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  • B07 stock pictures : TheTrams.co.uk
    for the Woolwich Arsenal extension the Stratford International extension and the platform lengthening programme New B07 stock awaiting entry into service at Beckton depot Visible in this shot are from left to right 108 106 105 109 and 112 23 08 2008 003454 New unit 106 in the company of other B07 units at Beckton 23 08 2008 003459 112 seen in the depot at Beckton 23 08 2008 003460 105 before entry into passenger service at Beckton depot 23 08 2008 003461 107 at Beckton depot Behind is 110 23 08 2008 003462 112 at Beckton depot 23 08 2008 003463 105 at Beckton depot 23 08 2008 003464 105 and 93 stabled at Poplar depot making a nice comparison between new B07 stock and older DLR train design 10 01 2009 003494 07 pulling into Poplar on a Woolwich Arsenal train 10 01 2009 003495 106 just arrived at Woolwich Arsenal from Bank 10 01 2009 003513 Inside B07 unit 106 10 01 2009 003514 Inside B07 unit 106 10 01 2009 003515 104 at Woolwich Arsenal 10 01 2009 003516 104 at London City Airport 10 01 2009 003517 104 on the first day of the Woolwich

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/dlr/b07.php (2016-02-15)
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  • Old Market Square tram stop : NET : TheTrams.co.uk
    s Medical Centre Queen s Walk Radford Road Rivergreen Royal Centre Ruddington Lane Shipstone Street Southchurch Drive North Station Street Summerwood Lane The Forest Toton Lane University Boulevard University of Nottingham Wilford Lane Wilford Village Wilkinson Street Wilkinson Street depot Trams Tickets fares Services map Pictures Links Nottingham Express Transit Tram Stops Old Market Square Line Location Opening date number of platforms Line One On street shared limited access 9th March 2004 2 Old Market Square known locally as Slab Square in honour of its current covering of concrete paving slabs is the most central stop It is in a high profile position right in front of the Council House and the Nottingham City Transport NCT NET information centre is next to the northbound platform It is also an important interchange point with many NCT bus services leaving from stops around the square Pictures Tram 208 on a Phoenix Park service at Old Market Square Note the NET publicity on the Council House 24 03 2004 000095 Early morning tram calls at Old Market Square on the first day of service 09 03 2004 000096 Old Market Square stop looking away from the Council House towards Hucknall Phoenix Park 24 03 2004 000097 Overall view of Old Market Square showing the location of the tram stop in relation to the Council House and the square itself There is plenty of foot traffic at this point but despite some public concern over safety NET has proven once again that light rail can share space with pedestrians without any significant problems Another example of trams interacting with pedestrians is at Market Street in Manchester 10 03 2005 001296 Search for more pictures taken at Old Market Square Location Street map System map More map links Maps of Old Market Square stop on

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/net/stops/Old_Market_Square (2016-02-15)
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  • 2535 Stephen Parascandolo naming ceremony : Pictures : Croydon Tramlink : TheTrams.co.uk
    died in a car accident in February 2007 at the age of 26 In a simple ceremony at Beckenham Junction tram stop Roger Harding General Manager of Tramtrack Croydon Ltd spoke of the huge debt of gratitude owed to Stephen for his contribution to Tramlink Afterwards family friends and fellow enthusiasts who had gathered to witness the ceremony and remember Stephen travelled on the tram to Harrington Road 2535 was chosen as it was the first tram to be driven into Croydon town centre before Tramlink opened the day of the ceremony would have been Stephen s 27 th birthday R I P Stephen Parascandolo 1980 2007 Family and friends of Stephen Parascandolo and tram enthusiasts gather at Beckenham Junction awaiting the arrival of 2535 20 10 2007 003274 2535 pulls into Beckenham Junction tram stop with guests on board 20 10 2007 003275 2535 in the platform at Beckenham Junction with its new nameplate just visible on the bodyside above the first window 20 10 2007 003276 Roger Harding speaking on behalf of Tramlink 20 10 2007 003277 Roger Harding presented a copy of the nameplate to Stephen s parents 20 10 2007 003278 Nameplate on the side of

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/croydon/sjp/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Copyright information : TheTrams.co.uk
    header image is Peter Courtenay 2005 To request permission to reproduce one of the pictures on the TheTrams co uk fill out an online form or send an email to with the following details Your name Your email address The ID number s of the photograph s you wish to use Intended use of the photograph s Permission will normally be given for personal or non commercial purposes for commercial

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/copyright.php?section=thetrams (2016-02-15)
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  • Terms and conditions : TheTrams.co.uk
    TheTrams co uk is subject to the following conditions TheTrams co uk is an independent website aimed at enthusiasts and students of light rail and trams in Britain This website is not connected to nor represents any tram or light rail operator or transport authority The views expressed here and on the TramStop forums do not represent the position of any of the tram or light rail operations featured Any communication intended for a tram or light rail operator should be addressed directly to them for contact details refer to these links to the official websites for UK tramways and light rail systems All information given on TheTrams co uk is provided in good faith but no guarantee is given as to its accuracy In particular any information about services or fares should be checked with the operator before travelling as these are liable to change at short notice No liability can be accepted for loss or damage resulting from a reliance on information on this website Messages posted on the TramStop forums reflect the opinions and beliefs of the users posting there Any information contained in messages may be inaccurate or out of date No liability can be accepted

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/disclaimer.php?section=thetrams (2016-02-15)
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  • trespass and safety policy : Pictures : TheTrams.co.uk
    and Wear Metro property were taken with permission If you are going to take photographs of trams take extra care and be aware that danger comes not just from the trams themselves but also from cars buses lorries and other traffic that may share the road with the tram Remember that trams can be quieter than other road traffic and can take longer to stop Most of the time tramways

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/notrespass.php?section=thetrams (2016-02-15)
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  • Privacy statement for TheTrams.co.uk and TramStop : TheTrams.co.uk
    identify individuals personally How this information is used This information is collected solely for the purpose of analysing visitor trends identifying new links to the site and assessing the relative popularity of various sections and pages all with the ultimate aim of improving the content and accessibility of the site to you and other visitors What information is not collected Information not collected includes your postal address telephone numbers buying habits and internet activity outside this site Your name and email address is only collected when you choose to provide it for instance when contacting TheTrams co uk or when registering for the TramStop forums your name and email address is not collected without your knowledge Information is not collected or used for any marketing or market research activities Contacting TheTrams co uk When you contact TheTrams co uk certain personal information may be communicated such as your name and email address and any other information which you choose to include in the communication emails and online contact forms are retained on file but personal details are only used for the purpose of communicating with you unless you have consented for them to be used for other purposes Your personal details are not collated in a database nor will your email address be added to a mailing list when you contact TheTrams co uk nor will they be passed to any third party without your consent except for the reasons given below under Disclosure of information Cookies Cookies are used on TheTrams co uk to count and track your visit to the site and on the TramStop forums to manage your log in session You may block cookies from TheTrams co uk with no adverse effect but blocking cookies from TramStop may affect how you use the forums How you

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/privacy.php?section=thetrams (2016-02-15)
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  • facts and figures : Nottingham Express Transit : TheTrams.co.uk
    figures Route length miles 9 Number of stops 23 First section opened 2004 Extended since opening of initial network no Most recent section opened 2004 Further extensions planned yes Street running yes Tunnel sections no Elevated sections yes Former railway alignments yes Replaced heavy rail service no Track gauge standard Electricity supply 750v DC overhead catenary trolley wire Current collection pantograph Number of vehicles 15 Oldest vehicle 2003 Newest vehicle

    Original URL path: http://www.thetrams.co.uk/factsnfigures.php?section=net (2016-02-15)
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