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  • SEO Companies and Cyber chickens - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    next level Sometimes you need a second opinion I guess Four of the five came back and told him that the site needed completely rebuilding and all five induced a sense of fear and panic in him that sent him into a spin In fact their conclusions were fairly basic We were doing the job right In his case most the issues the reports identified were caused not by the site but by text that had been added to the site There were also a small number of tweaks identified that could be done in minutes But the way that these companies presented this news was designed to make any non technical reader panic into expensive mistakes Luckily not this time The truth is that I ve never seen an SEO company make a massive difference to a business And if I did id see what they were doing and do it myself There are no magic tools that help you jump above your competition These days successful sites need to be engaging and exciting often supported by other on and offline marketing activities Its common sense really In a competitive environment you have to think strategically get a plan

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=40&did=SEO-Companies-and-Cyber-chickens (2016-02-13)
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  • Helping businesses manage their website creation project effectively - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    feels may be fun Getting it wrong now can mean expensive rework later You would always try to avoid this with a builder wouldn t you Plans must be linked to the businesses strategy and have a real customer focus But sometimes when you do this the project can become serious and the energy and excitement is ignored The site becomes a dry business task There is no room on a site for personal preference You have to define create a site that works hard to find customers and sells your business with all the energy that you can muster Designing for customers Customer customer customer not me me me So many designs are based on personal preference competitors websites or basic templates Think is your sites design your own preference or is it carefully crafted to get a response out of your customer Design is very subjective and difficult to get right Be sure it s your customer who likes it not just you Content creation hell As far as time lost for your business goes this is the biggy Writing website content properly is a craft It s completely different to writing for print It s a job that is fun for your staff on day 1 but torture by day 4 And that s just the beginning I ve seen businesses take months to populate website product catalogues The expected completion date is often missed because the supplier who promised content has nothing Be warned It s amazing how many manufacturers don t have photos of their products New tasks for your team How many websites have you seen that have out of date blog activity or product catalogues unpopulated and out of date or promotional messages that still talk about last Christmas This can only be

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=39&did=Helping-businesses-manage-their-website-creation-project-effectively (2016-02-13)
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  • Writing content for websites - the hole just got bigger - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    get the job done quickly and without hassle But many website designers leave that bit to the client Many website designers dont have the commercial background I do Its one of the bits that makes the job so varied and fascinating When I started this business in 2001 one my major USPs was to take the hassle out of creating websites for busy managers A large part of that was my ability to create content 13 years in Marketing Management has given me a great commercial grounding and clear customer focus So when I work with a client I get a real thrill out of distilling their commercial message and coming up with content that works And we do that without hassling the client The way we work is to take the information we have gleaned from initial discussions and drafting content that we use to populate the site Of course if there is specialist industry knowledge we do need guidance But generally we are able to populate the site to a state when all our client needs to do is fine tune a much easier task So what makes great website text Great text is a balance of a

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=38&did=Writing-content-for-websites---the-hole-just-got-bigger (2016-02-13)
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  • Presenting The Website Business to BNI Kettering - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    business people By demonstrating and proving your abilities over time you can receive good quality recommendations to new potential customers This week it was my turn to present to the whole group This is not a problem because I rather enjoy presenting When i present I always prepare and I always have a purpose So in advance of this presentation i had been talking to my audience to identify issues that I could address This would help me increase the chance of receiving referrals I never talk about technical subjects instead i always talk about customer service or product benefits For this presentation i kept things nice and simple it s early in the morning I presented in three sections Why we are different to other website design businesses How members should visualise our business against website developers or full service agencies Our latest campaign is called Energy I am developing techniques to give clients tools to talk about their businesses with real enthusiasm Case studies I used real examples to help the audience identify companies they may know who might be like the ones given who may benefit from my approach Networking is a slow burn and you can

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=37&did=Presenting-The-Website-Business-to-BNI-Kettering (2016-02-13)
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  • Professional Stereotypes - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    many times I say that I m a Marketing Professional producing commercial websites I am like Sandra Howard at the mercy of a professions stereotype Every profession has a stereotype Try thinking of Estate Agents Solicitors or teachers without a generalised image possibly negative popping into your head Now imagine how difficult your life would be if you were say an Estate Agent and you wanted to convince everyone you were different Very hard You could spend a lot of money advertisting for no benefit We have to acknowledge of course that this is just how we humans are programmed to work Our brains are running at capacity so we are constantly putting things in standard shaped boxes so that we can recall them quickly Because I call myself a website deisgner the box im in says I can mend computers We cannot get annoyed by professional stereotypes We just have to live with them and in my case find a good computer geek i can refer my customers in to I get most of my business through recommendation Personal experience is the best way to bypass the stereotype It s difficult to present my offer to clients from a

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=36&did=Professional-Stereotypes (2016-02-13)
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  • Mug shots for marketing - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    ve used that instead thanks Shelley These new mugs are allowing me to get my branding out there in front of my customers in a fun friendly way The artwork is nice and clear and well put together The message is have a brew with The Website Business So its full of positive energy exactly the right message I took them to a networking event this morning at they went

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=35&did=Mug-shots-for-marketing (2016-02-13)
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  • How to solve technical problems and keep customers happy - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    as card payments needs sorting quickly So we started to look at the coding and everything looked fine then we started to talk to the card payment people not easy and everything looked fine there Why would the site suddenly stop working It had to be something to do with either code or webspace It was obviously going to take a while to sort so we switched the live site to a manual payment confirmation system and put the main system into a safe test area Then we started working through scenarios to simulate the failure Eventually through trial and error i simulated the problem and checked online for examples of the same thing It turned out that an small update to the webspace had made it impossible for the site to recognise the returning payment acknowledgement So i got on to the host who hadnt heard anything about it this specific problem We discussed a solution which they applied and bingo problem solved So the whole thing took less than a day with a temporary solution in place to avoid upsetting customers The important point to make is that my clients reputation was protected and the speed that we

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=34&did=How-to-solve-technical-problems-and-keep-customers-happy (2016-02-13)
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  • The internet changes at a ferocious pace... or does it? - The Website Business Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Bedfordshire Milton Keynes
    done properly Apart from a few glitches since the beginning Google s approach has been pretty consistent Put good content into a quality website you should be rewarded If you try to cheat or get results FAST then you re in trouble So Google isn t a fast rushing hare it s a gradually evolving beast tortoise come with me on this that I ve always found to be reasonable Nobody should be under any illusions about developing web businesses If you go to any website designer and ask them to change your life tomorrow you re going to be disappointed and sometimes ripped off All real businesses take time to develop and need a strategy and tactics for both web and non web activities Very few businesses will succeed if the user creates a site and sits back waiting for the cash to arrive The Website Business has NEVER promised unrealistic results We ALWAYS provide realistic forecasts for what can be achieved Sometimes we even tell people not to bother Don t get me wrong we get great results probably more than most but nobody is bigger than Google The key of course is boxing clever Having thought through

    Original URL path: http://www.thewebsitebusiness.co.uk/blog/detail.php?aid=33&did=The-internet-changes-at-a-ferocious-pace...-or-does-it? (2016-02-13)
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