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  • No Risk, No Rewards: The Power of Risk Taking for Your Career | The Sales Club
    re not exploiting the full capacity of your career growth If you re not making mistakes says Oswalt you re not learning Taking risks grooms you for future leadership roles Personal risk taking can also build leadership skills says Oswalt And she s not alone in this sentiment According to a Catalyst report 40 of women in leadership positions say that going after difficult visible assignments was key to their advancement Taking on career related challenges early on builds an appetite and tolerance for risk taking in ways that can pay off later For example embracing the challenge of your first international assignment will likely build cross cultural skills you can tap into if you re asked to lead a diverse global team Moving from a cost center to a revenue generating role you ll discover how to motivate yourself and deliver results which can come in handy if you re promoted to lead a sales team Don t overestimate risk and underestimate opportunity In a psychological phenomenon known as negativity bias we tend to overestimate risk and underestimate opportunity it s natural to focus heavily upon the negative consequences of what might go wrong In this article Margie Warrell bestselling author and Forbes contributor explains that many people tend to underestimate the ability to handle the consequences of risk while discounting the cost of taking no action at all which leads them to settle for sticking to the status quo But there are still actions we can take and mentalities we can adopt to mitigate the risks we naturally tend to avoid Sponsors are your safety net According to the Harvard Business Review study The Sponsor Effect women in the ranks of upper leadership who have a sponsor are at least 22 more likely to take the risk of

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  • The 6 R.E.A.L Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking | The Sales Club
    or tailored for your specific circumstance As you work through the list remember to be REAL R ecognize yourself E xpress yourself A sk questions L isten for the answers Am I a good listener Listening is imperative to success If you re not listening you can t truly connect with your employees customers suppliers vendors and creditors Listening gives you input and information so think about speaking less and listening more Do I welcome change Change is a given If you hate change and resist becoming flexible and adaptable you are risking your leadership your products and services your entire organization Times are always changing and you have to be agile and flexible Learn how to welcome change and make it work for you Am I Developing my skills In today s competitive markets being on top of your game is imperative The skills that got you where you are aren t necessarily the ones that will keep you there Make the time to develop your skills and learn new approaches and theories Do I make an effort to connect Connection is the lifeblood of any organization If you are not connecting you re losing out on the best way to know and understand your customers and employees Make the time to connect and communicate to the stakeholders who are important to you Am I trying to achieve it all by myself The worst thing you can do is think you are going to do this all by yourself If you want to grow you have to collaborate Make the time to actively look for those who can collaborate and help you grow your business Seek out supports and mentors and coaches and partners Am I creating the right culture Every organization has a culture whether by intention or

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  • Development | The Sales Club
    you provide effective feedback after a sales call You are here Home Library Development Highlights Development No Risk No Rewards The Power of Risk Taking for Your Career Taking risks in your career can pay off but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind Jo Miller explores Development The 6 R E A L Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking Whether your leadership role puts you in charge of your own company a division a workgroup or just the occasional project checking in daily on a few key points is a proven path to success Development The athlete at work masterclass Read the highlights from the Rising Stars event with Chris Shambrook K2 Performance Systems In this summary Chris applies the winning techniques of athletes to corporate challenges exploring those needed to fulfil your own potential and coach Development Goal Mapping with Brian Mayne Brian Mayne Chairman of Lift International a UK National Training Award recipient and Speaker of the Year 2010 as voted by the Academy of Chief Executives joined us to give insights into Goal Mapping and the benefits Development Gap in Top Tier Education is Failing a Generation of Leaders Keith Hatter The Sales Club expert member and CEO of K2 Performance Systems featured in the Financial Times Business Education section last week His article identified that the vast majority of leaders do not Development K2 Performance and Motivation Masterclass Chris Shambrook is Performance Director at K2 Performance Systems and Psychologist to the GB Olympic Rowing team At this highly interactive Master Class workshop he dealt with the detail of how to improve Performance Development Inspirational Sales Directors Develop your sales managers to deliver inspirational messages to their team a quick technique for every sales organisation Development Radiators not drains Positivity in sales organisations is

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  • Selling to the Real Buyer: The “Old Brain” | The Sales Club
    the brain has an important job to keep you safe It s not logical or rational in making purchasing decisions which is exactly why sales professionals need to pay attention to it and adjust their sales strategy accordingly When the Old Brain doesn t feel safe it often sends a sales meeting into a survival meeting which is not good for building trust and sales Here s four common mistakes sales reps make that sends a person into fight or flight mode and tips on how to overcome them 1 Sales professionals still subscribe to the always be closing approach They ask questions they hope will lead to a sale even when the buyer isn t necessarily read to buy This commonly does not result in a sale because the prospect didn t feel safe during the meeting Rather than subscribing to the ABC method of sales give the prospect control and choice 2 Sales professionals are often too enthusiastic If you re in a meeting with a prospect who is a little more low key observe and adjust your energy level to that of your prospect Our Old Brain encourages us to buy from people we like and who like us After a meeting follow your prospect on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn so that you can continue the conversation on a different level one they might now be more comfortable with 3 Sales professionals try to overtly overcome objections Instead of overcoming objections during a sales meeting bring them up Use it to start a conversation around the potential challenges of implementing your product or service For example if your prospect is really busy discuss how much time it will take to execute some of these changes Your candor establishes trust with prospects and keeps the

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  • Why a “Challenger Sale” Sales Team Needs Content Marketing | The Sales Club
    follows these three steps Shares Insight Introduces Impact Reveals Solution For example a Challenger might organize a presentation in this way Share Insight This major shift is happening in your industry and here is how it is directly affecting you your company Introduce Impact If you don t measure up here s what will happen to you your business Reveal Solution There is a solution and our company is uniquely positioned to deliver it to you to help you stay ahead The right content provides sales with new insights and quantifies the impact for prospects Here s how Start with the Unique Solution When framing a pitch Challengers start by finding the most powerful way to present the unique solution provided by your organization s products or services What is it that separates your solution from the rest What s special about the way it solves the challenges facing the prospect Once they have the solution they look for insights that supports the need for that unique solution Insight transforms the sales conversation the rep becomes a teacher bringing new and valuable information to the table each time they engage with the prospect The rep must push prospects to think differently about their industry company and challenges Challengers aren t so much world class investigators as they are world class teachers The Challenger Sale Coming up with tailored insights is a lot of work It requires a lot of research and time something many sales reps don t have enough of However your marketing team is already putting in time and effort to identify the interests and concerns of your buyers and to address them with insight in the form of educational content It is these exact insights that your sales team needs in their hands to be effective Challengers In fact content marketers and Challenger sales organizations are operating under the very same understanding the buyer s journey has changed and the need for alignment for marketers to provide sales teams with commercial insights is more critical than ever Content Provides Insight Marketing must serve as the insight generation machine that keeps reps well equipped with quality teaching material that customers will find compelling The Challenger Sale Content is at the center of marketing and successful assets educate prospects challenge them to examine their industry in a new way and set them up to see your products as the solution to overcoming challenges and taking their business to the next level And as The Challenger Sale points out there s vastly greater value in insight that changes or builds on what they know in ways they couldn t have discovered on their own Content makes those insights available and accessible to sales reps Challenger sales teams should be using content to identify relevant insights to share with their prospects Take stats concepts and data from an eBook blog post infographic article etc then back up those insights shared in a meeting for example by sending the prospect the full

    Original URL path: http://www.thesalesclub.co.uk/library/why-%E2%80%9Cchallenger-sale%E2%80%9D-sales-team-needs-content-marketing (2016-02-17)
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  • Other | The Sales Club
    Challenger Sale Sales Team Needs Content Marketing 57 of the purchase decision is made before a customer ever reaches out to your organization CEB This stat shouldn t come as a surprise to modern marketing and sales organizations The way Other Dealing with Crazy Busy Prospects Jill Konrath s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh sales strategies that actually work in today s business environment She s the author of two bestselling sales books and is a popular speaker who helps sellers crack into new Other Case Study Are you Recruiting for Mediocrity Good sales people like good sports people have a competitive streak Good Sales Directors like good sporting managers have that competitive streak refined And good Sales Directors like good sporting managers will look at their team Other Tactical and Strategic Value Pricing Value Pricing is fundamentally about the value that your product or service has to the specific customer Some of the value will be tangible e g how much money will it save me However some of the value will be intangible e g How much better Other How to Package Up and Sell Services Services are where many companies make most of their profit Whether it s core business or an add on to a product selling more services has got to be top of most Sales Director s agenda But services are highly intangible The best Other Think Buyer Cycle Not Sales Cycle As Sales Directors you are very familiar with the Sales Cycle with its funnel and suspect prospects etc but what about the Buyer Cycle Is understanding the phases customers go through both consciously and subconsciously when Other Value Proposition Helen Blake is one of the most experienced Business Developers and Marketers operating in the Professional Services and B2B

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  • 5 Leadership Tips From the Sales VP Who Built LinkedIn & EchoSign | The Sales Club
    Product It s not your salespeople It s on you There is always a solution even if it s not obvious You need to help drive the organization to solve the problem If you are facing disaster and tell your CEO what needs to happen and he refuses to do it then quit Just don t whine about it Next time do better due diligence on the CEO before agreeing to work for them 2 Build for the present not the past It s a common theme in sales you hire a person who won before at Company X then he she comes in and implements the exact same methodology in your organization that worked in the past But nothing is ever the same Sometimes changing just one thing lead velocity average sales price sales cycle pricing model target buyer market competition stage etc means you need to take a totally different approach to generating leads and selling Step back before you copy down the playbook from your new hire s last company and look at the numbers and funnel What should work the same What might need to be changed adapted or recreated It s hard to admit you might be wrong or need to change your plan playbook but be objective and honest with yourself nonetheless 3 Hire the best Period Surrounding yourself with superstar talent should be a constant goal Early in my career I hired the best people I could but who were just a little bit less better or less smart than me That speaks to inexperience and insecurity and it makes scaling sales much harder The reality is that the hiring shortcuts you take now will force you to work 10 times harder later to compensate for shortfalls for example running your reps deals

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  • 7 Valuable Leadership Lessons From LinkedIn's Billionaire Founder | The Sales Club
    ism en route to their better side 2 The best way to get powerful people s attention is to offer them value As chief of staff I reviewed thousands of requests for Reid s time attention money It was stunning how few requesters offered to help him on something Casnocha writes If you re looking to connect with someone important offer them information that only you can provide Casnocha says You re fighting for the attention of someone who is tremendously busy Stand out from the crowd by explaining why you re worth their time 3 Move fast keep things simple and trust your employees Casnocha says that Hoffman has never formally studied corporate strategy but he s developed his own three tiered approach based on speed simplicity and empowerment If you move quickly there ll be mistakes borne of haste If you re a manager and care seriously about speed you ll need to tell your people you re willing to accept the tradeoffs Casnocha writes Hoffman told him that he s willing to accept a mistake rate of 10 to 20 for the sake of speed with one caveat While startup managers should move extremely fast they need to slow down their decision making process as the company grows Along with speed comes focus which means that your company s direction should be clear enough that you and your team know exactly how to move forward And finally trust your managers to make their own decisions Communicate that the strategy you pass onto them is subject to any changes they think will work best Maximize efficiency and avoid micromanaging 4 Let people know they re appreciated There are times when you praise someone s work simply because they deserve it and you re being kind It s important to understand however that your superiors appreciate flattery the same way that your underlings do even if they act as though they don t Reid is a student of self deception behavior and builds mental models for specific people and the areas where there tends to be a gap between their self perception and reality One common case of this has to do with flattery Casnocha writes Even if someone acts like they re above compliments use them at key moments and things will go more smoothly That said only offer these compliments if you mean them Casnocha writes since your superiors can easily detect when you re sucking up and not think the better of you for it And finally treat everyone you encounter in your career with respect Casnocha remembers the time when former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer warmly introduced himself to him and Hoffman while a tech exec s publicist shook Hoffman s hand but acted as though Casnocha didn t exist Sometimes the lower profile people you encounter are more powerful than you think or will be one day 5 Be upfront with any misaligned objectives you may have with whoever you re working with When

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