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  • Line One (Hucknall and Phoenix Park) : Routes : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    the viaduct has been replaced with a new concrete structure which takes the tram line toward Weekday Cross As the viaduct reaches the same level as Middle Hill itself on a viaduct the new tram viaduct veers left for the start of the street running section to Wilkinson Street North from here the old brick viaduct can been seen again running up to the disused tunnels which lead to the site of Victoria Station The tram meanwhile continues up Middle Hill sharing the street with other traffic until reaching Lace Market stop Lace Market The Forest After leaving Lace Market the line curves sharply to the left west and drops down into Old Market Square where the tram stop sits next to the Council House After skirting the west side of the square the line runs up Market Street crossing the busy Upper Parliament Street to a segregated stop at Royal Centre The line continues up Goldsmith Street with a segregated stop at Nottingham Trent University and then up Waverley Street to a stop at Nottingham High School which is on a shared street section From here the line crosses Forest Road and drops down to the Park Ride stop at The Forest This is the site of the city s annual Goose Fair the largest non fixed fair in the country Hyson Green loop Leaving The Forest the line crosses Gregory Boulevarde and enters the Hyson Green loop Northbound trams travel the length of Noel Street which is partly open to other traffic There are stops at Noel Street and Beaconsfield Street The line then curves left west with a short section of segragated running at the edge of a small park to reach Shipstone Street stop The final section of street running takes the line over Radford Road and past the depot into Wilkinson Street stop Southbound trams diverge from the northbound route just after the depot junction and join the busy Radford Road This is the main shopping street in Hyson Green and there were concerns from the local traders that the trams would ruin their businesses There are stops at Radford Road and Hyson Green Market which is near the main shopping area On leaving this stop the trams curve left east along Terrace Street to meet the northbound track and travel to The Forest Wilkinson Street Highbury Vale From Wilkinson Street the line crosses the Robin Hood Line on the road bridge before curving right north and dropping down to join the railway alignment This is the recently repoened railway line which connects Nottingham to Hucknall Mansfield and Worksop The tram line runs next to railway line through Basford and David Lane stops to Highbury Vale This is also known as Babbington Junction and is where the Midland Railway s line to Cinderhill Colliery once branched off The tram line has two separate island platforms here one for the mainline to Hucknall and one for the branch to Phoenix Park Phoenix Park branch As the

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/lineone/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Line Two (Clifton—planned) : Routes : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    taken by the Great Central Railway On the opposite side of the railway station there will be a new tram stop which will replace the current Station Street stop The station will be redesigned as a transport interchange at the same time From here the new line will cross Queens Road and Crocus Street and reach Meadows Way via a new segregated section The line will then turn off Meadows Way onto Queen s Walk a tree lined footpath that leads to the River Trent Stops serving The Meadows are planned at Meadows Centre and Queen s Walk which is by the river The line will cross the Trent on the Wilford Toll Bridge an existing pedestrian crossing which will be widened to accomodate trams Wilford Compton Acres Leaving Wilford Toll Bridge the new line will run along Main Road with a stop for Wilford Village then along Coronation Avenue The track will cross the line of the disused former Great Central Railway before curving right south to run alongside then along the former railway embankment which will be partially rebuilt in places The will be a stop at Wilford Lane on the south side of this main road The track continues along the disused embankment as far as the A52 Clifton Boulevarde with stops planned for Compton Acres next to the playing fields which ajoin Ruddington Lane and Ruddington Lane Compton Acres Clifton The tram line will use the existing bridge underneath the dual carriageway A52 after which the tramway will leave the Great Central alignment The railway alignment itself continues through Ruddington beyond the former Ruddington Station the track is still in situ and is in use as far as Loughborough by the Great Central Railway Nottingham and between Loughborough and the outskirts of Leicester by the preserved

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  • Line Three (Chilwell and Beeston—planned) : Routes : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    across the Kings Meadow nature reserve joining Lenton Lane just before the bridge over the Nottingham Midland Beeston railway line The tramway will run along Lenton Lane over the Nottingham Canal bridge to a stop at Gregory Street From here the tram will turn left south onto Abbey Street for a short distance before turning right west and reaching a stop at the first floor level of the Queen s Medical Centre Nottingham s teaching hospital The tram line will then cross the A52 Clifton Boulevard and enter the campus of Nottingham University The line will turn left south to a tram stop for the University Nottingham University Beeston After the University tram stop the line will turn right west to join the A6005 University Boulevard a dual carriageway which runs alongside the University Just before the roundabout junction with Queen s Road East there will be a stop called University Boulevard and after this junction the line will travel along Lower Road Lower Road is a dead end at the end of which is Neville Sadler Court an old peoples home For the tram to reach Beeston town centre a number of flats here will need to be demolished although alternative flats will be built which NET say will be better than the existing accomodation After Neville Sadler Court the line will travel down Fletcher Road to Middle Street where there will be a stop The line will turn right northwest into Styring Street and The Square shopping centre where some further demolition of shop units will be required Beeston Town Centre stop will be adjacent to the shopping centre Beeston Chilwell Toton After Beeston Town Centre stop the line will turn left southwest along Chilwell Road as far as Broxtowe College There will be stops at Chilwell Road

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/linethree/ (2016-02-15)
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  • city centre map : Routes : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    Two Clifton planned Line Three Chilwell and Beeston planned city centre map Tram Stops Trams Tickets fares Services map Pictures Links Nottingham Express Transit Routes city centre map This map shows the route NET takes through Nottingham city centre Copyright Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get a map service Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Original map image and map data

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/netosmap.php (2016-02-15)
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  • 202 'DH Lawrence' : Trams : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    journey to Phoenix Park 24 11 2005 002369 202 at Lace Market one stop before the terminus at Station Street 24 11 2005 002377 202 leaving Station Street to cross the Collin Street viaduct At the end of the viaduct is an NET van 18 08 2005 001988 202 on a Hucknall journey at Bulwell seen next to a Central Trains Class 170 on a Nottingham Worksop service 18 08 2005 002002 202 with a crowd of intending passengers at Old Market Square 18 08 2005 002017 202 proudly wearing its Red Nose for Comic Relief 2005 alongside 204 at Old Market Square 09 03 2005 001283 Rear of 202 at The Forest 23 02 2005 001225 202 departing Noel Street stop on the northbound track of the one way loop in Hyson Green 23 02 2005 001243 202 in the stabling roads at Wilkinson Street depot renamed D H Lawrence after a spell as Pudsey In the background are two of NET s ancillary vehicles 03 12 2004 001129 202 was named Pudsey for the duration of the 2004 BBC Children In Need Appeal 05 11 2004 000970 202 s temporary during the BBC s Children In Need Appeal

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/trams/202 (2016-02-15)
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  • 203 'Bendigo Thompson' : Trams : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    carries this centre section advert for Wilko 25 08 2015 003594 203 waits to depart Toton Lane for Hucknall via the city 25 08 2015 003595 203 heading north on Noel Street 10 03 2009 003538 203 heading up Wilkinson Street just about to turn right onto Radford Road 10 03 2009 003544 203 crossing Gregory Boulevard at the end of the Hyson Green loop to enter The Forest 15 10 2007 003254 203 unusually for a service tram using the centre platform at The Forest 15 10 2007 003255 203 s centre section advert for the Nottingham Clinic 15 10 2007 003256 203 has just left Shipstone Street and is waiting for signal clearance to proceed to Wilkinson Street stop 18 07 2007 002805 Rear view of 203 at Bulwell Forest tram stop heading north for Hucknall 10 04 2006 002618 203 at the top of Noel Street just about to turn left towards Shipstone Street stop 18 08 2005 001991 203 departing Royal Centre 18 08 2005 002012 203 at The Forest 06 08 2005 001914 203 between journeys at Station Street terminus 06 08 2005 001915 203 having just arrived at Wilkinson Street with a terminating late

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/trams/203 (2016-02-15)
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  • 204 'Erica Beardsmore' : Trams : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    reversed here and returned to Station Street 15 10 2007 003265 204 climbing Mount Hooton Road away from The Forest 01 08 2007 003114 204 pulling into Highbury Vale on a Phoenix Park Station Street service 27 07 2007 003108 the rear of 204 seen heading north from Wilkinson Street to Hucknall 18 07 2007 002806 204 at the Carey Road level crossing approaching Bulwell Forest tram stop 10 04 2006 002622 204 rounds the curve up from the railway alignment to street level at Wilkinson Street 18 08 2005 001998 204 arriving at Bulwell at the southernmost end of the single track section to Hucknall 18 08 2005 002003 204 emerging from the tram only section of Gladstone Street on the Hyson Green loop and descending into Shipstone Street stop 25 06 2005 001531 204 sitting at Shipstone Street stop This stop is in a residential part of Hyson Green 09 03 2005 001286 204 on a northbound service at Wilkinson Street 23 02 2005 001218 204 heading north about to join the off street section at Wilkinson Street 23 02 2005 001219 204 descending Waverley Street alongside the Arboretum on the way into the city 23 02 2005

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/trams/204 (2016-02-15)
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  • 205 'Lord Byron' : Trams : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    003612 205 at the start of the morning rush hour at The Forest 10 03 2009 003533 205 approaching The Forest 10 03 2009 003541 205 approaching Wilkinson Street on the bridge carrying Wilkinson Street and the tram tracks over the Robin Hood railway line 10 03 2009 003551 205 carries this centre section advert for Prospect Homes 09 10 2007 003251 205 approaching Wilkinson Street stop In the foreground is the Robin Hood railway line 01 08 2007 003112 205 waiting at Wilkinson Street on the way to Station Street 18 07 2007 002807 205 climbing Market Street in the rain 07 01 2006 002605 205 making the slow descent into The Forest 18 08 2005 002005 205 heading up Noel Street towards Beaconsfield Street stop northbound on the Hyson Green loop In the background the tram tracks can be seen passing through The Forest before heading up to Mount Hooton Road and the city 25 06 2005 001529 205 arriving at Beaconsfield Street on a northbound journey The tram is packed with Saturday shoppers returning from the city centre 25 06 2005 001530 205 heads down The Poultry from Lace Market 21 05 2005 001537 205 between Cinderhill and Phoenix Park 08 03 2005 001276 205 at Cinderhill 08 03 2005 001280 205 and 202 at Station Street 08 03 2005 001281 205 waits at Station Street while 207 approaches 08 03 2005 001282 205 descending slowly towards The Forest stop 23 02 2005 001228 205 leaving the depot to enter service at the start of the evening peak The tram is waiting for clearance to cross the level crossing and join the main line first a tram from Hucknall to the city will stop at Wilkinson Street and traverse the delta junction then 205 will take its

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/trams/205 (2016-02-15)
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