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  • 5 things repatriating gold bullion says about the country - The Real Asset Company
    have enough of The continual devaluation of the US Dollar is of course a good thing for the gold price and therefore even more reason for countries to get it back onto home soil 4 Foresee the need to protect the future of your own monetary system Germany is the one country in the Eurozone which appears to be reminding everyone of how important it is to return to some resemblance of sound money In the last few months we have listened to Jens Weidmann President of the Bundesbank compare the ECB s plans to the Faustian Pact However thanks to the undemocratic nature of the Eurozone few seem to be listening Like many of the disagreements in the past the ECB finds a way to work around them or gently persuade member countries to support new measures such as Draghi s OMT plans Germany like other countries in the EU has a responsibility to protect its citizens wealth and standard of living At the moment this is being threatened as the successful export country props up other fiscally different countries to its own Gold as we have long said is a protector of wealth The euro many have said was designed to act like a gold standard unfortunately you can t dress up a fiat currency to glister as it seems the Germans have realised 5 It s yours you want it where you can see it As we work hard to show here at The Real Asset Company when you buy allocated gold bullion you own gold only you can instruct what should happen to it The Bundesbank and Venezuela before it has done nothing wrong This is despite mainstream coverage which wants to imply that the Bundesbank s decision to move 600 tonnes of gold from the Bank of England between 2000 and 2001 was a shock and mystery Conclusion As we have outlined above no one really knows how this financial crisis will unfold Whilst financial crises have unfortunately become too frequent in the last forty years never has one been this contagious far reaching or beyond the understanding of the policy makers Why shouldn t the Germans get their gold back under control They own it and most likely they ll need it Do you think Germany should take her gold home Tell us what you think in the comments column below Please Note Information published here is provided to aid your thinking and investment decisions not lead them You should independently decide the best place for your money and any investment decision you make is done so at your own risk Data included here within may already be out of date Enjoy our commentary Get it all delivered to you in our fortnightly newsletter The Daily Nugget gold price holds The Daily Nugget Brazil buys gold bullion Tags Eurozone crisis Gold bullion Gold Investment Gold prices Categories Expert comment About the Author Jan Skoyles Jan Skoyles is Head of Research at The Real Asset Company a platform for secure and efficient gold investment Jan first became interested in precious metals and sound money when she met Ned Naylor Leyland whilst working alongside him in the summer of 2010 Jan then went on to write her undergraduate dissertation on the use of precious metals in the monetary system After graduating from Aston University in 2011 Jan joined The Real Asset Co research desk Her work and views are now featured on a range of media including BBC Reuters Wall Street Journal Mail on Sunday Forbes and The Telegraph She has appeared on news channels including Russia Today to discuss the gold price and gold investing You can keep up with Jan s commentary by subscribing to our RSS feed Gold Investment News View all posts by Jan Skoyles Popular Posts Related Posts Why is Germany repatriating their gold COMEX revealed Investigating the paper gold market The top five gold commentators 5 things repatriating gold bullion says about the country Daily Nugget gold climbs 10 since January Understanding the London Gold Fix Is gold a safe haven How China is taking over the world one gold bar at a time Pingback 5 things repatriating gold bullion says about the country Silver For The People The Blog goldman yes Germany should have it s gold in its possession Never trust a third party fazsha I don t think Germany will bring its gold home any more than it stood up to the EU when push came to shove the plutocrats decide to do what the other plutocrats want In this case if there were a problem with Germany s gold the political pressure put on Germany behind the scenes would be so enormous that it would take not just a single politician of steel will but an entire battalion to overcome it I don t see that kind of conviction in the German political ranks Even Axel Weber bowed to political pressure and resigned even though he was next in line to be ECB President No Germany will fold like an accordion Rackley I believe German gold as well as most US gold is gone leased stolen by the Central banks primarily the US Federal Reserve Why else would Bernanke clearly state before Congress that an audit would not be in the interest of the American public Their repeated refusal of inspection tells us what we should already know Bob i suggest that we all do actually already know Walter Why not IwanovKapotjeplov Yes Germany should bring back its gold And so should the Netherlands Like Germany they also have a lot of gold that is located in the US RG Interesting correlation Did the return of 400 tons of Germany s gold from England have anything to do with then Prime Minister Gordon Brown s sale of 395 tons of gold during the same period Perhaps there was no gold available to send to Germany without disrupting the gold market Interesting correlation in the time and

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