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  • THE WONDER STUFF - You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight EP - The Final Word
    of The Wonder Stuff kicking against the pricks giving us their best song of The Past Ten Years This is just another song and it s not even the best single Miles has made since the demise of Vent Everything Is Not OK the straight in at no 144 hit off the Miles Hunt Club album is frankly a better song You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight then is hardly a dramatic declaration of intent It s the sound of the band peeping through the door knocking tentatively anyone home They should be Playing The Twist instead Sure the old tartan suit and the big chunky pop songs have been put away but that doesn t mean that this has to be the next move Demos of unreleased songs are much better Playing The Twist is an absolute classic for example The b sides are much better Raw vital takes upon Damien Dempsey s fabulous The Apple Of My Eye and Wreckless Eric s punk classic Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart They re worth the price of admission alone It s not a great advertisement for the new album it s a little bland and should fit

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  • THE WONDERSTUFF - Escape From Rubbish island - The Final Word
    all that stuff Imagine they d carried on with the four piece rock of their debut album this is what they d sound like now Escape From Rubbish Island then is a return to the sort of punchy crunchy acid tongued bile that characterised their original and some would say best lineup The raw songwriting style dispenses with the jokes and the flourishes in favour of a brace of wittily furious biting new songs Some of the songs are slower the arrangements more involved more mature But maturity is no bad thing Fiddle player Martin Bell and drummer Martin Gilks are absent according to some dark rumour they refused to record new material but this record does not suffer from their absence No band stays the same for twenty years nor does a good band write the same type of songs for it s whole career Things move on People change And the world changes around us A lot of The Stuffies trademarks are here crunchy guitars acid lyrics bile in spades one song is even called Bile Chant which probably won t trouble the top five in a hurry and great songs The problem is that people will probably lambast the band for ditching The Magic Formula of 1991 and trying something different The same Magic Formula that sees them saying I preferred their earlier stuff before Fiddly joined yet also sees them distrustful of this new fiddleless rock approach Some people fear change Some people are never satisfied Go back to the past for the future is coming If The Wonder Stuff had been making albums in the past eleven years the raw uncluttered songwriting style and the lineup changes would ve gone unnoticed And nobody complains when most bands evolve over time In fact for The Cult

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  • THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Bigtime - The Final Word
    this Slinky Sleek Poppy Bouncy Infectious Big choruses The sound of Beck meets Semisonic but like good Chunky riffmungous yet sparse guitars Bubbly synths Chords that rock Oh yes big chords Big time big guitars Big Chorus It doesn t sound like anything else I ve heard All year except as I say the quite underrated and criminally maligned Gay Dad album that I stuck on six months ago Which

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  • JAMES - Getting Away With It (live) - The Final Word
    4 years later dropped from their unsupportive label and minus the charismatic vocal acrobatics of singer and figurehead Tim Booth their future looks bleak and dismal That might be because they don t have one Recorded at their hometown of Manchester of the last tour with Tim Booth at the 12 000 capacity Evening News Arena this is as good a send off as they deserve and their first live album since 1988 s long unavailable and highly sought after One Hand Clapping However given the fact that everyone knew these gigs were the bands last stand it feels more like a wake than a celebration Its melancholy and downbeat during songs like Say Something and Sometimes which should soar to the stars But its honest When the band cock up the beginning to Out To Get You they keep every note in and the singer apologises to his mom from the stage because he swore which is endearingly inoffensive While older songs like Hymn From A Village and Johnny Yen show they didn t always sound so polished When its good its fantastic elegaic uplifting everything music should be Born Of Frustration Tomorrow She s A Star the opening Say Something a song which has me in tears before now when seeing them live When its bad its ponderous uneven and indulgent I could nitpick and say where the hell is How Was It For You Destiny Calling or the uplifting Seven when we get the quite frankly boring Vervacious It won t convert anyone to James who s not already a fan At nearly 2 hours long is too unwieldy and occasionally erratic in its choice of songs for that Hardly definitive it s a snapshot of a band at the end of its career for the sake

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  • JESUS JONES - London - The Final Word
    shame given their once groundbreaking output Maybe that s EMI s fault Their last album in 1997 charted at 113 the one before it 1993 at no 9 and the one before that 1991 entered at no 1 How times changed in the aftermath of britpop Now the band s recamped to the US and got an new album out in the US only the bizarrely titled London Whereas previously Jesus Jones were a shambling barrage of techno and noise attitude now by comparison we have a streamlined stadium rock band Stylistically this is looking forward but still oddly stuck in reverse Taking most of its cues from the last album Already it s a clean radio friendly and oddly safe piece of rock electronica despite whatever the opening anthemic Message might indicate which owes more to their cover of Gary Numan s We are so fragile in an AC DC style than anything else Stranger while also catchy is again cut from the same template Its as if the band got stuck in a regressive timewarp while 1993 s Perverse is still a spiralling futuristic techno rock masterpiece laying the grounds for the fusion of guitars and keyboards that was later ripped off by Fear Factory Demanuacture this is nothing more than treading water another backwards step The best thing to say about this is its a Jesus Jones album And also that s the worst thing to say about it Mike Edward s vocal dominates this record his instantly recognisable vocals also steadfastly securing this band in the early 90 s which the band will never escape in the eyes of the public Times have moved on Times have changed and Jesus Jones have not A few new rejigged sub drum n bass drumbeats a sub audible smooth

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  • BECK - Guero - The Final Word
    don t get much Long meandering songs with lyrics that read like sixth form Syd Barrett clones and shorn of memorable melody With Beck the wrapping is the gift When you see inside it s hollow There s nothing there Imagine these songs acoustically you can t There s not enough of a song for any of these tracks to hang on It s all flesh no bone No substance Even his most personal albums Mutations and Sea Change fail to connect emotionally It s almost as if they are intellectual conceits aspirations to achieve effect In Guero he mines a narrow seam of sounds topped with meaningless meaningful lyrics so ambigious they could almost be algebra in places How much longer people can claim that Beck is a man who can lead the cutting edge of his style is a moot point fast he will turn into the type of legend people talk about but never listen to anymore Come in Beck your ruse is over Guero is a runt It sounds like you re even boring yourself It s not that the emperor has new clothes its that under these clothes there is no Emperor Comments Now I m convinced Written by Guest on 2005 05 26 09 47 07 Well read your review of Oasis DBTT and because I m an Oasis fan figured I d give you the benefit of the doubt in panning that album as I may be biased However not really a major Beck fan but have heard the new album and thought it was very good not great mind you but above much of what has been released recently And calling Beck a man of average talent is an unnecessary unwaranted and ill concieved jab Now I m convinced that while you

    Original URL path: http://www.thefinalword.co.uk/content/view/406/25/ (2016-04-24)
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  • NEW ORDER - Waiting For the Sirens Call - The Final Word
    past and rehash old ideas others always look to something else Something new To the future which has only just begun They may be old and they may be old ideas but they don t sound old They still sound like young men with a weight on their shoulders It s a New Order record And it sounds like other New Order records timeless and timely of electronics and emotions of men and machines Beautiful yet reservedly British But no invention no innovation Just New Order doing what they do and doing it well To the keen eyed the signs for their eighth album are not good Verbosely named it dispenses with the efficiency of their previous twenty years of recording with bulky inelegant titles and simplistic one would say crude artwork that appears to make an almost harsh break with their history Never judge a record by it s cover For once you open the box and press play or as those who live in the future do double click you ll find appearances deceptive Krafty the oddly titled lead off single is typical New Order By Numbers but never sounds it Subterrean bass vocals both loving and loathing life at the same time meaningless and meaningful at the same time The type of song that makes you see that everything in life can be beautiful child like but never childish Innocent but never naïve Repeat this fornula with slight variation a further ten times and you have the new album Unlike many other New Order albums though there s little in the way of obvious album filler Almost every song could be a single bar the final blundering Beatles pastiche of Working Overtime the record is a succint streamlined body of work that is another worthy addition to

    Original URL path: http://www.thefinalword.co.uk/content/view/407/25/ (2016-04-24)
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  • MORRISSEY - Live At Earl's Court - The Final Word
    backing of his band to the central themes within his work the street urchin tough as idolised by the once shy boy the potent blend of Vegas crooner and intellectual exile Moz is someone who is both timeless and out of time as if he were a Pop Statue carved in an alternate universe where time itself ceased to be a frame of reference Not that you d know it from this Moz has always been contrary and for his first live abum in twelve years and recorded at his biggest ever British headline show it s a determindedly perverse mix of old songs by his former band b sides from his then newly reissued with extra bsides album a couple of obscure 70 s covers and a handful of his solo hits Moz always likes you to know how many people were present when his live albums were recorded Dallas 12 000 Paris 6 200 Earls Court 17 183 So you know Taken purely on it s merits mind you stripped of all social context the prosaic Live At Earls Court is a fabulous listen an unending suckerpunch of brilliant songs aside from a drab You Know I Couldn t Last that constantly cut through the fug of modern life and straight to the core of what it s like to be human To hope to want the one you can t have and to grimly see the worth in even the most mundane of moments Life is made of moments and the moment in Irish Blood English Heart where it all suddenly explodes is a moment that betters many an other artists entire career The songs and the quality of the performance are undoubted the shoddy and suspect rationale behind the release of Yet Another Morrissey Live Album

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