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  • Performance under Pressure - Executive Summary | The Sales Club
    really be innovative and analyse every fine detail that can be fine tuned for greater success My team and I were given the task of reducing the car weight s by 5 and when you consider that a 1 ½ litre bottle of water within the car costs you 10 seconds in the race losing 5 of total vehicle weight was a challenge Relationships Audi look for long term business and relationships for their cars because it is imperative that everyone we work with understands how the team and organization works both down on the track and for the entire engineering process Know your competition Know the weaknesses of your competition and play to your strengths and resources We knew Peugeot didn t do as well in the night driving time during Le Mans so we had to make sure we really pushed it during those vital hours that could completely change the race In a 24 hour race everything can change Bouncing back from setbacks In Le Mans 2011 Allan McNish had his now infamous crash that made headlines It is so important to not let setbacks despite how severe stop you in your road to success However you also need to make sure you give yourself time to mentally recover Another famous example of this that Allan shared with members is the toxic relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg which has grown and intensified over the years This eventually lead to Hamilton having to take a couple of months to mentally recover from a lot of Rosberg s controversial actions on the track that have lead to conspiracies about his attempts to derail Hamilton s success This recovery time was essential for Hamilton to build himself back up and to be the best he could be Knockbacks bring out your inner fighter but you must know when to take time out or back off for your own sanity and performance In sales we all know people who push themselves so hard that their fuel tank will eventually crash and leave them running on empty Knowing your own limits and when you need to take it down for a period of time is important for long term success Be Bold McNish credits Howden H Haynes with making the bold decision that helped them achieve victory at Le Mans Howden only a young engineer at the time took the brave decision for a tyre change 23 ½ hours into the race H advised those around him despite their vast amount of experience that they immediately change the tyres due to the rain being forecast to hit Despite the driver s resistance H stood by his decision and as soon as the team started changing the tyres the rain hit Not only in sports but in sales and all areas of business you need people in your organisation that will step up when it matters and take ownership of those bold and intimidating decisions that must be made The most

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  • Leadership | The Sales Club
    School of Hard Knocks Here in no particular order are 30 of their Leadership What Successful Leaders Do in Challenging Times Given the same set of circumstances some people create team success and others fail Great leaders know how to turn tough times into big wins Here s how they do it Leadership The Art Of Leadership Is Not Without Struggle The art of leadership is not without struggle those that lead from a strong foundation are unshakable they have endurance in the most grueling training that life has to offer Leadership How Bosses Can Encourage Transparency In The Workplace Professional development conversations are an important part of any company culture but how do you create an environment where everyone is eager to engage in these high value conversations There are a few things to keep in mind as Leadership How To Manage Difficult Sales People Here s the deal Just because your top sales representative is killing it and bringing in bank she isn t untouchable She has to be a good employee with a great attitude and be aligned with the organization There is a cost if she isn t on the Leadership Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney The Power of Storytelling Simply stated if you want to engage people tell a story Bruce Jones Programming Director of Disney Institute explains the importance of storytelling and how it can transform your sales pitch Leadership 5 Leadership Tips From the Sales VP Who Built LinkedIn EchoSign Brendon Cassidy was one of the first 25 employees at LinkedIn where he helped to build their corporate sales team from scratch and the eighth employee at EchoSign where he increased annual recurring revenue from 1 million to 50 million and Leadership 7 Valuable Leadership Lessons From LinkedIn s Billionaire Founder After getting

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  • About | The Sales Club
    Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact About About The Sales Club is the world s first cross sector centre of excellence for sales leaders We help our members to sell more and be more successful Members include American Express Audi Jaguar Land Rover Toshiba Lindt Qinetiq and Lucozade Ribena Suntory with total sales in excess of 100 billion They join The Sales Club to benefit from year round development and support which impacts positively on their sales performance You are here Home About The Sales Club was founded by entrepreneur Gordon McAlpine whom you may recognise from Channel 4 s The Secret Millionaire in 2010 and has grown rapidly since launch The club offers both individual and corporate memberships on a limited basis Unlike traditional sales training courses and management programmes membership offers year round opportunities to connect with motivational speakers expert practitioners and peers and access thought leadership resources As a centre of sales excellence our aim is to support your continuous professional development while expanding your network In May 2015 The Sales Club merged with Transform People International to bring immediate and greater value to our members Transform People International is a performance improvement consultancy that delivers positive and measureable change through people by transforming their attitudes mind sets beliefs and behaviours in a way that is aligned to the organisation s goals and values They work with many famous name clients including Cisco HP Deloitte American Express and Royal Bank of Scotland You can read more about our Leaders and Rising Stars memberships here If you are interested in one of our programmes or would like to speak further about how The Sales Club could benefit you please do not hesitate to contact us Related Content Leaders Membership Read

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  • | The Sales Club
    Events Members Members Home Partners Member News Solutions After Hours Introduce a Member Members LinkedIn Group Library All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact You are here Home A Private Audience with Professor Neil Rackham Overview Professor Neil Rackham the world renowned author of SPIN Selling joined The Sales Club members and

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  • Leaders Membership | The Sales Club
    access to our specialist members only resource library dedicated LinkedIn group and cross sector peer to peer support You are here Home About Leaders Membership Annual membership includes Innovative Events Featuring inspirational keynote speakers and expert sales practitioners Best practice think tanks Executive leadership development High calibre networking Face to face forums to benchmark exchange ideas with cross sector peers Additional Member Benefits Peer to Peer Support Executive Coaching LinkedIn Members Group Gardening Club Specialist Sales Online Resource Executive summaries packed with key insights from every event Events calendar Member profiles Podcasts Videos Blogs articles latest news handpicked for their relevance to your role Regular digital updates on what s new in The Sales Club world Membership Criteria As membership is strictly limited all applications will be reviewed by The Sales Club Membership Committee with members most likely to be accepted who meet the following criteria Individual Annual Membership Serve as a sales leader of a successful organisation Hold ultimate responsibility for sales growth of your organisation or a large division within it Have management responsibility for a sizeable sales department Demonstrate a consistent track record of outstanding sales achievement Receive a recommendation from a current member of The Sales Club Demonstrate excellence and integrity in all business dealings You must hold one of the following titles or a close equivalent Sales Director Sales Marketing Director Business Development Director Commercial Director VP Sales Head of Sales National Sales Manager Corporate Membership In larger corporate organisations there may be more than one sales leader who would benefit from membership of the club Corporate Membership provides membership for 3 or more named sales leaders within one organisation For a Corporate Membership package to be approved each named sales leader must hold management responsibility for a sizeable sales team AND be approved by

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  • Rising Stars Membership | The Sales Club
    Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact About Rising Stars Membership Rising Stars annual membership includes workshops and seminars led by inspirational speakers where you can acquire best practices as well as leadership development sessions Tap in to the latest thinking in our library of articles white papers videos and podcasts plus LinkedIn members group and cross sector peer to peer support You are here Home About Rising Stars Membership Annual membership includes Events Inspirational Speaker events providing motivational insights to improve performance Best Practice workshops to benchmark with cross sector peers Tools Techniques seminars teaching the latest sales effectiveness techniques Development sessions to improve leadership skills Online Resources Access to a members only specialist library Executive Summary event reports Video Podcast event highlights for device download Blogs articles whitepapers e zine updates Additional Benefits Peer to peer Support to generate innovative ideas LinkedIn Members Group to connect and debate with fellow members Criteria Manager of a sales team High potential individual Recommended as positive proactive potential member of The Sales Club by their Leader Sales Director must be an existing member of the Leaders level for their Manager s to be admitted to Rising Stars Related Content Leaders Membership

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  • Leader Testimonials | The Sales Club
    helping them lead their teams more effectively to drive better sales performance The Sales Club Gordon McAlpine What more of our members have to say about us This club is one of a kind in all my searching I ve not found anything like it Damian Jeal VP Global Sales Nikec Solutions It s really valuable listening to sales challenges from other sectors Mike Bee Epilepsy Business Unit Director Europe Eisai Thanks again for yesterday s event with John Thorpe another high quality session with some great takeaways for me David McNeil Carlson Wagonlit Allan McNish was a fascinating and inspirational speaker with great insights Bruce Alexander Lucozade Ribena Suntory Thoroughly enjoyed the Eurostar Event thank you A really excellent day Sabina Mangosi Regan Sales Director Founding Associate BRAC Consulting Partners I enjoyed my first event Performance Under Pressure with Allan McNish thinking about how to apply it to my everyday life leading a sales team and I can see the parallels Roger Greenfield Negotiation Consulting The Gap Partnership Great event last night with The Sales Club I love working with sales professionals Steve Smith British Olympic High Jumper and Founder of Raise the Bar via Twitter Expert Member We ve gained value from attending numerous events held by The Sales Club taking back new ideas learnings to adopt into our working practices Investing in corporate membership of The Sales Club for our sales leaders has enhanced our initiatives in increasing our win rate and resulted in significant ROI for the business Neil Bramley B2B Sales Director Toshiba The two sales people we initially exposed to the Challenger Sale following the Matt Dixon event in late 2012 were our top performers in Q4 April June 2013 13 of our growth last year was organic non acquisition growth and insights we ve learnt from The Sales Club events have positively contributed to this sales success Jon Jorgensen Group Sales Director The Access Group Membership of The Sales Club is a well placed investment The ROI is found in the new ideas insights and suggestions gained by interacting with like minded peers from diverse sectors Learning how issues can be approached differently in an innovative manner is invaluable especially when heard first hand from peers who are experts in their field Sabina Mangosi Regan Director Senior Interim Manager at Mangosi Associates It s terrific to work with people that care and something that I genuinely hold in very high regard I look forward to working with you again Keith McMain Founder Director Sales Transformation Ltd Expert Member Another great sales leaders session led by The Sales Club this morning Looking forward to the next one after the summer break Damian Jeal VP Global Sales Nikec Solutions via Twitter I am now in my second year as a member of The Sales Club and have found it very useful I enjoy the sessions and have found them very valuable I ve learnt many things that have informed my decision making and maximised the

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  • Rising Stars Testimonials | The Sales Club
    About Rising Stars Testimonials Some of our Members share their views on the value The Sales Club s Rising Star membership brings to their busy sales manager roles Read to find out what difference The Sales Club really makes You are here Home About Rising Stars Testimonials Inspirational I find sports guest speakers always add depth to our sales thoughts Erica Livermore De Vere Venues I thought Allan did an excellent job bringing the theme to life John Rumble Lucozade Ribena Suntory It was another great evening last night Allan was absolutely terrific and very relevant Thanks for the terrific hospitality David Lewis Jaguar Land Rover Thanks for the event the other night Performance Under Pressure I really enjoyed it and got a lot from it Mike Harding Channel Controller Tesco Lucozade Ribena Suntory To have the various guest speakers there from different backgrounds sharing their experience was excellent I now have a different approach to Procurement following that session As always the venue was a very good choice and everyone was accommodating John Robinson Parker QinetiQ It was great being able to explore a variety of subjects in a day Erica Livermore De Vere Venues I thought yesterday s event was very good Mark from QinetiQ was a brilliant speaker really interesting and engaging and although I have heard Steve Smith speak before you always get some great value and new ideas from him Here s looking forward to the next great event Ian Jones Director of Group Sales De Vere Venues Our Rising Star came back beaming and full of energy from his engagements with The Sales Club It is a great development programme and is much more powerful in development stickability than any short training course interventions will ever be Mark Stead Sales Director QinetiQ Thanks again

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