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  • THERAPY? - One Cure Fits All - The Final Word
    teethgrinder and remixed it for this their tenth album The familiar ingredients are here a barrage of clanging drums amelodic serrated guitars and furiously inarticulate lyrics But after years of musical evolution from the claustrophobic early stuff to the widescreen vistas of their highpoint Infernal Love and the inevitable commercial decline Therapy have returned to their roots And not necessarily in a good way they are as good and as

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  • MINISTRY - Rio Grande Blood - The Final Word
    Rio Grande Blood Ministry s fourth album in as many years sees them returning to familiar themes To a sonic barrage of grinding brutal chords breakneck drumming and a Berlin Wall Of Sound You can t go in or out but observe with some kind of repelled awe If you ve heard the previous albums you ll know the magic formula distorted soundbites of Dubya remixed to make him say things like I m a brutal terrorist I want money like some kind of comedy satiric website Alien Jourgenson Rob Zombie s grandad yells incoprehensably about Eagles Illegals War and no doubt delivers some inpenetrable incomprehensable critique of American Ideology Mike Scacia no doubt ruptures the bones in his tattered neck by headbanging like some of political furious version of Gwar and the rest of the band grind away And a choir of evil turns up occasionally But Ministry s masterplan is coming to an end Al J has already said the band have only three albums left in them before they retire and he runs a local recording studio in his dotage With this and the Revolting Cocks Cocked And Loaded it looks as if time and possibly ideas and musical evolution are running out Beside which when Dubya does step down what will Ministry have to rail against If it s not broken don t fix it goes the cliché In this case they see no need to tamper with the formula even if it does bring ever diminishing returns to fill venues half the size of the ones they used to fill a decade ago Ministry are now performing double headline shows with their alter egos The Revolting Cocks Rio Grande Blood is both a drearily predictable furious thrash against the Republican Idolatory that has poisoned and

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  • IRON MAIDEN - A Matter Of Life And Death - The Final Word
    by some as a return to form Iron Maiden s umpteenth album A Matter of Life Of Death is that most repugnant of concepts Prog Metal Over the course of some 73 minutes Bruce And The Boyspresent all matter of widdly woo guitar solos tempo changes riffarama and nonsensical lyrics about Something Very Meaningful Indeed topped off with Brooooce s trademark air raid siren vocals All of which makes it difficult and a little bit painful I ve long wanted to be grabbed by the bollocks by a new GOOD Iron Maiden album truth be told Maiden have been a great singles band since 1988 and been pumping their albums with mediocre filler ever since then No doubt the live shows are still fantastic but overall A Matter Of Life Is Death is the work of perpetual adolescents in a state of arrested development unlike previous albums each song seems to mould itself into one amorphous whole a single 73 minute song typically most songs seem to be about war and have acoustic interludes With only song under 5 minutes the untypical balls out metal of A Different World the rest of the album boasting one dimensonal titles such as The Legacy The Longest Day The Pilgrim and These Colours Don t Run averages 7 to 9 minutes EACH Sometimes you can have too much of a mediocre thing By the 60 th or so minute of soundalike material most of it frankly ponderous and forgettable the Maiden are still rampaging on with songs about mortality death war and religion If they would ever get a natural emotion they d probably jump in shock right into the ocean I do however hate to be negative The album has it s good points Maiden are consistently churning out albums like this

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  • Metal - The Final Word
    TOMAHAWK Anonymous Mark Reed 3852 14 Jun PERRY FARRELL S SATELLITE PARTY Ultra Payloaded Mark Reed 1635 10 Jul SMASHING PUMPKINS Zeitgeist Mark Reed 1536 8 Aug FEAR FACTORY Demanufacture Reissue Graham Reed 2490 19 Aug MINISTRY The Last Sucker Mark Reed 1578 8 Oct VELVET REVOLVER Libertad Mark Reed 1395 8 Oct FOO FIGHTERS Echoes Patience Silence Grace Mark Reed 1554 26 Nov NINE INCH NAILS Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D Mark Reed 2020 19 Apr MINISTRY Cover Up Mark Reed 1524 6 Sep METALLICA Death Magnetic Mark Reed 1359 4 Oct REVOLTING COCKS Sex O Olympic O Mark Reed 1716 12 Nov GUNS N ROSES Chinese Democracy Mark Reed 1709 25 Mar THERAPY Crooked Timber Mark Reed 1337 21 Apr MINISTRY Adios live Mark Reed 1026 16 Aug SPINAL TAP Back From The Dead Mark Reed 1204 12 Oct FOO FIGHTERS Greatest Hits Mark Reed 1128 19 Dec Marilyn Manson Birmingam o2 Academy 13 12 09 Chris Lloyd 491 21 Dec METALLICA Six Feet Down Under Part I II EP s live 1989 2010 Mark Reed 1033 13 May FOO FIGHTERS Wasting Light Mark Reed 1034 17 Oct JANE S ADDICTION The Great Escape Artist Mark Reed 900 20 Oct METALLICA LOU

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  • Metal - The Final Word
    30 50 Date Item Title Author Hits 5 Feb TOMAHAWK Oddfellows Mark Reed 855 30 Aug NINE INCH NAILS Hesitation Marks Mark Reed 1230 3 Sep MINISTRY From Beer To Eternity Graham Reed 969 20 Sep METALLICA Through The Never Soundtrack Live 2012 Mark Reed 818 18 Oct Baby Godzilla Hawk Eyes Birmingham o2 Academy 8th October 2013 Chris Lloyd 875 12 Nov The Dillinger Escape Plan Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

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  • ALABAMA 3 - Power In The Blood - The Final Word
    of God through the cross and the salvation of the needle and you have something that just doesn t sound right on paper Unless you actually listen to it Their songs are empty hollow landscapes of a lost preacher enduring the long dark night of the soul in a Memphis jazz bar Of the lost and of the lonesome tonight They play the music of the evening before the things that go bleep in the night and the music of the morning after The blues The soft exhausted drawl of exhausted desperation In the same song Titles such as The Devil Went Down To Ibiza and Lord Have Mercy establish the hitherto missing link between Robert Johnson and the Aphex Twin And here it is Music like this sounds it was made in 1930 and 2030 at the same time A revolutionary call to arms in the form of the titletrack Power In The Blood make a Jihad against capitalism sound like the most fun wars been since you were a kid and had an Action Man Woody Guthrie takes every right wing prejudice debunks it and rocks harder than James Brown at the Apollo It s been years since I ve seen a band that look like a gang Not since The Clash or very early Manics in fact But this an eight strong collective of Scottish junkies DJ s and kindred spirits are a gang Swaggering down Coldharbour Lane and trying to change the world with their faith in Trotsky and breakbeats And if they could they would change the world Power In The Blood wears its colours on its sleeve The clenched red fist of union resistance On one hand this is deeply naive as if the unions and Marxism are going to overthrow the evils of

    Original URL path: http://www.thefinalword.co.uk/content/view/338/25/ (2016-04-24)
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  • JELLO BIAFRA - The Big-Ka-Boom! - The Final Word
    peels back the foreskin of liberty exposing the lies and deception that comprise our so called democracy The Big Ka Boom is a voice in the dark protesting even on the day of the attack that all what not what it seemed and that somewhere something was very very wrong On top of this Jello offers a rare voice of resistance in the media as well as much needed common sense in unravelling the events that lead to and the secret Government machinations behind the terrorist attack Secret meetings between Bush Bin Laden the absence of real news across the US media the hidden agenda of oil control and the Bush family s powerful business influences are all examined in an attempt to hint at the global conspiracy war for profit to ensure continued profits in the name of so called Prophets What we are looking at here is a Capitalist Jihad with a Muslim bogeyman Not of course to demean the true horror of the attacks or the likelihood of Taliban involvement but to expose the wiring under the board of our so called Democracy where two unelected leaders lead a unwanted war against each other The ever prolific

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  • BJORK - Medulla - The Final Word
    so much money you need never see me again You know Vespertine and Selma The two you had after you left me You knew they weren t as good as me but you didn t want anyone to know that s how you really felt To lie in someone else s arms and know that mine were better You fell back on me for a while and I didn t even know it The Greatest Hits The Family Tree The Concert Box Set They bought you time without me You thought maybe I d come back but once I ve gone I ve gone You can t go back to 1994 anymore You fooled the rest though Vespertine and Selma were more popular than I They sold more but meant less You used to be young You used to smile Now though it s all changed You don t go out anymore and I can hear it It s dance music for people who don t dance It s experimental and some experiments fail Medulla for that is her name isn t very good There s no tunes There s a symphony of voices A cacophony in fact of undisciplined noise on several occasions Odd beats scattered all over the place And you know Medulla doesn t look or seem right She s the type of girl that when you have all the money in the world you don t care what you look like Medulla is the sound of a muse that has flown in an album of languid minimalist soundscapes there s the odd song with drums and beats that jars and spoils the record and even then they re instantly forgettable The last number for example is probably the most upbeat song on the record concluding on

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