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  • Olimp Gain Bolic 6000- 4KG
    to review this product Availability Out of stock 29 99 Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Protein carbohydrates concentrate mix powder food intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort especially for sports people with sugars and sweeteners just add water Complex composition of properly compiled carbohydrates with differentiated glycemic index ratings and Protein mix enriched with creatine monohydrate and taurine Gain Bolic 6000 provides all nutrients important for quick development of muscular strength and mass 40 SERVINGS PER TUB Nutrition Value per 100 g per portion Calories 1607 kJ 384 kcal 1607 kJ 384 kcal Protein 15 g 15 g Carbohydrates 80 g 80 g Of which sugars 33 8 g 33 8 g Fat 0 5 g 0 5 g of which saturated 0 32 g 0 32 g Fibre 0 g 0 g Sodium 0 11 g 0 11 g Creatine Monohydrate 1500 mg 1500 mg Taurine 500 mg 500 mg Amino Acids per 100 g per portion total 14500 mg 14500 mg of which L glutamic acid 2470 mg 2470 mg L Leucine 1250 mg 1250 mg L aspartic acid 1570 mg 1570 mg L Lysine 1300 mg 1300 mg L proline 1100 mg 1100 mg L valine 850 mg 850 mg L isoleucine 680 mg 680 mg L threonine 750 mg 750 mg L alanine 660 mg 660 mg L serine 840 mg 840 mg L phenyloalanine 720 mg 720 mg L thyrosine 810 mg 810 mg L arginine 350 mg 350 mg L glycine 340 mg 340 mg L methionine 240 mg 240 mg L histidine 310 mg 310 mg L cysteine 116 mg 116 mg L tryptophane 180 mg 180 mg essential amino branched chain amino acids aromatic amino acids Take

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/olimp-gain-bolic-6000-4kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Olimp Top Mass- 3.1KG
    Increase Lean Muscle Increased Workout Energy Improved Recovery Weight Loss About Us Info Special Offers You are currently on Home Olimp Top Mass 3 1KG More Views Olimp Top Mass 3 1KG Be the first to review this product Availability In stock 31 99 Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Flavours Choose an Option Required Fields 31 99 Add Items to Basket Qty Add to Basket Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Olimp Top Mass is a combination of natural ingredients such as egg protein milk protein hydrolysed whey proteins containing polypeptides and free amino acids mono oligo and polysaccharides fruit powders glucose and fructose The product contains substances enhancing its anabolic effects so called metabolic activators L carnitine and lecithin which delivers choline and inositol 89 servings per tub Nutritional Information per 35g portion Calories 564 kJ 135kcal Protein 15 0g Carbohydrates 15 0g Of which Sugars 5 1g Fat 1 6g of which saturated 1 0g Dietary fibre 0g Sodium 0 08g Lecithin Of which 350mg Choline 80 5mg Inositol 49mg L carnitine 14mg Take 1 4 portions daily after breakfast during dinner after training and approx 1 hour before sleep Add 1

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/olimp-top-mass-3-1kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 12lbs
    3 for 45 99 each and save 3 Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview REMEMBER FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER 100 OTHERWISE JUST 2 99 Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use 50 Grams Of Protein With Glutamine And Creatine Plus 1 250 Calories Serious Mass supplies you with the tools you need to pack on the pounds and develop the physique you ve always wanted Each serving of Serious Mass contains 1250 serious calories derived primarily from protein sparing complex carbohydrates and a high quality protein blend consisting of Whey Protein Concentrate Calcium Caseinate and Egg albumen Creating Monohydrate Glutamine Chline and Inositol have been added to optimize each strength training workout while a complete vitamin and mineral profile insures your body gets the balanced nutrition it needs 12 Lbs Chocolate Supplement Facts Serving Size 2 Heaping Scoops 334 g Servings Per Container 16 Amount Per Serving In Water Daily Value Calories 1250 Calories From Fat 40 Total Fat 4 5 g 7 Saturated Fat 1 5 g 8 Cholesterol 80 mg 27 Total Carbohydrate 252 g 84 Dietary Fiber 4 g 16 Sugars 20 g Protein 50 g 100 Vitamin A 5000 IU 100 Vitamin C 60 mg 100 Vitamin D 200 IU 50 Vitamin E 30 IU 100 Thiamin 4 8 mg 320 Riboflavin 4 mg 235 Niacin 50 mg 250 Vitamin B6 5 mg 250 Folic Acid 400 mcg 100 Vitamin B12 10 mcg 167 Biotin 300 mcg 100 Pantothenic Acid 25 mg 250 Calcium 590 mg 59 Iron 8 mg 44 Phosphorus 430 mg 43 Iodine 150 mcg 100 Magnesium 140 mg 35 Zinc 15 mg 100 Selenium 70 mcg 100 Copper 1 6 mg 80 Manganese 2 mg 100 Chromium 120 mcg 100 Molybdenum 75 mcg Add

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/optimum-nutrition-serious-mass-12lbs.html (2016-02-11)
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  • PHD Nutrition Pharma Gain 5lb
    Gain is a mass gaining innovation We believe that at last we have an intelligent mass gainer that can be used by every athlete seeking to increase quality body mass Pharma Gain contains a triple pronged carbohydrate blend with around 85 of any sugars present being in the form of fructose a low Glycemic carbohydrate Pharma Gain falls strictly By EU Laws within the nutrient ratio allowable for a product to be called A Meal replacement Most mass gainers on the market will perhaps contain around 25 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder PhD Nutrition s Pharma Gain contains 40 grams of protein per 100 grams of powder After all given the choice of additional calorie intake between carbohydrates or protein we are pretty sure those interested in quality mass gains would opt for a little more protein and fewer carbohydrates PhD Nutrition s Pharma Gain does contain small amounts of saturated fat but to off set this inevitability we also include olive oil and flaxseed to balance out the fat content Both olive oil and flaxseed contain Essential Fatty Acids EFA s The quality nutritional profile of Pharma Gain would not be complete without 7 9 grams of fibre in every 100 gram serving officially making Pharma Gain a high fibre food Fibre is a vital nutrient for gut health and aids greatly in slowing down gastric emptying which in turn slows down the release of nutrients into the bloodstream and ensures a slow and steady blood sugar reaction to the product PhD Nutrition s Pharma Gain is also fortified with added L Glutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids Container Size 2 27kg Serving Size 2 scoops 65g Servings Per Container 35 Pharma Gain Amount Per Serving Total Calories 240 Protein 26 50g Total Carbohydrates 26 50g

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/phd-nutrition-pharma-gain-2-27kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Prolab N-Large2 10lb
    Optimum Nutrition PHD Nutrition PVL Reflex UDO S USP USN USP Browse By Goal Gain Size Strength Increase Lean Muscle Increased Workout Energy Improved Recovery Weight Loss About Us Info Special Offers You are currently on Home Prolab N Large2 10lb More Views Prolab N Large2 10lb Be the first to review this product Availability Out of stock 39 99 Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Quick Overview Product Description Key Benefits Nutritional Details Directions for Use Prolab Nutrition N Large2 is a powerful mass gaining support formula designed to promote size on the hardest gainers This potent formula delivers more calories and protein gram for gram than the competition Prolab emphasize the amount of protein per serving since it is the essential nutrient that promotes muscle mass Servings per 10lb container 30 Serving size 4 scoops 152 g Amount per serving in water Calories 600 Calories From Fat 55 Total Fat 6 g Saturated Fat 4 g Cholesterol 100 mg Sodium 150 mg Total Carbohydrates 86 g Dietary Fibre 2 g Sugars 28 g Protein 52 g Amino Acid Profile L Alanine 2 48 g L Arginine 1 20 g L Aspartic Acid 5 40 g L Cystine 0 60 g L Glutamic Acid 9 24 g L Glycine 1 12 g L Histidine 0 88 g L Isoleucine 3 28 g L Leucine 5 40 g L Lysine 4 72 g L Methionine 0 92 g L Phenylalanine 1 64 g L Proline 3 24 g L Serine 2 68 g L Threonine 3 24 g L Tryptophan 1 08 g L Tyrosine 1 28 g L Valine 3 04 g Use as a dietary supplement to achieve desired muscular weight gain Use one serving between meals and at bedtime This formula is highly concentrated and due to

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/prolab-n-large2-10lb.html (2016-02-11)
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  • PVL Mutant Mass 6.8kg Bag
    2 years of research and is based on sound proven science More importantly though the finished Mutant Mass formula was also tested in the gym where it was put through its paces by real life bodybuilders and strength athletes Mutant Mass is all about gaining rock hard muscle and lots of it Building muscle requires the right protein mix to expand the muscle tissue and repair it fast The protein must also be spared from being wasted for the body s energy needs while the muscle also requires massive infusions of clean calories to replace glycogen used up during training Digestion absorption triggering calorie up take and manipulating protein sequencing the Mutant Mass formula takes all that into account and hits a home run like nothing else you ve ever tried PVL s Mutant Mass features Iso Stack 10 The Ultimate Protein Mix PVL s award winning blend of 10 superior muscle building proteins no wimp proteins like soy wheat or other veggie protein just pure high BV PER amino acid proteins proven to build lean tissue Clean Carb Lower GI Carbohydrate Mix Features a 3 fiber blend of low sugar carbs stacked with an exclusive high molecular weight sugar free Vextrago for vastly improved glycogen loading Lipotherm Delivers essential fatty acids fat burning CLA and high energy lipothermic MCT s all with zero trans fat for stimulating faster gains than other weight gainers Intrasorb Calorie uptake Augmentation Mix The superior muscle activation proprietary matrix 5 ingredients that trigger massive absorption fuller utilization and complete muscle uptake of these powerful high calorie nutrients unleashing faster gains in lean body mass than you ever thought possible Container Size 6 8kg Serving Size 4 scoops 260g Servings Per Container 26 Amount Per Serving Total Calories 1 050 Protein 52g Total Carbohydrates 170g

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/pvl-mutant-mass-6-8kg-bag.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Reflex Growth Matrix 1.89kg
    the focus of countless scientific studies Growth Matrix is the first commerically available product to use a new type of hydrolysed whey protein After trying Growth Matrix you will quickly realise why this may clearly be the most innovative and advanced protein supplement available today Growth Matrix contains hydrolysed whey protein with a high degree of hydrolysis Hydrolysed whey protein is whey protein that has been treated with enzymes to break the protein down into smaller peptides and amino acids All hydrolysed proteins generally taste quite bitter the bitter taste comes from the high percentage of peptides and amino acids The upside is the fact that your body can absorb peptides much faster than whole proteins This is exactly what our researchers wanted to achieve in Growth Matrix fast almost immediate absorption of nitrogen see nutrition info for peptides in molecular weight Signalling your muscles via L Leucine Growth Matrix contains a massive 7 000mgs of free form L Leucine for its ability to initiate biological signalling via mTOR mammalian target of rapamycin in simple terms it s a vital component of Growth Matrix which may trigger increased protein synthesis when combined with hydrolysate protein and carbohydrate when taken after resistance exercise Contains 1 600mgs of Beta Alanine per serving 2 500mgs CREAPURE Creatine per serving A combination of beta alanine and creatine that could increase muscle carnosine and creatine phosphate levels the combination of which may provide better resistance to muscle fatigue as shown in scientific studies Essential electrolytes and glucose polymers Intense training leads to a loss of essential electrolytes and a reduction in muscle glycogen stores Growth Matrix provides 55 grams of glucose polymers and added electrolytes to restore the balance as quickly as possible Each tub of Growth Matrix will last nearly 4 weeks if you

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/reflex-growth-matrix-1-89kg.html (2016-02-11)
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  • Reflex Instant Mass 2.72kg
    for Use While other companies still use maltodextrin as the main source of carbohydrate for their weight gain formulas Reflex Nutrition have taken the initiative and brought you a unique alternative Instant Mass now contains a unique blend of patented Activated Barley from Sweden and Organic Oats from the heart of Scotland that has an extremely low glycemic index The OFO Method and Activated Barley Named after the Swedish inventor Owe Forsberg the OFO Method is a unique patented natural treatment via the exact application of different levels of pressure humidity and temperature of organic Barley that increases the energy level of barley whilst activating nutrients and dormant enzymes The result is Activated Barley a totally unique low glycemic index super food that is rich in naturally occurring enzymes vitamins minerals fibre energy and protein Each serving of Instant Mass contains a special blend containing 50 grams of complex carbohydrates from Activated Barley and Organic Oats almost certainly the best source of carbohydrates you will ever find in a weight gain formula 52 Grams of Whey Protein and Micellar Casein Reflex Instant Mass contains a revised blend of cold processed ultra filtered Whey Protein Concentrate Whey Protein Isolate Milk Protein Concentrate 80 micellar casein 20 whey protein and Digezyme enzymes For added benefit we now include Lactospore pro biotics similar to those found in yoghurt type drinks Great Taste and Easy Mixing If you like great tasting milkshakes then you will simply love this formula It is instantised for easy mixing and tastes absolutely delicious Just take one or two servings a day Pure organic source of carbohydrate Contains amino acid chelated Zinc Magnesium and Chromium 52gms of high quality protein with added isolate whey protein micellar casein Contains polyunsaturated monounsaturated fats Source of dietary fibre Serving Size 136gm 20

    Original URL path: http://www.theproteinwarehouse.co.uk/reflex-instant-mass-2-72kg.html (2016-02-11)
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