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  • Greenspan: Why Beijing is buying gold - The Real Asset Company
    offered in payment of an obligation it was the only form of payment for example that exporters to Germany would accept as World War II was drawing to a close Today the acceptance of fiat money currency not backed by an asset of intrinsic value rests on the credit guarantee of sovereign nations endowed with effective taxing power a guarantee that in crisis conditions has not always matched the universal acceptability of gold If the dollar or any other fiat currency were universally acceptable at all times central banks would see no need to hold any gold The fact that they do indicates that such currencies are not a universal substitute Of the 30 advanced countries that report to the International Monetary Fund only four hold no gold as part of their reserve balances Indeed at market prices the gold held by the central banks of developed economies was worth 762 billion as of December 31 2013 comprising 10 3 percent of their overall reserve balances The IMF held an additional 117 billion If in the words of the British economist John Maynard Keynes gold were a barbarous relic central banks around the world would not have so much of an asset whose rate of return including storage costs is negative There have been several cases where policymakers have contemplated selling off gold bullion In 1976 for example I participated as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers in a conversation in which then U S Treasury Secretary William Simon and then Federal Reserve Board Chair Arthur Burns met with President Gerald Ford to discuss Simon s recommendation that the United States sell its 275 million ounces of gold and invest the proceeds in interest earning assets Whereas Simon following the economist Milton Friedman s view at that time argued that gold no longer served any useful monetary purpose Burns argued that gold was the ultimate crisis backstop to the dollar The two advocates were unable to find common ground In the end Ford chose to do nothing And to this day the U S gold hoard has changed little amounting to 261 million ounces I confronted the issue again as Fed chair in the 1990s following a decline in the price of gold to under 300 an ounce One of the periodic meetings of the G 10 governors was dedicated to the issue of the European members desire to pare their gold holdings But they were aware that in competing with each other to sell they could drive the price of gold down still further They all agreed to an allocation arrangement of who would sell how much and when Washington abstained The arrangement was renewed in 2014 In a statement accompanying the announcement the European Central Bank simply stated Gold remains an important element of global monetary reserves Beijing meanwhile clearly has no ideological aversion to keeping gold From 1980 to the end of 2002 Chinese authorities held on to nearly 13 million ounces They boosted their holdings

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  • Research Desk • at The Real Asset Company
    278 oz this is a rise of 6 5 so far this year and gold managed to put in a monthly high of over 1 300 oz We saw a late rally towards the end of last week as Read More The Swiss franc volatility and the price of gold Posted Jan 17 2015 by Research Desk in Expert comment 0 Comments This week s decision by the Swiss National Bank to allow the Swiss franc to float freely has sent shock waves across the world s markets A number of foreign exchange and spread betting platforms have taken heavy hits as clients took bets on the SNB continuing to Read More WGC reports calm consolidation in gold investment demand Posted Oct 29 2014 by Research Desk in Expert comment 0 Comments The World Gold Council WGC has released the Gold Demand Trends for the second quarter of 2014 We bring you the highlights of this latest report Central bank gold demand The thing that always grabs the attention of the research team here at The Real Read More Greenspan Why Beijing is buying gold Posted Oct 3 2014 by Research Desk in Best of the Web 0 Comments Now that Greenspan is no longer at the helm of the world s largest printing press and bubble machine he can pretty much write and comment on what he likes A situation similar to the one he was in when he first met Ayn Rand and Read More Page 1 of 16 1 2 3 4 5 10 Last Categories Best of the Web Expert comment Infographics Social and community The Daily Nugget Tags Bitcoin Buy Britain s Gold Back Central Banks Deflation Economic Policy Economic theory Eurozone crisis Federal Reserve Gold bugs Goldbugs Gold bullion Gold investing Gold Investment Gold

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  • A Crypto Currency Backed By Gold? How Retail Gold Investors Can Benefit From Bitcoin's Technology - The Real Asset Company
    to think about the fact that once you have deposited your money into a bank account it is no longer legally yours Jan explains as more people realize this they are encouraged to divert their funds elsewhere She cites as evidence the recent spate of bail ins carried out by the Cypriot government where money was lifted directly from people s bank accounts to ensure the government did not default on its spiraling debts The lack of real alternatives when it comes to depositing excess cash is what props up the existing banking system but Bitcoin technology and gold can complement one another I often hear people discussing their finances bemoaning the fact that rates of interest are going up but what can you do they shrug A gold backed currency is an alternative way to diversify your savings The Real Asset Company platform allows investors to purchase gold bullion outside of the traditional financial markets which are normally leveraged out of all proportion to the underlying supply of the asset via the futures market a similar kind of house of cards effect triggered the collapse of the financial markets in 2008 when mortgage backed securities unravelled to such catastrophic effect When you deal with The Real Asset Company you are buying actual bullion kept in warehouses located in London Singapore and Geneva and once purchased you become the legal owner of the physical asset As such there is no liquidity risk and as the trade price is updated every minute little in the way of arbitrage opportunities either This is not a get rich quick scheme in fact quite the opposite The system does not allowed for leverage of any kind But why the need for a digital crypto currency Jan explains This isn t just about demand for an alternative currency but also about demand to own gold and bringing the offering into the 21st century Jan sees it as a 3 stage process first the currency is created second it starts to become the means to buy more gold or sell your existing holding and finally it becomes a means of payment that is accepted at high street stores and restaurants but the transactions are still recorded on the block chain ledger so there is complete transparency Jan has enlisted the help of self confessed digital currency nut Luke Mitchell who has deferred the final year of his Computer Science degree at Bristol University to help mimic the Bitcoin technology on behalf of the Real Asset Company He is helping to make the system Real Asset Company verifiable creating the public and private keys that prevent against online fraud and packaging the product to make it easier for investors unfamiliar with how Bitcoin works to participate The Real Asset Company do charge fees to cover insurance and storage costs and a one off transaction fee applies plus the price of gold itself may fluctuate in the short term but it has arguably held its long term value

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  • Best of the Web Archives - Page 3 of 60 - The Real Asset Company
    to admit that gold peaked in 2011 Posted May 6 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Read the original article here Have you seen this real price of gold chart that s been making waves Among other things it purports to show the gold price adjusted for inflation over the past 223 years Notice the 1980 vs 2011 levels The chart makes Read More Best of the Web The Chinese gold vortex Posted May 1 2014 by Research Desk in Best of the Web 0 Comments We have been saying for over a year now that there is a disconnect between the economic fundamentals around physical gold and the price we see in international markets This is clear as is pointed out below when one looks at the phenomenal demand for Read More Best of the Web Silver price to consolidate in 2014 Posted Apr 30 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 1 Comment Attention hasn t exactly been lavished on the silver price this year This seems bizarre given the strength in ETFs and the fact that it is an industrial precious metal Considering the fall in both the gold and silver price in 2013 it is not surprising Read More Best of the Web How Gold Will Respond to Declining Discovery Posted Apr 28 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Since the fall in the gold price in April 2013 one of the bullish drivers for the yellow metal has been the high cost of production versus the gold price Many gold analysts have been torn by what impact the low gold price will really Read More Page 3 of 60 1 2 3 4 5 10 20 30 Last Categories Best of the Web

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  • Best of the Web Archives - Page 4 of 60 - The Real Asset Company
    The expectations for platinum and palladium Posted Apr 3 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Platinum and palladium are arguably the more exciting of the precious metals at the moment Not only are they industrial metals always interesting when areas of industry are growing but that they are also highly affected by ongoing industrial action and political events Despite all Read More FED up Hundred years of manipulating the US dollar Posted Mar 25 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Monday 23 December marks the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve System the Central Bank of the United States of America The mainstream media are keeping remarkably quiet about this key milestone No doubt they know only too well that growing Read More Jeff Clark when is the best month to buy gold Posted Mar 10 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments In the world of gold investment we are constantly finding ourselves looking incredulously at the manner in which Western forecasters recommend buying gold and therefore the way many Western investors do buy gold As we saw last year and into this year when the price of Read More Williams On gold the banks they are a changing Posted Feb 27 2014 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Very often the contrast between what is happening with the gold price and its underlying fundamentals compared to bank analysts predictions is noticeable We frequently comment on the ease in which mainstream analysts change their forecasts drawing attention to the fact that as they clearly Read More Page 4 of 60 First 2 3 4 5 6 10 20 30 Last Categories Best of the Web Expert comment Infographics

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  • Best of the Web Archives - Page 5 of 60 - The Real Asset Company
    stop QE Posted Dec 11 2013 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments As Matthew Lynn correctly identifies below right now there is only one thing markets want to know about QE Today it is whether or not tapering will go ahead in the US but last week it was about Draghi s easy monetary policy Central banks Read More Lawrie Williams Bull market or bear market where does gold stand now Posted Dec 5 2013 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments This week London played host to the Mine and Money conference Hosting a wealth of companies and big names in this space the big question everyone was asking was what the future had in store for precious metals There were some top keynote speakers at Read More Ron Paul The Mythical Merits of Paper Money Posted Dec 3 2013 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Every now and then when even the soundest investors and economists are beginning to question their beliefs we all need a bit of Dr Ron Paul s good sense to reassure us and bring us back to our senses In times such as these entire nations Read More John Rubino Inflation is Raging If You Know Where to Look Posted Nov 25 2013 by Jan Skoyles in Best of the Web 0 Comments Apparently there is no inflation This is why the gold bull run is over never mind that gold rose without high inflation between 2000 2011 Gold apparently climbed because inflation was coming but we misjudged it Or did we When economic pundits tell us there is no Read More Page 5 of 60 First 3 4 5 6 7 10 20 30 Last Categories Best of the Web Expert

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  • Co-founder and CEO
    List Search for Archives Author Archive for Ralph Hazell Home Archives by Ralph Hazell We live in extraordinary times Posted Dec 4 2015 by Ralph Hazell in Expert comment Social and community 0 Comments A fragile financial system Yesterday we saw the ECB cut rates to 0 3 The world s major central banks are keeping interest rates at close to zero because there is too much debt in the system and they are worried about the consequences of an Read More Blueprint for a gold bank Posted Feb 24 2012 by Ralph Hazell in Expert comment 5 Comments Throughout history gold has been used in transactions and as a form of savings Today using gold to make payments is no longer practised in the Western world many argue this is due to the impracticality of using the precious metal However this no longer Read More Categories Best of the Web Expert comment Infographics Social and community The Daily Nugget Tags Bitcoin Buy Britain s Gold Back Central Banks Deflation Economic Policy Economic theory Eurozone crisis Federal Reserve Gold bugs Goldbugs Gold bullion Gold investing Gold Investment Gold price Gold prices Gold Standard Gold Stock Google Plus GOP Government debt Inflation Investment trends Money printing Palladium investment Platinum investment Republicans Russia Silver bullion Silver investing Silver price Silver Prices sound money Follow us 1 215 Fans 2 448 Followers 5 094 Followers 109 Subscribers 70 Members Join newsletter Join our fortnightly newsletter to get all our commentary delivered to you Email Great news we ve signed you up Sorry we weren t able to sign you up Please check your details and try again Contact Us The Real Asset Co Ltd 25 Nutford Place London UK W1H 5YQ 44 0 203 287 8130 support therealasset co uk Join our newsletter

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  • WGC reports 'calm consolidation' in gold investment demand - The Real Asset Company
    frenzy of gold buying last year following the dramatic price drop in the first half it is not surprising that there has been a slowdown in demand levels The WGC describes the atmosphere as calm consolidation and they predict that barring any significant economic or geopolitical events this will remain throughout 2014 The appetite for gold was described as muted following a decline in local price premiums in regional markets particularly in India and China Bar and coin demand subsided following record highs in 2013 although it remains comfortably within the higher range established in the post financial crisis world Following the record levels of bar and coin buying last year 2014 has seen a more subdued environment for the gold market Gold coin demand is interesting when compared to demand for silver coins which in terms of amount spent have matched gold coins in 2014 For more information on the gold silver ratio please click here The second quarter saw a continuation of many of the factors that were in play during Q1 the huge stockpiling of gold that took place in Asian markets during 2013 was still to some extent being digested the election and import restrictions forestalled Indian consumers bar and coin investors continue to sit on the sidelines China and India continue to be key markets for investment but declining premiums are indicators that demand has slowed In China investment demand declined to its lowest levels in almost four years with a reduction in sales of bars and coins This is thought to be due to the recent crackdown on bribery and corruption lack of price direction uncertainty around future price trends and the hangover from last year s buying frenzy In India government policies banned coin imports in 2014 Uncertainty around gold import restrictions was also noted immediately following the Mid May elections China and India combined accounted for over half of the 56 year on year decline in bar and coin demand Within Europe bar and coin demand witnessed a major slowdown in the second quarter to the bottom end of the post financial crisis range Jewellery The Jewellery sector has also seen changes in 2014 Chinese consumers became more measured in their demand for gold jewellery in the second quarter of this year buying gold with a needs based approach We are not surprised by this finding given the frenzy of gold purchases last year In India new for old activity was seen with old jewellery being exchanged to help fund purchases of new jewellery High value purchases were restricted in the run up to the May election After the new government was elected demand weakened whilst the market waited to see the new governments stance on the import restrictions on gold The Reserve Bank of India introduced an immediate measure allowing 5 star trading houses to import gold which released supply pressure and a drop in the domestic market price premiums was seen Conclusion Overall the almost boring gold price action has

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