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  • Weddings - 6/15 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    Accommodation Rates Availability Recent Weddings at The Oak Barn Kayleigh Chris 29th October 2014 Caterers Treloars Catering Chair covers and sashes South West Chair Covers Table covers and crockery South West Event Hire Flowers Handmade by Mother of the Groom Photography Guy Richardson Thank you so much for helping us to have the best day of our lives The Oak Barn was the most perfect venue and we have had so many positive comments from our guests telling us how stunning it was Both you and John were absolutely amazing from the planning stages and on the actual day you made us feel so welcome and were happy to do anything to make our day special Take care Kayleigh and Chris xx Merle Alex Saturday 6th September Photography Vince Chapple Caterer Piglet Cottage Tableware Devon Tableware Hire Devon Vintage China Tables Chairs Virginia s Vintage Hire MakeUp Anna R J Music The Night Owls Caroline and David Saturday 11th October Photographer Shutterup Photography Catering D J Haggetts Bar Elite Bar Services Chair covers Karen s covers 01566 880309 Hair and Make up Changing Faces Band Three Bags Full Decoration Very Vintage Hire Company Brides Dress The Bridal Box Sam Lee

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  • Weddings - 7/15 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    the price of hire Included in hire 17 trestle tables 90 chairs garden furniture sound system projector No corkage fees VAT included We look forward to seeing you for a viewing to show you the barn and discuss your wedding plans We re there to help Please get in touch to organise a viewing Useful Links Weddings FAQs Farmhouse Accommodation Rates Availability Recent Weddings at The Oak Barn Bryony James 28 June 2014 Photographer David Reid 07595499850 david reid 9638 facebook com Catering Fine Country Lifestyle 07966 490977 Emer and Adam Saturday 26th July Caterer Franckly Delicious Photography Helen Lisk Bar Dartmoor Bars Chair Covers Cover Cupboard Balloons Bonza Balloons Band Big Daddy China Cutlery Abbotts Event Hire Barn decorations Jemma x 07890 948769 Wedding Photoshoot 18th August 2014 Model Susana San Torquay Bouquet Flower Consultant Okehampton Dress Pirouette Bridal Exeter The Real Mccoy Exeter Hair Alice Whale Visible Changes Hairdressers Exeter Car Steve Kingdon Saxby Mg TD Photography The Owl and The Pussycat Kat and Jack Wednesday 6th August Video Charlotte Dart www cornwall photo film co uk www facebook com charlottedart Photography Matt Austin Catering and Bar Mandy Harding Caterers Band Mammoth Flowers Poppies Exeter Tables and Chairs

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  • Weddings - 15/15 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    you for a viewing to show you the barn and discuss your wedding plans We re there to help Please get in touch to organise a viewing Useful Links Weddings FAQs Farmhouse Accommodation Rates Availability Recent Weddings at The Oak Barn Amy and Kevin s Wedding Photos taken by Wedding Innovo Photography www innovophoto com Bouquet by Julie Warden www flowerconsultant co uk Telephone 01837 659280 Dee and Matt s

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  • Bridal Project Update 2012 and new projects for 2013 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    meadow Our new acre flowery meadow largely failed in 2011 so we had another go in 2012 reseeding the area with a mix of native flowers and grasses This was spectacularly successful and we counted over 30 plants in the meadow a photo is on the website We have cut the meadow in three different lengths and used the hay to strew on the field opposite and are hoping that this will become more flowery too this year The meadow will change over the years and we are expecting less ox eye daisy and poppies and more yellow rattle in 2013 Bird mixes and cover crops A disastrous year for the bird mixes too dry in the spring and too wet in the summer meant we did not seed the cover crop areas until July some appeared and some failed completely Bird ringing and observations shows the cover crops are used by lots of small birds and a goshawk was seen hunting the same over a cover crop There are meant to be only 10 pairs of goshawk in Devon so very nice to see one at Hittisleigh Other highlights on the bird front were spotted flycatchers using nest boxes for the first time on the farm and a flock of 60 70 snipe used the fields for several days before moving on We also had high numbers of yellow hammers Bridal projects for 2013 The white admiral butterfly A passing lepidopterist once advised we had one of the biggest colonies of white admirals he had seen in the south west but numbers have been very low over the past few summers The caterpillars eat honeysuckle and we have been thinning the woods with a view to retaining and promoting honeysuckle and we will get out and survey the woods

    Original URL path: http://www.theoakbarn.co.uk/nature-conservation/bridal-project-update-2012-and-new-projects-for-2013/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Conservation update – 2013 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    will lead to an increase of woodland butterflies Another find of 2013 was the cauliflower or brain fungus which appeared for the first time and does indeed look like a brain sitting on the ground stinkhorn fungi also popped up We are hoping the Devon fungi group will visit in the autumn so hopefully more discoveries will be made 2013 was meant to be the year we set about reversing the bracken invasion of the middle valley but on the first day of spraying I managed to have an accident with the quad bike which left me incapacitated for six weeks with a crushed chest bracken 1 John 0 Having troubled the NHS for the first time in over 50 years I can confirm they do remarkable things We will be returning to the fray with the bracken in 2014 with hand sprayers Our new hay meadow had a lot more grass and less flowers in it this year which we expected and the green hay strewing undertaken in autumn 2012 resulted in wild carrot appearing in the meadow We took green hay off this meadow and strewed it on the bigger grassy area to the north and hopefully some of the flowers will make an appearance in this area this year We had high hopes of a bumper year for house martins and had fifteen nests unfortunately all the birds left after a single brood and we were without martins from August onwards I have no idea why they did not have a second brood high numbers sometimes attracts raptors but hopefully we will see them back in 2014 Sheep The Shetland sheep had five lambs one died two made it to the freezer and two females were added to the flock We purchased a young ram Ian and

    Original URL path: http://www.theoakbarn.co.uk/nature-conservation/conservation-update-2013/ (2016-02-17)
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  • Nature Conservation - Archive - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    numbers of Marbled Whites Ringlets Meadow Browns Gatekeepers Skippers and small numbers of Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries the Wall butterfly Dingy Skipper and Brimstone plus all the more common species We manage the central valley with butterflies in mind and it is all worthwhile when there are hundreds on the wing and swarms of Ringlets chase each other along the hedgerows The valley is also home to a good population of grass snakes and the most we have seen on one day is nine The site is used as a release point for slow worms and a healthy population is developing Culm grassland 3 5 acres Wet grassland is one of the fastest declining habitats as areas are lost to agricultural improvement We have a 3 acre marsh and other small areas of wet land These are home to rare plants such as Sneezewort and birds such as Snipe Other Habitats The hedge network Biodiversity Action Plan habitat Our hedge network is 10 5 Km or 6 5 miles in extent It is made up of traditional Devon hedge banks with native planting on top Traditionally laid hedges are better for wild flowers nesting birds invertebrates and small mammals Over the last ten years we have laid replanted and rebuilt in excess of two miles of hedges An historic orchard Biodiversity Action Plan habitat Our orchard is at least 170 years old and we were told by a lichen expert it was one of the best orchard lichen floras I have seen for 20 years We thought therefore we ought to take steps to ensure it persisted We have therefore doubled the orchard in size more trees for lichens to grow on and returned it to its 1840 boundaries We have planted over 125 trees and have a range of top fruits such as apples pears cherries plums damsons mulberries and walnuts 9 ponds and a mile of streams We have over a mile of streams and manage the banks for wildlife The streams are home to brown trout and at least 9 species of dragonflies including the golden ringed broad bodied chaser and the beautiful demoiselle damselfly We have restored built 9 ponds which provide a home for frogs toads newts and the hundreds of different species of invertebrates that ponds are a home to Daubentons bat can be seen wheeling over the ponds at dusk Other highlights We have good populations of Roe and Red deer many badger setts foxes hares dormice stoats and water shrews We have at least 23 species of bird listed by the RSPB as being of conservation concern including barn owls kingfishers Pied Flycatchers Grey Partridge Marsh Tits Yellowhammers Linnet Skylark etc The farmhouse has clusters of House Martin nests and there is constant activity in the summer as the parents raise their young The farm yard has a large flock of house sparrows and nesting barn owls We have high numbers of over wintering birds and mixed flocks of small birds are

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  • Conservation Update - 2014 - The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton
    broods well into September Butterflies and moths The main excitement of the year was on the butterfly front The hot weather was good for butterflies and we had thousands of small skippers and high numbers of marbled whites and other grassland butterflies When showing people around white admirals and silver washed fritillaries turned up on cue and I saw the caterpillars and chrysalids of the white admiral for the first time A colony of pearl bordered fritillaries previously unrecorded here appeared I have never seen one before and we now have three fritillary species present The pearl bordered fritillaries has undergone rapid declines in England and its appearance here was a source of great pleasure The task now is to try and maintain the colony and hopefully the hot weather will mean it should reappear in 2015 The dingy skipper was also present in good numbers they are not the most decorous of butterflies and easily mistaken for a moth but they have only been recorded here once around eight years ago and are also in steep decline Again it is a butterfly I have never seen before so good to see a very active breeding colony here I did not do much moth recording but did creep past the 300 species mark those who know their moths will know this is not an unusually high number for a site but a good year for moths with trap often very full Habitat Management We completed fencing areas of the butterfly valley and have been able to re introduce grazing for the first time in 14 years We fenced the easiest areas and are not yet able to graze the densest areas of bracken bramble and gorse but can now halt the loss of grassland We are now the proud owners

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  • The Oak Barn, Hittisleigh Barton - My Wordpress Blog
    restoration commenced of Linhay building next to road Green oak and Douglas fir frame with Delabole slate roof to match The Oak Barn Walls and roof only so far will be completed for 2017 season and will provide further accommodation and the most splendid of honeymoon suites Watch this space The new under gardener from January 2016 John will no longer be a planning consultant but will take up the new position of full time under gardener and handy person He will be working to complete the conversion of The Linhay improve the gardens and carry out nature conservation work around the farm October 2017 March 2018 Please note we intend to close to weddings but not viewings to re roof the house and carry out other improvements The house will be scaffolded to enable the re slating of the roof in Delabole slate to match the adjoining barns and the whole building group will look rather splendid in 2018 when we re open Book early for 2017 we expect to be fully booked in 2017 so book early to avoid disappointment December 30th 2015 Video of Harriet and Tristan s wedding Video taken at the Oak Barn at the

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