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  • AUDIOSLAVE - Out Of Exile - The Final Word
    storm in like a jet taking off its 1973 a debauched hotel sun melting the sidewalk JD on tap This albums RAWKS and RAWKS Hard And like a big hard rock sometimes its dumb Dumb solid impenetrable Out Of Exile which takes the notion of a difficult second album and smashes it to pieces against a brick wall is proof that sometimes you don t need to evolve to survive But with this lack of evolution there s really no sense that the album is much more than a bunch of new Audioslave songs The blueprint that was hammered into stone with the first album remains and aside from Tom More llo s scientific concise solos particularly on Yesterday To Tomorrow there s nothing you haven t heard before You can t tell which album these songs come from Most great albums have a personality a sense of themselves an overall sound or theme or a distinct character Out of Exile sounds like Audioslave alright but there s no movement from the last album no desire to change But that s not to say that there s nothing of value here Out Of Exile is a refreshingly bullshit free rock album that manages to sound both intelligent and dub as a redneck at the same time As far as metal or rock and is there a difference anymore goes Audioslave are certainly one of the best proponents out there Not for them completely clueless dumbfuck subpunk posturing of a band that wants to be as good as the Sex Pistols but utterly miss the point in a wash of tattoos Nor then the obtuse political posturing of some bands Audioslave just open up the big Can of Rock Riffs peel out another crunchy tone riff away like bastards scream a

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  • FOO FIGHTERS In Your Honor - The Final Word
    Your Honor sound like the work of a thoroughly nice bloke who likes rocking like a bastard The problem here as always is that whenever Dave Grohl can fulfill the promise of his work the mind crunching riffola of Black Sabbath covering The Beatles he still sounds as if he s faking being the baddest bad ass rocker ever No doubt Grohl is a stupendous musician One of the best drummers on the planet and an excellent guitarist and songwriter who singlehandedly elevated Nirvana from being promising to perfect and the current definitive Foos lineup is an excellent collection of musicians that will probably remain for years and In Your Honor well it ain t all that It has fanastic songs The Best Of You singlehandedly destroys the lie that Kurt was the brains behind Nirvana and the rest of the first half of the album a slew of crunching rawk monsters is as good as anything else the Foos have done No Way Back practically enviserates the souls of lesser bands and eats them for breakfast But In Your Honor is not an unqualified success being a monochrome set of moods With 10 RAAAWK songs and 10 acoustic strums it s all light and shade Halfway through it suddenly takes a radical left turn to become a set of largely homogenic acoustic numbers Shorn of the variety of quiet loud to a more limited palette of quiet Grohl s abilities become focused on a smaller picture which brings out the limitations of his talents Simply put the acoustic disc sounds like one long acoustic number that fails to really shine There are some fabulous songs there Friend of a Friend but by and large it s a second disc of mellow b sides that really should ve been integrated

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  • IRON MAIDEN - Death On The Road - The Final Word
    needs yet another live Maiden album nor less should anyone care Musically it s the same old turgid adolescent crap about wars with scary vocal effects taped gunfire and triple guitar solos Between song banter is mixed out to a handful of supposedly intelligent but thick as pigshit proclamations such as There is more above heaven and hell than we know What s this Bruce Are you a philosopher now No you re a pretentious gonk whenever you re handed a microphone and that s being polite about it More importantly who died and made you the conduit to God How do you know Did you die for two minutes like Nikki Sixx And if you came back why I don t think the world needs it s tenth live recording of Iron Maiden thank you very much It s not even that good a song and about a fifth as good as Stranger In A Strange Land Bruce and Co wobble around surrounded by a pantomime monster and play irrelevant and forgettable 10 minute epics called Paschendale before offering re runs of some of their greatest hits which you should all own by now anyway Death On The Road is a pointless abhorration musically and artistically redundant and yes boring Death On The Road is superfluous rack clogging roadkill bullshit Avoid Comments YOU MOFO Written by gor on 2005 11 26 15 06 14 The quote Bruce used is Shakespeare But I guess that shows how much you know about art Iron Maiden own your pittyful existance Crawl back to your troll hole now if you thought you knew anything about M Written by Tom on 2005 11 27 08 16 51 you re wrong As Gor has said earlier the quote is by Shakespeare from Hamlet The quote

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  • MINISTRY - Rantology - The Final Word
    And if you are the latter get Greatest Fits instead No W Redux opens the album in a catclysm of overdubs Dubya speeches and frantic rifferama Like Phil Spector with dreads and a fetish for industrial metal it powers along like a steam train and with the appropriate sensitivity In case you didn t get the hint at least six of the remaining tracks one would hesitate to call them songs are similarly brutal and homogenous metal rants against something someone anyone Especially if that someone is George Walker Bush After a while it all starts to blur into one shapeless mass Equally pointless are the undistinguishable Update Mix versions of their old Greatest Hits Jesus Built My Hotrod sees Al J screaming the vocals as Gibby Haynes was off doing something else but barring that you can t tell you haven t been timewarped back to 1991 Placed in the context of the rest of the album you can see quite clearly how little musical progression has taken place in the past 15 years for Rob Zombie s spiritual father N W O sounds as if it s been mastered from an old vinyl copy of Psalm 69 which makes one question the point The whole sorry miasma is topped off with three live tracks from 2002 s Sphinctour live release and not the ones that were only on the DVD Rantology may have a cool cover some damn fine music and more balls than the rest of America s recent recorded output but it is ultimately a spacefilling time buying stopgap designed to extract cash from your wallet and that stinks more than the dirty laundry of the Bush Administration Buy cheap or not at all Comments cyber journalists suck Written by fayray on 2005 10 04 11

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  • THE DARKNESS - One Way Ticket To Hell... - The Final Word
    their flaws with enthusiasm and speed whereas now from the slower almost mogadon riffage of the title track nothing more than a half baked AC DC clone to the final track the predictably sensitive ballad this scant 35 minute excursion harks back to a distant and best forgotten age the height of prog rock 1973 75 Anyone listening to this and enjoying it should be set afire for encouraging the mediocrity of thinking that will see us drown in identikit sludge of a moribund dead culture by 2010 Dinner Lady Arms is OK but could ve been written by Warrant in 1989 Knockers meanwhile borrows most of it s musical backdrop from PiL s illadvised 1986 LA metal experiment Album Hazel Eyes has a good chorus but little else and the rest of it just blurs into one long piece of under written indistinguishable balderdash Which is a great shame because their debut promised great things In many ways it s the best album Queen never made The trademarks of producer Roy Baker are there flawless boring and anodyne guitar solos multitracked chorus vocals inaudible bass and minimal drum work and the debt to June 1973 is larger than that

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  • FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM - Mourning Sun - The Final Word
    yet it sounds timeless As if it fell fully formed from a world without time and was opened with the gasp of escaping air like the Well of Souls in Raiders Of The Lost Ark Of course there s more to it than that Mourning Sun is immense in it s sheer black painted balls and it s stubbornly singular vision From the opening ambient terror of Shroud Exordium which is five minutes of inocherently threatening mumbling the entire lyric is Closer Closer Closer Die to the final bizarre Halloween Metal ProgRock of In The Year 2525 the Nephilim s latest release is the aural equivalent of a sulkily vicious Manga film Musically there s little progression from the highpoint of Elizium The familiar ingredients gravel clad vocals shimmeringly elusive keyboard textures driller killer guitars and a claustrophobically intense rhythm section are matched with McCoy s economically inhuman cold vocals Lyrics betray little if anything of a personality and more of a philosophical concept that appears to encompass fallen angels death eternal life love and God s Mighty Hand Imagine Johnny Cash singing this And whilst I appear to be hard on this it s a record I love Like Zoon before it the songs are so complex the musical themes interwoven so dextrously and coherently that Mourning Sun is less of a record and more one fifty eight minute song in ten parts a rock symphony if you like Sections rise and fall with the beating of waves musical and lyrical motifs reappear then vanish guitars cut slices through the airwaves and a pummelling RSI inducing bassline ripples like a Jurassic Park monster And then Carl McCoy s voice seemingly oblivious to the inherent self parodiac nature of the medium uncurls like God giving birth or El Diablo himself

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  • THERAPY? - One Cure Fits All - The Final Word
    teethgrinder and remixed it for this their tenth album The familiar ingredients are here a barrage of clanging drums amelodic serrated guitars and furiously inarticulate lyrics But after years of musical evolution from the claustrophobic early stuff to the widescreen vistas of their highpoint Infernal Love and the inevitable commercial decline Therapy have returned to their roots And not necessarily in a good way they are as good and as

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  • MINISTRY - Rio Grande Blood - The Final Word
    Rio Grande Blood Ministry s fourth album in as many years sees them returning to familiar themes To a sonic barrage of grinding brutal chords breakneck drumming and a Berlin Wall Of Sound You can t go in or out but observe with some kind of repelled awe If you ve heard the previous albums you ll know the magic formula distorted soundbites of Dubya remixed to make him say things like I m a brutal terrorist I want money like some kind of comedy satiric website Alien Jourgenson Rob Zombie s grandad yells incoprehensably about Eagles Illegals War and no doubt delivers some inpenetrable incomprehensable critique of American Ideology Mike Scacia no doubt ruptures the bones in his tattered neck by headbanging like some of political furious version of Gwar and the rest of the band grind away And a choir of evil turns up occasionally But Ministry s masterplan is coming to an end Al J has already said the band have only three albums left in them before they retire and he runs a local recording studio in his dotage With this and the Revolting Cocks Cocked And Loaded it looks as if time and possibly ideas and musical evolution are running out Beside which when Dubya does step down what will Ministry have to rail against If it s not broken don t fix it goes the cliché In this case they see no need to tamper with the formula even if it does bring ever diminishing returns to fill venues half the size of the ones they used to fill a decade ago Ministry are now performing double headline shows with their alter egos The Revolting Cocks Rio Grande Blood is both a drearily predictable furious thrash against the Republican Idolatory that has poisoned and

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