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  • DAVID BOWIE. 1947-2016. - The Final Word
    I loved him in the way that you love a distant relative you are always happy to see What s to say David Bowie is dead and I am alive and everything seems weird When life let me down when days were difficult when moments were harder than concrete I may have felt alone but I was never alone with David Bowie Because David Bowie made it more than OK to be different He made it right David Bowie made it right to do the thing that was right for you There was a different Bowie for everyone and unlike many artists whose artistic identity was defined in narrow roads Bowie s work whatever it was wasn t eclectic at all but the work of a rounded human who showed all his sides There something in him for everyone And now we come to the fact that there is a world without him in it Every listener viewer or reader everyone has a relationship with the artist we bring to their work ourselves and they bring themselves to the world We align with what we know We love strangers and cry to their songs that unlock emotions or let us know that it is ok to take the mask off and let go of the weights we carry David Bowie was a friend I didn t meet but not a person I didn t know Blackstar is a record that yesterday sounded like a brave new artistic direction by one of the most fascinating and important artists that has ever been Today it sounds like a peaceful vibrant farewell David Bowie always followed his own light always did what was the right thing to do by his instinct and I always hoped we would have 20 more years of him

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  • KYTV25 : NEDS ATOMIC DUSTBIN / THE WEDDING PRESENT / THE PRIMITIVES / EAT : Wolverhampton Civic Hall - The Final Word
    now seen the same lineup of The Wedding Present three times in a row which must be a record David Gedge is joined by long time drummer Charlie Layton first seen in 2005 bass player Katherine Wallinger and guitarist Sam Beer Pierce It s easily the best Wedding Present show I ve seen the band have locked into place after playing together with this lineup near enough solidly for the past two and a half years The sound is immense with guitars set to the jugular and the rhythm section fluid The biggest issue I have with the band isn t really an issue at all they have so many songs and so much material spread across 14 or so studio albums and 5 compilations that they could play a song from every album in a full show and still not cover all of them For me my favourite Wedding Present song walks a tightrope between wit sincerity and tender fury and starting with Come Play With Me they play six songs probably my six of my top seven Wedding Present songs in a row Dalliance is a song they ve played a lot but like any Wedding Present show there s no one song they play at every show especially when there s something like 50 singles in their armoury Dalliance is staggering Not only does it sound glorious but the venue is heaving with middle aged people jumping up and down and pushing each other yelling the words and well it s just both enormous fun and wonderfully cathartic Setlist Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends Broken Bow Skin Diving Deer In Headlights Santa Monica Come Play With Me Dalliance Dare Flying Saucer Kennedy Bewitched My Favourite Dress NEDS ATOMIC DUSTBIN I ve managed to miss one whole gig by Ned s Atomic Dustbin in the past five years I had a ticket but the inlaws were seeing Neil bloody Diamond that night And now 25 years after the first time they headlined the Civic and I spent most of post gig night shivering in show on the way home and I m back now The hair had migrated to my jaw and off my head the belly is slightly larger and I live 200 miles away down south by the sea surrounded by Tories and beaches The music hasn t changed the audience hasn t changed the passion or the fierce adrenalin rush hasn t changed The Civic is where I grew up where I saw all the bands I loved where I went clubbing in the days of nightbuses and indie discos where I met girls who ruined my life for a while All the hits are correct As well as the sweat tides the broken glasses and the exhaustion Intact Walking Through Syrup Stuck Not Sleeping Around Trust Happy Until You Find Out Kill Your Television All are like short sharp pop bullets There were days when

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    easily the best film of his career and if he has to fuck up a franchise let it be Star Trek It s telling that neither of the mitten brained imbeciles Bob Orci or Damon Lindelof are anywhere near this and that s why it s so damn good The plot makes sense with no obvious holes there is a little bit of handwavey coincidence but The Force moves in mysterious ways If films didn t have coincidence and important events in them they wouldn t be worth watching There s plenty good in this but there s one rveal that upon first viewing seems utter nonsense and here s the rub There s an implausible reveal the kind that makes you wonder Do you have to Is it necessary What does it do On reflection it makes sense kind of But at the time it sent huge alarm bells ringing in me The kind that indicated the films entire promise was going to be annihilated in a set of lazy bullshit plotting and the kind of pointless homage that ruined Spectre and Star Trek Into Darkness and Prometheus It s not quite at the level of Benedict Cumberbatch telling us his name is Khan This reveal has meaning and just because it isn t known to us doesn t mean the rest of the universe doesn t know The rest of that particular plotline is handled with a deftness of touch that is rare and the final resolution of it comes with a tragedy higher than any previous Star Wars film It still jolts you out of the moment and whilst it makes sense it still feels sort of impossible It s the only mis step as the rest of the film manages to play the events with a enthusiasm humour and depth modern film makers need to study The new cast members Oscar Isaacs John Bodeyga and Daisy Ridley all acquit themselves perfectly as fully fledged characters Each has their own personality their own humour and enough character touches to make them real No longer ciphers acting out dialogue they are excellent choices And BB 8 the droid manages to get just the right tone of smartness and irreverence Thankfully there s no ridiculous romance subplot shoehorned in and each of the new leads behave as if they are more than just objects designed to propel the plot forward Yeah big deal But this matters Even the nameless extras including three stormtroopers in small roles have the exactly correct response that shows that this film has been thought about A lot Each segment is the product of an exhaustive analysis something not enough films have where the writers take the film and simply ask and question what it is happening and why and does it make sense But it is They feel right The older actors from the previous movies all slot back into place perfectly Harrison Ford gives a career best as Han Solo proving as ever

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  • The Web Links - The Final Word
    Music Reviews Live music Politics Classics Book Reviews Film Login Form Username Password Remember me Forgotten your password No account yet Create one Humour Links Web Link Hits The Onion America s finest news source 1814 Humour Links 1 Miro

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  • Rock - The Final Word
    Quarry Mark Reed 3583 27 Jul RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Live At Hyde Park Graham Reed 4174 8 Oct REM Around The Sun Mark Reed 5292 10 Oct U2 All That You Can t Leave Behind Graham Reed 3560 16 Oct U2 BEST OF 1990 2000 Graham Reed 3333 1 Nov MANIC STREET PREACHERS LifeBlood Mark Reed 3295 8 Nov U2 HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB Mark Reed 3624 7 Feb U2 Sometimes You Can t Make it On Your Own Mark Reed 4040 20 Apr GARBAGE Bleed Like Me Mark Reed 3453 18 Feb ROGER WATERS Ca Ira Mark Reed 5742 18 Feb EMINEM Curtain Call Mark Reed 3974 21 Feb ROBBIE WILLIAMS Intensive Care Mark Reed 3467 21 Feb BETH ORTON The Comfort Of Strangers Mark Reed 3471 21 Feb ARTIC MONKEYS Whatever They Say I Am Thats What I m Not Mark Reed 4023 21 Feb THE WONDER STUFF Suspended By Stars Mark Reed 4127 10 Mar DAVID GILMOUR On An Island Mark Reed 3296 28 Mar HENRY ROLLINS London Hammersmith Apollo 24 March 2006 Mark Reed 3286 28 Mar MORRISSEY Ringleader Of The Tormentors Mark Reed 4217 6 Jun PEEPING TOM Peeping Tom Mark Reed

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  • Indie - The Final Word
    Mark Reed 3432 5 Sep JEFF BUCKLEY Grace Legacy Edition Mark Reed 3915 19 Sep IAN BROWN Solarised Mark Reed 3982 25 Oct GRAHAM COXON Crow Sit On Blood Tree Mark Reed 4268 9 May DAMAGE MANUAL DAMAGE MANUAL CD Mark Reed 3926 22 Oct DEPECHE MODE The Remixes 81 04 Mark Reed 4621 25 Oct BILL DRUMMOND The Man Mark Reed 3641 19 Sep GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN Greatest Hits Mark Reed 3960 15 Sep HAR MAR SUPERSTAR The Handler Mark Reed 5447 25 Oct BILL HICKS Philosophy Graham Reed 3775 25 Oct JESUS JONES Never Enough 1989 2002 Mark Reed 3267 9 Sep MANIC STREET PREACHERS The Love of Richard Nixon Mark Reed 3680 1 Sep THE VELVET UNDERGROUND Live At Max s Kansas City Mark Reed 4055 25 Oct JIM S SUPER STEREOWORLD In A Big Flash Car On A Saturday Night Mark Reed 3608 21 Oct ROBBIE WILLIAMS Greatest Hits Mark Reed 3918 29 Aug THE WONDER STUFF You Better Get Ready For A Fist Fight EP Mark Reed 3832 29 Sep THE WONDERSTUFF Escape From Rubbish island Mark Reed 4804 11 Oct THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES Bigtime Graham Reed 3789 25 Oct JAMES Getting Away

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  • Metal - The Final Word
    Reed 3189 25 Oct CRADLE OF FILTH Lovecraft and Witchearts Graham Reed 4881 16 Oct DEF LEPPARD X Graham Reed 3373 23 Oct DEF LEPPARD The Best Of Graham Reed 3651 25 Oct EARTHTONE 9 Arc tang gent Graham Reed 3470 25 Oct EARTHTONE 9 Omega Graham Reed 3997 25 Oct FANTOMAS The Directors Cut Graham Reed 3583 25 Oct FANTOMAS MELVINS Big Band Live Mark Reed 3241 25 Oct FEAR FACTORY Remanufacture Graham Reed 5583 25 Oct GODHEAD Two Thousand Years of Human Error Graham Reed 3285 25 Oct GOLDFINGER Goldfinger REISSUE Graham Reed 3303 25 Oct JANE S ADDICTION Strays Mark Reed 3104 25 Oct IRON MAIDEN Rock In Rio Graham Reed 3245 25 Oct KILL II THIS Another Cross 2 Bare Graham Reed 3448 23 Jul MINISTRY Houses Of The Mole Mark Reed 3438 3 Oct THERAPY Shameless Graham Reed 4001 9 Jun VELVET REVOLVER Mark Reed 3441 6 May NINE INCH NAILS WIth Teeth Mark Reed 3605 30 May FANTOMAS Suspended Animation Mark Reed 3548 30 May AUDIOSLAVE Out Of Exile Mark Reed 3675 15 Jun FOO FIGHTERS In Your Honor Mark Reed 3418 13 Sep IRON MAIDEN Death On The Road Mark Reed 3557 14

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