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  • The Art Of Leadership Is Not Without Struggle | The Sales Club
    in his attempt to become an elector By 35 he had been defeated twice while running for Congress At 39 he lost his re election bid At 41 he lost his four year old son At 42 he was rejected as a prospective land officer At 45 he ran for the Senate and lost Two years later he lost the vice presidential nomination At 49 he ran for Senate and lost again At 51 he was elected president of the United States of America The young boy who grew up to be president is Abraham Lincoln Life is a variable event for everyone and our leadership is not something we are born with but is revealed in our everyday struggles and strain When struggle is present the art of our leadership strength will be evident everywhere In our priorities Leaders who know their priorities lead with what is important to them They give their emotional intensity and continuous focus with every resource to support what they want to obtain How you spend your time shows you what is important to you In our persistence Leaders who are persistent lead with everything they have They don t leave any stone unturned and they don t sit around feeling sorry for themselves but take responsibility for what they want and show determination till the very end It is not what your life takes from you it s what you give to your life that counts In our passion Passionate leaders apply all their efforts all their best skills and all their capabilities with everything they have Goodness is good but passion is much greater In our patience Patient leaders are not weak but emotionally strong Good things may not come to those who wait but great things come to those who have

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  • 14 Secrets of Really Persuasive People | The Sales Club
    Persuasive people are able to communicate their ideas quickly and clearly When you have a firm grasp on what you re talking about it s fun and easy to explain it to those who don t understand A good strategy here is to know your subject so well that you could explain it to a child If you can explain yourself effectively to someone who has no background on the subject you can certainly make a persuasive case with someone who does They Are Genuine Being genuine and honest is essential to being persuasive No one likes a fake People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them It s difficult to believe someone when you don t know who they really are and how they really feel Persuasive people know who they are They are confident enough to be comfortable in their own skin By concentrating on what drives you and makes you happy as an individual you become a much more interesting and persuasive person than if you attempt to win people over by trying to be the person they want you to be They Acknowledge Your Point of View An extremely powerful tactic of persuasion is to concede the point Admit that your argument is not perfect This shows that you are open minded and willing to make adjustments instead of stubbornly sticking to your cause You want your audience to know that you have their best interests at heart Try using statements such as I see where you are coming from and That makes a lot of sense This shows that you are actively listening to what they are saying and you won t just force your ideas upon them Persuasive people allow others to be entitled to their opinions and they treat these opinions as valid They do this because it shows respect which makes the other person more likely to consider their point of view They Ask Good Questions The biggest mistake people make when it comes to listening is failing to hear what s being said because they are focusing on what they re going to say next or how what the other person is saying is going to affect them The words come through loud and clear but the meaning is lost A simple way to avoid this is to ask a lot of questions People like to know you re listening and something as simple as a clarification question shows not only that you are listening but also that you care about what they re saying You ll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking questions They Paint a Picture Research shows that people are far more likely to be persuaded by something that has visuals that bring it to life Persuasive people capitalize on this by using powerful visual imagery When actual images aren t available or appropriate these people tell vivid stories that breathe life into their ideas Good

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  • How To Manage Difficult Sales People | The Sales Club
    for more than 60 days you re not doing your job as a leader Opportunity Zone The opportunity zone is where you have the most upside to making a difference The people here are good employees They are doing the right things They are committed to the culture They are on the same page with you and the company They are loyal stewards of your vision goals and objectives The problem with the opportunity zone is that the people in this zone aren t delivering They aren t meeting the goals The aren t delivering on what needs to be done and in spite of how much you like them and how hard they are trying they aren t getting it done Your objective with those in the opportunity zone is to get them performing invest in these people Look for everything you can do to support them and help them to be successful Getting the people in the opportunity zone to the love zone has huge upside However like the dead zone they can t be in the opportunity zone forever If someone is in the opportunity zone for more than 90 180 days you re not doing your job However those in the opportunity zone deserve more time than those in the dead zone Love Zone The people in the love zone are the engine of your company They are why you will make your number and that s why it s called the love zone You have to love them The love zone people should never be taken for granted You need to make them feel special reward them and let them know they are in the love zone Love zone people aren t high maintenance They are loyal to the company They understand what it takes to be successful and are truly committed to the cause Love zone people stay longer than the others and look to add value that extends beyond their core job Love love love the love zone people If anyone falls out of the love zone you re not doing your job When people get into the love zone it s your job to keep them there If they fall out then you ve got to get them back in the love zone as soon as possible Something s happened you ve got to figure it out and fix it or you re not doing your job Danger Zone The danger zone is scary and the most dangerous thus the moniker danger When people are in the danger zone we are lulled into acceptance of their bad behaviors by the benefits of their output and we allow them to linger We justify all their crappy behavior in the euphoria of consistent and reliable revenue We become reliant on those in the danger zone asking how in the world will we replace their productivity We create a sense of desperation and scarcity when it comes to the folks in the danger zone We

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  • Breaking Down the Buying Committee: How to Communicate with CFOs | The Sales Club
    and create reports that management can use to make decisions CFO s also assist with budget management cost benefit analyses forecasting and new budget acquisitions Naturally CFO s frame their business decisions by how they can most effectively allocate resources and promote long term financial welfare for their organizations However their roles have also evolved into broader dynamics A recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch study noted that the role of the CFO is evolving from primarily financial to a more holistic view of the company The CFO s Priorities CFO duties are increasingly expanding beyond fiscal management and governance More CFO s are becoming involved in planning an organization s overall strategy As a sales rep you ll need to address their specific financial questions while also providing a widespread perspective on your solutions Be prepared to answer questions like these when selling to CFO s What are the measureable outcomes CFO s look for solutions that are both financially sound and strategic and they want numbers to prove it These numbers should not be difficult to collect but rather should provide a top level summary and quantifiable benefits for their organization What are the financial risks and how can we mitigate them New programs services can carry financial risks so CFO s want to be assured that any risks will be limited before the new program is deployed What is the timeframe to impact or ability to recoup the investment CFO s are responsible for making sure that each purchase helps the organization reach its objectives Be prepared to illustrate time to implement time to results and time to recoup or profit from the original investment Once you understand these major concerns you can frame your solutions to fit CFO expectations Communicating with the CFO CFO s approach

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  • How to Tell Time Wasters Apart From Hot Prospects | The Sales Club
    your product or service that solves the same problem Here s an example A jewelry store s competitors are other jewelry stores but its competition are gifts people give their loved ones in lieu of jewelry such as flowers or chocolate The difference is not slight while it s often difficult to differentiate your product against competitors it s much easier to gain traction against your competition 2 Searching for Alternatives Here a prospect has already worked with the vendor who was first in to define their problem and design a solution They re now simply searching for alternative vendors to give them a quote According to CEB 57 of the buying process is complete once prospects start independent research And according to Aberdeen s research a salesperson has a 17 chance of winning the business when they engage at this stage 3 Window of Dissatisfaction In between the two commonly known buying states described above is a time when buyers are unhappy with the status quo and are thinking of changing but are so busy searching for alternatives for other problems that they haven t gotten around to working on this particular one yet When salespeople are first in with decision makers during this window of dissatisfaction their chances of winning the business jump to 74 according to Forrester Research Why Because they re the first seller on the scene they have the chance to define the buying vision and design the solution before the competition even knows there is an opportunity And this has a psychological impact If a salesperson can present a solution to a buyer while they re in a window of dissatisfaction selective perception causes the buyer to notice your company s ads whitepapers and social posts more than ever before As their brains keenly tune into your channel your competitors grow blurry and fade away How to Recognize the Window of Dissatisfaction Now you understand why it s so important to find and reach out to buyers when they re in a window of dissatisfaction But how can you tell the difference between a hot prospect in the window of dissatisfaction and a time waster who is just searching for alternatives Here are my two favorite ways 1 Call me back in six months when we ll be looking at this Have you ever thrown a lead back into a nurturing campaign due to a timeline objection The prospect expressed interest in your offering but since they re busy with other things at the moment they d like you to reach out again a few months down the line Okay no problem But when you follow up they ve already bought a competitive product This is because they were in the window of dissatisfaction during your first call and you didn t even know it The next time you hear a prospect say they want to buy in a few months or years time all the bells and whistles should go off in your

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  • Breaking Down the Buying Committee: How to Communicate with CEOs | The Sales Club
    The CEO Every aspect of the prospect s business falls under the CEO s gaze Under a publically traded company they must answer to their boards of directors and stakeholders stressing the need for both big picture strategies and metric level performances CEO s oversee the entire organization from profitability to strategic direction to employee relations They can be directors decision makers leaders managers and executors They are also becoming more social frequently posting messages and videos on their company social network sites In a recent study of the new social CEO Weber Shandwick s Chris Perry noted that CEO s understand they must be a leading voice with those who follow their company pages without necessarily amassing and engaging a network of followers on personal social network pages In short CEO s are perhaps the most influential drivers of change within their organizations and heavily focus on the business value for any new solution The CEO s Priorities CEO s face the challenge of watching the marketplace and making sure their company remains not only competitive but a leader Industry disruption from new technologies and competition can cause CEO s to constantly watch their markets and determine what solutions can counteract disruptions Answer these questions to appeal to the CEO and gain interest for your solutions What is the value for my business CEO s think about the big picture and they evaluate solutions based on the tangible and intangible values for their companies Financial costs ROI technological advancements and process efficiencies are some of the factors that affect business value How will the solution help impact the bottom line Demonstrating financial impact is key Be prepared to show your solution will either help the company make money or save money and the timeframes in which they can expect to see results How does this impact other areas of the organization With the responsibility of the entire organization on their shoulders CEO s are forced to think through the expected and unexpected impact of any major decision For examples a step toward automation in one department might have a less than favorable impact on another department Understanding the big picture of the primary and secondary users of your solution will help you paint the bigger picture and overcome any potential hurdles Once you understand these major concerns you can frame your solutions to fit CEO expectations Communicating with the CEO CEO s will expect you to understand their companies business objectives and the roles each department plays Asking basic level questions will quickly disqualify your solutions Instead try these tactics to speak in their language Clearly explain the business value Blinds com CEO Jay Steinfeld reminds sales pros that CEO s are people too Steinfeld wants reps to make sure he understands what s in it for me besides the undeniable pleasure of doing business with you Keep the conversation and pitch focused on specific ways you can help me do my job Let them do the talking CEO

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  • 4 Ways the Best Sales Teams Beat the Market | The Sales Club
    is having good data that highlights where the greatest sales ROI is That starts by knowing what to measure Many companies however measure sales efficiency in terms of sales cost versus revenue That metric is misleading because it does not sufficiently reflect the margin differences between sales channels A more meaningful sales ROI is to measure sales cost against gross margin or profit EBIT which helps leaders more effectively align the number of accounts per sales employee with actual and potential revenues By analyzing the sales ROI potential of various segments for example sales leaders uncover different channel approaches for each In one company analysis revealed that sales ROI in indirect channels was 50 greater than in direct channels The best leaders also achieve such high sales ROI by reducing overall sales costs without giving away too much margin Approaches include a strong quality instead of quantity focus on their highest performing partners They also tend to de emphasize direct discounts such as rebates and product offerings 2 They keep sales costs low While the old adage it takes money to make money is popular it s not true when it comes to the best sales leaders The best of them keep their costs lower than their peers do Some 72 of companies in the top quartile of sales ROI also have the lowest sales costs Effectively controlling costs requires a clear and objective view of profitability and cost to sell by channel product and customer With this foundation sales leaders can make better decisions such as scaling back sales efforts for lower value orders They also invest in processes and training that cut costs such as installing technologies that reduce the number of order exceptions and cross training people to have multiple skills This level of efficiency not only reduces costs but also allows sales leaders to profitably pursue lower margin business 3 They free up their salespeople for selling Top performing sales organizations have the same percentage of sales staff in sales management roles around 8 as lower performing companies However they have about 30 more sales staff in support roles While this may seem counterintuitive this approach frees up sales reps from more administrative tasks such as order management and developing sales collateral to devote more of their time to customers The result is that front lines sales reps are three times more productive than their peers One leading high tech equipment business for example found that 28 of sales rep time was spent on low value activities like complaint handling They then shifted about half of these transactional activities into a sales factory and freed up 13 of sales rep time for them to sell Sales executives also need to take a hard look at their sales support systems Some activities can be automated or streamlined some can be delegated and pooled into back office sales factories and others can be cut entirely Implementing such operational and structural changes requires a clear understanding of just what

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  • Library Archive | The Sales Club
    sales prospects Koka Sexton reports Tools Techniques Eurostar to Paris Executive Summary Read the highlights from our exciting Eurostar to Paris event with training on the train and an interactive session in Paris making it a one of a kind experience Tools Techniques 5 Tips For Newly Promoted Sales Managers You did it You got that big promotion to sales manager that you ve worked so hard for After years working hard as a sales rep and bringing in big deals you ve finally made it to the next level But how can you ensure that you re successful in Best Practice Are Your Sales Reps Prepared The Good The Bad and The Ugly If you asked your prospects How prepared are your sales reps for client meetings what do you think they would say Tom Pisello The ROI Guy reports Best Practice Selling with Posts Tweets and Pins Facebook Twitter Pinterest and Instagram are powerful selling tools Charles Orton Jones knows how to get the most from them Best Practice Sales Performance The Sales Force in the Age of the Customer Read the highlights from our exciting morning with Forrester s Scott Santucci who jetted in from Virginia especially for the event Best Practice Olympic Legend Steve Smith speaks to the Rising Stars Read the highlights from the second half of our event High Flying Sales Culture A Day at QinetiQ with Olympic High Jumper Steve Smith Best Practice High Flying Sales Culture A Day at QinetiQ Read part one of the highlights from our compelling day at the working airfield of QinetiQ Members heard from the experts on how to turn a high flying sales culture into practice Inspiration The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding With profound simplicity Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves In this inspiring TED talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA Development The 6 R E A L Questions Every Leader Should Be Asking Whether your leadership role puts you in charge of your own company a division a workgroup or just the occasional project checking in daily on a few key points is a proven path to success Best Practice Listen Up How to Improve the Listening Skills That Increase Sales Improve your sales strategy with these tips for becoming a better listener Tools Techniques Master Time Management From Inside Out Each one of us has 24 hours to our day 18 400 unique minutes How we master our time makes a big difference Best Practice 4 Tips to Giving Presentations like a TED Talk Pro Hundreds of articles cover presentation topics yet business professionals continue to commit the same mistakes Read these 4 easy tips with actionable items to help you deliver presentations like a TED Talk pro After Hours 10 Of The Coolest Unknown London Activities The Big Bus Company hand picks the coolest littlest known things to boast about and tells you which stops to get off

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