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  • The 5 Golden Rules of Website Design
    convince him to read what s on the page in more detail Rule 4 Keep it Fresh Or Brand New Friend Websites need to be kept updated and fresh with new contentadded regularly Search engines like it and so do humans How much trust do you have in a company whose news section was last updated in June 2010 Do you believe that they are a with it dynamic organisation with their fingers on the pulse Always always ensure that you or someone you can control can edit the content on your site Having to pay every time you want a small change to be made is a nightmare A blog is a great way to generate regular new content demonstrate your expertise and maintain contact with the valuable prospects in your database Rule 5 Get a Man In Or Just Because You Can Doesn t Mean You Should Or a woman I m not sexist me But do get someone who knows about these three things Graphic design Web development Marketing Yes I m sure that your 15 year old nephew is really good with Powerpoint and the website he did for his death metal band is really interesting but he isn t a trained graphic designer he s not a trained web developer and he knows nothing about marketing Don t forget it s not about what looks good it s about what works Of course someone who has or has access to the right blend of skills isn t going to be cheap They are not going to build you a website for 99 but honestly if you expect your website to be a key part of your marketing activity and help you to grow your business you do need to be prepared to invest a reasonable amount of money in it So there you have it my 5 Golden Rules of website development There s a lot involved in building an effective website but if you pay attention to these you ll get off on the right foot I m guessing many of you have had a website for some time You may have had more than one What are the biggest lessons you ve learned about making it work for you Jim Hunt is a professional marketer with many years experience in building businesses large and small As a speaker trainer and practitioner he aims to explain marketing theory clearly and show how it can be applied in practice to deliver better results from your marketing investment You can connect with Jim on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter and Google Tweet track back URL add comment Comments Yes you are right all these points are very important to consider to get benefits from search engines and get good ROI These all web techniques has been proven very successful for different online businesses I got lot of informative material from the old but gold post I will try keep reading your other posts in future Comment by Front

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  • Top 10 Product Naming Tips
    a similar context or geography Can you protect it Don t expect love at first sight it may not leap out at you it might need to grow on you Let your love grow Expect evolution the name how it s communicated and what it means to the market will evolve over time Be prepared for that Google it is the url available What else comes up Test it When you have a shortlist ask people in your target market what they think Finally don t forget that while the name is important it doesn t define the brand The brand is defined by a whole host of factors including how well the product works how easy you are to buy from and deal with how you act what you say how people feel about you what they expect from you and many many more factors This is what defines the true identity of a brand The name is just a shorthand Jim Hunt is a professional marketer with many years experience in building businesses large and small As a speaker trainer and practitioner he aims to explain marketing theory clearly and show how it can be applied in practice to deliver better results from your marketing investment You can connect with Jim on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter and Google Tweet track back URL add comment Comments Jim what a really useful article I think naming a product is harder than naming a child so your blog will really help I think the worst thing is when a customer doest know how to say it that means they wont talk about it These days its all about the visuals that go with or are the name so I reckon you covered everthing Comment by Janet Mckenner 24 Oct 2015 08 51 Your name Email address never displayed Web site Organisation add me to your email list HTML markup not supported Access code 1713 Please enter the 4 digit code above into the following box We re sorry about this but we need to do this to prevent our site being abused by people looking for free advertising required fields Past Blogs search Oct 2015 Top 10 Product Naming Tips 23 Oct 2015 19 50 I m working with a client who is launching a new product next year They know what it is what it Aug 2015 Is Marketing essential for success 7 Aug 2015 11 11 Strange that having spent so long trying to show clients how much more there is to marketing than Jul 2015 Christmas is coming 27 Jul 2015 20 40 It s July The weather might lead you to conclude differently but it s the middle of the British Do you have a personal brand 10 Jul 2015 16 25 Jim s post of a couple of weeks back about getting on and doing stuff brought to mind a discussion Exhibition Time 3 Jul 2015 21 33 Next Tuesday 7th July the Kent Invicta Chamber of

    Original URL path: http://www.thepurpleedge.co.uk/blog/detail.rhtm/865083/top_10_product_naming_tips.rhtm#new_comment (2016-02-14)
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  • Off the Edge
    will probably be the epitaph for many businesses struggling right now But is it really as simple as that Is marketing just a case of getting on and doing what you already know you should be doing Well lets start with what we know things that apply to all businesses Not everyone wants to or can buy what we re selling Those who do or may do probably don t want to buy right now right this minute We usually don t know when they will want to buy There are other people offering similar things to us To get them to buy from us rather than someone else we need to give them a good reason Given these facts of business life it would be pretty easy to conclude the following We have to make sure that those people who want t read on add comment The 1 sin in content marketing mea culpa Filed under Marketing by Sharon Wilding on 15 June 2015 I m just home from a day s training in the latest in digital marketing strategy and I m racked with guilt over having committed the number 1 sin in content marketing What s that you ask Stopping Jim and I have been as bad as each other We have not posted in our blog for months It s hard to believe let alone admit but in 2015 we have only published new content 3 times Did you miss us or not notice because there is so much other content to get through Of course we can list lots of excuses chiefly being too busy working on rolling out client marketing projects but that wouldn t really wash with me if I was sitting in front of myself as a coach It was a steady decline from a regular once a week to every other week to once a month then stop It s just unforgiveable Creating new content publishing regularly on multiple platforms websites and social media addin read on read comment add comment One to One Personalised Marketing should be the norm for all businesses So why aren t more companies stepping up Filed under Marketing by Caroline Wilson on 20 Mar 2015 Our guest blogger this week is Caroline Wilson from Commsbox Personalised marketing campaigns driven by online data collection are fast becoming a key consideration for marketing your business online According to Digital Marketing Magazine a study by Teradata showed that 90 of marketers want to embrace one to one personalisation Marketing automation the ability to collect data via your website and provide automated and personalised responses is a key enabler for this important trend in 2015 However it is still early days in terms of uptake of this relatively new technology particularly in the UK In this blog I take a look at the key factors affecting take up of marketing automation What are the benefits The benefits of marketing automation are clear A structured marketing automation campaign enables companies

    Original URL path: http://www.thepurpleedge.co.uk/blog/index.rhtm (2016-02-14)
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  • Keep Alive
    Keep alive window 1

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  • The Purple Edge Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Canterbury Kent
    coaching programme Free download One page Marketing Plan template contact info First Name Last Name Email address Enter 3559 Required fields Let s talk One hour s marketing review for 40 donation to our adopted charity Follow us on The Purple Edge brought a structured and innovative approach to our marketing which was fantastic Now we have complete control over web site content blogs and other updates and the tangible

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  • Marketing Mindset Mentoring, Coaching and Training Kent
    focused and motivated is to make a regular monthly commitment to meet with your own personal marketing coach and mentor Only available to graduates of our MARKETING MINDSET COACHING PROGRAMMES our MENTORING PLAN gives you Monthly 1 1 mentoring call to review progress provide advice 1 1 coaching support via email throughout the month Regular marketing tips nudges to keep you focused To get better results you don t just need to know what to do and how to do it you need to actually do it The MINDSET MENTOR PROGRAMME keeps you on track All for only 99 per month Signing up is simple just hit the subscribe button As soon as we get your payment confirmation we will be in touch to organise your first session Includes VAT Payable in advance by standing order or credit debit card no minimum subscription cancel anytime you want Free download One page Marketing Plan template contact info First Name Last Name Email address Enter 9618 Required fields Let s talk One hour s marketing review for 40 donation to our adopted charity Follow us on These guys know their onions and how to sell them Earlier this year I completed one

    Original URL path: http://www.thepurpleedge.co.uk/content/training/mentoring.rhtm (2016-02-14)
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  • Marketing Mindset Group Coaching Programme
    media How to integrate activities and use traditional media more effectively The importance of consistency and constancy in marketing MODULE 6 BUILDING YOUR BRILLIANT MARKETING STRATEGY PLAN Pulling it all together How to use your skills to develop real SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time framed plans that you can immediately implement to grow your business Top Book now Who should attend where and when Any business owner manager who wants more customers more sales and more profit A team member looking to take on more of the responsibility for marketing in your company Anyone who has considered marketing training but is concerned about being able to apply it to their business VENUE THE PURPLE EDGE open enrolment MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME is run at venues chosen on the basis of facilities and ease of access and parking Hit the book now button to see full details of locations and dates The MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME can also be run IN HOUSE as a single company programme or at business centres innovation centres etc for groups of co located companies DATES AND TIMES Hit book now to see the dates of currently scheduled MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMMES Unless stated otherwise each session will start at 8 45 am for coffee and continental breakfast The action begins at 9 00 am and will continue through till 5 00 pm with a break fro lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day Top Book now Price and how to book We know of no other Group Coaching Programme that offers such comprehensive training coupled with specific content tailored to your needs and with such high levels of support and direct application to your business Marketing training courses from reputable training companies can easily cost 500 per day These will typically be fully taught and packed with theory or based on unrelated case studies They won t be interactive with work based around your business needs They won t have additional work to help solidify your learning they won t provide on going support and they won t include expert and peer review of your ideas and proposals The MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME provides all this at a venue close to you at a time that allows you to continue to take care of business The price for this programme has been set to make it accessible to small businesses with discounts for early booking We believe that this is the most comprehensive and cost effective marketing training available to Kent s small businesses So to recap we offer a MARKETING MINDSET GROUP COACHING PROGRAMME which comprises Image Guarantee 2 full day sessions a week apart Content tailored to delegates needs Comprehensive subject matter Expert coaches Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified and with almost 50 years industry experience Expert and peer review Local venue Free telephone email support Lunch and unlimited tea coffee etc The Group Coaching Programme represents extraordinary value at just 699 499 if you book before 1st

    Original URL path: http://www.thepurpleedge.co.uk/content/training/groupcoaching.rhtm (2016-02-14)
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  • Marketing Mindset Training Courses Kent
    Chartered Marketer logo Your trainers will be Sharon Wilding and Jim Hunt between them they have more than 50 year s marketing experience Bring a friend save money Each training place costs just 99 inc VAT but you can save money by bringing a friend along with 2 places for 149 inc VAT Or make the same saving yourself over 2 different masterclasses If you want to take advantage of this option you need to contact us directly as the online booking can t handle discounts over different dates Bespoke in company training All our courses are also available to run as IN HOUSE PROGRAMMES or we can create a bespoke course to meet your team s needs Just call us to discuss details Marketing Mindset Training Masterclasses Click on the venue for more info to book online How to get more business from your website Concerned that your website isn t delivering for your business Find out what you can do to make the difference between simply having a website and having one that brings in more business 9 30am 12 30pm Canterbury Sold Out Maidstone Mon 21st July Ashford Tues 13th May How to use Social Media for marketing Using social media may seem like a low cost marketing tool but done badly it can waste your most valuable resource time Learn to make social media an effective marketing tool 1 30pm 4 30pm Canterbury Sold Out Ashford Tues 13th May How to do email marketing Email marketing is still the most effective marketing technique for most business with conversions from email quadrupling in the last 4 years Learn how to use email to drive new business 9 30am 12 30pm Canterbury Fri 13th June Ashford Weds 25th June Maidstone Mon 21st July How to write great copy

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