag tax Wales seems to be leading the way when it comes to developing sustainable shopping habits and with Northern Ireland set to launch their own carrier bag charge in April 2013 it can only be a matter of time before Scotland and England succumb to the pressure Speaking about the success of the 5p carrier bag charge Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths said Checkouts across Wales are now full of people using their own bags to carry shopping rather than paying 5p for a new one and it is really heartening to see people in Wales developing sustainable shopping habits and being much less wasteful with the world s natural resources He went on to say I can see no reason why the charge wouldn t work just as well in other

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-welsh-carrier-bag-charge-one-year-on/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Northern Ireland – Getting Ready for the 2013 Carrier Bag Tax
    footsteps of Wales by introducing a 5p carrier bag levy on all single use plastic bags handed out from April 2013 and to ensure the operation runs smoothly an entire team of staff has been dedicated to ensure that sellers implement the bag tax regulation effectively The responsibilities of the Londonderry based Carrier Bag Levy Team CBLT will include looking after the collection of the levy ensuring retailers comply with the new regulations by paying the proceeds the Department of Environment on time and investigating any sellers thought to be breaching the regulation Anyone found to be in breach of the carrier bag levy could be subjected to civil sanctions and a range of monetary penalties of up to 20 000 or in certain cases 10 of the outstanding monetary payment whichever is the larger Breaches of the levy include failure to charge for carrier bags that fall within the scope of the legislation failure to keep accurate records and failure to pay the levy revenue to the Department of Environment within the stipulated timeframe Speaking after the announcement of the 2011 figures of the UK Voluntary Carrier Bag Agreement which showed an 8 1 increase in the number of single use plastic carrier bags issued in Northern Ireland in 2011 Minister Alex Attwood said I fully acknowledge and welcome the success of voluntary efforts but In order to sustain a long term downward trend in carrier bag consumption we need to successfully implement the carrier bag levy in Northern Ireland as soon as possible All Northern Irish retailers will be required to register as sellers of carrier bags with the department before the levy comes into effect on 1 st April 2013 and collection of the proceeds will be undertaken on a quarterly basis via an online payment system

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/northern-ireland-getting-ready-for-the-2013-carrier-bag-tax/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Liberal Democrats Demand a Plastic Bag Tax in England
    tax but it seems the Lib Dems are not going to let them back down on their proposed plastic bag tax in England as they vote to bolster their weaponry against the Treasury s resistance The party backed a motion at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton to impose a levy on all single use plastic carrier bags suggesting that the proceeds go towards community food initiatives The idea was supported by the former Conservatory environment secretary Caroline Spelman but the Lib Dems claim it came up against Treasury resistance something that the Treasury deny A source from the Treasury said All ideas are on the table and the Lib Dems know that but a spokesperson for the Lib Dem policy Andrew George said We have seen some indications of support coming out of Number 10 but It has always been over ruled by the Treasury He continued We have only one remaining log jam and we need to keep firing the most effective weaponry at it and making it quite clear that this issue will not go away Pushing for a carrier bag levy of between 5p and 10p per bag the Lib Dems believe the charge has got to be sufficient to make people think hard before going out shopping planning in advance and taking reusable carrier bags with them where they can and that we should make good use of the many environmentally alternatives available The Lib Dems believe that the success of the Irish and Welsh carrier bag levies show that Behaviour is changing but it seems to be that the political will isn t there to tip things in the right direction So while our Cornish pasties and caravans may remain tax free for now it looks as though we will be paying for our

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/liberal-democrats-demand-a-plastic-bag-tax-in-england/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Plastic Carrier Bags – UK Shoppers Happy to Pay 5p
    groups and conservation societies such as Keep Britain Tidy and the Campaign to Protect Rural England found that the majority of UK shoppers think that a 5p plastic carrier bag charge should be introduced in England if it will help cut litter and waste Three quarters said a small charge would encourage them to try to cut down on the amount of new plastic carrier bags they used and of the 1 752 adults questioned 56 agreed that a 5p levy was not unreasonable Members of the Break the Bag Habit coalition believe these latest figures confirm that the public are supportive of a single use carrier bag charge with Keep Britain Tidy s campaign manager Helen Bingham stating This research shows that the public are ahead of the Government when it comes to supporting things that are good for the environment It is time for politicians in Westminster to follow the lead of the Welsh Assembly The Welsh Government introduced the controversial 5p carrier bag charge last October in a move that caused uproar amongst retailers and consumers but recent studies indicate that the levy is now widely supported across the country and that the amount of single use carrier bags handed out has fallen by up to 96 percent While Northern Ireland is set to introduce a carrier bag tax in April 2013 there are still no plans for a plastic bag charge in England leading the campaigners to urge David Cameron and George Osborne to ensure that a charge on plastic bags is included in this year s Autumn Statement on the economy Many countries across Europe and indeed the world charge for single use plastic carrier bags so is it time for England to follow suit Would you be happy to pay 5p for your carrier

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/plastic-carrier-bags-uk-shoppers-happy-to-pay-5p/ (2016-04-25)
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  • London Assembly calls to introduce carrier bag levy in England
    20 2012 No Comments Retailers in England may have escaped the controversial carrier bag levy longer than their Welsh and Irish counterparts but with the London Assembly calling on the Government to introduce a mandatory charge on all single use plastic bags it looks as though we may have to follow suit and sooner than we had hoped The move comes after the Assembly unanimously agreed that England was falling behind the rest of the United Kingdom by failing to introduce a charge on all single use plastic carrier bags and as such supermarkets were unsuccessful in cutting the number of bags they hand out to shoppers Referring to the recent publication by the Waste and Resources Action Programme WRAP which revealed that the number of thin gauge plastic bags issued in the UK rose from 7 6 billion in 2010 to over 8 billion in 2011 the London Assembly said Supermarkets have failed to cut plastic bag use voluntarily We now need decisive action The Assembly is calling on DEFRA the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs to introduce a legislation that would force all retailers to introduce a mandatory charge on all single use plastic carrier bags but add that small businesses should be protected from any additional administrative burden Wales was the first country within the United Kingdom to introduce a five pence carrier bag charge in October 2011 and while the move initially evoked outcry from both retailers and consumers many reports now indicate that the tax is widely supported Northern Ireland has confirmed it will introduce the levy from April 2013 the Scottish government are still consulting on the issue and with mounting pressure on the English Secretary of State for the Environment it looks as though England may have to introduce a carrier

    Original URL path: http://www.templecoombe.co.uk/the-london-assembly-calls-on-the-government-to-introduce-a-carrier-bag-levy-in-england/ (2016-04-25)
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