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  • A Day at British Airways - Rising Stars Launch Event | The Sales Club
    collaboration and ensure all members of sales teams own the sales strategy In session two Andy explored Simple ways to sell more designed to make communications with leaders subordinates and customers more confident and ultimately provide easy ways for our Rising Stars to sell more Communicate better Sell better Do better Your ability to convince people to say yes defines how successful you are From convincing customers to buy to inspiring your team to excel everything hinges on how you communicate But many comms don t impress Sales meetings often lead nowhere Team meetings often update each other but little else Proposals don t get responded to People hate giving and receiving sales presentations But the good news since everyone else struggles with communication if you can master it you surge ahead of the rest The secret to mastering both sales and comms is to focus on the AFTER s why the other person is better off AFTER wards When selling don t talk about your product we sell exceptional websites focus on the AFTER s they deliver we can help improve your market share stand out from the competition When giving your Elevator Pitch don t talk about what you are I m an accountant or what you do I prepare tax returns Instead focus on the AFTER s you cause I help you pay less tax than you dreamed possible When communicating focus less on the content and more on what you need people to do AFTER it Don t have Update Meetings they just swap info and are usually pretty dull Instead have Improve Meetings where everyone must leave with one new technique they are going to use Don t have Customer Reviews They tend to review past performance and are too historic Instead have Previews where you both spend time analysing how you can bring more value next year Similarly have PREVIEWS with your team rather than simply reviewing performance When creating a presentation don t think what do I want to say Think what do I want to cause After all if your last slide says thank you people say You re welcome Now get out But when you say Next steps there tends to be some Having an AFTER s Focus sounds all so obvious So have a quick Self Check of you and your team 1 Review the home page of your website Does it talk about what you do or what you cause 2 Read the title of your most recent proposal It is called Our proposal or How we can help you transform sales performance 3 Look at the contents page of your proposals Do your headings focus on your features About us Our experience Our expertise Or do they talk about the AFTER s you will bring How we can improve your competitive advantage When you do this you ll see that AFTER s appear in one of three places 1 Nowhere this isn t good 2 At the end

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  • A Private Audience with Professor Neil Rackham | The Sales Club
    Most customers would pay a little extra for some advice Customers today The U shaped curve above shows that more buy transactionally AND more want deeper consultative relationships The Transactional problem A face to face transactional sales force costs too much in a market that by definition buys on cost Transactional customers don t want and don t need face to face salespeople Most salespeople have a mix of transactional and consultative opportunities 3 The problem of hybrid sales forces Most sales forces have hybrid salespeople who pursue both transactional and consultative business However no sales force can be effective if the same salespeople are chasing a mixture of Transactional and Consultative opportunities Key Insight Any salesperson who is talented enough to make Consultative sales is too expensive to use for Transactional opportunities where customers don t want and won t pay for high level sales talent Key Insight When salespeople have both Transactional and Consultative opportunities they always pay too much attention to the low margin transactional business at the expense of higher margin Consultative opportunities Oracle Case Study My sales force was so busy knocking off gas stations that they never had time to rob a bank Larry Ellison Co Founder CEO of Oracle Foundation and 3rd wealthiest American in 2011 4 The ever extending sales cycle Selling cycles are getting much longer More complex product service offerings More customers involved in the decision The need to invest earlier in the cycle the end of RFP selling Customers expect much more from the sales process Customised solutions The Customer Decision Process Key Insight by the time an RFP has been issued 70 80 of the decisions have already been made 5 The Decline of RFP Selling Previously companies would do some work prior to agreeing a sale but the majority of the solution would be developed post contract Today companies are paid much later in the process after doing much more of the work 6 Skyrocketing costs of chasing an opportunity Sales costs some facts It costs IBM Global Services an average of 480 000 to pursue each opportunity The Big 4 accountants spend upwards of 1million to try to get an audit Very few companies know what it costs them to chase an opportunity You ain t seen nothing yet So what can organizations do to control these skyrocketing costs They can map opportunities on the Calculus of Success to decide which are worth pursuing Key Insight Five practical suggestions Over resource the best opportunities Take opportunity selection out of the hands of salespeople Involve marketing and marketing tools in opportunity selection Push transactional opportunities to cheaper channels Upgrade the consultative selling effort However What if we don t create the kind of value the customer wants Or worse what if we create expensive value and once we ve solved the problem the customer goes to a cheaper competitor Where we create customer value Today a significant amount of the value we create occurs before the contract

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  • Sales Process or Sales Methodology? | The Sales Club
    sales process focuses on opportunities that are good for our organization That is they are good business for us they fit our strategies they fit our ability to support them they are with the customers we are trying to attract and they are aligned with our culture and values as an organization That s why every company has a unique sales process Every company has different strategies different cultures different values What is good business and a great customer for one company may be terrible for another What is a sales methodology Sales methodologies are different Sales methodologies are usually developed by sales training vendors or consultants They represent unique approaches to driving sales effectiveness and developing sales skills There are as many sales methodologies as there are sales training companies to tell the truth it s sometimes difficult to differentiate them Some of the big names include Solution Selling Customer Focused Selling Provocative Selling SPIN Selling Large Account Strategic Account Selling Insight Based Selling Challenger Selling Consultative Selling and on and on and on Many of the sales training methodologies started with a specific focus For example SPIN Selling started with a focus on discovery and a questioning methodology to understand and probe into customer problems Miller Heiman s Large Account Selling originally focused on expanding share and growing presence in large accounts Some methodologies tend to be focused more heavily on a certain part of the sales process For example Challenger focuses more on the very front end of the process providing insights that motivate the customer to take action and change Some methodologies focus on negotiation which occurs at the end of the sales process How does my sales process fit the sales methodology Sales methodologies are often confused with sales process but as I ve outlined here they are different Each vendor has a generic process embedded into their methodology so if an organization doesn t have a sales process they can use the generic vendor supplied process But here s the problem with the generic sales process it means the way we sell semiconductors is the same way we sell enterprise software is the same way we sell machine tools is the same way we sell investment packages is the same way we sell mining equipment It doesn t make sense does it Or here s another problem If we don t have a sales process and our closest competitor doesn t have a selling process and we both use the same generic sales process from the same sales training vendor we would be undifferentiated Now you can start to see the problem with not leveraging your unique selling process If we buy a sales methodology we need to insist the vendor adapt their approach to our sales process not to their generic sales process If we don t we risk confusing salespeople getting zero adoption of either and not getting the best results possible Which sales methodology is right for my company Which sales

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  • Eurostar to Paris: Summary | The Sales Club
    Library All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library Eurostar to Paris Summary Read the highlights from our exciting Eurostar to Paris event with training on the train and an interactive session in Paris making it a one of a kind experience You are here Home Library Eurostar to Paris Summary Overview Gordon McAlpine CEO of The Sales Club welcomed our Leaders onboard for our Eurostar to Paris event where the theme for the day was The Sales Person s Secret Code led by Ian Mills and Mark Ridley from Transform People International Mini workshops during the journey provided members with the opportunity to share and compare challenges to generate ideas to drive sales performance Upon arriving in Paris Leaders enjoyed a networking lunch and highly interactive feedback session following the workshops that created some fantastic debates and insights being shared Executive Summary Transform People International have put together a summary presentation with voice over covering the key themes and nuggets from the day Have a listen here More Tools Techniques Profitable Key Account Management End Death By Powerpoint The Sales Force

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  • Master Time Management From Inside Out | The Sales Club
    it is a valuable resource We should not spend it unwisely or give it away Leaders who are masters of time know when to put a stop to activities that do not contribute to their purpose The word NO can sometimes be the greatest time management tool of all Plan time Planning for how to spend your time enables you to work far more efficiently than figuring it out as you go What is planned happens because planning leads to action Prioritize time To master time management is to set priorities among your goals There is never enough time to do everything but there is always enough time to do what is important Delegation time To make the most of the precious resource of your time learn to delegate Hire others to do the work so you can have more time to work on what is valuable to you Give less important tasks to others Don t spend time on unimportant tasks and then wait for the important ones to get done They won t Simplify time Work on one task at a time Do not start another task until the one you are working on is completed Sustainable success and high productivity require concentrated effort Be focused and in return you will end up being productive Unblock time Where are you limiting yourself from reaching your goals Find out what may be within yourself that s blocking you and eliminate it immediately Get rid of any behaviors or thoughts that are self sabotaging Spend time in reflection Everything you do everything you want to achieve is the result of time spent in reflection Evaluating your goals is as important as achieving your goals The biggest time waster is not spending the time to focus on what is important By

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  • How To Speak So That People Want To Listen | The Sales Club
    About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library How To Speak So That People Want To Listen Have you ever felt like you re talking but nobody is listening Here s Julian Treasure to help you fix that As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding You are here Home Library How To Speak So That People Want To Listen Why you should listen Julian Treasure is the chair of the Sound Agency a firm that advises worldwide businesses offices retailers hotels on how to use sound He asks us to pay attention to the sounds that surround us How do they make us feel productive stressed energized acquisitive Treasure is the author of the book Sound Business and keeps a blog by the same name that ruminates on aural matters and offers a nice day by day writeup of TEDG lobal 2009 With almost 2 million views on TED his presentation is well worth a watch Julian Treasure How to speak so that people want to listen More Tools

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  • The Open Championship 2014 | The Sales Club
    world class golf at The Open Championship 2014 Enjoy VIP treatment as The Sales Club welcomes you to this quality venue with award winning hospitality set against the backdrop of the Royal Liverpool s 16 th hole You are here Home Events The Open Championship 2014 Date Thursday 17th July Time 8am 6pm Venue Royal Liverpool Golf Club Meols Drive Hoylake Wirral CH 47 4AL Refreshments Full VIP hospitality package THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED To add your name to the reserve list please contact Emma at emma maple thesalesclub co uk About the day All guests will meet for breakfast at Royal Liverpool Golf Club where you will be offered a personal walk of the course by our member Brett Tonkyn Director of Sales at The Open Championship Guests will then be greeted with a Champagne and canapés reception from where you will be able to view the fantastic golf on display from a VIP hospitality suite Members will enjoy a three course networking lunch followed by Afternoon tea service with peers and other refreshments throughout the day Please note due to the specific timings of the day all guests will be required to book accommodation for a minimum of two nights This will be at the guests own cost About The Venue The venue has witnessed a string of unique Open Champions in 1907 Arnaud Massy became the only Frenchman to have won the title Fred Daly became the first Irishman to do so in 1947 and Argentine golfer Roberto De Vicenzo became the first South American to win a Major when he lifted the Claret Jug in 1967 When The Open returned to Hoylake in 2006 after a 39 year absence Tiger Woods became the first back to back Open Champion since Tom Watson in 1983

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  • Flagship Supper Club: 'Bounce' with Matthew Syed | The Sales Club
    Matthew s presentation will explore the controversial view that talent is a myth and that practice hard work transform ordinary people into world class performers in their field You are here Home Events Flagship Supper Club Bounce with Matthew Syed Date Thursday 31st January 2013 Time 6pm 10pm Venue Sofitel St James 6 Waterloo Place SW1Y 4AN Refreshments Drinks Supper Snacks Another event from our 2013 Calendar to give Rising Star members an idea of the events they can expect throughout 2014 Members will take away Secrets top athletes deploy to maximise their success If you believe success hinges on effort then you will view any failure as an opportunity to improve leading to excellence and peak performance Matthew Syed British Journalist Broadcaster About Matthew Syed Matthew Syed is a British journalist broadcaster and author of the International Bestseller Bounce described as a must read for anyone interested in the science of success and the mind set culture that support it He has won numerous prizes for his writing including Feature Writer of the Year at the SJA Awards and Sports Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards He is also a three time Commonwealth table tennis champion

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