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  • How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Selling | The Sales Club
    come across in my sales consultancy and coaching practice Although all the answers have already been covered as I said right in the introduction knowledge without action is worthless So as you read this list take a final look below and make sure you avoid repeating the most common mistakes that will erode your sales success Your Sales Ability 1 Low self belief and poor confidence levels 2 Taking rejection personally which again erodes confidence 3 Inability to immediately bounce back after a rejection which affects your next sales presentation 4 Don t want to be labelled as a salesperson therefore avoid generating sales opportunities 5 Not understanding the real reasons why people buy your product or service and therefore targeting the wrong ideal customer 6 Not following up sales leads instead allowing them to go off the boil 7 Low motivation as have not clearly defined personally motivating goals Your Sales Skills 8 Low empathy skills which leads to poor rapport 9 Failing to effectively qualify opportunities and wasting time chasing dead opportunities 10 Presenting the opportunity before qualifying the Hot Button simply because the client shows an initial interest 11 Closing meetings or telephone phones on sending the client a proposal or brochure 12 Not gaining commitment by using Tie Downs or Test Closes before moving the conversation on 13 Presenting Features and missing Benefits altogether or presenting benefits that do not match clients needs 14 Not asking for the business Strategy 15 Not asking for referrals 16 A lack of healthy competition within a sales team which can add motivation 17 Poor sales management and no accountability for activity and results within the individual team members instead they are left to run amok Or a lack of self discipline if you are responsible for your own accountability

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  • Easter at Kew Gardens | The Sales Club
    some inspiration for the Easter weekend Kew has teamed up with The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre and the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical in a bid to make 2014 the most chocolaty Easter ever You are here Home Members Easter at Kew Gardens The Easter egg hunt Sunday April 20 9 30am 12 30pm free with admission will be a big draw for children inviting them to forage for fair trade and organic chocolate eggs hidden throughout the gardens while their parents admire the spring blooms But there s plenty more for kids to enjoy from a Create your own Willy Wonka inspired chocolate bar workshop daily 11am noon 1pm 3pm 3 per bar 5 for two to the chance to visit the Inventing Room and come up with crazy recipes for Willy Wonka s everlasting gobstopper 11am 4pm free with admission They can also discover more about the plant origins of their favourite sweets and desserts on the Sweetie Train and go nuts creating squirrel masks and dressing oompaloompas 11am 4pm free with admission They can pay their respects to the cacao plant and have their photo taken in the Glass Elevator 11am 1pm free with admission If it all gets a bit much for the little ones take a break in the Television Room and listen to some of Roald Dahl s wickedly funny Revolting Rhymes 11am 12pm 1 30pm 2pm free with admission Face painters will be on hand to give Chocolate Factory or Easter themed transformations from 10 30am 5pm 4 per face 7 for two Meanwhile the garden itself will be undergoing its glorious annual transformation with spring in full swing and hundreds of daffodils and crocuses in flower Free bookable Spring Spectacular tours run daily 11am noon For more information

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  • As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules To Simplify | The Sales Club
    Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members As Work Gets More Complex 6 Rules To Simplify Why do people feel so miserable and disengaged at work Because today s businesses are increasingly and dizzyingly complex and traditional pillars of management are obsolete says Yves Morieux So he says it falls to individual employees to navigate the rabbit s warren of interdependencies In this energetic talk Morieux offers six rules for smart simplicity You are here Home Members As Work Gets More Complex 6 Rules To Simplify Want to know how to improve the gap between strategy and execution BCG s Yves Morieux says SIMPLIFY Morieux researches how corporations can adapt to a modern and complex business landscape and thinks deeply about what makes organisations work both effectively and successfully A senior partner in BCG s Washington D C office and director of the BCG Institute for Organization Morieux considers how overarching changes in structure can improve motivation for all who work there His calls his approach Smart Simplicity Using six key rules it encourages employees to cooperate in order to solve long term problems It isn t just about reducing costs and increasing profit it s about maximizing engagement through all levels of a company Morieux has been featured in articles on organizational evolution in Harvard Business Review The Economist The Wall Street Journal Fast Company and Le Monde With over 1 million views on TED his keynote presentation explores his six key rules to make your organisation working effectively Yves Morieux As work gets more complex 6 rules to simplify Read his Harvard Business Review Article Smart Rules Six Ways to Get People to Solve Problems Without You More After Hours 18 minutes with Peter Bregman Is Your Child

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  • The Malbec Wine Phenomenon | The Sales Club
    to have arrived in our collective consciousness and wine racks sometime during the past 10 years yet it has had its roots literally in amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux for the past few centuries More widely known as Cot in France the grape was present in many Bordeaux blends giving colour and body to its red wines however it widely died out after being hit by both Phylloxera and frosts and its French presence now is almost entirely confined to the region around Cahors However as well as producing some interesting wines in the South of France Malbec has in recent times become synonymous with Argentina The grape was originally taken there in the 1860 s and thrived on the arid slopes of the Andes particularly around Mendoza Today Argentinian plantings account for around 75 of the world s Malbec vineyards and it is not difficult to see why The grape has developed smaller fruit with thicker skins than its French counterpart the U V light and altitude give the fruit a higher acidity and flavour and the results speak for themselves Good quality and well priced wines that are medium to full bodied intense dark red in colour with full dark fruit characteristics such as blackberry or black plums the wines are juicy but the tannins well developed and soft often giving the wine a velvety texture in the mouth the wine will also have tones of spices such as clove or pepper adding to the structure of the taste This is often developed further if the wine is carefully aged in oak giving a smoky or mocha edge As a wine it appeals to lovers of more complex styles with rounded tannins but more body Recommendations to compliment dishes If you are looking to show off a lovely

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  • Don’t Pack Away The Skis Just Yet. | The Sales Club
    the world There is always a lot going on from bobsleigh rides to film shows How Much Ski Famille co uk offers seven nights half board chalet accommodation in La Plagne from 895 per adult 745 per child including flights and transfers plus five days childcare in the chalet 2 BEITOSTOLEN Norway US research has revealed that the average ski resort guest spends less than half the day on the slopes The phenomenon of the low mileage skier has led UK tour operators to broaden their snow holidays with a selection of winter activities Scandinavia where dogsledding and snowmobile rides have long been on offer has benefitted and this season ski tour operator Crystal has added three Norwegian resorts to its brochure Norway s Beitostølen is excellent for families with small children thanks to the snow activities the traditional cabin accommodation and this season Crystal s offer of kids free ski tuition for novices during some off peak weeks How Much Crystal Ski offers seven nights self catering accommodation at Beitostølen from 369 per person based on six sharing including flights and transfers Visit beitostolen com 3 ST ANTON Austria Its image as a place where the rowdy après ski scene gets going even before the lifts have closed obscures the fact that St Anton is an excellent family destination The slopes are extensive and varied the lift system is efficient the ski schools are good and the snow sure late season means skiing in late Spring sunshine guaranteed to please young and old is always a possibility The slightly out of town Nasserein lift base is quiet during the day so its nursery slopes are ideal for novices that is where Esprit Ski the leading UK family ski company runs a superb operation taking charge of kids for almost

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  • 18 minutes with Peter Bregman | The Sales Club
    Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Members 18 minutes with Peter Bregman Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners Inc a global management consulting firm which advises CEO s and their leadership teams He speaks writes and consults about how to lead and how to live His most recent book 18 minutes Find Your Focus Master Distraction and Get the Right Things Done is his approach at generating successful motivation in your lives You are here Home Members 18 minutes with Peter Bregman 18 MINUTES was born after a blog post Bregman wrote for the Harvard Business Review became one of the most popular and most commented posts on the site The post titled An 18 Minute Plan for Managing Your Day began with a humbling admission Yesterday started with the best of intentions I walked into my office in the morning with a vague sense of what I wanted to accomplish Then I sat down turned on my computer and checked my email Two hours later after fighting several fires solving other people s problems and dealing with whatever happened to be thrown at me through my computer and phone I could hardly remember what I had set out to accomplish when I first turned on my computer I d been ambushed And I know better Read the blog post here Through his book Peter helps figure out how you can cut through all the daily clutter and distractions and finally find a way to focus on and move forward in those key items which are truly the top priorities your lives It s a different approach to key time management A Question of Change Peter Bregman at TED xKingStreetEast Purchase Peter s book 18 minutes here More After Hours 18 minutes with

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  • Your Photos and Videos On The Big Screen | The Sales Club
    and more All on your widescreen TV Apple TV gives you anytime access to endless entertainment With countless HD films and TV programmes from your iTunes and top providers many in stunning 1080p play through Apple TV on your HDTV With various other features including music streaming straight from your MAC or iOS device Netflix sports channels and the latest news you are provided with big time entertainment in one small box What that makes this extra special is the ability to give your very own photos and videos the widescreen treatment With iCloud photo sharing you can even view photo streams shared by your family and friends Invitations to view your photos and visa versa can be sent to friends and family who also have Apple TV so they can share in the fun too Uploading photos and videos from your summer holiday or latest family party is as easy as doing nothing at all With My Photo Stream your most recent photos automatically appear on all your devices no matter which device you used to take the picture Thanks to iMovie Theater the projects you ve made in iMovie are ready for viewing on your HDTV No syncing No sending Your photos and home movies are there ready to watch Don t have Apple TV Small Powerful Efficient Quiet energy efficient and so small it fits in the palm of your hand Apple TV sits neatly on a TV stand or in a crowded media cabinet When it s not filling your living room with drama romance and comedy it uses less power than a night light And the included Apple Remote makes it easy to get to your favourite entertainment Easy setup To set up Apple TV just plug the power lead into the wall and connect

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  • Is Your Child Protected On The Internet? | The Sales Club
    service known as BT Parental Controls And it can all be organised from your own computer or HomeHub This service allows you as a parent to stay in control of what your family accesses on the Internet and even when It s also FREE for all BT Broadband and BT Infinity customers With your free Family Protection software you can set up parental controls that allow you to block inappropriate content manage how long your children spend online and get alerts when they try to view blocked content or post confidential information Top security as standard 1 Protection anywhere in the home BT Parental Controls applies to any device connecting to your home hub giving you peace of mind that no matter where the children are in your home the filters you have set up protects them 2 Peace of mind on the go BT Parental Controls also applies if you connect to any of BT s 5 million UK wi fi hotspots using your BT ID 3 Completely customizable Set your filter level so it suits your family To get you started BT has created 3 pre defined filter levels strict moderate and light You can also personalise the categories that are blocked and even add individual sites to your blocked and allowed lists There are no reasonable limits to the amount you can add Meaning you are always in control 4 Set Filter Times As the Account Holder you are able to set your filters to automatically turn off at the time you set They will then automatically turn on again at the end of the time period you set 5 No software easy to set up Simple log into My BT and click Get started on the BT Parental Controls tile Then follow the instructions no more

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