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  • USN Active Joint Plex 120 Cap
    USN USP Browse By Goal Gain Size Strength Increase Lean Muscle Increased Workout Energy Improved Recovery Weight Loss About Us Info Special Offers You are currently on Home USN Active Joint Plex 120 Cap More Views USN Active Joint Plex 120 Cap Be the first to review this product 20 99 Add Items to Basket Qty Add to Basket OR Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Exercise places increased strain on the joints Over a period of time this increased level of stress results in a breakdown of joint cartilage as well as the loss of joint stability USN s Joint Plex has been formulated to add support to active joints and therefore prevent the rapid onset of other joint related problems The ingredients in Joint Plex also provide relief from inflammation resulting from joint injuries High Potency Relieves Inflammation Adds Support to Active Joints Serving Size 2 3 Capsules Servings Per Container 60 Amount per 2 Capsules Glucosamine sulphate 500mg Chondroitin sulphate 400mg MSM 100mg As a dietary supplement take 2 to 3 capsules with a large glass of water twice daily It is recommended that the initial

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/usn-active-joint-plex-120-cap.html (2016-02-11)
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  • USN Triple Omega 160 Softgels
    Met Rx MHP MRI Muscletech Pharma Freak Labs Nutrex OLIMP Optimum Nutrition PHD Nutrition PVL Reflex UDO S USP USN USP Browse By Goal Gain Size Strength Increase Lean Muscle Increased Workout Energy Improved Recovery Weight Loss About Us Info Special Offers You are currently on Home USN Triple Omega 160 Softgels More Views USN Triple Omega 160 Softgels Be the first to review this product 22 49 Add Items to Basket Qty Add to Basket OR Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Every living cell in the body needs essential fatty acids omega 3 6 9 fatty acids They are vital for the rebuilding and production of new cells Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and need to be supplied via the diet or supplementation Deficiencies have been associated with hormonal imbalance and degenerative diseases Essential fatty acids have profound beneficial effects on the body and influence hormone production immunity and cardiovascular health These much needed omega 3 6 9 fatty acids are also important for normal growth especially of blood vessels and nerves In addition they keep the skin and other tissues youthful Serving Size 3 softgels Servings Per Container 54 Amount Per Serving Energy 135kJ 32kcal Protein 0 85g Carbohydrates 0 47g Fatty acids 3g D alpha tocopherol 30mg Cold water omega 3 fish oil 1650mg Cold pressed evening primrose oil 600mg Flaxseed oil 450mg Blackcurrant oil 300mg Proprietary Blend GLA Gamma Linoleic Acid oenothera biennis GLA Gamma Linoleic Acid ribus nigrum ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid linum usitatissimum Ingredients Cold water fish omega 3 oil gelatine evening primrose oil flaxseed oil blackcurrant oil glycerine d alpha tocopherol May contain traces of various types of nuts Take 1 to 2 capsules three times a

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/usn-triple-omega-160-softgels.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Dorian Yates Formass 2.25kg
    Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Formass is indicated for athletes seeking to increase their daily intake of high quality carbohydrate and protein calories in an effort to gain or preserve body weight or muscle mass and improve recovery Dorian Yates is a former 6x Mr Olympia respected around the world for his knowledge of training and nutrition Dorian s authentic uncompromising personality style and philosophies forever changed the sport of bodybuilding Dorian states Formass was developed by my scientific panel of PhDs nutritionists and technical consultants I supervised the entire process to make sure it helps you gain as much lean body weight as possible as quickly as possible and keep it on We used the highest quality ingredients including low glycemic and branched chain carbohydrates MCTs digestive enzymes fibre and the Tempro cold temperature processed and diversified protein blend I m confident that you will never find another lean gainer that works as powerfully as Formass or that tastes as addictively delicious The athletes I train use it every day as do I When trying to gain body weight athletes should focus on increasing muscle mass lean body weight while minimizing fat gain This requires stimulating the synthesis of both muscle protein and glycogen A single bout of resistance exercise can lower muscle glycogen levels 30 40 Low muscle glycogen levels can hurt performance delay recovery and impede muscle growth If no calories are consumed after exercise both muscle glycogen and protein synthesis will remain depressed The fastest and most effective way to replenish glycogen and stimulate protein synthesis post training is to consume high quality carbohydrate and protein calories Formass contains the Tempro cold processed and diversified protein blend to which we have added 5 high quality carbohydrates including oat fibre inulin and hydrolysates of waxy maize rich in branched chain carbohydrates and potato This combination is believed to produce longer lasting increases in whole body anabolism leading to greater increases in lean body weight faster recovery and improved performance Formass was repeatedly tested by Dorian and his scientific panel using different flavouring systems until they arrived at what he feels is the most delicious lean mass gainer you will ever use Increases replenishment of muscle glycogen stores low muscle glycogen stores delay recovery impede muscle growth ingestion of carbohydrates carbs like those in Formass has been shown to accelerate muscle glycogen replenishment after exercise Increases nitrogen balance a positive nitrogen balance promotes muscle building a negative one can prevent it Increases whole body muscle protein synthesis rates lean body weight cannot increase without an increase in protein synthesis Co ingestion of carbs proteins like those in Formass has been shown to increase whole body muscle protein synthesis rates by 29 49 respectively Decreases muscle protein breakdown co ingestion of carbs proteins like those in Formass has been shown to reduce muscle protein breakdown Total Calories 340 Protein 25g Total Carbohydrates 44g Sugars 3g Dietary Fibre 3g Fat 7g Saturates 0 5g Sodium 390mg Potassium 170mg

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/dorian-yates-formass-2-25kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Gaspari Intrapro 2.2lb
    to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Pure whey isolate Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Engineered as a result of the outpouring of request and inquiry from the competitive bodybuilding community IntraPro gives athletes what they want a super high quality slow dispersion whey protein supplement with ultra long term taste satisfaction engineered specifically for athletes with a desire to achieve and maintain that full and shredded look The IntraPro Competition Advantage features all of the highest quality proven nutrition bodybuilders require for substantial muscle growth with a macronutrient profile designed for promoting and maintaining significantly lower levels of body fat If that weren t enough IntraPro contains a full spectrum vitamin and mineral complex enabling it to be used as a low carb meal replacement as well Serving Size 1 Scoop 35g Servings Per Container 28 5 Amount Per Serving Calories 138 Calories From Fat 22 Total Fat 2 5g 4 Trans Fat 0g Saturated Fat 1 3g 6 Cholesterol 50mg 17 Total Carbohydrate 4 5g 1 5 Sugars 2g Dietary Fiber 2g 8 Protein 24g 48 Vitamin A 1 250IU 25 as retinyl palmitate Vitamin C 15mg 25 as ascorbic acid Vitamin D 100IU 25 as cholecalciferol Vitamin E 8IU 25 as dL alpha tocopheryl acetate Thiamin 0 375mg 25 as thiamin mononitrate Riboflavin 0 425mg 25 Niacin 5mg 25 as niacinamide Vitamin B6 0 5mg 25 as pyridoxine HCL Folate 100mcg 25 br as folic acid Vitamin B12 1 5mcg 25 as cyanocobalamin Biotin 75mcg 25 Pantothenic acid 2 5mg 25 Calcium 250mg 25 as dicalcium phosphate and whey protein Iron 4 5mg 25 as ferrous fumarate Phosphorus 300mg 30 as dicalcium phosphate magnesium phosphate and whey protein Iodine 37 5mg 25 as potassium iodide Magnesium 100mg 25 as magnesium phosphate and whey

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/gaspari-intrapro-2-2lb.html (2016-02-11)
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  • USN Diet Fuel- 1kg - Fat Loss - Browse Product
    Choose an Option Required Fields 18 99 Add Items to Basket Qty Add to Basket Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use USN Diet Fuel is a unique meal replacement formula which contains vital nutrients like L Carnitine Chromium Picolinate HCA calcium hydroxycitrate Boron and Selenium to accelerate the fat burning process and to ensure that high levels of micro nutrients are maintained when on a strenuous exercise program USN Diet Fuel delivers a variety of high quality protein substrates for improving protein synthesis and overall health Just enough carbohydrates are used inside Diet Fuel to fuel your workout replenish depleted glycogen and push your metabolism into hyper drive USN Diet Fuel is a complete meal that is very low in fat great tasting and easily digestible Use Diet Fuel for Rapid Fat loss Weight Loss Meal Replacement shake Low carbohydrate meal option when dieting Ideal as an in between meals meal to achieve 5 6 Snacks per day Improving muscle definition lose fat whilst retaining muscle Toning muscle Typically Used By Anyone wanting to reduce body fat Anyone wanting to replace a meal with a convenient easily portable low calorie nutritional shake Individuals following a low calorie diet Anyone wanting rapid fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle Popular with men or woman alike Container Size 1000g Serving Size 2 scoops 50g Servings Per Container 20 USN Diet Fuel Recommended Use As a dietary supplement add two level scoops to 300ml of cold water Use a blender or a shaker for about 30 seconds Have 2 to 3 servings daily USN Diet Fuel Amounts Per Serving Total Calories 177 Protein 25g Total Carbohydrates 15g Dietary Fiber 3 1g Fat 1 5g Vitamin A retinol 500µg Vitamin D cholecalciferol 2 5µg Vitamin E d alpha tocopherl 5mg Vitamin C

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/usn-diet-fuel-1kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • USN Ultra Lean Diet Whey 800g
    of body fat and maintenance of lean muscle tissue This delicious low GI low calorie supplement is high in whey protein fibre and other essential nutrients which combine to ensure long lasting satiety and minimise the likelihood of hunger pangs or sudden drops in energy levels Ultralean Diet Whey can be taken at any time of the day and contains a blend of active ingredients that can lead to potential long term fat loss and may support the building of lean muscle USN Ultralean Diet Whey formula s high fibre content helps increase satiety levels while the reduction in hunger is further promoted through the addition of High Biological Value protein from various sources which triggers a natural weight loss hormone PYY in the body Ultralean Diet Whey is available in 3 delicious flavours is quick and easy to prepare and is an ideal dietary supplement to ensure optimal nourishment for people on the go that need convenience in their pursuit of a leaner body Who should use it Anyone aiming for effective long term weight loss and improved body tone Key Benefits Contains 3 6g of carbohydrates Contains high fibre levels and active ingredients which increase overall satiety Includes essential nutrients to support healthy long lasting weight loss Reduces body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue USN Ultra Lean Diet Whey Container Size 800g Serving Size 2 scoops 50g Servings Per Container 16 Amount Per Serving Total Calories 190 Protein 35g Total Carbohydrates 3 6g Sugars 1 9g Dietary Fibre 3 3g Fat 3 2g Saturates 0g Sodium 225mg Potassium 169mg Calcium 279mg Chromium 35mcg Magnesium 22mg Phosphorus 212mg Vitamin B1 0 1mg Nicotinamide 2 4mg Pantothenic Acid 0 9mg Vitamin B6 0 2mg Vitamin B12 0 4mcg USN Leansystem Blend 3 580mg Green Tea Extract 45 EGCG N

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/usn-ultra-lean-diet-whey-800g.html (2016-02-11)
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  • *NEW* BSN Nitrix 2.0 180 caps
    the all important Foundation Supplement Timing Window NITRIX is designed to support Muscle Fullness Vascularity and Pumps Endurance and Anti Fatigue Workout Performance Nitric Oxide Production Cardiovascular Performance NITRIX 2 0 is the latest advancement in concentrated nitric oxide precursor formulas designed to support pumps endurance and performance The key to the all new redesigned NITRIX 2 0 formula is the inclusion of 3 grams of the amino acid L citrulline a precursor to nitric oxide setting NITRIX 2 0 apart and once again demonstrating BSN s relentless devotion to innovation and moving the world of supplementation forward By supporting these key areas of workout performance NITRIX 2 0 provides a valuable foundation for all your supplementation and training efforts And NITRIX 2 0 is more convenient than ever Ideally users will take 3 tablets 60 minutes prior to training and 3 tablets post workout with CELLMASS 2 0 keeping the tablet count down to only 6 per day Everyone REQUIRES nitric oxide to carry out key physiological processes within the body From a bodybuilder s perspective nitric oxide supplementation may prove useful in increasing growth due to increases in blood flow to certain areas of the body SUPPLEMENT FACTS Serving Size 3 Tablets Servings Per Container 60 Amount Per Serving Serving DV Niacin 12 mg 60 Nitrix 2 0 Proprietary Blend 4 g Proprietary Blends Nitrix 2 0 Proprietary Blend Concentrated Nitrix Composite L citrulline hawthrone extract aerial parts 1 flavonoids 3 oligomeric proanthocyanidins pomegranate fruit 20 punicaligins grape seed extract 85 polyphenols pterostilbene pTeroPure red pepper extract fruit 2 capsaicinoids capsimax trans resceratrol resVida black pepper extract fruit 95 piperine bioperine Myogenic Matrix Creatine monohydrate creatine HCl Con Cret creatine anhydrous percent Daily Values are based on a 2 000 calorie diet Ingredients Aqueous Coating Microcrysalline Cellulose Stearic

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/bsn-nitrix-360-caps.html (2016-02-11)
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  • BSN Nitrix 2.0 180 caps
    to be delivered to the muscle tissue By bonding L arginine to AKG the conversion to nitric oxide is enhanced maximizing nitric oxide levels in the blood L Arginine Ethyl Ester The esterfication of this amino acid leads to an increased absorption as well as enhancing L arginine s function and overcoming its limitations L Citrulline An amino acid that may be converted into arginine It is considered the body s preferred precursor to arginine for nitric oxide generation CRTS Critical Release Technology and Support System Methocel A micro polymer hydrophillic ether matrix which plays an integral role in Nitrix s controlled release technology manufactured by Dow Pharmaceuticals AVPT Advanced Volumizing Performance Technology A proprietary blend of four advanced creatine analogs and Beta Alanine designed to increase creatine transport uptake and effectiveness leading to accelerated muscle recovery and hydrogen ion buffering Sodium Creatine Phosphate Matrix A sodium salt of creatine phosphate which enhances water solubility Once inside the bloodstream a sodium chloride dependant transporter is responsible for carrying the creatine to the muscles cells By combining creatine with sodium the uptake and absorption of creatine is greatly enhanced Creatine Ethyl Ester Beta Alanine Dual Action Composite CarnoSyn BSN s newest proprietary blend designed to increase the water and lipid solubility of creatine Not only has BSN increased water and lipophilicity hydrogen ion buffering has also been addressed with the addition of Beta Alanine Recent research indicates that the burning sensation of muscular fatigue may not be simply lactic acid accumulation but also an accumulation of hydrogen ions a metabolic by product Beta Alanine supplementation increases the production of carnosine a dipeptide known to help buffer lactic acid accumulation and neutralize hydrogen ion proliferation Thus by combining a fat and water soluble creatine with Beta Alanine it enables the creatine to function beyond its normal rate limiting system leading to superior absorption and effectiveness Creatinol O Phosphate Malic Acid Interfusion A creatine analog known for its role in supporting cardiovascular function increasing oxygen availability endurance work capacity and time to exhaustion ATP is our body s energy the energy to have a muscular contraction and the energy to repair muscle tissue Creatine helps to carry phosphates which it donates to ADP adenosine diphosphate to make more ATP adenosine triphosphate thus more energy This process if further enhanced by Malic Acid a Krebs Cycle intermediate involved in the production of ATP This interfusion functions synergistically with creatine to create more available ATP for explosive energy Creatine AAB Creatine Alpha Amino N Butyrate The final creatine analog in AVPT As with the previous analogs absorption and effectiveness are greatly increased increasing ATP production and thus anabolism Unlike the other creatine analogs of the matrix Creatine Alpha Amino N Butyrate possesses anti catabolic effects also Leucine the branched chain amino acid is metabolized to ketoisocaproate which is then metabolized to alpha amino n butyrate this metabolite increases protein synthesis and minimizes protein damage from intense training Not only is creatine absorption and effectiveness increased

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/bsn-nitrix-180-caps.html (2016-02-11)
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