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  • World Class Leadership - Executive Summary | The Sales Club
    their CV self on a daily basis Perception is also key to the self consistency theory How you perceive yourself and how others perceive you are often very different As Sales Leaders your teams would benefit from rating themselves and receiving anonymous ratings from others in order to provide them with a clear understanding of how in line their own perceptions are with those of others The self consistency theory is very evident in job interviews and first dates You consider how you want to be perceived and will be the 10 10 version of yourself and once you are confident that you are being perceived as you intended your effort will often start to reduce TRIPWIRES Tripwires are important to embed in your sales performance Van Halen and those brown M M s are a famous example of tripwires being put in place Van Halen s rider for their tour was 53 pages long and half way through this document was a request for all brown M M s to be removed from their dressing room Though some perceived this as diva demands it was their way of knowing how much attention to detail set staff were paying and since Van Halen had to trust these crews to put together entire sets for each new city on tour this was a simple technique of testing them After a break in the afternoon Damian led the second half of the session which was focused on his time at Manchester United Damian shared some great examples of Sir Alex Ferguson s leadership skills and why these have made him one of the most iconic leaders in sports history How to think like Sir Alex Ferguson A little bit from Damian Hughes Jock Stein was walking out of Parkhead one evening when an eager young journalist approached him for an interview The obliging Stein stopped and listened as the reporter opened with the question Mr Stein you are obviously a great manager What are the secrets to your success Stein hesitated for a moment reflecting on how to even begin answering such a question Eventually he offered that All great managers have two fundamental rules he said The eager press man nodded his pencil hovering over his notepad in anticipation of the pearls of wisdom and insight to follow The first rule Stein said is that you never reveal everything you know After seven books of his own it is legitimate to ask what would another book on Alex Ferguson reveal I think that Jock Stein s answer is the key to understanding why I have written How to Think Like Sir Alex Ferguson In short Ferguson has told us what he did during his tenure of Manchester United I reveal how he did it and how you can use some of the same principles in your own professional life Recruit for character When Walt Disney was recruiting executives he would watch whether a candidate put salt onto their food before tasting

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  • The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding | The Sales Club
    All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding With profound simplicity Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves In this inspiring TED talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA quotes poetry and remembers his father s wisdom You are here Home Library The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding Why you should listen Born in 1910 Coach John Wooden was the first person to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame both as a player and coach while ESPN ranks him as the greatest coach of all time across all sports In his 40 years at UCLA he mentored legends such as Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul Jabbar He has created a model the Pyramid of Success and authored several books to impart his insight on achievement to others Coach wanted his players to be victors in life and not just on the court so he treated them as an extended family and emphasized that winning was more than scoring Indeed most of his inspiring theories were born from conversations with his father as a boy on their farm in Indiana One that sums up his ideology quite well is his often quoted definition of success Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming With over 3 3million views John s feature on TED Talk s is one of their most successful and is definitely worth a watch John Wooden More Inspiration A High Performance Culture World Class Leadership How To Think Like

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  • High Performance Culture with Charles van Commenee | The Sales Club
    you a better chance of winning High Expectations you must make the high expectations you have of your sales teams clear after all it is the opposition competitors that forces you to by giving 100 you and your team can expect 100 back Resilience getting back on your feet when the going gets tough It won t be simple all of the time but resilience is key to success Can do Mentality optimism is a moral duty It is important to avoid selecting people based on knowledge When selecting those you want in your team ask the following questions Will they go the extra mile Is this person determined Do they have the ability to understand what team work means Once you have found the right person that ticks the questions above you must monitor them very closely Charles suggests this 5 Step Exercise to make your team the winning team 1 What is the benchmark You must understand what differentiates the competition and what makes them great performers within the market What exactly is it that they are doing that you are not and what makes them more successful than you Whilst training Mo Farah Charles and his team of experts analysed those that were making the podium It became apparent that they were training at high altitude and had world class training partners everyday To improve Mo made the ultimate sacrifice and moved his family to North America for several years to train at altitude and better his performance 2 How wide is the gap Realistically forecast how long and what you need to do to bridge the gap In turn if you are already winning leading within your sector you must ensure you do not become complacent 3 Strategy Set Goals There are three types of goals Outcome Goals Performance Goals Process Goals Although all three are important process goals are the ones you can control and therefore are the most relevant 4 Agree Conditions Ensure your team are on the same page from the outset and understand What must happen What are the conditions And what are the consequences Charles suggests that at least once a year you evaluate each team member on their process and outcome Outcome Process In or out of Team IN OUT IN The last outcome will differ on opinion Charles indicates that the culture i e process is much more important than the outcome in most circumstances However isn t it the result that we all want And if we are getting the result does it matter what process it took to get there Charles suggests that if the rest of your team is solid in the culture that you have created and one person is not following this process will not make a huge impact then yes keep this person on for some time However to consistently improve and hit those targets is it the High Performance Culture that needs to take priority Phillips Idowu broke the culture within the

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  • Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe | The Sales Club
    Leaders Make You Feel Safe What makes a great leader Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests it s someone who makes their employees feel secure who draws staffers into a circle of trust But creating trust and safety especially in an uneven economy means taking on big responsibility You are here Home Library Simon Sinek Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe Simon Sinek Why good leaders make you feel safe About Simon Sinek Fascinated by the leaders who make impact in the world companies and politicians with the capacity to inspire Simon Sinek has discovered some remarkable patterns in how they think act and communicate He wrote Start With Why How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action to explore his idea of the Golden Circle what he calls a naturally occurring pattern grounded in the biology of human decision making that explains why we are inspired by some people leaders messages and organizations over others His newest work explores circles of safety exploring how to enhance feelings of trust and confidence in making bold decisions It s the subject of his latest book Leaders Eat Last An ethnographer by training Sinek is an adjunct of the RAND Corporation He

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  • How Leaders Get Top-Down Success | The Sales Club
    not If the team knows what the values and the narrative are that the company wants to own then I think it gives them the chance to make the decision to put their energy into it and make it work Mr Ahmed admits he doesn t like the buzzwords that pervade so much talk about business and management But he says that when it comes to dealing with employee engagement and making sure a company s management sends the right message in the right way there is one principle in particular that should be elevated to special status You rarely hear it when these buzzwords are being bandied about but it is the single most important word respect If the manager respects their subordinates to run an organisation the subordinates will have respect for the manager It also means that the people on the team will have respect for their customers and the work they do he says Perhaps after people read this the idea of respect in management will enjoy a renaissance Yes says Mr Ahmed Then only half joking People will be writing books about The Respect Economy He adds that in order to encourage respect to permeate the organisation and its management structure there are occasions when he takes a hard line I don t tolerate any mediocrity and I don t tolerate any toxicity he says in a matter of fact tone We ve had people that have been OK in terms of competency but we ve removed from the organisation because they were toxic Lots of companies keep people like that but it does not create the culture of engagement that you re talking about In order to create the culture that most people want to work in one that s respectful collegial and gives people the growth and fulfilment they want my job as a leader is to eliminate toxicity Particularly in large organisations you also need to articulate what you are in conflict with In our case that s mediocrity politics bureaucracy buzzwords If you don t make that clear then people within your organisation will be in conflict with each other Although it becomes apparent that Mr Ahmed thinks the best way to equip his company s leaders to empower the rest of the workforce is by building a cohesive culture across the whole company he also extols the benefits of more targeted training Since becoming part of the WPP group some AKQA staff have been able to take advantage of a mini MBA that has been developed by the parent company We re delighted to be able to send people on the courses he says If you re expanding people s minds how can they not love that It inspires them motivates them and educates them for the path they ve decided to follow So the training sessions for management are one perk of being part of WPP but what is the most important thing that AKQA has gained as a

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  • World Class Performance | The Sales Club
    want others to see us Lions define this clearly at the start of every tour Excellent practical exercise for Sales Managers Directors to do with their teams to achieve clarity on where you are and where you are going ANALYSIS APPRAISAL Regular analysis and appraisal is a key building block of the success of the Lions On their 7 week rugby tours the Lions analyse and appraise several times EVERY day to identify areas for improvement Imagine what Sales leaders could achieve with their teams if they analysed with this regularity and level of detail Key Analysis areas MUST look honestly at ourselves This provides key feedback Identify key changes necessary to improve MUST understand the Opposition Competition What they do under pressure do they improve or deteriorate Their preferences when they are in control What are their key weaknesses if you analyse precisely enough you will find weaknesses even in world class teams What are the 3 KEY Things we have to do to expose their weaknesses and WIN Filtering The head coach or sales leader MUST Analyse Produce Information Filter Filter the analysis to provide only relevant information for team The Lions management team often does 15 HOURS of analysis to provide 5 MINUTES of information for a team meeting Team Meetings Ideally MUST be Regular Rapid Short Duration 15 30 minutes Impactful Result in 3 key messages maximum In a trusted team only need REAL meetings where there is something worth saying Joint Success Joint Problem Solving Improve for next time CONSISTENCY OF MESSAGES Expectations team members MUST have open minds to develop and improve Challenges management MUST use clear consistent language Team success everyone s performance matters to each other Language used with the team must be consistent No room for error Decision making must be rapid comes from trust in the team Clear direction focus Information is critical Prioritise key priorities don t try to improve everything all at once Flow of information must be precise on 2009 Lions Tour players could plug into relevant info threads by category on the information server at any time and download info onto their laptop for their personal review and analysis WORLD CLASS BASICS Ruthless Simplicity Key Principles World Class Basics World Class Basics Core component of Lions success Great ethos for sales leaders to follow with their teams Embracing mastering world class basics means In rugby in the highest pressure matches moments the players carry out the basics perfectly i e passing kicking scrummaging tackling etc to give themselves a winning platform In sales in the highest pressure meetings and times of the sales cycle the sales team members implement the basic skills of sales calmly and effectively thereby winning the big deals and hitting targets Critical points Everyone MUST beat all deadlines A trusted team can be self managers managers respond to honesty Achieving World Class Basics in your team may sound easy but it involves incessant practice analysis feedback training and focus to achieve this

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  • Raise The Bar with Steve Smith | The Sales Club
    all put obstacles in the way of performance but remember to ask the question Will what we are doing make the boat go faster Steve Redgrave The over riding philosophy with everything we do should be is this going to add value For example for an Olympian attending the Opening Ceremony might be a fantastic experience but it won t add value to their performance when it counts Key questions for sales leaders Ask yourself the questions on the slide above to work out if you re currently focusing on activities that will improve your performance You can also get your managers and sales team members to do this exercise perhaps at an internal team meeting to ensure they too remain focused Belief What you tell yourself in the moments prior to your performance will not only have a dramatic impact on your performance but on the people around you too Steve motivated himself prior to an important performance by sitting in a corner with a towel over his head believing that he was the best high jumper the world has ever seen and visualising what every part of the perfect jump looked like before doing it He stepped into the persona of who he had to be for that moment and that helped him achieve a great result If you think you can you can if you think you can t you re right Key thought for leaders How can you ensure that your people are operating with a positive aura of self belief Team Work What does great or a 10 look like for you In the business world and the sporting world we all have good and bad days but how do we ensure most of them are great days What does a 10 look like and are you stepping out of your comfort zone to be consistent with your best behaviours When people apply for a new job they normally portray themselves as a 10 Does your team understand the goal and can you have performance based conversations to ensure that you are all working at a 10 Key question for sales leaders How often do we hold our people accountable for the promises they made on their CV about their performance 5am Start If we are all doing the same thing then what sets us apart from our competitors When Steve was training for the Olympics amongst world class athletes he had the realisation that all of his competitors deserved to win as much as he did they were all talented had all trained hard and made sacrifices He had to identify something to set him apart from his competitors For Steve it was diet and nutrition He would wake up at 5am every day and start his nutritional intake to get the best out of his first and every subsequent training session When he was facing a crucial jump in the Olympic stadium he remembered this and believed he was better and could win

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  • Inspiration | The Sales Club
    to bring world class leadership into your organisation Inspiration The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding With profound simplicity Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves In this inspiring TED talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA Inspiration High Performance Culture with Charles van Commenee Read the highlights from the fantastic event with Charles van Commenée aka The Volcano respected head coach of the London 2012 UK Athletics team on High Performance Culture In this summary Charles shares Inspiration Simon Sinek Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe What makes a great leader Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests it s someone who makes their employees feel secure who draws staffers into a circle of trust But creating trust and safety especially in an uneven economy means taking on Inspiration How Leaders Get Top Down Success Leadership has an indisputable role to play in engaging staff to give their best as Edwin Smith discovers in conversation with a top business executive Article from Raconteur s Employee Engagement and Benefits Report 2014 Inspiration Bloodhound SSC with Richard Noble At our Inspiration Supper Club in June land speed record holder Richard Noble delivered an inspired presentation on his quest to build the most advanced supersonic car in the world the Bloodhound on a mission to breach the 1 Inspiration Bounce The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice If you re in any doubt that dedication and hard work are as important to success as natural ability read the key messages from Matthew Syed award winning journalist Olympic and Commonwealth table tennis player Matthew wowed Inspiration Sales Lessons from The Olympians Would you be better at what you do if sales was an Olympic event The approach taken to delivering success

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