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  • Accessing your Control Panel
    change the password of a user choose the amount of disk space allowed and enable or disable the site administrator option for the user NOTE Do not remove the site administrator permission for your own user account without having another user to access the control panel with Otherwise you will not be able to access the control panel When you have completed modifying a user click the button to save any changes that have been made Click the Cancel button if you wish to abort Modifying E mail Settings Go to the User Management section Click the blue evelope icon for the user which you would like to modify You will now see the E mail Settings page You will be able to enter or edit the e mail forwarding destination for that user Enter new or edit any e mail aliases for that user and configure auto reply messages to people who send you e mail When you have finished modifying the user s e mail settings click the button to save any changes that have been made Click the Back To User List button if you wish to abort Removing Users Log into the control panel at www yourdomain com siteadmin Now go to the User Management section Click the orange bin icon for the user which you would like to remove A small window will appear asking you to confirm the removal of the user Click OK if you are sure you want to delete the user or click Cancel to abort this action NOTE Do not delete the Site Administrator for your domain before creating a second Site Administrator user to access your Control Panel Otherwise you will not be able to access the Control Panel when you do not have a user Changing Your Password Log into the control panel at www yourdomain com siteadmin then go to the User Management section Click the Modify link on the user whose password you want to change Type a new password and enter it twice Select the Confirm Modify button This will change the password to the one you just entered The password will also be changed for all your hosting services including e mail access FTP access and Control Panel for that user Forwarding E mail When a user has been created the server automatically provides you with a POP e mail account If you want to use this facility instead of e mail forwarding you do not need to configure anything If you do not wish to collect e mail from your POP box then you can alternatively forward your e mail to an existing external e mail account To set this up Click on User Management and then click the envelope icon for the user whose e mail settings you want to change This will open the e mail settings configuration page for the user In the Forward E mail To box type in the destination e mail address that you want your e

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/information/hosting_control_panel.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Website Statistics
    time since the last request is greater than the specified timeout period default is 30 minutes a new Visit is started and counted and the sequence repeats Since only pages will trigger a visit remotes sites that link to graphic and other non page URLs will not be counted in the visit totals reducing the number of false visits Pages are those URLs that would be considered the actual page being requested and not all of the individual items that make it up such as graphics and audio clips Some people call this metric page views or page impressions and defaults to any URL that has an extension of htm html or cgi A KByte KB is 1024 bytes 1 Kilobyte Used to show the amount of data that was transfered between the server and the remote machine based on the data found in the server log Common Definitions A Site is a remote machine that makes requests to your server and is based on the remote machines IP Address Hostname URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator All requests made to a web server need to request something A URL is that something and represents an object somewhere on your server that is accessable to the remote user or results in an error ie 404 Not found URLs can be of any type HTML Audio Graphics etc Referrers are those URLs that lead a user to your site or caused the browser to request something from your server The vast majority of requests are made from your own URLs since most HTML pages contain links to other objects such as graphics files If one of your HTML pages contains links to 10 graphic images then each request for the HTML page will produce 10 more hits with the referrer specified as the URL of your own HTML page Search Strings are obtained from examining the referrer string and looking for known patterns from various search engines The search engines and the patterns to look for can be specified by the user within a configuration file The default will catch most of the major ones User Agents are a fancy name for browsers Netscape Opera Konqueror etc are all User Agents and each reports itself in a unique way to your server Keep in mind however that many browsers allow the user to change it s reported name so you might see some obvious fake names in the listing Entry Exit pages are those pages that were the first requested in a visit Entry and the last requested Exit These pages are calculated using the Visits logic above When a visit is first triggered the requested page is counted as an Entry page and whatever the last requested URL was is counted as an Exit page Countries are determined based on the top level domain of the requesting site This is somewhat questionable however as there is no longer strong enforcement of domains as there was in the past A COM

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/information/hosting_webstats.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • TheName.co.uk Webmail
    How do I change my password Your Web Mail password is the same as your POP box password and changing your Web Mail password will also change your POP password Hosting customers who wish too change their password should use their site admin control panel If are experiencing difficulties logging in to the system then you should contact support via the online contact form or call our support number 0906 756 2020 answered between 10am and 6pm Mon to Friday Calls cost 75pence min at all times What does the the image of a face in the message index mean The image of a face in the left hand column of an entry in the mailbox index view means that that message was sent directly to you and not only Cc d to you or sent via a mailing list In other words your address appears in the To header In mailbox view Web Mail occasionally shows the recipient instead of the sender of the message Mailbox view shows the recipient in the From column on messages for which you are the sender In other words since you sent it you know who the sender is Web Mail tells you who you sent it to This is particularly useful for the sent mail and drafts folders How do I get rid of deleted mail When you delete one or more messages by clicking Delete in the message view or by selecting the check box to the left of the message in the mailbox index view and then clicking Delete the mail is only marked as deleted and is not immediately removed from your mailbox giving you the opportunity to decide to undelete it If you are certain you will not need the deleted message s click on Purge Deleted in the mailbox index view If you only wish to stop displaying the deleted messages without permanently removing them click Hide Deleted from the mailbox index view How do I send mail to more than one person To send mail to more than one person separate their e mail addresses in the To Cc or Bcc header or a combination of all three with commas Do not use semicolons to separate lists of e mail addresses How do I attach a file to a message I ve composed Due to the nature of Web based mail attaching a file to a message you are about to send is slightly different than what you may be accustomed to in conventional mail programs Attaching a file requires two steps While composing the message Type the filename in the Attachment field or press the Browse button to use a dialog box to choose the file to attach Press the Attach button to attach the selected file This may take a moment as the file is copied from your computer to the server on which you access Web Mail Please note that for large files and or slower Internet connections the process of uploading and

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/information/hosting_webmail.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • Advanced Information for Hosting Accounts
    detailed instructions on getting your site on line Email how to use the e mail part of your hosting account Control Panel how to access our online control panel and set up new mail users Web Stats about your sites web stats Web Mail how to access you POP mail using The Name Webmail Advanced Hosting Information How to set up cgi scripts hidden directories and custom error pages Latest

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/information/hosting_advanced_hosting_information.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • www.thename.co.uk - renewals
    again If you need assistance see our contact page thename co uk offers a wide selection of domain extensions including co uk com net org info me uk biz org uk ltd uk and plc uk All domains are subject

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/renew/renew5.pl (2016-02-10)
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  • thename.co.uk - search for a domain name
    you should quote in case of any query We welcome orders from businesses and will provide a full VAT invoice on request If you are having difficulties finding a suitable domain name try our Domain Name Wizard Domain Notes You can only use letters numbers or a hyphen 3 letters minimum for uk names All domains are subject to terms and conditions We use a secure payment gateway for taking

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/justsearch.html (2016-02-10)
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  • TheName Abuse reportimg
    complaint please raise a query in our knowledgebase system at http kb thename co uk We promise to take your report seriously investigate it thoroughly let you know the outcome of this investigation We will acknowledge your query within 4 hours with a unique reference If we can put the matter right immediately we will do so All correspondence will be logged via the knowledge base system A senior manager will respond to your complaint and propose a course of action for resolution You should receive a response within 7 working days If you are not happy with the response and wish to escalate the matter please write to us at our office address TheName co uk Spectrum House 9 Bromells Road London SW4 0BN If you write to us remember to give us the unique customer portal message reference and tell us what we could do to put things right If you need help or advice please ask a member of staff Make sure you include important details like your domain name order and service details You should receive a response within 21 working days Latest Free Web Mail Host with thename co uk and get access to your

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/complaints.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Setting up Outlook Express
    be in the form alias yourdomain The part before the can be almost anything but must not contain spaces For example you could use your name or sales or info to set up e mail addresses fred yourdomain com sales yourdomain com or info yourdomain com Servers The next thing to setup are the server names The incoming mail server is of type POP3 and you should check that this is selected Under the incoming mail server box enter your domain name without the WWW e g yourdomain com Under outgoing mail server box enter the SMTP server of your dial up provided by your ISP TheName does not provide an outgoing SMTP server In these days of spam e mails open SMTP relays are a thing of the past and TheName customers should use the outgoing SMTP relay provided by their connectivity provider Username Password Account Name means User Name and is the same as your username used for all other service provided with your account You should get this information from your account details Password should be entered in the box provided ISP Setup You will now have to select an Internet connection for the account to use this is to allow you to send E Mail using your ISP s SMTP Server In the main Outlook Express window click Tools Accounts The Internet Accounts window will appear click on the Mail tab and select the account that you just created Click the Properties button to bring up the connection Properties window Click on the Connection tab and ensure the Always connect to this account using box is checked Using the drop down menu select the Internet connection you wish to use when sending and recieving e mail Click on OK to complete this action Then click Close

    Original URL path: http://www.thename.co.uk/information/hosting_setting_up_outlook.htm (2016-02-10)
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