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  • The Blackout Music Bands | Heavy Rock Bands | Music Entertainment
    metal albums of all time will please some annoy others and completely miss the mark for many as well Read More Garageband No one goes to recording studios anymore or at least no one that wants to continue paying their rent and bills for the foreseeable future hands money over to a studio anyway These days it is all about home recording I remember having an extremely basic setup with

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  • The Greatest (Modern) Rock-and-Heavier Bands of All Time
    a hybrid of several genres with Hybrid Theory though it s been downhill ever since Minutes to Midnight More like Minutes to Midshi actually we won t go there there may be children reading this Papa Roach This was a band that used to be plastered all over my hoodies and my walls before their inevitable and rapid decline Their debut album Infest was quite the hit with angst filled eyeliner wearing nu metal fans that were dejected and disillusioned by the whole millennium bug thing Between Angels and Insects is a classic that I can t help but enjoy on the rare occasion that it gets played in public and Broken Home was also a song that bordered on poignant whilst never quite getting there Still these guys still have a huge fan base of which I used to be a member The Strokes Though I didn t discover The Strokes until fairly later on in my musical life perhaps seven or so years ago now there comes a point in everyone s life where they either enjoy their brand of lazily sung telecaster clad music or hate it Those that don t like The Strokes I tend to be very sceptical of and those that do I believe are onto something and should be trusted in their musical opinions Apart from the fact that they have some incredible past hits such as Last Night Reptilia and 12 51 their recent album Comedown Machine was enjoyable retained their distinctive sound and has One Way Trigger sitting proudly as the best song on there Foo Fighters There can t be a rundown of best bands without Foo Fighters featuring proudly In fact there shouldn t be a list of anything without at least Dave Grohl making an appearance The Foos

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  • The Elitest Rock Clubs and Venues in the World
    There has to be a happy medium which brings me to the issue of what exactly are the best venues in the world for hosting a good old fashioned rock gig This is a list of just a few ideas Whisky a Go Go LA California Studio 60 isn t the only famous location to have its home on the Sunset Strip Whisky a Go Go is located in this bustling centre of business and leisure as well It played a monumental part in nurturing the early careers of such bands as The Doors with Frank Zappa signing an all important record deal after one of his performances there With The Who and Zeppelin Led also racking up performances there it is an undeniably influential and instrumental rock venue that has cemented its place in the history of rock music and is held in the hearts of every band that has played there CBGB NY New York While the name is actually an acronym to indicate the genres that the club was supposed to host Country Bluegrass and Blues CBGB happened to become a nurturing ground for American New Wave and even Punk music The Ramones The B52s Blondie and Talking Heads have all performed there This venue was founded in 1973 and therefore had quite some longevity until it sadly closed its doors in 2006 Marquee Club London England This England club is where the Rolling Stones first began to play and started to become part of public consciousness This club has seen its share of musical greatness over the years from The Who Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Iron Maiden and Metallica The venue has a relatively small stage much like the rest of the venues listed here resulting in a fantastic atmosphere and a generally impressive

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  • Rock and Alternative Songs | Blackout Music
    that tugged at your heart strings Don t Panic is the perfect opener to their debut album Parachutes which is a collection of songs that I am sure invokes nostalgia for many but the song is much more than just an opener on a great album To this day this is Coldplay s greatest track with clean guitars strumming underneath picked layers of notes that blend incredibly well and lyrics that juxtapose melancholic despair with reverence of the world s beauty Just listen and you ll see what I mean Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead the Bends Strumming singing and some simple drums doesn t sound like one of a band s greatest hits does it Fake Plastic Trees is a favourite for many fans of Radiohead and is recognised as one of the greatest of their songs and by some as one of the best of all time It s a little depressing for some people s tastes but it sure has beauty and brilliance all in one I ll Find You Hundred Reasons Ideas Above our Station Having never truly broken out in them music industry in any massive way Hundred Reasons aren t really at the top of everyone s lists but I ll Find You is an absolute belter of a song with a memorable and driving riff some distinctive sounding vocals that comprised the band s sound This is a fist in the air kind of song and it sits proudly in this list After the Rush Hour Million Dead Harmony No Harmony Before Frank Turner was known as Frank Turner to the commercial side of the music industry he was merely the frontman for perhaps one of the best post hardcore alternative bands of all time Million Dead didn t make it to the big

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  • Garageband for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
    like Drums Keyboard and Guitar Amp allow you to input music in a freehand sort of way tapping the screen with your own notes and rhythms to lay down tracks smart instruments like smart drums smart keyboards and smart guitar are more restrictive but allow you to input specific chords and different stock patterns so that the relatively lengthy process of playing parts in manually is shortened somewhat Essentially the smart prefix just means that some of the work is done for you and you can use the handy grid based interface particularly for the drums where sounds can be dragged and dropped into the exact beat and note position The addition of smart strings in the latest update makes the selection of instruments a little more rich than it was before as well In terms of input you can of course choose to use regular or smart instruments tapping the screen or selecting chords respectively You can also use Audiobus for inter app recording effectively using Garageband as an output whilst using other apps instruments If you want to do any real time shredding this Christmas in the style of the fourth Santa Rockstar game you re going to need a suitable interface for plugging into your iDevice but at least you know that the option is there After recording you parts you can view the different layers of your track in the track view section Here your tracks are laid out like a typical studio overview where each layer is listed on the left hand side with the waveform of each track extending horizontally across the screen stacked on top of each other for easy visual reference After recording a melodic instrument you are taken to the beginning and playback occurs automatically do you can review your recent

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  • Music Production Software - Xewton Music
    is a powerhouse that is built on an already powerful foundation This time around we have full on microphone recording capabilities 127 tracks on the sequencer and audio copy and paste as mentioned above Whereas before the absence of these features may have been a deal breaker for those umming and ahhing over which music production app to choose this time it s not even a choice Xewton Music Studio 2 0 has the power and the content to come out the winner every time It s also got around a hundred drum loops sixty or so instruments even more if you re not averse to in app purchases and the track editing capabilities are also way beyond what you think should be possible for a portable app at this price Live recording is quite the breeze with Music Studio 2 0 since you can line in directly from your external iRig and lay down live music directly onto any one of the 127 tracks Recording drums is also an experience with a large amount of variety due to the native drum pads which are now customisable in terms of which pad triggers which sound This added flexibility serves to typify the improvements across the board in Xewton Music Studio 2 0 Instruments also vary from pianos keyboards guitars and many more all sounding extremely natural and authentic we all know how horrible that cheap freeware sounding musical instrument sounds Real time recording of live audio makes the experience even more incredible Just imagine laying down a track that feels like it is missing something and instead of being restricted to any instrument on the app you can twang out a bit of light guitar or shove some real time vocals on top of the tracks you already have This

    Original URL path: http://www.theblackoutmusic.co.uk/music-production-software.html (2016-02-16)
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