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  • IRON MAIDEN - A Matter Of Life And Death - The Final Word
    by some as a return to form Iron Maiden s umpteenth album A Matter of Life Of Death is that most repugnant of concepts Prog Metal Over the course of some 73 minutes Bruce And The Boyspresent all matter of widdly woo guitar solos tempo changes riffarama and nonsensical lyrics about Something Very Meaningful Indeed topped off with Brooooce s trademark air raid siren vocals All of which makes it difficult and a little bit painful I ve long wanted to be grabbed by the bollocks by a new GOOD Iron Maiden album truth be told Maiden have been a great singles band since 1988 and been pumping their albums with mediocre filler ever since then No doubt the live shows are still fantastic but overall A Matter Of Life Is Death is the work of perpetual adolescents in a state of arrested development unlike previous albums each song seems to mould itself into one amorphous whole a single 73 minute song typically most songs seem to be about war and have acoustic interludes With only song under 5 minutes the untypical balls out metal of A Different World the rest of the album boasting one dimensonal titles such as The Legacy The Longest Day The Pilgrim and These Colours Don t Run averages 7 to 9 minutes EACH Sometimes you can have too much of a mediocre thing By the 60 th or so minute of soundalike material most of it frankly ponderous and forgettable the Maiden are still rampaging on with songs about mortality death war and religion If they would ever get a natural emotion they d probably jump in shock right into the ocean I do however hate to be negative The album has it s good points Maiden are consistently churning out albums like this

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  • Metal - The Final Word
    14 Jun PERRY FARRELL S SATELLITE PARTY Ultra Payloaded Mark Reed 1635 10 Jul SMASHING PUMPKINS Zeitgeist Mark Reed 1536 8 Aug FEAR FACTORY Demanufacture Reissue Graham Reed 2490 19 Aug MINISTRY The Last Sucker Mark Reed 1578 8 Oct VELVET REVOLVER Libertad Mark Reed 1395 8 Oct FOO FIGHTERS Echoes Patience Silence Grace Mark Reed 1554 26 Nov NINE INCH NAILS Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D Mark Reed 2020 19 Apr MINISTRY Cover Up Mark Reed 1524 6 Sep METALLICA Death Magnetic Mark Reed 1359 4 Oct REVOLTING COCKS Sex O Olympic O Mark Reed 1716 12 Nov GUNS N ROSES Chinese Democracy Mark Reed 1709 25 Mar THERAPY Crooked Timber Mark Reed 1337 21 Apr MINISTRY Adios live Mark Reed 1026 16 Aug SPINAL TAP Back From The Dead Mark Reed 1204 12 Oct FOO FIGHTERS Greatest Hits Mark Reed 1128 19 Dec Marilyn Manson Birmingam o2 Academy 13 12 09 Chris Lloyd 491 21 Dec METALLICA Six Feet Down Under Part I II EP s live 1989 2010 Mark Reed 1033 13 May FOO FIGHTERS Wasting Light Mark Reed 1034 17 Oct JANE S ADDICTION The Great Escape Artist Mark Reed 900 20 Oct METALLICA LOU REED Lulu Mark Reed 1135

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  • Metal - The Final Word
    Hits 5 Feb TOMAHAWK Oddfellows Mark Reed 855 30 Aug NINE INCH NAILS Hesitation Marks Mark Reed 1230 3 Sep MINISTRY From Beer To Eternity Graham Reed 969 20 Sep METALLICA Through The Never Soundtrack Live 2012 Mark Reed 818 18 Oct Baby Godzilla Hawk Eyes Birmingham o2 Academy 8th October 2013 Chris Lloyd 875 12 Nov The Dillinger Escape Plan Wolverhampton Slade Rooms November 7th 2013 Chris Lloyd 930

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  • AFX + CYLOB - The Final Word
    you don t get when there s no guarantee you ll be listening to the same genre in 5 seconds time That s explains the harsh analogue electronica that merges into smooth synthpop the Ragga Ska set that goes into the old rave classic Raving I m Raving and the most well received record of the set Kraftwerk s Numbers with Whitney Houston s I Wanna Dance with somebody vocals on the top It s oddly out of place hypnotic and yet compelling like the entire of Cylobs set Richard D James comes on unannounced True to his anarchic form anything might happen in the next two hours And it often does Phat pounding beats emerge form nowhere tribal drumming rhythms emerge And then he starts singing Its Koochy and then Tenement Flow being rapped over the 80 s old school funk It s an odd set one of which plays with peoples expectations and whilst not the white noise experimentation of before there s no sign of sandpaper or food mixers both of which he s DJ d with before it ain t Paul Oakenfold that s for sure Breakbeats and drum n bass fade in and out of the mix the sound stops randomly and canned applause comes out of the PA Squelching acid lines merge into white noise and back again Syncopated beats and haunting ambient melodies If it sounds eclectic it is but it s just the right side of self indulgent to not piss off the capacity crowd as AFX goes to more extremes throughout the night The finale as such comprises of Ganja Kru s 1996 drum n bass hit Super Sharp Shooter cue the biggest cheer of all night before chopping the bassline in half and distorting it to fuck before a cut

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  • ALABAMA 3 - London Brixton Mass - 20 December 2000 - The Final Word
    Former author columnist and general media figure who dropped off the edge of the world in 1995 Holder of the record for the biggest UK comedy gigs headlining Wembley Arena with David Baddiel until usurped by Eddie Izzard recently To see him perform unannounced to about 50 people in Brixton is bizarre But worthy His style confessional covert whispered remains But his content has shifted from the vaccous and self obsessed to the fiercely political aware and revelatory as Jello Biafra mixed with the satire of Bill Hicks His act encompasses the political arena ranging from WTO summits in Seattle Prague protests across the world and the hypocrisy of the powerbase It s as revelatory a shift as Rattle Hum to Achtung Baby and the only time I have learnt that the way to smuggle a gas mask into a military state is to pretend to have a rubber cocky and a bunch of other paraphenalia Learned revelatory informed a man dwarfed in his past Mark Thomas You know the deal A man who feels like a journalist trapped in a comedian s body and in a backstage chat reveals that he tells is only what he can prove not what he knows He s one of the best there is and I am still astounded that Johnny Public chooses dull dross like Jim Davison and Lee Hurst over comedians with brains and vision Fast Binder musical dross funk trio Uninteresting Then a speech from Paddy Hill who spent 16 years in prison falsely convicted of terrorism as part of the Birmingham Six His speech is impassioned regarding the corrupt of the police and the prior notice that police being investigated have and the lack of notice the innocent have Of course it goes without saying a conviction right or wrong often closes a case and a human life is not a major cost Final act of the night for me are Alabama 3 Neglected by their record company and the general public this band are a great and unrecognised jewel in the British music scene with their somewhat unique blend of Country and Western Techno Rock and Blues The seven piece band in matching silk shirts cowboys and shades are great and tight and start off with the sly comedy of Woke Up This Morning as the two front men Rev Wayne Love and Rev Larry Love trade off raps and lines with sly humour and self aware comedy being a mix between an evagelical preachers and fallen Elvises trying to snort their way to heaven High point of Woke Up This Morning is some surreal synchronised dancing as the band do Elvis poses and conga across the stage and the Rev Wayne Love looks as if he has enough difficulty just standing up and some girls in the audience snort coke Hypo Full Of Love with its 12 Step Plan of religious conversion as the Rev D Wayne Love declares from behind his wide eyes unkempt hobo hair

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  • ALABAMA 3 - London Tower Records - 18 July 2001 - The Final Word
    July 2001 Written by Mark Reed Tuesday 14 September 2004 Dear all had a lovely time in London Everything is grey and smelly and full of tourists Went to see the Alabama3 play an instore at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus was very good Was waiting in the queue whilst lots of people asked us why we were queuing and then walking off because they did understand the answer Oh you re seeing the Alabama 3 are they criminals or oh you re going to see Lotsabands Oh yeah I like them All well and good into the crowd to see Alabama 3 and most of the crowd are just freeloaders out for a freebie Don t know who they re seeing And so we saw the Alabama 3 who were actually 7 excepting they didn t have that bass guitarist with them Sounded weird has he left I wonder But excellent they were They played that song off the gangster TV show which the Reverend D Wayne Love introduced as from that TV show I can t remember the name of it but its got guns and drugs and gangsters and all things I wouldn t suggest you try

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  • ALABAMA 3 - London Brixton Academy - 20 December 2001 - The Final Word
    first thing that struck me when they came out and it does every time I see them is that really they look like they should be playing stadiums There s video screens everywhere with collage films reading Greetings From Brixton over shots of police brutality riots the Queen terrorists exploding hearts neon crosses live footage dancing skulls flying confedrate flags almost anything you an think of There s 8 members of the band almost all dressed in faux gangster suits porkpie hats and sunglasses That s two vocalists one of whom sermonises and lays hands on people suffering a crisis of faith a guitarist a bassist guitarist a drummer a percussionist guitarist a keyboardist a sequencer harmonica player in the band alone Then there s Gospel trio three sacrificial virgins wrapped in white with Mickey Mouse masks on and throughout the course of the evening we also get dancing girls in Stars Stripes glitter bikinis a wayward preacher two enormous Bouncers flanking either side of the stage BJ Cole on pedal steel guitar a fiddle player one of the Birmingham Six David McAlmont a speedy local rapper toasting over some songs That s before several members of the band feint collapsing necessitating the appearance of a demented Doctor with a Hypo Full Of Love administering injections and a scatty nurse assistant Overkill It s almost too much to take in Especially when Mark Thomas is standing next to me and dancing like a loon who just dropped his first E It s strange to see someone you respect and admire someone who takes risks when most people take the fifth and someone whose made the world a better place grooving like a teenager next to you I wish I d told him though exactly how scared the Home Office security staff were when he and 2 000 demonstrators brought St James Park to a standstill in the summer After the underwhelming Dub Pistols and the inspiration free Lupine Howl well I can see who the talented one in Spiritualised was Alabama 3 arrive in incredible style Even the most dedicated fan will tell you that it s a risky setlist they play a grand total of six new songs from their forthcoming third album and sandwich their biggest hit Woke Up This Morning between two unreleased songs The set starts with the new Don t Mind Dying I got peace in my blood justice in my soul when Armageddon comes I m ready for war goes the chorus overladen with back projections of known terrorists such as the Jackal George Bush and the Queen But no Osama Bin Laden As a song though its easily the fastest catchiest thing they ve done in years like Converted on speed with extra whizz It ll no doubt be released as a single and chart at 60 something And you ain t seen anything until the gospel community choir of Brixton lament Tennants Super in Old Purple Tin 9 of Pure Heaven Or

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  • ALABAMA 3 - London Astoria - 01 December 2002 - The Final Word
    ll have our very own Brixton Tang Clan Alabama 3 aren t a band They re a Religious Cult in the making Giving us Public Service Announcements with music A modern gospel choir with guitars and things that go bleep From the Jihad preaching title track of the new album Power To The Blood to the final communist salute raise your fist and yell techno overload of Mao Tse Tung Said that advocates Communist Korea s Dictator as the new God and suggests that the workers be armed with sub machine guns to overthrow their bosses it s a celebration Of Jesus Of Elvis Of Stalin Of the redemptive power of music Of freedom Of the glorious stupidity of the 21st Century where everything is for sale and nothing is worth the price we pay And that s why the Alabama 3 are still around today Because they know that there s glory in the absurd there s gold in them thar hills and it is only when one wears a mask that one can speak the truth without fear of ridicule Or be ridiculous without fear On top of all that why not have a member of the band crowdsurf his way to the stage half way through the gig as he arrived late Why not have the security try to beat same member of the band to a pulp as he tries to get on the stage Why not As Motorhead sang OVERKILL OVERKILL OVERKILL and there s nothing wrong in overdoing everything until the morning after Come home late Come home messed up Sometimes you don t come home at all Use your ears Vote with your feet Blame it on the boogie Because a sermon like this isn t all fire brimstone It s a celebration

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