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  • trespass and safety policy : Pictures : Sheffield Supertram : TheTrams.co.uk
    latest pictures search random picture trespass and safety policy Links Sheffield Supertram Pictures trespass and safety policy All pictures on this website were taken from public roads or footpaths from the public parts of the tramway light rail system or by special permission of the tram light rail operator Trespass on tramway or railway property is illegal and dangerous Photography on the Tyne and Wear Metro is prohibited without permission from Nexus all photos on this website taken on Tyne and Wear Metro property were taken with permission If you are going to take photographs of trams take extra care and be aware that danger comes not just from the trams themselves but also from cars buses lorries and other traffic that may share the road with the tram Remember that trams can be quieter than other road traffic and can take longer to stop Most of the time tramways and light rail operators welcome the interest that enthusiasts have in their systems but remember that the primary function of a light rail system is public transportation and staff may not have the time to answer questions or humour people s photographic whims If you get in the way of

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  • Privacy statement for TheTrams.co.uk and TramStop : Sheffield Supertram : TheTrams.co.uk
    used to identify individuals personally How this information is used This information is collected solely for the purpose of analysing visitor trends identifying new links to the site and assessing the relative popularity of various sections and pages all with the ultimate aim of improving the content and accessibility of the site to you and other visitors What information is not collected Information not collected includes your postal address telephone numbers buying habits and internet activity outside this site Your name and email address is only collected when you choose to provide it for instance when contacting TheTrams co uk or when registering for the TramStop forums your name and email address is not collected without your knowledge Information is not collected or used for any marketing or market research activities Contacting TheTrams co uk When you contact TheTrams co uk certain personal information may be communicated such as your name and email address and any other information which you choose to include in the communication emails and online contact forms are retained on file but personal details are only used for the purpose of communicating with you unless you have consented for them to be used for other purposes Your personal details are not collated in a database nor will your email address be added to a mailing list when you contact TheTrams co uk nor will they be passed to any third party without your consent except for the reasons given below under Disclosure of information Cookies Cookies are used on TheTrams co uk to count and track your visit to the site and on the TramStop forums to manage your log in session You may block cookies from TheTrams co uk with no adverse effect but blocking cookies from TramStop may affect how you use the forums

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  • facts and figures : Metrolink : TheTrams.co.uk
    Extended since opening of initial network yes Most recent section opened 2000 Further extensions planned yes Street running yes Tunnel sections yes short ex railway tunnels Elevated sections yes Former railway alignments yes Replaced heavy rail service yes Track gauge standard Electricity supply 750v DC overhead catenary trolley wire Current collection pantograph Number of vehicles 32 Oldest vehicle 1992 Phase One trams Newest vehicle 1999 Phase Two trams Passengers April

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  • Metrolink routes : Routes : Metrolink : TheTrams.co.uk
    to as Phase 1 run from Manchester to Bury in the north and Altrincham in the south These lines were converted from main line railway routes and linked across the city centre by a street running section from Victoria station to G Mex next to Deansgate station There is also a spur in the city to Piccadilly main line station These lines opened in 1992 Following on from the success of the initial network construction began in 1997 on the Phase 2 line through the redeveloped Salford Docks to Eccles in the west of Manchester This partially opened in 1999 with full service commencing in 2000 Future extensions Phase 3 also known as the Big Bang was an ambitious expansion programme which would have seen trams running to Oldham Rochdale Ashton under Lyne Wythenshawe and Manchester Airport Phase 3 has now been split into two sections Phase 3a will involve taking over the main line railway to Oldham and Rochdale station as well as extensions to Droylsden and to Chorlton Cum Hardy Phase 3b which is dependent on additional funding from the Transport Innovation Fund will complete Phase 3 with further extensions to Manchester Airport and Didsbury from Chorlton Ashton

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  • Tram Stops : Metrolink : TheTrams.co.uk
    the BR era Original stops in the city centre Victoria Piccadilly Gardens Piccadilly Mosley Street St Peter s Square and G Mex consist of platforms long enough for two unit Metrolink services At on street stops the platforms gently ramp up at either end and are to some extent part of the footpath Because of its situation underneath Piccadilly main line railway station Piccadilly stop is more substantial with a mezzanine floor between tram platforms and the main line station concourse Platforms at Mosley Street and St Peter s Square have a full height section the length of one Metrolink unit and a lower section which is used by the second unit in rush hour two unit formations Market Street and High Street stops were also originally built like this but these stops have been replaced by a rebuilt Market Street with a full length island platform On the Phase Two line to Eccles and at Market Street and Shudehill all platforms are full height long enough for a two unit formation The platforms are more segregated than at the original city centre stops with steps at the ends of the platforms and ramps entering at the centre To view all Metrolink stops in Google Earth s satellite imagery click here requires Google Earth software available for Windows Vista XP 2000 Mac OS X 10 4 0 and Linux Each stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that stop Select a stop name for pictures or go to the Altrincham line Bury line Eccles line or city centre pages for clickable route maps Stop Location Platforms Line Opening date Notes Altrincham Station shared with National Rail 2 2 National Rail Altrincham 15 06 1992 Shares station with National Rail part of Altrincham interchange Navigation Road Reserved track 1 1 National Rail Altrincham 15 06 1992 Consists of 1 bidirectional platform for Metrolink and 1 bidirectional platform for National Rail Timperley Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Brooklands Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Sale Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Dane Road Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Stretford Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Old Trafford Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Formerly Warwick Road BR station Trafford Bar Reserved track 2 Altrincham 15 06 1992 Formerly Old Trafford BR station Eccles Reserved track 1 Eccles 21 07 2000 Ladywell Reserved track 2 Eccles 21 07 2000 Park Ride Weaste Reserved track 2 Eccles 21 07 2000 Langworthy Reserved track 2 Eccles 21 07 2000 Broadway Reserved track 2 Eccles 06 12 1999 Harbour City Reserved track 2 staggered Eccles 06 12 1999 Anchorage Reserved track 2 Eccles 06 12 1999 Salford Quays Reserved track 2 Eccles 06 12 1999 Exchange Quay Reserved track 2 Eccles 06 12 1999 Pomona Reserved track 2 island platform Eccles 06 12 1999 elevated stop Cornbrook Reserved track 3 Island platform with 1 bay Bay not used for public services Altrincham Eccles 06

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  • Trams : Metrolink : TheTrams.co.uk
    running on street Each tram is accessible for wheelchair users Passenger capacity is 86 seated and 122 standing Trams are one person operated there is a driver but no conductor with passengers buying tickets from machines at the tram stops The system uses 750vDC overhead power supply with single wire pantograph current collection Fleet list Last updated 9 th October 2007 Thanks to Christopher Gallagher for some of the details below Click on tram number for pictures T68 Phase One cars 1992 Tram number Name Livery 1001 New Metrolink yellow line 1002 New Metrolink yellow line 1003 New Metrolink 1004 The Robert Owen New Metrolink yellow line 1005 The Railway Mission New Metrolink yellow line 1006 New Metrolink yellow line 1007 Sony Centre Arndale Phase 2 Metrolink 1008 New Metrolink 1009 Virgin Megastores New Metrolink yellow line 1010 New Metrolink 1011 New Metrolink 1012 New Metrolink 1013 The Grenadier Guardsman New Metrolink 1014 The Great Manchester Runner New Metrolink yellow line 1015 Burma Star New Metrolink yellow line 1016 New Metrolink yellow line 1017 Bury Hospice New Metrolink yellow line 1018 New Metrolink yellow line 1019 New Metrolink 1020 Lancashire Fusilier New Metrolink 1021 Sony Centre Arndale Original Metrolink 1022 The Poppy Appeal New Metrolink 1023 New Metrolink yellow line 1024 New Metrolink yellow line 1025 New Metrolink yellow line 1026 The Power New Metrolink yellow line Phase 1 unit modified with concealed couplers and skirts to operate over Eccles extension T68a Phase Two cars 1999 Click on tram number for pictures Tram number Name Livery 2001 The Joe Clarke OBE Phase 2 Metrolink 2002 Sony Centre Arndale Phase 2 Metrolink 2003 Traveller 2000 New Metrolink 2004 Salford Lads Club Phase 2 Metrolink 2005 WHSmith West One Phase 2 Metrolink yellow line 2006 Sony Centre Arndale Phase 2 Metrolink Liveries Original Metrolink white with dark grey skirt turquoise stripe at base of body Phase Two Metrolink as original livery plus turquoise doors New Metrolink as original livery plus torquoise doors a turquoise stripe at the top of the body and orange lines separating the turquoise stripes and the white body yellow line variation of the New Metrolink livery where the the lower of the two orange lines at door sill level is replaced with a yellow line or a variation of the Phase Two Metrolink livery with a yellow line added at this point on the vehicle Ancillary vehicles Metrolink also operate a small number of ancillary vehicles which include the following Registration number Type Livery N983 YNC Ford Transit White with Metrolink logos V685 FRB Toyota Hilux White V466 FVM Ford Ranger White with Metrolink logos X445 RSS Ford Transit White with Serco logos Shunter Metrolink San Francisco Muni tramcar No 1326 San Francisco Muni L253 HKK Multicar with lifting platform White with Metrolink fleetnames SO02 NUJ Citroën Berlingo White with Serco logos R75 KBM Ford Transit hi top long wheelbase White with Metrolink logos SM51 WDY Citroën Berlingo White with Serco logos SG51 XLD Ford Transit White with

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  • TheTrams.co.uk: Metrolink links
    Metro Metrolink Home Routes Tram Stops Trams Pictures Links Metrolink Metrolink partners more links Metrolink Links There are three links sections Metrolink official Metrolink website Metrolink partners Metrolink partners and other organisations involved in the development and operation of Metrolink More links enthusiast websites pressure groups etc To report a broken link or to request a link from TheTrams co uk email the webmaster copyright statement terms conditions trespass safety

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  • Bury Metrolink stop : Metrolink : TheTrams.co.uk
    Bury Bolton Street station now home to the East Lancashire Railway to Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall but in 1980 a short diversion was opened partly utilising a curve to the Heywood line running into a new terminal station at Bury Interchange This is the present location of the Metrolink stop and access is via the bus station above the platforms The line towards Bury Bolton Street was the site of the electric car sheds for the Bury line trains but is now also occupied by the East Lancashire Railway This steam line has also been extended over the tramway alignment by way of a new bridge which connects with the railway line towards Heywood and Chadderton Pictures Entrance to Bury Metrolink inside Bury Interchange Off camera to the left are the former railway ticket office windows now replaced by Metrolink ticket machines On the wall is a plaque commerating the opening of Bury Interchange in 1980 by Princess Margaret and a copy of the East Lancashire Railway coat of arms 09 10 2004 000904 Bury Interchange seen from the outside in the bus station 09 10 2004 000905 Bury tram stop as seen from the end of the platforms 09 10

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