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  • Harrington Cavalier Pocklington Star
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    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/6692kha.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • 796 TKR Harrington Cavalier Ayers of Dover
    Photos R Davies

    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/769tkra.html (2016-04-25)
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  • Harrington Rally 10/06/2007
    Next To Harrington Coachworks Main Entrance

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  • Untitled Document
    leaky vehicles becoming almost tropical The Tiger did leak a bit but the new temporary fabric roof was quite good considering it was made of the cheapest leathercloth material I could find and had billowed and stretched alarmingly in the slip stream of the lorry on the way down The leaks did not seem to stop a succession of people finding their way inside to try out the seats I wish I had a pound for every time I heard Coo look at this leather Those that know Amberley will know that the site is quite large and includes a replica Southdown garage where ancient solid tyred Tilling Stevens petrol electrics live and come out to play without concern for the MOT or other such modern requirements So I determined that at the end of the day on my way back to the low loader I would detour up to the garage around the loop road at the end of the quarry and see how the Tiger would run With the engine running and Glynis Steve and my brother Robin on board it became a little difficult to disguise that something interesting was about to happen Suddenly from nowhere some friends appeared with hopeful looks and in they came A moment later two huge smiles heralded the arrival of John Richard Gent friends from C P T M S who also settled down inside As we set off there was a rush from some stragglers and I was obliged to stop at the Tramocar bus stop to let them on When we set off we were about three quarters full which in my book constitutes a proper load of passengers and indeed probably the first since 1950 when the Tiger was last used on the road Now the thing is I had only been as high as second gear before this time the confines at Canvey precluding bursts of speed Now I was going to do my experiments with a load of spectators Supposing it pegs out half way round Will I crash the gears Into third What an obliging gearbox I m enjoying this immensely and greatly stressed all at the same time Hello I m foot to the floor here and we re not exactly racing away Then I have to stop again Someone has parked Dave Hurley s Cavalier outside the Southdown Garage and blocked the road The coach is empty except for a sole passenger standing in the door way I climb from the cab the Tiger patiently ticks over and the passengers patiently wait If it stalls I think I m done for because it s a beggar to start on the handle when it s hot Is Dave about I ask He wasn t driving comes the reply Can you move it out of the way then I ask I can t drive is the unhelpful reply Good Grief Does he not know how petrol Tigers drink fuel My tiny substitute for a fuel

    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/kd1997.html (2016-04-25)
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  • Home James - discovered gems
    gems and not all the coach has been investigated yet The first treasure item to be found was indeed just that a Silver Victoria 3d dated 1896 It was stuck in paint in the battery locker and at first I thought it was a washer It must have dropped out of somebody s pocket when the coach was repainted presumably just after the war It has been given back to the coach in a hidden location Bus ticket reel type red print Liverpool C P T 8th August 1942 n s rear wheel arch Ticket Bell punch type 1 d Says rules of the Corpn in the middle but mostly illegible Grey or white card black print locker behind main door Car Park Ticket Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2 6d Inside destination blind access door in cab Cardboard sign red crayon Tetlow Street Behind n s panel sign written Coachways 1d Victoria 1882 n s rear wheel arch d Edward VII 1910 n s rear wheel arch d Edward VII 1906 n s rear wheel arch d George V 1924 n s rear wheel arch d George V 1914 n s rear wheel arch d George VI 1938 n s rear wheel arch The Daily Worker newspaper July 5th 1945 Too fragile to unfold properly n s rear wheel arch Empty packet 20 Star cigarettes n s rear wheel arch Child s story book The Moon Rocket To my mind notable for lunar landing without the use of space suits n s rear wheel arch Child s cardboard cut out picture of a cat sitting in a pull along trolley n s rear wheel arch Ticket printed with Liverpool Borough Council Bowls overtime Please destroy this ticket n s rear wheel arch Paper packet for single Durex Transparent latex empty Tucked

    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/kd_items.html (2016-04-25)
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  • Harrington KD 5296 Leyland Tiger TS2 Conservation
    several times during the day causing a mass of people to assemble in awe each time Attention to a broken spring in the Autovac meant that she could now suck fuel from a can Inspection of KD 5296 s coachwork has revealed that the war years took their toll There is extremely heavy wear to the lino and foot rests Presumably shortly after the war she was repainted It was not a very good job and was perhaps only intended just to smarten her up The paint is spread over the window rubbers and some of the chrome fittings However the sign writing is extensive and professionally done The paint was thickly applied in some areas In the battery locker a silver 3d dated 1896 was discovered firmly stuck in the paint The folding canvas roof has completely rotted away but the interior decorative rexine lining to this survives intact enough to provide a pattern for replacement Some of the interior plain rexine has been painted over presumably at the same time the outside was done The leather in the seats was very dry and a whole day was spent just cleaning the leather and dressing them with hide food So far the only work done has been to stop further deterioration and make the vehicle more easily mobile During April 1997 she was put on the pit for attention with a grease gun The brakes which were adjusted right off by Frank Elliot to prevent them sticking have now been re adjusted correctly the rusted silencer has been replaced and the fuel tank removed with a view to making a new one It is hoped that full restoration will eventually take place This poses a dilema in many respects because although exceedingly scruffy much of the interior is remarkably

    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/kdrestore.html (2016-04-25)
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  • JAP 698 Harrington Contender Audawn Luxury Coaches Corringham
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    Original URL path: http://www.thcoachwork.co.uk/jap698a.htm (2016-04-25)
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