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  • The Plight Of The Bank Depositor Today - The Real Asset Company
    years are depositors being fairly rewarded and why would one chose to keep significant amounts of their net wealth in a bank As financial institutions have moved away from more prudent business models in the effort to achieve greater returns on equity they have taken on more risk The levels of leverage at work on Wall Street and in The City of London have grown since the 1970s to be knocking in the door of a 40 1 ratio prior to 2008 s Credit Crunch but the commercial banking world is also leveraged to about 20 1 according to Eric Sprott in an interview with Bloomberg on 12th May this summer But are depositors receiving a greater or even remotely proximate reward and interest return for bearing part of this greater risk level We would urge that they are not In today s new normal depositors have to accept little interest income and are actually having their wealth eroded by punishing levels of inflation Inflation hit 5 6 in the UK this week according to The Bank of England Where is all this inflation coming from one might ask Being openly Austrian in economic mind set we would urge that this inflation is a purely monetary phenomenon quite simply a greater amount of money chasing a steady amount of things asset goods services etc means that prices can only rise The monetary authorities of the world have been printing money and increasing the money supply to provide emergency liquidity to the banking system in an effort to combat years maybe even decades if you have an affiliation with George Soros s Credit Super Bubble thesis of malinvestment and misallocation of capital caused by the excessively easy availability of credit The depositor who funds a great deal of the very basis of the whole banking system appears to get an inequitable interest return and may not be aware of the vulnerability of the balance sheet and assets of his own bank Deposits really are the foundations here that allow banks to engage in their other potentially less socially useful and certainly more risky operations For example Bob Diamond is so keen to keep Barclays commercial bank within the umbrella of the greater Barclays banking group so that the commercial bank s huge deposit base can be leveraged and used in the overall goal of generating greater returns on the bank s equity To continue the discussion we turn to the perhaps unlikely contributor to things financial Ricky Gervais bear with us there is a point coming In his latest stand up show Science he comments It was only last year I found out you can go into your bank and say can I withdraw my cash and they can say no we ain t got it Ricky Gervais Whilst part of a comedy show Ricky s frustration with this explanation reveals the larger dynamics at work here and is perhaps an example of the wider public gradually starting to appreciate what

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  • Anything but the dollar - The Real Asset Company
    sees the introduction of silver coins as a threat to the dollar and protection against inflation it will allow people to choose money with real value for Mr Salinas Price it can also be seen as a savings vehicle This will assist countries which are suffering from inflation Mr Salinas Price states that as silver coins are issued and the paper currency of equivalent value is withdrawn the silver coins will have zero velocity as they will be treasured up by the population Therefore the inflationary effect on the economy will be zero this is the correct way to fight inflation saving these coins will amount to voluntary austerity Salinas Price 2010 Competition to national currency Dr Paul would like to see the introduction of gold and silver coins as a competing currency In the UK we have politicians of our own who also recommend competing currencies One of them is Douglas Carswell a Conservative MP who we interviewed recently Whilst his proposals do not focus on the introduction of precious metals in the economy he is interested in idea of legal tender laws being repealed in order to allow competing currencies to circulate His argument is simple at the moment the cost of devaluing the pound as done by the Bank of England is a cost not only incurred by the bank and the government but also us the people of the economy By removing legal tender laws we would be able to choose which currencies we could spend in and thereby present competition to the British pound which may make Governor Mervyn King think twice about recommending further rounds of quantitative easing The beauty of Mr Carswell s proposal is that this would operate entirely electronically there would be no need for you to go to the bureau de change each day if you decided that you wanted to change the currency you were operating in As Will Bancroft wrote about earlier this month we know longer need to physically carry money around with us there is digital money and digital gold and silver This is currently in development in Utah the Utah Gold and Silver Depository are hoping to allow customers to spend their gold and silver via a debit card which is linked to your gold and silver coin holdings There is little reason why you would have to walk around with a few coins of silver in your pocket Instead you would spend on a card which is linked to your silver account as you do now with the national currency However in contrast to the national currency you would be safe in the knowledge that your silver was safe in the bank and would maintain its purchasing power For more information about using gold and silver as alternatives to the fiat money system and for how gold investment fits into this bigger picture follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook You can also watch interviews with politicians academics professional investors and traders

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  • Mind the Counter-Party - The Real Asset Company
    has about 85 of his wealth in gold and silver related investments Jim Sinclair legendary trader and founder of The Sinclair Group has a similar degree of exposure whilst Mike Maloney has almost all of his net wealth invested in the precious metals Austrian financial institution Erste Group s Ronald Stoeferle put it succinctly when he wrote in his July 2011 research piece that the possession of gold is tantamount to pure ownership without liabilities However it is vital to consider how this precious metal investment is achieved By moving towards gold and silver bullion the investor is often opting for something free of counterparties What then seems illogical is then why such an inclined investor would opt to facilitate their precious metals investments using a financial product like an ETF and once more be open themselves up to counterparty risk Granted some ETFs have grown large and highly liquid such as State Street s ETF known by the ticker GLD The need for such professional market depths of liquidity might have made such ETFs favourable to funds and institutions which their potential regulatory requirements Interestingly some of the high profile interviewees on King World News believe these ETFs to represent some of the largest inventories of available bullion for large Asian buyers to use to access the gold and silver bullion markets But are these products the most suitable for an individual who is looking to gold and silver for the reasons discussed above We believe not and will seek to articulate why below Own Gold Bullion Without Counterparties Why are gold and silver ETFs potentially not the optimal investment solution for individuals The distilled answer is counterparties Even if some of these counterparties are large established institutions such as HSBC or JP Morgan the counterparty risk is still attendant Further arguments then rage about the structural integrity of ETFs and the best research we have seen in this space comes from Hinde Capital and Jeff Neilsen of Bullion Bulls Both sources are indeed interested parties as are we but this does not invalidate their potential conclusions We would challenge any reader to look at Hinde Capital s research piece from August 2010 Precious Metals ETF Alchemy GLD the new CDO in disguise and not come away with significant concerns about the suitability of ETFs for gold and silver investors Hinde s 52 page research piece is substantial and not an easy read but is likely to leave the reader with not only concerns about ETF providers counterparty risk but the actual legitimacy of these particular ETF products as proxies for gold and silver investment Whatever the true realities are making a gold investment using an ETF still exposes the investor to a range of counter parties usually about three to five Such analysis and concerns are echoed by notable precious metals analyst James Turk who at Monday s Gold and Silver summit told the audience that when reading the prospectus to the original gold ETF back in 2005

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  • Buy Gold ETF - Gold Investment ETF | Gold Investing ETF | Gold ETFs
    funds ETFs Using securities to buy gold In recent years new products have entered the gold investment markets An example is exchange traded funds or ETFs that are meant to track the price of gold However there are some limitations of using ETFs to invest in gold You suffer from Owning a share of a debt instrument or security Exposure to multiple financial institutions Costly management fees More limited security and control ETFs now exist for many investments and asset classes but as precious metal investors learn more about their limitations they tend to favour more tangible alternatives Ultimately their complex financial nature and vulnerability to counterparties has reduced the appeal of gold ETFs This trend has increased as investors are now able to buy gold online at the live gold price more securely and efficiently using other products A better way to buy gold What makes us great In this section Comparing our platform Coins small bars Certificates unallocated accounts Exchange traded funds ETFs Derivatives markets Spread betting on gold Gold mining shares Allocated accounts Follow us 1 215 Fans 2 448 Followers 5 094 Followers 109 Subscribers 70 Members Contact Us The Real Asset Co Ltd 25 Nutford

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  • No more Safe Havens - The Real Asset Company
    value if the other side does what they promised Bonds and debt instruments are only of value when the borrower pays you interest and eventually returns the principal Otherwise investors suffer through default As students of the Austrian school and perceiving levels of significant and potentially unsolvable stress in the financial system we find this notable In an environment of negative real rates and heightened systemic risk should investors not look to other financial assets that hold no default risk When counterparties have little faith in each other why not look to assets outside of the financial system What about gold bullion It seems imprudent to us not to even think about this Gold and silver bullion have served as safe havens and the ultimate form of money for millennia Central banks are certainly discovering their allure once more in what we perceive to be a great resetting of precious metals within the monetary system Even now gold mostly makes up a pitiful percentage of central bank reserves So why should institutional investors not look at gold or silver Institutional investors could be deemed a herd of elephants within the global capital markets yet they have not even dipped their toe into gold Insurance firms and pension funds are not part of the gold market Shayne McGuire of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas found the typical pension fund holds about 0 15 of its assets in gold He estimates another 0 15 is devoted to gold mining stocks giving us a total of 0 30 that is less than one third of 1 of assets committed to the gold sector This chimes with findings from one of our favourite research houses Casey Research We suspect that some of this institutional money will come searching for gold over the next few years as more safe havens fail to perform Due to the gold market s relative size this could have an out sized effect on the gold price This is to be expected should large pools of capital try to squeeze into a small market Avoid counterparty risk However even if gold was to maintain a constant price level throughout this year we would prefer to hold a significant part of our wealth in gold bullion than lend to the sovereign and corporate debt addicts of the world The lack of counterparty risk defines gold and silver gold s volatile and some say better looking little sister This lack of default risk shines for us right now We suspect it will continue shining for a good few years to come even though there may be bumps in the road to test gold investors along the way The Swiss banking tradition has always understood gold in this way and advised its clients to always keep around 10 of their portfolios allocated to gold Some Swiss advisers urge more and in this case we listen to the bankers of the world For an asset to be super safe surely having significant default

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  • Buy Gold Bullion Online - Allocated Gold Account | Gold Bullion Bars
    Expert comment Infographics Gold Bug Reading List Search for Home Education centre Ways to invest in gold Allocated accounts Allocated bullion accounts Buying physical gold that you own Perhaps the most efficient way to buy gold bullion is using an allocated account which acts like a bank account for gold bullion How do I buy gold in an allocated account Using our next generation platform you can open an allocated account with The Real Asset Company and buy gold online Our platform enables you to Buy gold of recognised purity from the professional markets Own physical gold bullion that is your legal property Buy as little as one gram at live gold prices per gram Buy sell at the most efficient live gold price 24 7 Store your gold in independent vaults used by the professional bullion markets Hold your investment outside of the banking system Take possession of your gold bullion Allocated gold accounts were historically the most secure way to buy gold in physical form and the digital age has made this type of gold investment easier and more transparent These improvements in allocated gold accounts has made it even more popular to invest in gold online at the latest price of gold This is why we believe our service is the best way to buy gold Buy gold now What makes us great In this section Comparing our platform Coins small bars Certificates unallocated accounts Exchange traded funds ETFs Derivatives markets Spread betting on gold Gold mining shares Allocated accounts Follow us 1 215 Fans 2 448 Followers 5 094 Followers 109 Subscribers 70 Members Contact Us The Real Asset Co Ltd 25 Nutford Place London UK W1H 5YQ 44 0 203 287 8130 support therealasset co uk Join our newsletter Recent articles We live in extraordinary

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  • Battered by gold, whipped by silver - The Real Asset Company
    to invest in gold and silver Averaging into gold and silver investment Our favoured means of investing in gold and silver for most people is for individuals to steadily buy a little each month in what would be called averaging into a position Dollar cost averaging or for UK investors pound cost averaging has been promoted as the best way of building a position for ages We find the best advocacy of it by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd the Godfathers of value investing in their books Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor All this really means is that you invest a certain amount each month and buy gold and or silver regardless of the current price When the gold price is high you buy less when it is low you get more for your money As a result your average cost per unit of gold bullion can be lower The same applies for silver Averaging into a position reduces your exposure to price volatility This form of investing does require the identification of a trend to invest into but can be a steady and considered method for the average investor Gold and silver investors who are steadily building their positions will find that this recent softness in the gold price and silver price means they are currently getting more bang for their buck They also benefitted in this way at the very end of 2010 and January 2011 Keep averaging in and enjoy the current weak prices Buying dips in the gold price More speculative or professional investors might chose not to buy each month but instead to try and buy the sell offs in gold and silver prices as they occur There have indeed been dips to buy just look at the last two years for gold Could you have picked these moments to buy Many have tried and failed Buying the dips successfully is much easier imagined than done as this introduces a proprietary trading element to your investing If you are a good enough trader to do this consistently the chances are that this is your job and you stand to make a pretty penny The danger with trying to trade gold and silver in this way is that you call it wrong when trying to judge when the bottom is in and a good time to buy is there Which investment technique works best We mention a number of notable analysts and traders in our Research Analysis section but few of even these market heavyweights can consistently buy the dips effectively This is why most commentators advocate steadily accumulating gold and silver bullion in the knowledge that these tangible assets are the ultimate form of money and stand independent of the creaking financial and monetary systems Wishing you a successful 2012 Ready to buy gold and silver Get started in minutes See pricing OR Sign up now to receive your FREE oz of silver Please Note Information published here is provided to aid your thinking

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  • Infographic: The History of Currency in 10 Different Countries - The Real Asset Company
    hyperinflation 21 were destroyed through war 12 were destroyed through independence 24 were monetarily reformed 23 are still in circulation Do you think history is still repeating itself Tell us either in the comments below or in our Google Community Courtesy of Visual Capitalist Greenspan Why Beijing is buying gold WGC reports calm consolidation in gold investment demand Categories Best of the Web About the Author Jan Skoyles Jan Skoyles is Head of Research at The Real Asset Company a platform for secure and efficient gold investment Jan first became interested in precious metals and sound money when she met Ned Naylor Leyland whilst working alongside him in the summer of 2010 Jan then went on to write her undergraduate dissertation on the use of precious metals in the monetary system After graduating from Aston University in 2011 Jan joined The Real Asset Co research desk Her work and views are now featured on a range of media including BBC Reuters Wall Street Journal Mail on Sunday Forbes and The Telegraph She has appeared on news channels including Russia Today to discuss the gold price and gold investing You can keep up with Jan s commentary by subscribing to our RSS feed Gold Investment News View all posts by Jan Skoyles Popular Posts Related Posts Why is Germany repatriating their gold COMEX revealed Investigating the paper gold market The top five gold commentators 5 things repatriating gold bullion says about the country We live in extraordinary times The rise of gold backed crypto currencies Our Goldbloc is supported by Veridu Blockchain Opportunities Categories Best of the Web Expert comment Infographics Social and community The Daily Nugget Tags Bitcoin Buy Britain s Gold Back Central Banks Deflation Economic Policy Economic theory Eurozone crisis Federal Reserve Gold bugs Goldbugs Gold bullion Gold

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