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  • JESUS JONES - Never Enough : 1989-2002 - The Final Word
    the indie girls And them grunge happened which made the future look horribly dated What about the music Here you get every single one of their Jesus Jones 13 singles as well as a porky prime cut from each of their four EMI albums topped off with frankly unremarkable new song Come On Home Each one of the singles is a bona fide thrill that not even time and indie elitism can wither The buzzsaw psychosis of Info Freako soon gives way incessant stomp of Who Where Why the oddly prophetic and thematically linked pairing of International Bright Young Thing and The Next Big Thing to the slick Real Real Real the best top 5 single to ever mock all those turgid soul singers who blather on about things being real Jesus Jones knew it was all fake all an act and yet in these lies the devil could slip nuggets of truth through the Great Pop grinder Perverse their third album was a major leap forward In fact the band don t even play on it Everything they did was chopped plugged fed and squeezed into computers and came out the other side in Zeroes And Ones For the whole album existed only in frequencies There was no such thing as bass on the record only 20hz to 4khz And guitars becomes 300hz to 8khz And at the time and now the band were lambasted for it now everyone does it A four year gap thanks to EMI s uncertain dithering near enough buried the band In those four years O s came and went And the world could never be the same again Five B tles obsessed Mancunian thugs turned the NME and any attempt at an Alternative Music into a farce The fickle press turned tail and

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  • MANIC STREET PREACHERS - The Love of Richard Nixon - The Final Word
    Back after a string of disappoint debut singles the relaxed If You Tolerate This the empty obtuse So Why So Sad the bland There By The Grace Of God To this we add another oddity It s not awful but neither is it a Great song The Love Of Richard Nixon sounds fabulous on paper Spangly techno sounds an awesome classic rock solo and some of the best lyrics the band have penned ever The problem is that it just doesn t work Where s the passion Where s the sense of adventure Where s the humanity Where s the sense that this is anything other than an anodyne dated faux retro retread with an OK chorus and a understated barely there melody This though produced by the band and then remixed by Goldfrapp sounds oddly like it was made by machines Even Jamess vocal sounds disconnected mechanic passionless But it s not all bad If this record didn t have the words Manic Street Preachers on the cover if it didn t have the weight of The Holy Bible on it s shoulders if the band didn t have this amazing beautiful history to live up to The Love Of Richard Nixon would be a brilliant bold debut single that would storm the charts and herald a new brave name to be watched with curiousity and hope Better then to look to the b side Everything Will Be a beautiful lament to everything and nothing at the same time and has the instant brand of a classic long lost Manics b side of which they have about 20 With the Manics though we expect more So much more that they can probably never attain the expectation We expect beauty passion political revolution urban hell and rock n roll We

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  • THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Live At Max's Kansas City - The Final Word
    points knowing the words but not really what they mean And how can a bass guitar replace a guy who can play viola bass piano and sing Well it can t Here the band sound constrained Trying to match the wide expanses of ability they once had Trying to squeeze the widescreen experience in their heads and on the record into a smaller frame It s the difference between going to the movies and watching Star Wars on a portable television Lou Reed meanwhile jumps ship and leaves the band the minute he comes off stage Is this The Velvet Underground Or is this a cynical cash in A bootleg the bootleggers release of a warts and all show that shows that The Velvet Underground aren t always as good as people tell you they are Sure there s some great songs here but you don t need them in this form You don t need mono bootleg recordings of the band performing to an empty upstairs bar in New York You don t need a double CD of 98 minutes of the band stumbling through songs that sometimes the bassist and rummer can t always remember And a hastily tacked on radio advert for the original vinyl edition of the album bumped to the end of the CD You don t need to hear the anodyne conversations on ajoining tables that are often far clearer than the music itself Candy Says for example manages to be about how some dull stoner guy went to see Patton at the cinema and tries to pick up a girl with a tedious discussion about the movie Hear her blow him off preserved forever on iTunes These days he probably tells his kids who are bored of the story about how he was

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  • JIM'S SUPER STEREOWORLD - In A Big Flash Car On A Saturday Night - The Final Word
    the band of two halves that they were Fruitbat providing the thrashy punka singalong guitarfests and Jim Bob providing the more reflective introspective lyrics and electronic flourishes its not hard to figure out what Jims Super Stereoworld sound like Bluntly put its the same type of thing Carter were doing a few years ago without a boatload of big guitars And that s no bad thing There are still big drums infectious choruses that should be sung by boys half his age and great big splodges of pop flourishes The lyrics are also fantastic Tight Pants reveals the hidden side of every wedding where someone from every generation is dancing to the very last song in a slyly cruel portrayal of suburban life as accurate and biting as John Betjeman or Philip Larkin And yet it sounds like great grown up pop music I wouldn t be surprised if in a few years time Jim Bob is the secret svengali behind the first of many indie boybands all he needs to do is hole himself up make great pop records and get loads of teenagers to jump around pretending to play and sing on them Like all things pop it

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  • ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Greatest Hits - The Final Word
    Hits Already Six years into a career that like it or not will no doubt run for at least another twenty years it seems premature But here we are already Far from the inevitable ending of Robbie in Vegas a tired haggard Robbie tattoos sagging off fattened fifty something skin back on tour promoting yet another cover album of contemporaries that haven t even been born yet on his Yet Another Comeb ack Tour of 2025 I have seen the future and it hurts Even so Greatest Hits still feels a bit rushed despite being released a couple of years later than his record company wanted to And following the Live In Knebworth album it puts Robbie s last material with long time conspirator Guy Chambers ever further away In some respects you could be forgiven for thinking now that Robbie and his main co song writer are no longer on speaking terms that maybe Greatest Hits represents the cashing of the last chips as the songs dry up You would be a cynic to say that And you d be exactly right So let us compare mythologies From the stumbling start of his solo career the punsome but ultimately one dimensional sub Britpop fakery of Old Before I Die to the final radical rethink of Radio one can both barely recognise yet instantly recognise that these songs are Robbie Williams songs and could never be anyone elses Quintiessentially caustically British cool yet naff sincere yet fake confident yet insecure Robbie Williams is the central thread that runs through each and every song And if you don t see yourself in some of these songs maybe you don t see anything The songs are presented in chronological order so thankfully there is no history scrambling revisionism but what you do

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  • THE WONDER STUFF - You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight EP - The Final Word
    of The Wonder Stuff kicking against the pricks giving us their best song of The Past Ten Years This is just another song and it s not even the best single Miles has made since the demise of Vent Everything Is Not OK the straight in at no 144 hit off the Miles Hunt Club album is frankly a better song You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight then is hardly a dramatic declaration of intent It s the sound of the band peeping through the door knocking tentatively anyone home They should be Playing The Twist instead Sure the old tartan suit and the big chunky pop songs have been put away but that doesn t mean that this has to be the next move Demos of unreleased songs are much better Playing The Twist is an absolute classic for example The b sides are much better Raw vital takes upon Damien Dempsey s fabulous The Apple Of My Eye and Wreckless Eric s punk classic Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart They re worth the price of admission alone It s not a great advertisement for the new album it s a little bland and should fit

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  • THE WONDERSTUFF - Escape From Rubbish island - The Final Word
    all that stuff Imagine they d carried on with the four piece rock of their debut album this is what they d sound like now Escape From Rubbish Island then is a return to the sort of punchy crunchy acid tongued bile that characterised their original and some would say best lineup The raw songwriting style dispenses with the jokes and the flourishes in favour of a brace of wittily furious biting new songs Some of the songs are slower the arrangements more involved more mature But maturity is no bad thing Fiddle player Martin Bell and drummer Martin Gilks are absent according to some dark rumour they refused to record new material but this record does not suffer from their absence No band stays the same for twenty years nor does a good band write the same type of songs for it s whole career Things move on People change And the world changes around us A lot of The Stuffies trademarks are here crunchy guitars acid lyrics bile in spades one song is even called Bile Chant which probably won t trouble the top five in a hurry and great songs The problem is that people will probably lambast the band for ditching The Magic Formula of 1991 and trying something different The same Magic Formula that sees them saying I preferred their earlier stuff before Fiddly joined yet also sees them distrustful of this new fiddleless rock approach Some people fear change Some people are never satisfied Go back to the past for the future is coming If The Wonder Stuff had been making albums in the past eleven years the raw uncluttered songwriting style and the lineup changes would ve gone unnoticed And nobody complains when most bands evolve over time In fact for The Cult

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  • THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Bigtime - The Final Word
    this Slinky Sleek Poppy Bouncy Infectious Big choruses The sound of Beck meets Semisonic but like good Chunky riffmungous yet sparse guitars Bubbly synths Chords that rock Oh yes big chords Big time big guitars Big Chorus It doesn t sound like anything else I ve heard All year except as I say the quite underrated and criminally maligned Gay Dad album that I stuck on six months ago Which

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