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  • One Sales Challenge with Access | The Sales Club
    Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact One Sales Challenge with Access Tuesday February 5 2013 10 30 to 16 00 Leaders Join us for an extremely valuable productive day of Sales Excellence Take time out from your everyday world to see your sales pains from a new perspective hosted by our very own member Jon Jorgensen Group Sales Director Access who ll share some of the key challenges he s faced in his role and the innovative sales strategies used to overcome them You are here Home Events One Sales Challenge with Access Date Tuesday 5th February 2013 Time 10 30am 4pm Venue MWB Offices 60 Cannon Street London EC4N 6NP Refreshments Lunch Tea Coffee Members will take away fresh ideas insights helping understand and deal with the pains of sales everyday a personalised action plan that will make a real difference in your roles as Sales Leaders stronger relationships with fellow members Jon Jorgensen Group Sales Director at The Access Group About Access Access is an award winning fast growth business software consultancy with more than 20 years experience of providing simple proven and relevant solutions to its customers Both the company and its products have received numerous awards for innovation and excellence Most recently Access was recognised as one of the UK s fastest growing companies in The Sunday Times Buyout Track 2012 The annual list showcases private equity backed companies with the fastest growing profits over the last two years Access was ranked at number 47 after profits grew 43 per year since 2009 Get directions Tuesday February 5 2013 10 30 to 16 00 MWB Offices 60 Cannon Street London EC4N 6NP United Kingdom Contact us Phone 44 0 1628 483 118 For

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  • Sales Excellence - 'Revolutionising Selling' | The Sales Club
    by former Purchasing Director Christopher Barrat Greystone Consulting and a fascinating after lunch keynote presentation in Brussels on Revolutionising Selling from Frank Hattann Head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions You are here Home Events Sales Excellence Revolutionising Selling Date Thursday 7th March 2013 Time 8 30am 6pm Venue Departing from St Pancras International London N1C 4QP Refreshments Breakfast Lunch Workshop topics Social Selling Revolutionising the way we sell Frank Hattann LinkedIn The Purchaser s Perspective Dealing with professional buyers Christopher Barrat Greystone Consulting Frank Hattann Head of EMEA Sales Solutions About Frank Hattann Frank Hattann is a Social Media enthusiast and Head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions for EMEA LinkedIn has developed powerful solutions to help sales and business development professionals to be more effective through the use of their professional Network driving sales by taking advantage of Social Selling opportunities Frank s varied background includes over 12 years management experience working for companies such as Deutsche Bank Lufthansa and PayPal He s lived in Germany the UK Canada Ireland managing multi lingual teams and working in multi cultural environments giving him an in depth understanding of the importance of relationship building networking LinkedIn has been and remains a valuable tool for his work career sales success Learn more about sales solutions sales linkedin com Christopher Barrat Director at Greystone Consulting About Christopher Barrat Christopher Barrat is an established well respected speaker consultant author in management development skills His knowledge is based on genuine experience in the real world where he has been a sales manager business manager purchasing director His background gives him enormous credibility in the work he delivers as well as a unique insight into both sides of the table from a commercial perspective Christopher is currently a director of Greystone Management a consultancy that works to bring together

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  • Supper Club: Sales Performance Innovation with Mimecast & K2 | The Sales Club
    of The Sales Club and General Manager for Mimecast Europe Alan Kenny and his team who will share with us some of the innovative Performance strategies they ve used to help secure impressive growth averaging 65 76 over the past 3 years and earning them rankings in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 for the third consecutive year You are here Home Events Supper Club Sales Performance Innovation with Mimecast K2 Date Thursday 18th April 2013 Time 4 30pm 9 30pm Venue Mimecast CityPoint Level 6 One Ropemaker Street EC2Y 9AW Refreshments Drinks Supper Snacks This workshop will consist of A case study of innovations that have led to huge sales success highlighting their focus on Human Performance to achieve goals An interactive session with break out groups to explore the key principles of Performance How the principles could be applied to make a difference in your sales organisations About Mimecast Mimecast is a leading supplier of cloud based single service email management Mimecast helps slash on premises email storage requirements ensures complete email availability email security and email compliance while providing services to get more from email providing Unified Email Management Simply put Mimecast cuts through the complexity of corporate email and puts businesses back in control of their email getting their information working for them again www mimecast co uk About K2 K2 is the UK leader in the development and delivery of high performance programmes They are passionate about performance inspiring individuals and businesses to reach their best performance by bringing the winning techniques of elite athletes into the corporate space They translate the science behind their work into simple effective messages to help clients drive their performance forward in practical ways ensuring individuals perform at the highest possible standard with the greatest levels of consistency and

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  • Research Proves the Early Bird Catches the Worm? | The Sales Club
    never been higher The empowered buyer of today is leveraging the Internet social media and peer groups to investigate opportunities investigate potential solutions and research your and your competitors products More and more of the decision making process is conducted without the assistance of your Sales Reps SiriusDecisions reports that up to 67 of buyers already have a clear picture of the solution they want before Sales Reps are engaged And this do it themselves painting may not match your solution at all With a late engagement and solution bias already in your prospects mind your Sales reps often have few options other than resorting to giveaways or discounts in order to win the deal At the same time as Sales reps are being invited later Forrester reports that engaging earlier provides more advantage than ever The solution provider who engages earlier helping the buyer turn a vision into a clear path to value wins a whopping 74 of the deals While those engaging late during the bake off phase where you and several vendors are responding to specific requests and RFP s and you win a mere 26 of the deals So how do you go about gaining this huge advantage engaging earlier and helping to establish the clear path from vision to value We believe there are three key conversations your Sales reps can have with your prospects to engage earlier and shape the decision to go your way Illuminate the Rain Proactively help the buyer identify and diagnose issues leveraging customized benchmark insights and diagnostic assessments to uncover and identify issues Quantify the Pain Calculating the cost of Do Nothing tallying the prospect s specific inefficient spending lost productivity high risks and lost revenue opportunities from maintaining the status quo Justify the Gain Consultatively painting a picture

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  • So You Think You Just Sell Products? | The Sales Club
    unable to address change to the history books Ryals added I think the idea of moving towards a more service based model is something we are going to see much more There is a consequence of this that I am very interested in It starts from a culture change and you have to see things from the customer s point of view That comes with other things you have to do over time such as openness gain share pricing doesn t work unless you re prepared to be open because both sides need to make a profit So there are a number of things along these lines that we can see developing in this journey It takes somebody thinking a little out of the box to achieve this someone saying OK we ve always done it this way but that doesn t mean it s the right way to do it But she said the process is not all stick because several companies have seen a very tangible carrot when applying the principles of servitisation Instead of the zero sum game it needs to become a positive sum game where both parties can gain and both organisations become strong learning more Again with Rolls Royce the fact that they now have so much data they can feed it back to improving their own products Even on a basic level this could improve on things like a breakthrough way of thinking and what we might see happening in future is that while in the past we ve seen innovation come from within organisations I wonder if we ll see more innovation happening jointly between organisations at the boundary where they cross over Hopefully we ll find people just asking a simple question like we keep a finished goods stock and they keep and inbound stock so why are we doubling up Or why do our products keep breaking or why does a certain problem keep arising It s that ability to have that innovation breakthrough One of the firms I work with is Addleshaw Goddard a law firm and they have a very interesting approach and have a very good system of managing relationships with customers They are now running joint diversity seminars because it is important for some of their customers to have more diversity among senior managers These are shared interests and not a conflict situation approach and that is not like a normal buyer seller relationship it is more like a partnership And Ryals warns that the edge a sophisticated western organisation has using the method is not likely to remain unchallenged for long as emerging countries begin to see the advantages it can provide She said It is typically the case that emerging markets tend to start with raw materials production then go into basic products which you can see many parts of Africa and then going into more complex products to start moving towards services and you can see that happening in China for example So the servitisation model for the moment can give the western organisations something of and advantage However there are examples of companies in emerging markets who are providing added value services and that signals to us that it is something that customers increasingly want Yet just as her research into servitisation had come to a close the process has led to a fresh aspect of sales that Ryals is working on for her next white paper focused on the cost of selling Ryals explained The servitisation trend is very interesting and linked to that or in parallel there is something we have to think about which is the whole notion of the cost of sales Where we are in western economies there is the situation where the cost of the direct sales force is increasing I can just about remember as a kid there being the man from the Pru Prudential insurance collecting the premiums and now of course the sales process is much more about car laptop software mobile phone iPad etc and plus the people costs are higher You add to that the notion of developing complex products and solutions and you are now looking at a sales cycle that is longer because you are selling something that is bigger and more complex In turn you are looking at relationships that require more input on the supplier side and the cost of the people is going up especially with team based selling with more people involved in the sale So all of these things put together mean that the cost of making a sale is actually increasing A lot of the companies that I work with are talking about sales cycles that instead of being a few months could be 12 or 24 months It s a major major deal and you re not going to sign a partnership agreement in the same time that you would have secured a straight forward product sale That sets up a new challenge for suppliers which is that they have to think about the sale as an investment So you have a number of sales opportunities but arguably you cannot chase all of them That is the next area we want to research and we are doing some work on this already around looking at this notion of how do you select the sales opportunities you are going to pursue Ryals said sales organisations will have to increasingly view any pitching campaign as a long term investment and assess the process as they would when buying shares in companies with a good potential return She said At the moment a lot of even very good companies don t really know how much it costs them to put together a major tender I think what we will see is more of a focus on how much it is costing to bid and when are the times we should withdraw Because not all business is good business and this is true of certain customers

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  • Thought Leadership - The End of Solution Sales | The Sales Club
    All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library Thought Leadership The End of Solution Sales Controversial and thought provoking article from our friends over the pond at the Sales Executive Council The hardest thing about B2B selling today is that customers don t need you the way they used to This article provides excellent food for thought You are here Home Library Thought Leadership The End of Solution Sales The hardest thing about B2B selling today is that customers don t need you the way they used to In recent decades sales reps have become adept at discovering customers needs and selling them solutions generally complex combinations of products and services This worked because customers didn t know how to solve their own problems even though they often had a good understanding of what their problems were But now owing to increasingly sophisticated procurement teams and purchasing consultants armed with troves of data companies can readily define solutions for themselves To read more The End of Solution Sales Article More Tools Techniques Profitable Key Account Management End Death By Powerpoint The Sales

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  • Value Selling with Tom Pisello | The Sales Club
    ppt presentations STALLED DEALS In a Do More with Less economy with less to invest and less tolerance for risk the chances of a stalled deal are greater than ever On average 58 of deals right now are stalled in that gap between Do Nothing and Yes because of the status quo bias However this represents the biggest opportunity in your pipeline even though it is harder than winning business from a competitor Stalls in flight are often experienced as a pilot tries to climb too fast experiencing a sudden reduction in lift as the angle of the airplane exceeds the critical angle of attack a point at which the wing no longer provides lift this is not a good situation to be in Just like a salesperson if you are trying to climb too fast outpacing the customer s own decision making journey you can experience a stall and you will see several indicators The customer won t call me back They just went quiet on me They just keep rescheduling our meetings All signs of a stall How can this occur Your prospect may not believe they have the issue you are selling The rest of the decision making stakeholders may not be on board that this is an issue worth addressing Your prospect knows they have the issue but they have a lot of issues and this one is way down in the stack They don t believe that any solution really exists to solve the problem In this do more with less economy your prospects just don t have the time or the resources or the budget Your prospect perceives the proposal as too risky And this threshold is lower than ever The impacts of stalled sales cycles are evidenced in 22 longer sales cycles reported by SiriusDecisions and up to 40 more discounting reported by University of Dayton as sales professionals use additional discounting to try and get the deals moving When in this situation what do you do Just like a pilot you have to recognise you are getting ahead of the buyer and reduce the angle of attack and provide more fuel to generate more thrust Key Insight The fuel can be critical content to help facilitate the buyer s decision making So if you are able to un stick the stalled deals the opportunities are huge What you lose to the competition is nowhere near as much as what gets stalled HOW TO APPLY THE RIGHT CONTENT TO GET DO NOTHING BUYERS TO YES Key Insight In order to get deals un stalled you must facilitate your prospects decision making as they attempt to answer key concerns along their decision making journey Why Change there are important opportunities to address some of which they might not have even been aware of Quantify the Pain Why Now the opportunity is a priority compared to everything else they have on their plate and that failing to address the issue will cause competitive harm Justify the Gain Why You you are the best provider with the most cost effective low risk and high value solution Prove you are Not the Same Key Insight Only 24 of deals get won in the Why You step of the sale T hree quarters of deals are won by The Challenger profile of salesperson who delivers unique insights that teach the buyer something about issues they didn t know they had and they need to start addressing The most successful sales people connect with customers on the issue and why it s costly to them and why there s a lot of risks associated in sticking with the status quo You need to engage a lot earlier on the Why Change and Why Now and have less focus on Why You though you still need it most people already have this Key Insight As we examine these steps it has become more important than ever to engage earlier and more provocatively in order to win the business At this year s Forrester Sales Enablement Forum it was reported that vendors who engage earlier helping the Prospect identify issues they might not have known they had or prioritising issues that should have been given more attention were awarded 76 of the deals Versus those who focussed on differentiation from their competitors who closed a mere 24 share The split was 65 35 just a few years ago so you can see how engaging earlier in a provocative manner is even more critical now In this Do More With Less economy prospects have less resources risk appetite and budget than ever In a world of constant fire fighting they often have difficulty uncovering issues and properly quantifying prioritising their pains As a result the research points to how much your prospects need help in identifying Why Change and Why Now leveraging marketing content and earlier value selling engagements to facilitate change in the early stages of the buyer s journey However because access to information makes everyone an expert prospects tend to self diagnose and prescribe delaying professional advice sometimes until it is too late Sales professionals are likely to be invited later and later into the decision making process with reports that up to two thirds of the decision making process is complete prior to engagement i mproving earlier engagement is vital QUANTIFY THE PAIN JUSTIFY THE GAIN PROVE NOT THE SAME Buyers move away from pain more than they go towards gain it s human psychology So don t go in and talk about savings benefits align and identify for the buyer the pains they weren t aware of they had before like a Dr communicate the seriousness Then you will have earned the right to justify the gain and then in final stages prove not the same Unfortunately most companies put the most investment in their product differentiation prove not the same which only wins 24 of the deals Key Insight Make your Marketing Sales Enablement content more

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  • So You Think You Just Sell Products? | The Sales Club
    Library All Articles Best Practice Tools Techniques Inspiration Development Other Leadership About Leaders Membership Rising Stars Membership Leader Testimonials Rising Stars Testimonials The Secret Millionaire Contact Library So You Think You Just Sell Products Blurring the definitions between products and services can give sales organisations the edge says Lynette Ryals Professor of Strategic Sales and Account Management and Pro Vice Chancellor at Cranfield University You are here Home Library So You Think You Just Sell Products Never before has the academic world been working closer with industry in finding new ways to move forward in a continually challenging economic landscape Commerce needs to explore new ways and methods to stay ahead in an ever increasingly global market where competition has become ever more intense as emerging economics begin exploiting their own local advantages to undercut the West s traditional manufacturing and service industries Yet argues Lynette Ryals professor of strategic studies and account management at Cranfield University there are ways to level the playing field with exciting new approaches to selling customers solutions To access the exclusive member content and read the whole article click here More Tools Techniques Profitable Key Account Management End Death By Powerpoint The Sales Force

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