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  • Listen Up! How to Improve the Listening Skills That Increase Sales | The Sales Club
    attempting to get a point across After all without an understanding of the prospect s needs and motivations how can we even be sure we re getting the correct point across Or there s even a relevant point to get across Nearly all sales people call themselves good listeners And if we re simply talking about the ability to hear words and comprehend them then yes this is a true statement But if we re talking about the ability to listen with an open mind to keep the conversation relevant based on what is being said and the ability to make the person on the other end feel truly understood most sales reps could use some improvement Here are a few sales strategy tips to help improve your listening skills Clear your mind You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time M Scott Peck Without even realizing it you enter most conversations with your own assumptions that pre shape your mindset Before starting important conversations with prospects try checking in with your internal thoughts and feelings first Do you have certain expectations for how this conversation will go Are previous successes or failures with this person or this type of business influencing the way you feel The best way to ensure you are putting your assumptions aside and are approaching the conversation with an open mind is to address them before the conversation even starts Pay close attention to non verbal cues The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn t said Peter Drucker Leave no room for doubt as to whether you are tuned into the conversation Lean forward nod raise your eyebrows become engrossed in the conversation with both your voice and your body Your prospects can t tell when you re listening with your ears They can however tell by your body language just how intently you are paying attention Eliminate anything that might distract you from the conversation so you can focus on staying engaged Similarly make it a point to pay close attention to your prospect s non verbal cues because they can indicate whether the prospect is engaged with your questions and responses This can allow you to ask the right questions and make conversational corrections in real time Practice active listening skills If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk Robert Baden Powell Active listening is where you make a conscious effort to understand the complete message being sent not just the words the other person is saying If it s sometimes difficult for you to concentrate or it s hard to understand what others are saying online management and leadership training provider Mind Tools recommends repeating others words mentally as they say them Doing so will reinforce their message and help you stay focused Acknowledge when you don t understand something Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you

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  • 4 Tips to Giving Presentations like a TED Talk Pro | The Sales Club
    is to eliminate any mishaps ums or unnecessary content with each recording Masterful presenting begins once you can present material in a way that doesn t sound rehearsed Note the total time it takes you to finish your first run through The aim is to cut ⅕ of your total presentation time 2 Understand Engage Some of the best presenters are those that not only engage an audience but also show a clear understanding of who their audience is Research your audience before presenting What type of people are coming to see you Where are they from Is this audience a fan of the same sports team At the beginning of a presentation utilize the information to instantly make you relatable and likeable Upload your slides to SlideShare registration and sharing is free Do not handout slides to your audience Handouts take attention away from you which reduces your value Instead upload your slides to SlideShare then provide the link or info post presentation This technique reinforces your personal brand by giving your audience an additional way to see you Audience members who are truly interested will visit the link When applicable engage your audience with questions If you re presenting with an iPad try using an app like SlideIdea SlideIdea is a free presentation app that allows you to present slides and get realtime audience feedback The audience uses their own mobile device to participate in polls ask questions or even follow slides Additionally if you want to stick out from the crowd try using SlideIdea s Transformations Unlike transitions Transformations turn your presentation slides into manipulable real world elements such as the turning pages of a book the unraveling of a scroll or even the look and feel of a deck of cards This most certainly will eliminate the slide by slide bore 3 Keep slides simple Regardless of your design skills your slides are meant to enhance your presentation not be the presentation Keeps the focus on you Here are some tips that make your slides enhance you This tip we took from Guy Kawasaki Font size should be no smaller than half the age of the oldest audience member This rule may not be applicable to all situations but the point is to focus on fewer words and a bigger size font Start at size 30 For complicated matters write summarizing key points but explain the rest by speech Your audience members came to see you not your deck Do not use animations or transitions unless they serve a distinct purpose For example use a pop in animation if you plan on surprising your audience in the context of your speech Otherwise don t use the pop up animation Only use special effects with a contextual purpose 4 Keep it short The most popular media platforms produce increasingly small content For instance we consume news from microblogs Twitter Tumblr video from microfilms YouTube Vine and even the average number of slides in a SlideShare presentation has

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  • 7 Networking Tips for Introverts, Extroverts, and the Socially Awkward | The Sales Club
    Poised for Success Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Professionals Here s what she says you need to do to make the most of networking opportunities and garner valuable connections Manage your expectations If you re attending some kind of networking event you don t have to put pressure on yourself to meet a lot of people You can go to an event and be there for 20 to 30 minutes and make a great connection just by talking to one or two people she says One quality conversation is more beneficial than 20 superficial ones Plan some ice breakers ahead of time Shy people in particular have a hard time starting conversations with strangers but doing a bit of homework before an event can help anyone come up with good questions to ask Find out who will be at an event and research the people you want to meet by looking them up on Google or LinkedIn Come up with a few questions as ice breakers Whitmore advises My typical go to questions always revolve around food and travel because everybody loves to eat and most everybody loves to travel Set a time limit Instead of committing to stay for the duration of an event tell yourself you ll only hang out for an hour or some other chunk of time you re comfortable with The point is to take the pressure off yourself and just show up When you show up you re setting yourself up for success because you never know who you re going to meet who you re going to run into and how it could help you build your professional or personal life she says Ask for an introduction This tip is a good one for anyone regardless of your personality Find someone who knows everyone and ask that person maybe the individual hosting the event to connect you with whomever it is you want to meet When you ask someone to introduce you it holds a lot more weight versus going up to someone and introducing yourself because the person you re being introduced to sees you in a different light if somebody of importance or someone in authority is bringing you up to them Whitmore notes I use that when I m dealing with VIP s like if there s a speaker in the room I might go to the director of PR and say Would you mind introducing me to the speaker tonight and they re happy to do it Practice empathetic listening Put yourself in another person s shoes and listen with the goal of learning something When you ask the person a question listen with the intent to understand and also to establish a connection with that person because people tend to remember people they have a connection with Share personal stories Your personal stories are what make you interesting and memorable If you said to me Oh I love that pin you re wearing I could say

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  • Sales Is Set To Sit At The Top Table | The Sales Club
    has dwindled one of the few ways forward for a board of directors is to grow a company organically and that almost invariably means devising an effective sales strategy Professor Neil Rackham well known for pioneering research into high value sales sees the current period both as a renaissance for the sales profession and a period of unprecedented change According to the Harvard Business Review professional selling today is more about assessing multiple customer needs and motivations analysing and forecasting market trends using sophisticated automation tools and developing value driven solutions in partnership with clients Sales is no longer about schmoozing the customer and sticking your foot in the door or even providing basic information about your company and products because buyers are already one step ahead thanks to the internet As the body of knowledge about sales performance grows it provides new opportunities for a whole spectrum of commercial professional and academic organisations Sales courses are proliferating in the United States and there are also signs of academic green shoots in the UK In addition to the longer standing Institute of Sales and Marketing Management ISMM the industry has also recently seen the emergence of a new professional body for sales leaders the Sales Leadership Alliance SLA We re also seeing a blurring of traditional boundaries most obviously between sales and marketing where there has been a lot of debate around breaking down the barriers between the two revenue generating functions To a certain extent this is also happening between salespeople and buyers Perhaps most surprising of all is the notion that salespeople can these days teach buyers a thing or two At the very top strategic level of selling that s what happens on a routine basis the high achieving salespeople regularly identify and communicate issues that board

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  • A Day at British Airways - Rising Stars Launch Event | The Sales Club
    collaboration and ensure all members of sales teams own the sales strategy In session two Andy explored Simple ways to sell more designed to make communications with leaders subordinates and customers more confident and ultimately provide easy ways for our Rising Stars to sell more Communicate better Sell better Do better Your ability to convince people to say yes defines how successful you are From convincing customers to buy to inspiring your team to excel everything hinges on how you communicate But many comms don t impress Sales meetings often lead nowhere Team meetings often update each other but little else Proposals don t get responded to People hate giving and receiving sales presentations But the good news since everyone else struggles with communication if you can master it you surge ahead of the rest The secret to mastering both sales and comms is to focus on the AFTER s why the other person is better off AFTER wards When selling don t talk about your product we sell exceptional websites focus on the AFTER s they deliver we can help improve your market share stand out from the competition When giving your Elevator Pitch don t talk about what you are I m an accountant or what you do I prepare tax returns Instead focus on the AFTER s you cause I help you pay less tax than you dreamed possible When communicating focus less on the content and more on what you need people to do AFTER it Don t have Update Meetings they just swap info and are usually pretty dull Instead have Improve Meetings where everyone must leave with one new technique they are going to use Don t have Customer Reviews They tend to review past performance and are too historic Instead have Previews where you both spend time analysing how you can bring more value next year Similarly have PREVIEWS with your team rather than simply reviewing performance When creating a presentation don t think what do I want to say Think what do I want to cause After all if your last slide says thank you people say You re welcome Now get out But when you say Next steps there tends to be some Having an AFTER s Focus sounds all so obvious So have a quick Self Check of you and your team 1 Review the home page of your website Does it talk about what you do or what you cause 2 Read the title of your most recent proposal It is called Our proposal or How we can help you transform sales performance 3 Look at the contents page of your proposals Do your headings focus on your features About us Our experience Our expertise Or do they talk about the AFTER s you will bring How we can improve your competitive advantage When you do this you ll see that AFTER s appear in one of three places 1 Nowhere this isn t good 2 At the end

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  • A Private Audience with Professor Neil Rackham | The Sales Club
    Most customers would pay a little extra for some advice Customers today The U shaped curve above shows that more buy transactionally AND more want deeper consultative relationships The Transactional problem A face to face transactional sales force costs too much in a market that by definition buys on cost Transactional customers don t want and don t need face to face salespeople Most salespeople have a mix of transactional and consultative opportunities 3 The problem of hybrid sales forces Most sales forces have hybrid salespeople who pursue both transactional and consultative business However no sales force can be effective if the same salespeople are chasing a mixture of Transactional and Consultative opportunities Key Insight Any salesperson who is talented enough to make Consultative sales is too expensive to use for Transactional opportunities where customers don t want and won t pay for high level sales talent Key Insight When salespeople have both Transactional and Consultative opportunities they always pay too much attention to the low margin transactional business at the expense of higher margin Consultative opportunities Oracle Case Study My sales force was so busy knocking off gas stations that they never had time to rob a bank Larry Ellison Co Founder CEO of Oracle Foundation and 3rd wealthiest American in 2011 4 The ever extending sales cycle Selling cycles are getting much longer More complex product service offerings More customers involved in the decision The need to invest earlier in the cycle the end of RFP selling Customers expect much more from the sales process Customised solutions The Customer Decision Process Key Insight by the time an RFP has been issued 70 80 of the decisions have already been made 5 The Decline of RFP Selling Previously companies would do some work prior to agreeing a sale but the majority of the solution would be developed post contract Today companies are paid much later in the process after doing much more of the work 6 Skyrocketing costs of chasing an opportunity Sales costs some facts It costs IBM Global Services an average of 480 000 to pursue each opportunity The Big 4 accountants spend upwards of 1million to try to get an audit Very few companies know what it costs them to chase an opportunity You ain t seen nothing yet So what can organizations do to control these skyrocketing costs They can map opportunities on the Calculus of Success to decide which are worth pursuing Key Insight Five practical suggestions Over resource the best opportunities Take opportunity selection out of the hands of salespeople Involve marketing and marketing tools in opportunity selection Push transactional opportunities to cheaper channels Upgrade the consultative selling effort However What if we don t create the kind of value the customer wants Or worse what if we create expensive value and once we ve solved the problem the customer goes to a cheaper competitor Where we create customer value Today a significant amount of the value we create occurs before the contract

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  • Best Practice | The Sales Club
    to fit their needs Best Practice A Radical Prescription for Sales Some things in life we know are true The sun rises in the east and sets in the west A body in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force And the best way to motivate salespeople is by offering them commissions Best Practice 4 Ways the Best Sales Teams Beat the Market Customers today use an average of six channels during the buying process and the number of channels available to them is only increasing Competition for those customers has also increased as margins have tightened Digital channels have upended Best Practice When and Why to Part Ways with a Customer It s time to end the fear of customers public feedback and to start managing relationships with abusive customers in a disciplined way Best Practice The 10 Chapters Your Sales Playbook Must Have Do you have an effective sales playbook A playbook acts as a reference manual for onboarding new sales reps and covers key areas for ongoing sales training But a sales playbook also has a more important function it codifies a sales process Best Practice Sales Prospecting How to Handle Get Back to Me Later Discover why agreeing to get in touch with prospects later is costing you sales and what you can do to create a sense of urgency among sales prospects Koka Sexton reports Best Practice Are Your Sales Reps Prepared The Good The Bad and The Ugly If you asked your prospects How prepared are your sales reps for client meetings what do you think they would say Tom Pisello The ROI Guy reports Best Practice Selling with Posts Tweets and Pins Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram are powerful selling tools Charles Orton Jones knows how to get the most from them Best Practice Sales Performance The Sales Force in the Age of the Customer Read the highlights from our exciting morning with Forrester s Scott Santucci who jetted in from Virginia especially for the event Previous Articles Best Practice Sales Performance The Sales Force in the Age of the Customer Read the highlights from our exciting morning with Forrester s Scott Santucci who jetted in from Virginia especially for the event Best Practice Olympic Legend Steve Smith speaks to the Rising Stars Read the highlights from the second half of our event High Flying Sales Culture A Day at QinetiQ with Olympic High Jumper Steve Smith Best Practice High Flying Sales Culture A Day at QinetiQ Read part one of the highlights from our compelling day at the working airfield of QinetiQ Members heard from the experts on how to turn a high flying sales culture into practice Best Practice Listen Up How to Improve the Listening Skills That Increase Sales Improve your sales strategy with these tips for becoming a better listener Best Practice 4 Tips to Giving Presentations like a TED Talk Pro Hundreds of articles cover presentation topics yet business professionals continue to commit

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  • User account | The Sales Club
    Contact Search form LinkedIn Twitter YouTube The Sales Club Events All Events Leaders Events Rising Stars Events Members Members Home Partners Member News Solutions After Hours Introduce a Member Members LinkedIn Group Library All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact You are here Home Primary tabs Log in active tab Request new

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