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  • British Airways is UK's Consumer Superbrand | The Sales Club
    UK s Consumer Superbrand Our member British Airways have been named the UK s Number 1 Consumer Superbrand ahead of other leading brands such as Rolex and Coca Cola Superbrands UK is part of a global business operating in over 50 countries and their annual league tables are based on the opinions of marketing experts business professionals and thousands of British consumers You are here Home Members British Airways is UK s Consumer Superbrand A big congratulations to British Airways who has topped the latest Superbrands survey for the first time as Apple plummeted to 14th place below Kellogg s and Andrex The flag carrier beat more than 1 500 companies to the top of the annual ranking of brand strength in the UK partly because of residual goodwill from its association with the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics according to Superbrands council chairman Stephen Cheliotis Frank van der Post British Airways Managing Director of brands and customer experience said We are thrilled to be named the Consumer Superbrand of the year The greatest accolade is that the hard work of our teams has been recognised by the public to receive this coveted award We are very proud of what we have achieved in recent years from our role in the London 2012 Games and our investment in new aircraft and cabins to our To Fly To Serve campaign We will not take this award for granted but will continue to build on our success British Airways The top 20 Superbrands 1 British Airways 2 Rolex 3 Coca Cola 4 BBC 5 Heinz 6 Microsoft 7 Google 8 Gillette 9 Kellogg s 10 BMW 11 Cadbury 12 Andrex 13 Amazon co uk 14 Apple 15 Boots 16 Nike 17 Sony 18 Marks Spencer 19 Shell 20 Mercedes Benz Read more about

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  • Job Opportunity at British Airways | The Sales Club
    division is now targeted to achieve 1 billion of revenue You ll drive the sales strategy that makes it happen Leading a team of 45 sales and business development professionals and a specialist support team you will have the scope to shape corporate dealing strategy across the portfolio About the day to day You will be responsible for managing face to face relationships with all British Airways UK Global Corporate accounts and developing a successful consistent approach to global dealing The key objective is to drive global corporate sales performance through the implementation of a corporate dealing strategy across the portfolio maximising revenue contribution from all points of sale and successfully managing and developing a team of Corporate Sales and New Business Managers You will develop the Corporate Sales strategy and drive all tactical marketing activity to drive Corporate Sales revenue We would look to you to raise the quality of corporate dealing within the team and lead and coach a high performing team You will monitor global corporate deal performance and cost of deal ensuring action plans are in place to maximise revenue contribution from the UK market place Lead new business developments as well as the current accounts About you Drive vision and gravitas define the qualities needed for success in this role You ll be the face of British Airways for major corporate clients worldwide and will need the interpersonal skills stature and gravitas to win their confidence Practised at sustaining high level business relationships you ll have exceptional influencing and negotiation skills With a track record of delivering multi million pound sales revenue your corporate sales experience is likely to have included retail and hospitality as well as travel With strong sales planning and strategy skills you ll have acute commercial acumen and a rigorous approach

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  • New Member Benefit | The Sales Club
    ideas on both sides You are here Home Members New Member Benefit What is Peer to Peer Support Peer to Peer Support is a service The Sales Club offers to pair up our high calibre sales leader members to enable them to discuss their most pressing challenges in confidence share best practice and tap into the expertise of their peers Why do you need Peer to Peer Support The more senior you get the more pressure there is to have all the answers Senior sales leaders have numerous challenges and often don t have anyone to bounce ideas off it can be very lonely at the top Peer to Peer Support will fuel ideas to strategically help members be more successful in their roles Sharing challenges with someone with a different perspective and often from a different sector will generate valuable ideas Sharing challenges with someone who has experienced similar challenges in the past will offer valuable insights and short cuts to success How does Peer to Peer Support work Peer to Peer Support will take place between events We ll match make participating members based on common interests or issues they need to resolve We ll set up the first meeting for you and even provide a facilitator if that would be useful We ll also provide a meeting checklist to help both members get maximum value from the meeting Sometimes one meeting will be enough to resolve a particular challenge and sometimes members will want to meet again more often to strategically help each other in their roles Follow up meetings could be face to face or via Skype The Sales Club s meeting checklist will ensure both members leave with a useful action plan Peer to Peer Support offers you Deeper relationships with your peers Opportunity to

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  • The Sales Club Video | The Sales Club
    Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members The Sales Club Video Hear directly from our Members how we support sales leaders in their busy pressured roles and the value their membership of The Sales Club offers You are here Home Members The Sales Club Video TSC Trailer 2013 More News It s Official Mimecast is 10 Years Old A New

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  • The Sales Club Preview | The Sales Club
    Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members The Sales Club Preview Hear what our Members and Expert Members have to say about The Sales Club and get a glimpse of what it s like to attend one of our high calibre events You are here Home Members The Sales Club Preview SalesClub master More News It s Official Mimecast is 10 Years

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  • Essential Reading - To Sell is Human | The Sales Club
    Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members Essential Reading To Sell is Human In need of some winter reading material Look no further than Daniel Pink s excellent new book To Sell is Human You are here Home Members Essential Reading To Sell is Human The book essentially highlights how like it or not everyone is in sales both in their work and in their home life The best idea in the world can t advance without persuading others to join our effort which is selling It s finding authentic true ways of convincing people to act The best piece of advice in the book was this You re not selling your service or product or cause You re selling a problem people need to solve And you have the solution So ask what pain point your audience is suffering The best salespeople aren t skilled at answering questions They re amazing at asking them What is hard for people And how do you make it better That question holds all the answers Find out more To Sell is Human Daniel Pink The Sales Club 2014 More News It s Official Mimecast is 10

    Original URL path: http://www.thesalesclub.co.uk/library/essential-reading-sell-human?destination=node/357 (2016-02-17)
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  • New Appointment at The Sales Club | The Sales Club
    our events both as a facilitator and guest He has several years of C level experience as IT Director CIO and Strategic Advisor with Legal Technology and Financial Services organisations as well as expertise working with the executive level networking membership organisation CIO Connect Chris says I am delighted to have been asked to become Chairman of The Sales Club I have known Gordon McAlpine the Founder CEO for a number of years and have always been impressed with his passion for business and entrepreneurial spirit I was a strong advocate of his previous business BigHand from an early stage and was an early adopter of the technology and for some time his largest customer Networking is something I have a passionate belief in and it has helped me enormously during my career The ability to build relationships and learn from peers in other organisations and sectors is hugely valuable I have always encouraged my staff to make contacts share best practice and learn from others So when Gordon first discussed with me that he was considering setting up The Sales Club I strongly encouraged him to do so The Sales Club has already established itself as the premier networking organisation for senior sales leaders and we have some exciting ideas to take it onto the next stage I very much look forward to working with the excellent management team to help develop The Sales Club so that it provides even greater on going value and benefit to members I am also particularly looking forward to getting to know the members and finding out their personal ideas on how the club can help and support them even more in their busy roles Chris White Chairman The Sales Club Gordon says We re extremely excited about having Chris on board He

    Original URL path: http://www.thesalesclub.co.uk/library/new-appointment-sales-club?destination=node/356 (2016-02-17)
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  • Is your Sales Organisation Good or Great? | The Sales Club
    codes of behaviour that all team members must abide by However the most effective senior sales leaders typically don t micromanage their sales teams Instead there is independent and autonomous local decision making that operates within the guidelines and protocols established by the sales leaders to achieve the ultimate goals of the sales leaders 2 Darwinian Sales Culture There are two different aspects of a Darwinian sales culture The first is in regards to hiring In essence the next hire by the organization is of such high quality and capability that it actually challenges long standing sales team members to perform at the highest level so that they are not resting on their laurels The second aspect is that the sales organisation is continually culling the herd and comparing each member s performance against stringent criteria Weaker sales team members who do not contribute their revenue share are quickly let go 3 United Against a Common Enemy The best sales organisations those who are driven to succeed against all obstacles and odds have an arch rival competitor whom they both resent and fear This very important differentiator results in a higher win ratio because accounts are pursued with greater preparation higher intensity and a life or death seriousness 4 Competitive but Cohesive Team Most sales organisations are divided into regions In great sales organisations there is more than a friendly rivalry between the regions with each one on a mission to prove it is the best Although all the salespeople and their sales leaders are intensely competitive individuals by nature they will support their area and regional teammates when needed 5 DIY Attitude Many underperforming sales organisations share something in common they tend to blame the other areas of the organisation engineering marketing support etc for the own failings Top performing sales organisations not only take ownership for their own success they have a Do It Yourself attitude For example they will not solely rely on marketing to provide their leads but build their own pipeline without any expectations of leads from marketing When troubles arise at customer accounts they will spearhead problem resolution efforts 6 Avoidance of Negative Thinking Sales is a career that experiences tremendous highs and lows Circumstances change very quickly in sales A competitor s new technology may leapfrog yours The company whose account you worked so hard to close may want its money back because the product isn t working right The funnel of deals you may have been counting on for months could disappear in a few minutes The sales team members in great organisations live in the moment meaning they do not fixate on negative thoughts that prevent them from moving forward and taking action They are not debilitated by bad news or self defeating rumours heard through the grapevine 7 Energy and Team Spirit While all sales organisations can be defined as a collection of individuals trying to succeed as a team there is a tremendous amount of peer pressure inside great

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