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  • DINOSAUR - The Final Word
    the more graphic sequences Dinosaurs fighting to the death upsetting to the younger audience As you probably know the meteor that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs hit about 65 million years ago From the view of Aldar the dinosaur whose story we follow he watched it hit and lay waste to his land in one of the most horrific sequences ever committed to a U rated movie since the nightmare giving kiddie flick Watership Down with none of the innocence of Star Wars Yes that sequence still gives me the willies in Watership Down Aldar and his adopted monkey family then travel to the fabled nesting grounds battling carniverous dinosaurs predators and inter species rivalry along the way mainly in the form of the hubristic dinosaur leader Kron So it s a kiddie flick The animation is impressive and the backgrounds cinematically stunningly photographed including a wry injoke when the dinosaurs walk past Beggars canyon of Star Wars Episode One fame but the characterisation is dumbed down to kids level and after the intensity of the meteor sequence this seems unnecessary So it may have a happy ending but ultimately its achievements are for animation and well that

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  • DOG SOLDIERS - The Final Word
    s delirious not making sense and screaming out there s only supposed to be one there s only supposed to be one Before you know it the football obsessed soldiers are under attack from all sides by an enemy they can hardly recognise let alone fight And it ain t human And from there on in its an absolute bloody dog fight to the death as the werewolves slowly close in on the isolated soldiers holed up in the only house for 50 miles picking them off one by one Made for only 3 5 million and starring Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd Trainspotting it belies the small budget with effective and innovative camerawork werewolf cam anyone pacy editing and some of the blackest bleakest most sarcastic humour ever seen in a horror movie The characters are believable and set up as real beings moaning about missing the football their wives etc before one liners in the middle of firefights bring laughter within seconds of tense setpieces The face offs between the soldiers and the werewolves are quite simply the business Werewolves versus Enfield FNL 80 assault rifles Oh yesh You want bloody scary werewolves things blowing up military hardware and lycanthropes You got it In bunches with lotsa blood and one liners to boot It wipes the floor with 9 out 10 of the films shown in the cinemas at the moment When crap like Rush Hour 2 gets made how can a film as good as this get ignored It s criminal And watch out for the next film that director Neil Marshall does coz at this rate he s the next John Carpenter or Sam Raimi in the making Hollywood couldn t have maybe wouldn t have dared to make a movie this good this entertaining if

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  • THE DISH - The Final Word
    the Dish the fame it brought to the small town not to mention a running joke involving anoverzealous security guard and the local herd of sheep Sam Neill is Cliff Buxton controller of the dish with Kevin Harrington as his lovelorn understudy doing their best to juggle the needs of NASA the town mayor and how to ensure that Ross finally manages to woo the girl of his dreams The

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