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  • Cutting corners online never pays off - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    of providing better results for searches and this has resulted in companies being forced to provide an improved online experience for customers By adding this customer experience focus on top of traditional SEO it is now much harder to cheat your way to the top You are now forced to generate engaging and original content The most noticeable recent new thing is for businesses to subcontract social media management to third party agencies These agencies generate lots of content which is posted at high frequency They do this to raise awareness of the brand Naturally there isn t enough happening for most businesses to say something every day so the agency hunts out relevant content from various sources Sometimes the content is created by the client but often it s something to engage perhaps something funny or interesting to engage on a human level I ve also recently seen cases of companies farming the personal data of people who have responded to social media activity and feeding it into marketing campaigns The thing that I m pondering at the moment is does this type of content actually develop a brand And also is what is happening at the moment effectively abusing what is a social medium Given the way Google changed its algorithm over the years to counteract cheating would this social sub contracting become the next issue to get algorithm attention I recently had a chat to some 20 year olds who are the future consumers Their response to my question was interesting Firstly they were fully aware of when they were being marketed at and because we are talking about social platforms they reacted negatively to it Their method of response was to deselect this content Actually I rather liked their attitude Unpolluted by politics or any agendas

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=48&did=Cutting-corners-online-never-pays-off (2016-02-13)
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  • To wordpress or custom build - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    WordPress is easy to setup and to design using templates It s easy to apply plug ins to get some nice features It has a good editor and allows a lot of flexibility for editing and adding content Because lots of people use it lots of standard tools around the web link seamlessly to it Nice It should in theory be easier for anyone to take over and manage assuming they can work out customizations Its probably cheaper to use for clients especially for smaller businesses Disadvantages Easy to setup easy to get wrong If you don t undertand google and the basics of code you can still end up with a site that gives you nothing On a recent project I was surprised to find that a very popular template had some very basic SEO and coding errors It s only because I understood code that I could figure out what the problem was WordPress can be vulnerable to hacking Not that custom builds aren t but perhaps it s because the backend is identical on all builds So you HAVE to keep your version up to date and all plug ins up to date I found that as I added more plug ins the site got slower and slower I noted that the code for each plug in appeared to be added to every page not just the page I wanted it to be applied to On a custom build site you can be more selective You still need to be a programmer to get the most out of it Like with all software as soon as you start to customise the advantages of a standard product reduce When compared to custom build its pretty inflexible Its harder to be really creative In conclusion I d have to

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=47&did=To-wordpress-or-custom-build (2016-02-13)
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  • Protect your social security - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    room or blog with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response 3 or of otherwise disrupting normal on topic discussion When you are on the receiving end of a trolls activity it is a shocking experience We all feel a bit distant from this kind of thing for the majority of the time But when it happens you realise how vulnerable you can be So what my client and i learned were a couple of simple things make sure our social tools have the right security levels on them For example on Google plus you can set it so that only approved people in your circles can post on your time line or give you reviews This may be a bit limiting but it means you can prevent random people from commenting You cant easily remove troll posts But if you want to you have to contact the admin teams for each individual site And if you havent protected yourself at that point wind up the security to prevent it continuing That also gives you the chance to respond to the post without it leading to a long unwanted and very public discussion The question we had

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=46&did=Protect-your-social-security (2016-02-13)
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  • Feeding the soul - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    success to dedicate time to keep my other interests going Since my 30s I ve been an active amateur middle distance runner This keeps my mind as sharp as possible and stops my inactive day job allowing me to put on weight Now I m restarting my love of art I used to be a prolific artist in my 20s but stopped when life got too hectic But I ve always promised myself id pick it up again So I ve started a project to try and re fire the engines I love water so I ve been going out with my small camera and trying to take some creative shots I m having fun I don t expect to change the world But it keeps the creative side fulfilled And it benefits my work clients too I find it helps me come back to the computer with a fresh pair of eyes Business website design is fairly limited as far as far as the ability to apply too much creative flair goes Websites have to prioritise usability branding and issues like colour compatibility across screens So the designer has to realise that his needs are not the No 1

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=45&did=Feeding-the-soul (2016-02-13)
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  • Longing for calm waters - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    you re rubbish at finding your way around sites But that s one of the reasons why I am I hate over complicated designs or designs that try to be clever at the expense of the user experience That s why I got into this business I wanted to create sites with a true customer focus which had a balance of commercial design and technical information A total focus on only one of these elements is a mistake Good website design takes this into consideration The skill is to guide a user from the beginning of the sales process to the end without introducing terror A smooth sales experience reflects very well on a client s perception of your brand So there are many benefits to getting it right I m a big fan of clean and simple Often clients hate white space and want to fill it But sometimes a bit of whitespace creates a feeling of sophistication calmness and maturity Imagine being in a kayak in an unfamiliar river and you come to a junction with five possible routes In the distance you hear the thunder of wild water You re going to have a short period of

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=44&did=Longing-for-calm-waters (2016-02-13)
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  • How frequently should i blog? - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    necessary If you are a professional blogger then you re going to tell me that you can t blog enough I blog to make my business look up to date and active to help differentiate in a busy market and to give Google something new to play with So twice a month helps steadily build my blog catalogue I blogged a lot to start with to give me a credible base I don t expect to get loyal followers But if someone visits my site they will see content that makes me different to my competition If I do a Google search on how frequently I should blog I will read articles by professional bloggers who talk about building a loyal reader base by posting very frequently They are suggesting that people will become fans and avidly read what a blogger has to say and may panic if a day s posting is missed This would be wonderful but I fear its very unlikely especially for SMEs Of course if it does work then you re a genius and I wish I were you Businesses are starting to use professional social media agents to post on social media channels and

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=43&did=How-frequently-should-i-blog? (2016-02-13)
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  • 'Second to none’ the less than awesome way to write - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    was heavily policed accuracy was very important I remember being told that I couldn t say something was quality My boss would catch me each time what kind of quality high quality or low quality You can t argue with that can you And that was the beginning of my need to be precise with business copy These days the use of phrases like second to none feels lazy Especially when in the world of web copy and keywords every word is precious if I find myself wanting to write quality second to none or other such phrases I punch the back button until I can have a new clear run at the point I m trying to make and then try to use something more precise Is this lazy I m no academic or linguist I am told that the attitude to this kind of writing is more relaxed than I expected It s not a grammatic disaster So perhaps the point is this If you re trying to sell something success or failure depends on your being absolutely precise Stating exactly what feature is good and by how much is the purpose of your writing And your customer

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=42&did=%27Second-to-none%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%99-the-less-than-awesome-way-to-write (2016-02-13)
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  • You looking at me? Cleaner website design - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    lot of thought has gone into understanding what impact the company wants to have on their customer and then they have worked their way through a lot of complex decisions to the end result which looks simple Website designers have similar issues Many clients start off by wanting to fill every bit of white space with information and introducing the wildest widgets to the site to create interest and movement What we then do is redirect that energy to try to create a website that deliberately and quickly directs the customer through the content to the contact button or equivalent Convincing them along the way with deliberate messages that you can do what they want And of course removing content that gets in the way That usually means cleaner sites less clutter and deliberate attention to the positioning of content on the page Hold your breath white space I recently attended a seminar where a company spent a lot of time talking about the positioning of information to increase sales by small percentages It was obvious that this wasn t an exact science however each small tweak made a percentage or two differences and the end result were tens of

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=41&did=You-looking-at-me?-Cleaner-website-design (2016-02-13)
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