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  • Wilkinson Street tram stop : NET : TheTrams.co.uk
    Street Southchurch Drive North Station Street Summerwood Lane The Forest Toton Lane University Boulevard University of Nottingham Wilford Lane Wilford Village Wilkinson Street Wilkinson Street depot Trams Tickets fares Services map Pictures Links Nottingham Express Transit Tram Stops Wilkinson Street Line Location Opening date number of platforms Line One Reserved track 9th March 2004 2 Wilkinson Street is a Park Ride station The depot is next to the car park After this station trams for Phoenix Park and Hucknall cross the Robin Hood Line Nottingham Hucknall Mansfield Worksop before dropping down next to the tracks to share the railway alignment The tram tracks run alongside the railway line as far as Hucknall The station itself is on reserved track next to the road Pictures Wilkinson Street s reserved track The depot is behind the car park on the left 24 03 2004 000113 The Park and Ride car park at Wilkinson Street is very lightly used 24 03 2004 000114 Wilkinson Street s northbound platform 30 12 2004 001178 Long shot of Wilkinson Street looking towards Hucknall Phoenix Park 212 is just leaving on a Station Street journey 18 08 2005 002020 Search for more pictures taken at Wilkinson Street

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  • Wilkinson Street depot tram stop : NET : TheTrams.co.uk
    the tracks 24 03 2004 000119 Trams in the stabling roads 24 03 2004 000120 The triangle junction the right hand tracks lead to the depot the left hand tracks head toward the city and in the distance is a tram stopping at Wilkinson Street before heading north 24 03 2004 000121 The tramwash at the rear of the depot 24 03 2004 000122 Rear of the depot shed In the foreground are the stabling roads 06 07 2004 000251 The office block at Wilkinson Street depot 04 07 2004 000789 Overall view of Wilkinson Street depot at about 3 30am with trams stabled overnight In the foreground is the Park and Ride car park of Wilkinson Street stop 30 08 2004 000795 The front of the depot shed 205 is half in half out 07 10 2004 000948 Overall view of the depot from Wilkinson Street stop across the Park Ride car Park 07 10 2004 000949 Trams in the stabling roads at Wilkinson Street waiting to take up their morning duties 25 10 2004 000956 A tram waits for signal clearance to leave the depot and join the northbound running line at Wilkinson Street for its first journey of the morning 25 10 2004 000963 Control room at the depot In the background banks of screens show pictures from the many CCTV cameras overlooking stops and track At the desk in front is seated the Duty Manager on the left The control room is linked to all stops via public address and emergency alarm systems has direct lines to Fire Ambulance Police Traffic Control and Network Rail and can communicate with tram drivers via radio The Duty Manager is able to monitor and if necessary take control of traffic junctions on the tramway and can operate substations and

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  • trams : Pictures : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    End 30 06 2005 002027 2530 leaving Woodside for Croydon and Wimbledon 30 06 2005 002028 2530 approaching Woodside The building over the tracks is the former mainline railway station booking office now no longer in use 30 06 2005 002165 2530 at George Street stop 10 12 2005 002490 2530 on Welleseley Road Croydon 20 10 2007 003299 2531 climbs away from the junction to Sandilands stop 26 02 2005 001265 Rear view 2531 at Sandilands stop 26 02 2005 001266 2531 at East Croydon 30 06 2005 002029 2531 stops at West Croydon on the one way loop in Croydon town centre The bus station is off camera to the right 30 06 2005 002030 2531 on the reserved track on George Street Croydon 30 06 2005 002031 Front end of 2531 30 06 2005 002032 2532 arriving at Lloyd Park on the New Addington line 30 06 2005 002033 2533 climbing up Station Road away from West Croydon station 30 06 2005 002034 2533 alongside Addiscombe Road approaching Sandilands stop 30 06 2005 002035 2533 heading north on a Beckenham Junction service passes 2551 heading south on the way to Croydon and Wimbledon 30 06 2005 002036

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/trams/pics.php (2016-02-15)
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  • Tramlink at night : Pictures : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    safety policy Links Croydon Tramlink Pictures Tramlink at night Morden Road tram stop as seen after dark from the Morden Road overbridge looking towards Wimbledon 30 10 2005 002331 The entrance to Morden Road tram stop with the steps down from Morden Road 30 10 2005 002332 Morden Road tram stop at platform level looking towards Wimbledon 30 10 2005 002333 2551 calls at Morden Road at dusk 30 10 2005 002334 Morden Road stop with 2548 bound for Croydon and Beckenham Junction 30 10 2005 002335 2548 at Morden Road 30 10 2005 002336 Coombe Lane in its sylvan setting in the Addington Hills This is an early evening view towards Croydon 26 02 2005 001271 2543 in the early evening light at Lloyd Park stop on its way to Croydon 26 02 2005 001272 2552 heading for New Addington passes 2533 on a West Croydon journey in the early evening at Fieldway 01 01 2005 001181 2548 at King Henry s Drive on a new Addington service 01 01 2005 001182 2548 at the New Addington terminus waiting to depart for Croydon 01 01 2005 001183 2548 on the right is about to depart New Addington for Croydon

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/night/ (2016-02-15)
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  • signs etc. : Pictures : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    Routes Tram Stops Trams Pictures trams Tramlink at night 2535 Stephen Parascandolo naming ceremony signs etc miscellenea latest pictures search random picture trespass and safety policy Links Croydon Tramlink Pictures signs etc Low level tram stop name board 30 06 2005 002135 Way out in the Tramlink version of the TfL house style 30 06 2005 002143 Combined tram stop name board and poster holder 23 09 2005 002221 copyright

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/signs/ (2016-02-15)
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  • miscellenea : Pictures : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    Tramlink feeder bus at Addington Village interchange This route the T32 is one of two feeder routes operated for TfL by First who also operate Tramlink a third route is operated by Metrobus 30 06 2005 002123 The Tramlink shop on George Street near East Croydon station which stocks timetables and sells tickets and Tramlink merchandise 30 06 2005 002141 SPAS Signal Passed At Stop light These light up if

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/otherpics/ (2016-02-15)
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  • TheTrams.co.uk: search for pictures
    Stephen Parascandolo naming ceremony signs etc miscellenea latest pictures search random picture trespass and safety policy Links Croydon Tramlink Pictures search Use this page to search for pictures on TheTrams co uk Quick search Search for match this exact phrase Advanced search Subject match this exact phrase include picture caption in search In this section NET Midland Metro Supertram Metrolink DLR Blackpool Croydon Tramlink Tyne and Wear Metro Date picture

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/picsearch.php?section=croydon (2016-02-15)
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  • 2535 'Stephen Parascandolo' : Trams : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    visible on the bodyside above the first window 20 10 2007 003276 Nameplate on the side of 2535 the tram carries two plates one on either side of the tram behind the cab to the drivers left 20 10 2007 003279 Seen in service an hour after being named Stephen Parascandolo 2535 is approaching Woodside on an Elmers End Croydon journey 20 10 2007 003288 2535 approaching the crossing at Heathfield where the tramway crosses the A212 Coombe Lane Gravel Hill The tram is bound for New Addington 30 10 2005 002323 2536 approaching Wandle Park stop on the way to Wimbledon 23 09 2005 002206 2535 on George Street approaching East Croydon 30 06 2005 002037 2535 on Tamworth Road between Reeves Corner and West Croydon on the one way loop around Croydon town centre The tram will shortly pass the yet to be opened Centrale tram stop 30 06 2005 002038 2535 rounds the sharp corner at the corner of Lloyd Park shortly before arriving at the tram stop The tram has just travelled through the Sandilands Tunnels 30 06 2005 002039 2535 at Lebanon Road 26 02 2005 001260 2535 at Lebanon Road on a Wimbledon service

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/trams/2535 (2016-02-15)
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