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  • Privacy statement for TheTrams.co.uk and TramStop : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    identify individuals personally How this information is used This information is collected solely for the purpose of analysing visitor trends identifying new links to the site and assessing the relative popularity of various sections and pages all with the ultimate aim of improving the content and accessibility of the site to you and other visitors What information is not collected Information not collected includes your postal address telephone numbers buying habits and internet activity outside this site Your name and email address is only collected when you choose to provide it for instance when contacting TheTrams co uk or when registering for the TramStop forums your name and email address is not collected without your knowledge Information is not collected or used for any marketing or market research activities Contacting TheTrams co uk When you contact TheTrams co uk certain personal information may be communicated such as your name and email address and any other information which you choose to include in the communication emails and online contact forms are retained on file but personal details are only used for the purpose of communicating with you unless you have consented for them to be used for other purposes Your personal details are not collated in a database nor will your email address be added to a mailing list when you contact TheTrams co uk nor will they be passed to any third party without your consent except for the reasons given below under Disclosure of information Cookies Cookies are used on TheTrams co uk to count and track your visit to the site and on the TramStop forums to manage your log in session You may block cookies from TheTrams co uk with no adverse effect but blocking cookies from TramStop may affect how you use the forums How you

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  • facts and figures : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    Extended since opening of initial network yes Most recent section opened 1926 Further extensions planned yes Street running yes Tunnel sections no Elevated sections no Former railway alignments no Replaced heavy rail service no Track gauge standard Electricity supply 550v DC overhead trolley wire Current collection pantograph trolley pole Number of vehicles 75 includes historic and stored cars Oldest vehicle 1901 historic tram 1934 normal fleet Newest vehicle 1988 new

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  • Tram Stops : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    tramway while others have shelters again similar to bus stops A small number have more substantial buildings such as Bispham and Little Bispham Tram stops are fairly close together more in line with the spacing of bus stops than light rail stops Minor stops on the reserved right of way sections north of Cleveleys have a similar feel to the railway halts of a bygone age To view all Blackpool tram stops in Google Earth s satellite imagery click here requires Google Earth software available for Windows Vista XP 2000 Mac OS X 10 4 0 and Linux Each tram stop page also has a link to Google Earth imagery of that tram stop Click on stop name for pictures or go to the route page for a clickable route map Stop Location Tracks Notes Starr Gate Reserved track 1 one way terminal loop Abercorn Place Promenade 2 Harrow Place Promenade 2 Harrowside Promenade 2 Burlington Road Promenade 2 Star Hotel Promenade 2 Pleasure Beach Promenade 2 Reversing loop South Pier Promenade 2 Waterloo Road Promenade 2 Alexandra Road Promenade 2 St Chad s Road Promenade 2 Barton Avenue Promenade 2 Lytham Road On street 2 in use towards Fleetwood only Manchester Square Promenade 2 also known as The Manchester Foxhall Square Promenade 2 Central Pier Promenade 2 Tower Promenade 2 Victoria Street Promenade 2 North Pier Promenade 3 Cocker Street Promenade 2 Pleasant Street Promenade 2 Imperial Hotel Promenade 2 Wilton Parade Promenade 2 Warley Road Promenade 2 Gynn Square Promenade 2 Cliffs Hotel Promenade 2 Cabin Promenade 2 St Stephen s Avenue Reserved track 2 Lowther Avenue Reserved track 2 Miners Home Reserved track 2 Cavendish Road Reserved track 2 Bispham Reserved track 3 Madison Avenue Reserved track 2 Leyburn Avenue Reserved track 2 Norbreck Reserved track 2

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  • TheTrams.co.uk: Blackpool trams—trams
    fleet On the bus fleet the livery is designed to be implemented in different pairs of colours for different routes on the tram fleet the actual colours used are arbitrary Trams can also be seen in different variations of the traditional green and cream Blackpool Transport livery and in a variety of all over adverts Power is supplied from a 550vDC overhead system Most trams use pantograph current collection but a few retain trolley poles Here is a summary of the different types of tramcar in use in Blackpool More details and a full fleet list will follow soon For pictures of trams click here Boats Single deck open top cars built by English Electric in 1934 Numbers 600 607 Brush cars Single deck cars built by Brush in 1937 Numbers 621 637 Centenary cars Single deck one man operated cars built by East Lancs in 1984 8 Numbers 641 648 Progress Twins Single deck power trailer cars rebuilt from English Electric cars in 1958 62 Numbers 671 680 power cars and 681 687 trailer cars Cars operate in regular pairs eg 675 685 except for 678 680 which operate singly Balloons Double deck cars built by English Electric in

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  • Links : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    Metro Blackpool Tramway Home Route Tram Stops Trams Pictures Links Blackpool blackpool tramway partners more links Blackpool Tramway Links There are three links sections Blackpool official websites Blackpool partners other organisations involved in the development and operation of Blackpool s trams More links enthusiast websites pressure groups To report a broken link or to request a link from TheTrams co uk send and email to copyright statement terms conditions trespass

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  • Route : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    Road to the depot in Rigby Road Depot spur and the Foxhall line Trams from the north reach the depot via a double track spur along Lytham Road which turns into Hopton Street There is no connection from the south In Hopton Street the line becomes single track and then fans out into several tracks at the depot throat There is a second way for trams to reach the depot which is the Foxhall route a single track heads out of the depot in the opposite direction to the Lytham Road route along Blundall Street and then Princess Street and connects with the main line on the Promenade at Foxhall Square This line which is the oldest electrified street tramway in the world is rarely used The most recent regular usage was January April 2005 when the Lytham Road line was shut for track renewal Manchester Square North Pier North of Manchester Square trams continue along the Promenade to North Pier Along the way the tramway serves seafront attractions such as the Aquarium Louis Tussaud s Waxworks Central and North Piers and the most famous of them all Blackpool Tower At North Pier stop there are three tracks to facilitate short workings at the busiest times in the holiday season North Pier Gynn Square After North Pier the tram tracks briefly join the road before rejoining the paved reserved right of way at the side of the road Trams run along this reservation following Blackpool s North Shore between the Promenade and the seafront to Gynn Square tram stop Gynn Square Cleveleys North from Gynn Square the tramway once again follows the North Shore After Cabin the paved track gives way to a ballasted reserved right of way broken only by a short sections of paved track at Bispham and Little Bispham stops The tram stop at Bispham has three tracks and there is a substantial shelter building on the north bound side Little Bispham also has a shelter building although a smaller one and north of this stop there is a single track reversing loop After Little Bispham the line curves slightly inland from the coast although the sea is never far away On the approach to Cleveleys the line crosses the northbound carriageway of the A587 at a traffic light controlled junction to adopt a position in the central reservation The line at this point is on ballasted track except for the stop at Cleveleys which is on paved track Cleveleys Ash Street After the tram stop at Cleveleys the line crosses over the southbound carriageway of the A587 to a ballasted alignment at the side of the road Unlike the tramway south of Little Bispham where there are very few crossings there is nowhere to go to other than the sea the section of reserved track north of Cleveleys crosses a number of minor roads at unprotected crossings At Thornton Gate there is a set of Permanent Way sidings which are no longer in use After Rossall

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  • latest pictures : Pictures : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    Road depot 29 10 2006 003326 Jubilee car 762 carrying an all over advert for Unison 29 10 2006 003327 Looking a little forlorn is Progress Twi power car 676 in Blackpool Tramway green and cream 29 10 2006 003328 626 at Rigby Road depot 29 10 2006 003329 Progress Twin power car 680 29 10 2006 003330 Fisherman s Friend Trawler tram 633 at the depot 29 10 2006 003331 Centenary car 660 waits for its next turn of duty at the depot Behind and above can be seen the pantograph arm of Tram Power s prototype City Class tram on test in Blackpool 29 10 2006 003332 Progress Twin power car 682 at Rigby Road depot 29 10 2006 003333 Centenary car 647 in an all over advert for Tiffany s Hotel 29 10 2006 003334 Brush car 636 in a green and yellow variant of the Metro Coastlines livery seen at the back of Rigby Road depot minus its pantograph 29 10 2006 003335 Blackpool and Fleetwood toastrack car no 70 29 10 2006 003336 Open top boat 602 at the depot 29 10 2006 003337 Former Sheffield car 513 at Rigby Road 29 10 2006 003338

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  • Copyright information : Blackpool Tramway : TheTrams.co.uk
    The header image is Peter Courtenay 2005 To request permission to reproduce one of the pictures on the TheTrams co uk fill out an online form or send an email to with the following details Your name Your email address The ID number s of the photograph s you wish to use Intended use of the photograph s Permission will normally be given for personal or non commercial purposes for

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