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  • GFF 2016: The Club Review
    rocky location by the sea The performances are universally excellent with each of the actors scarily convincing in their priestly roles some forthright about defending their actions as far more complex than they seem others in a world of their own due to mental health problems The stoney faced drama is framed quite nicely albeit with that self conscious arthouse aesthetic that can leave the emotions taking a backseat And while the plot sets things up with a fairly straightforward point it sometimes veers off into quirky and baffling tangents that go nowhere and frankly feel like they belong in an entirely different film What is the film ultimately trying to say That sin isn t all black and white Or that maybe it is That the priests are incapable of truly repenting or even acknowledging their crimes And that isolation and blissful ignorance is never the answer This film seems to conflicted in asking and answering those questions and many more but maybe that s entirely the point The sobering effect of this troubling and troubled film is in the pondering featured festivals gff 2016 glasgow film festival movie reviews pablo larrain the club About the Author I m a freelance film reviewer and blogger with over 7 years of experience writing for various different websites In addition to my running editing and writing for Thoughts On Film I am also the freelance Film TV editor for Scotland based student magazine website Scotcampus I have a passion for all types of cinema and have a particular love for foreign language film especially South Korean and Japanese cinema Favourite films include The Big Lebowski Pulp Fiction and 2001 A Space Odyssey Twitter Facebook Related Posts Tweet Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply Name required Email required Website Comment

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  • Top 20 Films of 2015
    The Beach Boys music that it presents FULL REVIEW HERE 13 Brooklyn Saoirse Ronan gives perhaps the finest performance of any actress this year in an affectionate poignant endearing effortlessly enjoyable film that so brilliantly hits on the nerve of nostalgic longing people have for their homeland 12 Slow West Westerns are to be treasured these days and boy was this a cracker It s a visually gorgeous surprisingly swift despite the title and pleasingly off kilter story of one young man s journey to reunite with his lost love 11 It Follows David Robert Mitchell s masterful horror brings together a whole load of influences from A Nightmare on Elm Street to The Thing to create a new deeply unnerving story of an evil presence that just won t stop 10 Ex Machina Alex Garland 28 Days Later Dredd turns director in sublime fashion with this slick complex thought provoking piece of modern sci fi that s chalk full of ideas and a palpable sense of dread Alicia Vikander in one of approximately 9765 roles this year was astonishing as the lifelike A I used to test just exactly what it means to be human FULL REVIEW HERE 9 The Look of Silence As if The Act of Killing wasn t devastating enough Joshua Oppenheimer followed it up with this arguably even more powerful continued exploration of the brutal 1965 66 Indonesian death squad killings Not exactly an easy watch but an important gut punch of one nonetheless 8 Steve Jobs It may have disappointed some looking for a more straightforward birth to death biopic but I loved this unashamedly wordy supremely economical film It s a nigh on perfect marriage of Aaron Sorkin s verbally complex written approach and Danny Boyle s playful directorial style making epic action sequences out of what is essentially people arguing in back rooms 7 Selma Just another biopic you say Wrong Ave DuVernay does a magnificent job of exploring a very specific and important point in Martin Luther King s life in a way that felt both historic and utterly relevant to today s world all of which is anchored by David Oyelowo s stunning central performance 6 Star Wars The Force Awakens I didn t grow up loving Star Wars so no one was more surprised how much I loved this Terrific action depth of character and a fantastic mix of respecting the old while introducing the new it all just worked so brilliantly It was also that rarest of things a massively anticipated and built up blockbuster that actually lived up to the hype Consider me a convert to the franchise FULL REVIEW HERE 5 Fast Furious 7 Call me crazy but for me this was one of the most purely enjoyable cinematic experiences of the year Sure subtlety isn t exactly atop the list of priorities but it did what it set out to do and then some with at least half a dozen spectacularly entertaining set pieces It

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  • Feature | Thoughts On Film | Movie News, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers
    OFCS Awards Nominations Announced Carol and Sicario lead the pack December 07 2015 awards Feature 2 Top 5 Johnny Depp Movies Spoiler alert Pirates of the Caribbean isn t on the list November 26 2015 Feature Features List 0 The Liebster Award 10 burning questions answered 10 more sites nominated November 12 2015 Feature 0 31 Days of Halloween Recap I delve into unknown horrors for another year November 01 2015 Feature 0 Will Iron Man Ever Produce a Good Video Game The character of Iron Man is awesome in the movies But will he ever make for a decent video game September 22 2015 Feature Features 0 The Curse of Video Game Movies Why Pixels Sucked Which movie can break the curse August 17 2015 Feature Features 0 Spectre Looms Best James Bond Scenes As the release of Spectre draws ever closer we take a look at five of the best James Bond scenes July 01 2015 Feature Features 0 Mad Max 2 Speaks About Our Relationship with the Planet We explore the environmental themes found in Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior June 13 2015 Feature Features 0 Preview A Look at Summer 2016 s Biggest Films Join us as we take a look ahead at just some of the biggest films set to hit our screens in summer April 13 2015 Feature Features Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TOF UK on Twitter Follow TOF UK 405 people follow TOF UK NadiaHon DocShort SmokeyB Emfounda CinemaCo Artsploi Beggar M greekman RonaWill gilliany Latest Reviews Hush Movie Review April 18 2016 0 The Jungle Book Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Criminal Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Despite the Falling Snow Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Eye in the Sky Movie Review April 18

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  • List | Thoughts On Film | Movie News, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers
    a pretty great year for film Here s my top 20 How many are on YOUR list December 30 2014 Features List 2 Top 10 Worst Films of 2014 Overall 2014 was a very good year for film But as always there were some stinkers Here s our list of the 10 worst December 23 2014 Features List 2 Top 20 Films of 2013 Which films made our top 20 list for 2013 Read on and find out January 01 2014 List 0 List 10 Alternative Horror Movie Choices for Halloween Fed up watching the same old horror movies every Halloween Here are 10 alternative movies worth watching October 30 2013 List 4 List Top 10 Worst Films of 2012 Find out what were our top 10 worst films of 2012 December 29 2012 List 3 List Top 20 Films of 2012 Find out what were our top 20 movies released in 2012 December 20 2012 List 9 List 5 Other Annoying Things About Going to the Cinema We are all irritated by overpriced tickets noisy food and people using their phones but what else is annoying about going to the cinema August 06 2012 Features List 3 LIST 10 Great Horror Movie Posters Movie posters when done right can work wonders to get people interested in seeing a movie A big proportion of posters especially these days are February 18 2012 List Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TOF UK on Twitter Follow TOF UK 405 people follow TOF UK NadiaHon DocShort SmokeyB Emfounda CinemaCo Artsploi Beggar M greekman RonaWill gilliany Latest Reviews Hush Movie Review April 18 2016 0 The Jungle Book Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Criminal Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Despite the Falling Snow Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Eye

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  • Top 5 Great Christmas Movies to Watch on NOW TV
    it s an absolute hoot Die Hard 1988 Come out to the coast we ll get together have a few laughs It doesn t get much more classic than this action movie milestone starring Bruce Willis as NYPD Detective John McClane who finds himself up against a smart group of terrorists led by the ruthless Hans Gruber Alan Rickman at a Christmas Eve party in the Nakatomi Plaza building Great set pieces that are grounded in at least some sort of reality a terrific hero in John McClane some insanely quotable dialogue and an all time great villain add to make for arguably the single greatest action movie ever made Modern day action movies the increasingly superfluous and ridiculous follow ups included could go back and learn a thing or two from this Trading Places 1983 This sublime lifestyle trading comedy from director John Landis An American Werewolf in London The Blues Brothers centres on a wily street con artist Eddie Murphy and a snobbish business investor Dan Aykroyd who suddenly find themselves living each other s lifestyles as part of a cynical bet between two callous millionaires This was one of the films that helped make Eddie Murphy a megastar it was his second feature after 48 Hrs and he s one top form as the quick witted sarcastic Billy Ray Valentine Aykroyd is equally great as the down on his luck Louis Winthorpe III in a film that explores racial and class stereotypes while never forgetting its primary purpose of making you laugh Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2005 Christmas movies don t always have to be warm fuzzy and family friendly as this jet black and hilarious crime comedy from the one and only Shane Black Lethal Weapon Iron Man 3 goes to show A pre Iron Man mega fame Robert Downey Jr stars as Harry Lockhart a thief turned actor who gets involved in all sorts of murder and kidnapping hijinks alongside private detective Gay Perry Val Kilmer in the not so jolly land of Hollywood Like Bad Santa this isn t for the easily offended but it s got an absolutely wonderful script chalk full of some of the best most self aware dialogue often spoken directly to the audience via RDJ s snarky narration so far this century poking fun at everything from movie star vanity to the tropes of Hollywood movies themselves That s it for our list What are your favourite Christmas movies Remember if you fancy watching any of the movies above make sure to sign up for NOW TV Movies Note This was a paid sponsored post but was entirely written by me and of my own opinion bad santa die hard elf feature features kiss kiss bang bang list sky now tv top 5 trading places About the Author I m a freelance film reviewer and blogger with over 7 years of experience writing for various different websites In addition to my running editing and writing for Thoughts On Film

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  • Final Predictions For Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    theory and it s related to how much each of the main characters actually has to do with the film More specifically LA Times writer Steven Zeitchik saw fit to tweet out his own list of cast prominence In that list again spoiler alert Zeitchik listed Daisy Ridley who plays Rey as the most prominent cast member which suggests she s the main character we re looking for We do see Finn John Boyega wielding a lightsaber in the trailers but there s always a chance Rey takes the lead as the main Jedi so to speak Yoda Obi Wan Anakin Will Appear A while back before the cast of The Force Awakens was announced and we learned for sure that Harrison Ford Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher would be reprising their roles odds were posted as to which characters would appear in Episode VII The main focus was on Han Solo Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia but at the time odds were also offered for the likes of Yoda Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker And now on the eve of the film s release all three of them seem almost suspiciously forgotten Abrams is considered something of a master of misdirection With all the focus on the three main characters of the original trilogy returning as well as all the exciting new elements these three vital characters have been dismissed Don t be shocked if they show up in some sort of vision similar to what Luke witnessed at the end of Return Of The Jedi Han Will Kill Captain Phasma With all the focus on mysterious new villain Kylo Ren the bizarre super Stormtrooper Captain Phasma portrayed by Gwendoline Christie who famously plays Brienne of Tarth on Game Of Thrones is flying under the radar The character has been described as Boba Fett like however which indicates she could become a fan favourite She could also become a disposable sub villain though We all know Han Solo had serious beef with Boba Fett and frankly it s more realistic for Han to take on someone like this than say a Sith warrior Fans will be hoping for some kind of great Han triumph and offing the character who s expected to be similar to his old nemesis seems fitting Snoke Will Be A Sensation There are a ton of rumours floating around regarding Supreme Leader Snoke a behind the scenes Sith lord who s been lurking around the Star Wars saga from the beginning One incredibly fun theory even suggests that Jar Jar Binks was Snoke all along and frankly it s so convincing that there s the tiniest chance this is really the case But it s still extraordinarily unlikely What we do know is that Andy Serkis who jokingly confirmed the rumour is depicting Supreme Leader Snoke through motion capture And when Serkis jumps into a motion capture suit majestic things tend to happen This is the same guy who brought the likes of Smeagol Lord

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  • Top 5 Johnny Depp Movies
    the hearts of so many with its charming story of a gentle near complete man with scissors for hands created by an eccentric inventor who is brought into an unfamiliar suburban community after living in isolation where he befriends a teenage girl Winona Ryder It s a Gothic fairytale that Tim Burton has rarely if ever been able to top and a wonderfully endearing performance by Depp filled with a believable sense of childlike innocence 3 Donnie Brasco It s one of the films that Black Mass seems to be drawing from starring Depp as real life undercover FBI agent Donnie Brasco who infiltrates the mob and finds himself identifying with their life particularly when he befriends his mark Lefty Al Pacino It s an example of a film that can exist very much within that familiar Goodfellas seque gangster world one of the highlights is Depp explaining the various different meanings of fogedaboudit while still mark itself out as a compelling unpredictable and surprisingly thoughtful entry into the genre Depp manages that difficult job of making us car about a character that often makes foolish or at least rash decisions that compromise the goal of his character 2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas We can t stop here this is bat country Not five minutes into this adaptation of the Hunter S Thompson novel and it s abundantly clear that it s directed by Terry Gilliam Depp plays a version of the author as he goes on a drug fuelled trip to Las Vegas with his unstable lawyer Benicio del Toro What follows is a journey of utter hell raising craziness that whether you like it or not is hard to shake from your mind It s certainly not for everybody I know of just as many people who hate it as love it but the psychedelic visuals dark humour and general unhinged vibe make it one of Depp s most ludicrously enjoyable films in my eyes 1 Ed Wood This might tie with Black Mass for Depp s best performance playing the notoriously terrible film director Ed Wood as he tries to get his films made despite lack of support in Hollywood namely the famously awful Plan 9 from Outer Space It s one of his many collaborations with Tim Burton but lacks the sort of generic eccentricities that have become so dull with their projects as of late we re looking at you Dark Shadows and Alice in Wonderland It s presented in beautiful black and white with Depp giving a complex and heartening performance at the head of an amazing cast that also includes Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi Vincent D Onofrio as Orson Welles and Bill Murray as Bunny Breckinridge Easily the best Burton Depp collaboration and my favourite of film of the actors repertoire Honourable mentions Rango What s Eating Gilbert Grape Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl Which is your favourite Johnny Depp movie Let us know in

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  • 5 Home Invasion Films Forever Changed by Modern Tech
    s world cell phone technology could have meant the difference between life and death for the hapless victims of the original requiring significant changes to the plot In the original there was only one phone in the house while today there would most likely be at least one for each family member with the possible hidden older Android or iPhone tucked into a drawer somewhere While the film was remade in 2008 the only discernable difference seems to be a stronger emphasis on the breaking of the fourth wall that was a unique element of the original Wait Until Dark 1967 This classic stars Audrey Hepburn as blind housewife Susy who is beset by three criminals in search of a cloth doll that was used to conceal several bags of heroin which was dumped on her husband when the original carrier panicked The criminals initial break in of the apartment may have been the end of the story if the film were remade today given the likelihood of a blind woman s New York home having a home security system in place The security system would have tripped the alarm leaving Hepburn s character safe and with relatively little to do for the remainder of the film A Clockwork Orange 1971 This Stanley Kubrick production tells the story of a dystopian near future of Great Britain and is as much a commentary on youth violence and the criminal justice and rehabilitation system as it is a form of entertainment With Malcolm McDowell in the starring role the film has become a cult classic Were it to be redone today however significant plot changes would necessarily involve either much more tech savvy criminals who could find ways around the security cameras that would inevitably be in the homes of their rich and powerful victims or a different set of crimes altogether ones that don t involve such lofty targets Straw Dogs 1971 Young couple David and Amy played by Dustin Hoffman and Susan George respectively move to Amy s small village hometown and choose to live in an isolated farmhouse in need of repairs The home invasion comes in the form of several local men one of whom is Amy s ex boyfriend and later from several townsfolk turned mob Had the 2011 remake taken into account the remarkable resources of the internet providing at the very least a way to background check the repair men hired for the farm it may actually have received more than a lukewarm reception There is no doubt that home invasion movies are effective in scaring the bejesus out of most of us However these types of films are only as relevant as the times they portray Today s technology simultaneously protects the victims of these stories in ways they weren t previously protected and at the same time calls for more tech savvy criminals if the films are to be effectively scary Which is your favourite home invasion movie Share in the comments below

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