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  • Sales Revenue In Focus As Economy Recovers | The Sales Club
    globalised world Second only to a company s core brand the sales function can arguably be regarded as the most important asset a business owns For the first time there s a realisation that the future of companies depends on sales and marketing in a way that it never has before says Professor Neil Rackham who advises large corporations on their sales strategy Whereas in previous years organisations may have relied on product innovation or mergers and acquisitions to expand now the focus is on organic growth and that usually implies taking business from the competition If we can t out innovate our competitors what are we going to do The answer is we outsell them says Professor Rackham There s an increased interest in sales in the boardroom he adds citing the changing focus of boardroom advisers down the years from efficiency experts to mergers and acquisitions specialists to today s sales and marketing consultants The nature of sales is changing too indeed selling is undergoing an almost head to toe transformation Sales forces are expensive to maintain so transactional selling is increasingly moving online into the domain of marketing The trend is for sales forces to be slimmed down but filled with higher quality recruits focused on much more complex business problems Essentially the role of the traditional product focused rep the talking brochure is fast disappearing and being replaced by a more rounded businessperson with excellent communications skills There s a higher level of job for fewer people says Professor Rackham That said he warns that figures around the number of people involved in selling can be confusing Although there are fewer people in direct sales roles there are more people in support activities with sales in their titles The boundaries of sales are expanding as more companies recognise its importance he says Meanwhile the marketing function with its newly acquired responsibility for transactional sales through its traditional responsibility for websites brand and advertising is in some ways becoming more sales like Especially in the United States it is increasingly being allocated formal targets designed to drive transactional sales Increased Complexity This increased complexity in the sales landscape it s now multi channel and closely coupled with business strategy necessitates a more professional approach right up to the highest levels Professionalism is now the big focus with employers and salespeople increasingly looking for professional sales qualifications that are transferable between roles Evidence can be seen in the expanding number of university sales courses and in company academies as well as accredited courses and qualifications from professional bodies such as the Institute of Sales Marketing Management Buyers too are becoming more professional and looking towards co creating value rather than the traditional adversarial approach According to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply whose 106 000 global members make up the world s largest procurement and supply professional organisation purchasing and sales working together always achieves more satisfactory and competitive results Today the best salespeople are welcome in

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  • Changes at The Sales Club | The Sales Club
    All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library Changes at The Sales Club You are here Home Library Changes at The Sales Club The Sales Club team is changing with the departure of Jessica and Emma who are both moving to digital agencies in London They have both helped tremendously in driving The Sales Club forward over the past year and although they are certainly a loss to the team we wish them the very best in their future careers But The Sales Club is continuing to embark on an exciting journey of exclusive events specialist content and innovations to ensure the experience of members continues to get better and better Charlotte will now be heading up our Digital Marketing and will be a regular face at our events We also welcome Kate Roberts who is a highly experienced Events Manager and will be responsible for ensuring our events continue to provide members with exceptional quality and value Charlotte Williams Kate Roberts More News It s Official Mimecast is 10 Years Old A New Chapter for The Sales Club Social Media The

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  • A Few Words From QinetiQ | The Sales Club
    few words in the run up to our September 9th event A Day at QinetiQ High Flying Sales Culture Theory into Practice You are here Home Members A Few Words From QinetiQ About QinetiQ QinetiQ are People Who Know How An independent provider of impartial technology based advice test and evaluation with global revenue ending in March 2013 revenues of 1 33bn As a key supplier to the Ministry of Defence we re working on over 1 000 defence contracts at any one time 95 of our UK people have national security clearance that allows them to work on government contracts QinetiQ employs 10 500 people worldwide The Day s Activities The theme of the day is all about turning theory into practice in creating a high flying sales culture As sales practitioners and leaders we hear much about latest sales theory and what makes a great sales person but back in the job it s not always as easy to translate that into practical actions and outputs that drive a wider sales culture to change for the better throughout a team or organisation QinetiQ has had to do just that through its transition from being part of a Government Department to a fully privatised listed company in the competitive global Defence and Security market Listen to a little of QinetiQ s practical change story in sales and challenge yourselves to identify and plan practical ways to turn sales theory into sales culture and practice back in your teams Then understand how those positive practical actions can have a much wider impact than you might think with Steve Smith former Olympic High Jumper drawing together the parallels between business and sport in practical leadership of culture change All this will take place on a working military airfield where you will

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  • A Members Perspective: A Day at Jaguar Land Rover | The Sales Club
    event A Day at Jaguar Land Rover As a member Andrew attends all Leaders events and left feeling particularly inspired after experiencing what Jaguar Land Rover had to offer Read about the day from his perspective You are here Home Members A Members Perspective A Day at Jaguar Land Rover I visited Jaguar Land Rover JLR last week with The Sales Club and have to say that it was an excellent event Not only were we very well looked after we were also able to enjoy on and off road driving experiences and benefitted from business insights from the JLR leadership team Key learnings A different perspective Interestingly some of the key learnings for me came whilst we were driving off road I had never realised just what a Land Rover is capable of in rough terrain Simply amazing At the same time given the comfort of the cabin it s easy to forget what is taking place outside It was therefore only when I saw another vehicle making its way down some steep steps that I appreciated what it was really doing Seeing this made me stop and think I am sometimes wrapped up in my own business that I lose sight of what is happening Being able to take an external view from a different perspective really helps This is what the The Sales Club provides me with A big bonus After lunch we received a big bonus in the form of a brief presentation from Josh Lewsey former England Rugby World Cup winner Yes there were some great stories about winning the rugby World Cup and so on but the real value came from Josh s insights as to how to improve team based performances In sharing his thoughts Josh suggested we read Liquid Leadership by Damian

    Original URL path: http://www.thesalesclub.co.uk/library/members-perspective-day-jaguar-land-rover?destination=node/555 (2016-02-17)
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  • There’s No Secret To His Success | The Sales Club
    an entrepreneurial way of breaking down the barriers he laughs To cut a long story short I got right up there in terms of performance and eventually I got promoted to my dream job Head Office Marketing Executive But after two years I decided I had to set up my own business That business was BigHand which he established with Steve a friend of his brother They started out re selling speech recognition software We had our life savings which totalled about 25 000 between the two of us and we vowed never to borrow money and to be an organic success story We put pressure on ourselves If we were struggling we had to go out and make more sales more revenue more profit and take people on To some people it might seem like a very old fashioned model but it worked for us Gordon recounts how he sold the software to Downing Street after an eye catching demonstration for Tony Blair s wife Cherie at a lawyers conference I called up Downing Street the day after the conference and said that we d met Cherie and wanted to come in and talk to her as she seemed to like our product The IT Director said that he wasn t interested and put the phone down The call had sickened me so I put the card away but about three months later I decided to call again because you don t give up in sales No is when the selling begins Gordon and his team were then invited in to do a demonstration and Cherie herself agreed to take part in a pilot scheme for the software I was punching under the table It was brilliant says Gordon The breakthrough came for BigHand when they developed their own digital dictation product and sold it to major law firms Suddenly I knew we were going to be successful says Gordon But it was a question of how we did it So from that day on I worked on building the sales and marketing team to sell that product throughout the UK legal market and then to go global which we ended up doing He finally sold the business in 2006 in a management buyout Me and Steve felt like we d done our job We d got to a company of 50 people and we d turned over 7 5 million with a profit of 2 5 million so we were ultra profitable with 3 million cash in the bank We were sitting there in ripped jeans looking scruffy both living in rented accommodation We were classic entrepreneurs who had thrown the kitchen sink at it We felt we owed it to ourselves and to our families to crystallise a bit of the hard work We felt that it was time to get out and leave it to the management team and move on to a different era Today Gordon is back in charge of a burgeoning business with

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  • The Sales Club Team Has Grown | The Sales Club
    Events Rising Stars Events Members Members Home Partners Member News Solutions After Hours Introduce a Member Members LinkedIn Group Library All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members The Sales Club Team Has Grown We welcome Charlotte Williams to The Sales Club team as the new Digital Marketing Executive working alongside Jessica You are here Home Members The Sales Club Team Has Grown Charlotte has recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a BS c hons in International Management with American Business Studies She spent a year studying abroad in the USA where she also interned for Interactive Intelligence working with the Marketing and Customer Experience departments Charlotte is a keen rower and has a phobia of oranges We are very pleased to have her as part of the team and she looks forward to meeting you all at future events More News It s Official Mimecast is 10 Years Old A New Chapter for The Sales Club Social Media The Social Beast there to be Tamed New Member Benefit Is your Sales Organisation Good or Great Search for News Contact

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  • A Members Perspective: The Athlete At Work Masterclass - with K2 Performance Systems | The Sales Club
    work masterclass Rising Stars event at the Sales Club on April 30th 2014 In short it was life changing and I wish I d attended it 20 years ago Not only was Chris Shambrook an outstanding presenter and facilitator his style of delivery and content were highly relevant to growing a business and achieving more sales In fact he could move seamlessly between our world and that of professional sport making his experience stories and teaching useful and applicable to both sales leaders and managers In particular he gave us the tools to perform better In doing so he made me realise that it is simply not possible to spend more than 95 of my life competing and less than 5 improving my ability to compete It s simply madness to expect a change in performance with such little investment in the things that can make a difference After all it would be like footballers playing matches all the time and never doing any training or learning new skills Yet that is the world in which most of us are living That s what the Sales Club is trying to change by encouraging companies to invest more in their people to improve their performance So I need to change to get better Chris showed me how to make an assessment of my Performance Readiness and how proper preparation followed by execution and review could help me evaluate and improve my own performance He also demonstrated how appropriate goal setting could be truly motivational rather than the more common experience where new business targets are set at levels that simply encourage recipients to argue over their non achievability Such an approach is almost like teaching athletes to become good at explaining why they cannot win a medal before they ve even

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  • Rising Stars takes off at British Airways | The Sales Club
    of UK I Sales and Marketing Richard Tams and award winning author of The Jelly Effect and The Snowball Effect Andy Bounds You are here Home Members Rising Stars takes off at British Airways Feedback was 100 positive from all members some of the comments of interest are below Andy s session was extremely valuable British Airways Great sessions Very informative and inspirational De Vere Venues Thank you for a brilliant event I took a lot from the day both in commercial and networking terms and am really looking forward to future events Audi BA Workshop The full day event was split into two sessions Session one explored BA s best practice for sales success Richard shared insight into 4 years of research and work they have spent to put together a cutting edge Next Generation Selling programme for their sales teams The objective of this was to ensure their sales people have the tools they require to be successful Take away from this session Member businesses should invest time into identifying if they have the right tools for their sales team to maximise their performance and success Andy Bounds Workshop Andy Bounds ran a fascinating workshop on communicating better selling better and doing better He got the group working in teams tackling challenges they specifically wanted to resolve and gave them nuggets to take away to help them sell more Take aways from this session The secret to mastering both sales and comms is to focus on the AFTER s why the other person is better off AFTER wards Your best quality should be a benefit to your customers it s not a benefit unless it contains the word YOU To find out more on how Andy can help your business communicate better click here We re looking forward

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