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  • Deadpool and the Anti-Hero
    The Godfather fame These characters are accepted along with their flaws because there is something about them and their situation that we can relate to and sympathize with It s the same reason that Han Solo tends to score higher on lists of the most popular Star Wars characters than Luke Skywalker the series traditional hero and why the original trilogy often tops lists of the best of the franchise Apparently the double standard is alive and well within the anti hero popularity phenomena though with audiences much more willing to accept men with flaws than women with them We expect our female characters to support their flawed male counterparts and be instrumental in their development but to not need someone else to develop themselves Catwoman is one of the few exceptions to this idea remaining a popular female anti hero and thankfully still available for viewing through Netflix and DTV Marketing behind Deadpool plays on our sympathies and our curiosity by playing up the flaws in conjunction with the strengths We can sympathize with the idea of someone previously used and rejected making a comeback with witty and sarcastic humor and some serious fighting skills The character Deadpool gets to say and do what many of us would like to have the nerve to say and do to those that abuse reject or ignore our potential turning his Special Forces skills to a mercenary lifestyle From Mad Max to Deadpool our love for the anti hero continues to grow as we re given more opportunities to vicariously live out our fantasies of living in a complicated and conflicted world by acting according to our own flawed moral code regardless of the legal or moral expectations As long as we continue to fight the current structures of our society the

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  • Thoughts On Film | Movie News, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers - Page 4
    Movie Review Tom Hardy gives a phenomenal double performance in this stylish if rather surface level crime saga September 20 2015 Movie Reviews New Releases 0 Irrational Man Movie Review After the lacklustre Magic in the Moonlight Woody Allen is back somewhat on form with this tale of murder and morality September 20 2015 Movie Reviews New Releases 0 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Movie Review Director Alfonso Gomez Rejon The Town That Dreaded Sundown makes a striking follow up with this funny and moving character dramedy September 06 2015 Movie Reviews New Releases 0 Vincent Cassel To Play Villain in Next Bourne Film He ll play an assassin on the hunt for Matt Damon s returning Jason Bourne September 02 2015 Movie News 0 Kenneth Branagh To Direct Disney s Artemis Fowl Movie Irish playwright Conor McPherson is in talks to rewrite the script based on the successful series of fantasy books September 02 2015 Movie News 0 Josh Gad to Play Roger Ebert Opposite Will Ferrell in Russ Roger The outrageous comedy will tell of his time working with sexploitation director Russ Meyers on Beyond the Valley of the Dolls September 02 2015 Movie News 0 R I P Horror Legend Wes Craven Dies Age 76 The often imitated but never bested Elm Street Scream creator passed away after a battle with brain cancer August 31 2015 Movie News Obituary 0 First Look at Michael Fassbender as New Character in Assassin s Creed Movie He s playing a character newly created for the adaptation August 28 2015 Movie News 0 Mads Mikkelsen In Talks for Mystery Villain Role in Marvel s Doctor Strange His mysterious role is being kept under wraps for the time being August 28 2015 Movie News 0 Sinister 2 Movie Review Bughuul

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  • Competition: Win 'The Program' DVD, Poster & Book Prize Pack
    will win a quad poster each To enter the competition simply e mail rosstmiller thoughtsonfilm co uk with the Subject heading The Program competition Make sure to include your delivery details so we can get the prize out to you should you win Now for the technical part UK residents only Entrants must be 18 or over Winners will be chosen at random The prize is non transferable Competition ends on February 21st at 11 59pm GMT Prize will be sent from PR studio Make sure you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter TOF UK The Program is available on digital download now and will be release on DVD and Blu ray on February 15 th Good luck ben foster chris o dowd competition featured stephen frears the program About the Author I m a freelance film reviewer and blogger with over 7 years of experience writing for various different websites In addition to my running editing and writing for Thoughts On Film I am also the freelance Film TV editor for Scotland based student magazine website Scotcampus I have a passion for all types of cinema and have a particular love for foreign language film especially South Korean and Japanese cinema Favourite films include The Big Lebowski Pulp Fiction and 2001 A Space Odyssey Twitter Facebook Related Posts Tweet Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply Name required Email required Website Comment Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TOF UK on Twitter Follow TOF UK 405 people follow TOF UK NadiaHon DocShort SmokeyB Emfounda CinemaCo Artsploi Beggar M greekman RonaWill gilliany Latest Reviews Hush Movie Review April 18 2016 0 The Jungle Book Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Criminal Movie Review April 18 2016 0 Despite the Falling Snow Movie Review April

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  • List: 20 Underrated & Overlooked 21st Century Horror Movies
    Labine who are vacationing in their mountain cabin when they happen across a group of kids who keep being killed off around them It s ultimately more of a comedy than a horror and what a hilarious one it is but there are some awesomely gruesome moments to be found too Session 9 2001 One of the best horror movies that few people have ever heard of this follows an asbestos cleaning crew including David Caruso and Peter Mullan as they work a job at an abandoned mental institution which has a horrific backstory that seems to be coming back to haunt them Directed by Brad Anderson The Machinist this is watch through your fingers creepy using realistic scares and palpable atmosphere to achieve its horror goals Rigor Mortis 2013 Who says a horror movie has to just play within that genre This audacious Hong Kong debut from singer turned director Juno Mak hearkens back to the vampire flicks made in the 80s namely the long running Mr Vampire series The meta plot follows a formerly successful star of that series Chin Siu ho who becomes depressed and suicidal after his wife leaves him and goes to stay at a rundown apartment building that s actually inhabited by supernatural creatures ghost hunters and the souls of the undead who co exist with the neighbours Creepy horror thrilling crime dark comedy crazy and unique CGI it s all in there and more Inside 2007 Another of the celebrated New French Extremity films this insanely gory horror follows a heavily pregnant young woman who is targeted and attacked in her own home by an scorned older woman who is clearly after her baby Definitely not one for the faint hearted you ll need a strong stomach for what is an extremely graphic but seat clawingly tense horror experience Eden Lake 2008 Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly play a young couple who decide to have a relaxing weekend at the reclusive Eden Lake When they confront a group of disruptive youths one of whom played by rising star Jack O Connell their getaway turns nightmarish as the group start to terrorize the couple It s so effective because it feels scarily real throughout there are no ghosts or demons to be found here but rather just human beings being nasty and brutal Them 2006 This very scary French horror known as Ils in its native language follows a young couple who get terrorized by a group of hooded strangers at their secluded farmhouse It works so well because the situation feels terrifyingly believable brilliantly tapping into that basic fear of intruders trying to get into your home at night and hurt you The jaw dropping ending only adds to why it s so unnerving Thirst 2009 Celebrated South Korean director Park Chan wook Oldboy Stoker puts his definitive mark on the vampire movie with this story of a priest Korean superstar Song Kang ho who is turned into a vampire following a failed

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  • How Eco-Horror Movies Portray Energy Crisis, Pollution and Climate Change
    hand viewed its gigantic ants as an unintended side product of mankind s meddling who turned about and attacked the very forces who had created them The 1970s and 1980s brought increased awareness of the effects of pollution and toxic waste into the public eye and so environmental horror changed as well 1984 s C H U D served double duty as a warning against both toxic waste pollution and 1980s corporate greed that led to the dumping of the waste into the sewers In the 2000s water pollution became the pollution du jour to fear and films like 2012 s The Bay were caused not by toxic waste but by agricultural runoff Found footage eco horror movie The Bay With the advent of rapid global travel and high populations epidemics are another on screen threat that Hollywood has not shied away from 2002 s 28 Days Later and 2013 s World War Z couched their epidemic through the ever popular zombie metaphor while 2007 s I am Legend displayed its epidemic in more of a vampire variety 2012 s The Crazies combined a few issues with a polluted water supply infecting a town s population with a virus that sent its residents into a frenzy Climate change issues of today have been especially well represented lately in environmental horror This category is particularly topical given recent issues like the 2015 Paris Agreement With a global increase of 80 percent between 1970 and 2004 alone in carbon dioxide according to Direct Energy the situations proposed in the following films seem less and less outlandish 2004 s The Day After Tomorrow took a lot of flack for being an overblown special effects fest but as the general public has become more familiar with terms like superstorm it has begun to seem less far fetched than it did a decade ago 2006 s The Last Winter while featuring a ghost heavy plot also centered around the idea of destructive drilling practices being largely at fault The effects of climate change in disasterbuster The Day After Tomorrow Increasing temperatures are a major factor in the destruction at the heart of 2009 s 2012 though the temperature is of the Earth s core and not the atmosphere and oceans such as we are seeing today And in 2014 s Into the Storm shifting weather patterns due to atmospheric warming causes unprecedented tornado activity similar to activity that has been seen in recent months People are influenced by the media that they consume even something as seemingly diverting as horror movies With the combination of awareness of issues as plot points in environmental horror and visibility in the news the possibility of the public taking these issues seriously may become much more likely If it is real enough to fear onscreen it is real enough to fear in real life and real enough to do something about eco horror feature About the Author Related Posts Tweet Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply Name

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  • 2016 Summer Blockbusters: Can They Top 2015?
    superhero films of 2016 should outperform Ant Man and Fantastic Four with relative ease X Men Apocalypse will look to build on the strong popularity of X Men First Class and X Men Days Of Future Past and will be aided by the addition of Oscar Isaac fresh off a tremendous performance in Star Wars as the titular villain Meanwhile DC and Warner Bros will be rolling out Suicide Squad a curious project based on comics about DC villains being spun into a special ops force But it s Captain America Civil War that should really push 2016 over the top In fact this film could even top Age Of Ultron to become the most popular Marvel film since The Avengers Why Well for one thing its direct predecessor Captain America The Winter Soldier was one of the best reviewed superhero films we ve seen But the film will also benefit from a specific focus on Iron Man and Captain America undoubtedly the two most iconic characters among the Avengers These are the most famous characters of the bunch and have also come to most clearly represent modern Marvel Five films have been made for them specifically they have the most recognisable costumes and they even have the strongest representation in gaming Known for inventive video poker and slot gaming themes Betfair s casino carries numerous superhero titles including all of the Avengers but it has several titles specifically devoted to Iron Man and Captain America They re quite simply the two most important superheroes out there right now and this film will see them square off one on one Animated Films This should come down to a pretty straight up battle and it s really difficult to predict a winner so to speak In 2015 Disney Pixar s Inside Out was something of a surprise hit and is now viewed as the studios best collaboration in years But 2016 will respond with a sequel to another of Disney Pixar s best projects Finding Dory will revisit the world of Finding Nemo in a project that ought to draw a pretty massive crowd In fact it was recently suggested by Forbes that Finding Dory could have a shot at winning the box office this year Action Films Naturally anything in the superhero category could fit here as well But for the purposes of comparing 2015 and 2016 summer releases it s interesting to note that each year will have included an addition to a major action franchise that doesn t operate within the superhero genre In 2015 it was Mission Impossible Rogue Nation the fifth installment in Tom Cruise s larger than life spy series that began back in 1996 The film earned just slightly less than its immediate predecessor Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol at the box office and according to Variety set Cruise up for yet another go as super spy Ethan Hunt Cruise always draws a crowd and this series has always had a certain brand of cleverness

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  • The Star Wars Saga: The Franchise From Top to Bottom
    saga Luke and Anakin both undergo major changes throughout the course of the film Unlike most movies in the franchise Jedi ends on a positive note commemorating the end of the original film trilogy 4 Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith 2005 Despite being the best film in the more recent Star Wars trilogy Revenge of the Sith fails to achieve the greatness of the original film trifecta The film traces Anakin s fall from grace and his defection to the Dark Side The film s major weaknesses lie in its awkward stilted dialogue and mediocre plot line The addition of General Grievous and the unrealistic relationship between Anakin and Padme drag the film down Though Sith has its weaknesses its spectacular battle sequences and special effects still make it a film worth watching 5 Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones 2002 Attack of the Clones is among the weakest of the Star Wars films The film follows Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as they investigate an assassination attempt on Senator Padme Amidala The ten year jump between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones coupled with Hayden Christensen s moody characterization of Anakin Skywalker make the film hard to watch Jumbled dialogue and limited character development plague this film as well Despite its weaknesses the Coruscant chase scene and the visually stunning depiction of the Battle of Geonosis rank amongst the most memorable scenes in the Star Wars saga 6 Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace 1999 The Phantom Menace is by far the most painful Star Wars film to sit through From the dreaded appearance of Jar Jar Binks to the mediocre acting of Jake Lloyd as young Anakin Skywalker the first film of the second trilogy suffers from a number of fundamental issues Arguably the worst part of The Phantom Menace however is the film s dreadful plot The film details the problems associated with trade agreements and political disputes By replacing passion and warfare with tedious dialogue and negotiations Menace loses the spark that made other Star Wars films so great The film s fantastic final duel is one of the only saving graces of Star Wars Episode I The Force Awakens the Future of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens will introduce a new set of enemies led by the nefarious Kylo Ren Adam Driver a new and mysterious Force wielding villain In addition to new characters The Force Awakens will feature revamped interstellar factions and previously undiscovered worlds Since Disney s purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012 the Star Wars franchise has seen many spin offs and reincarnations New animated programs such as Star Wars Rebels and mini series like Lego Star Wars Droid Tales can now be caught on cable TV more info In addition to new episodes in the Star Wars saga a separate film series known as Star Wars Anthology is in the works with the first film Rogue One scheduled for a December

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  • 19th Annual OFCS Awards Nominations Announced
    Larson Room Charlotte Rampling 45 Years Saoirse Ronan Brooklyn Charlize Theron Mad Max Fury Road Best Supporting Actor Benicio Del Toro Sicario Oscar Isaac Ex Machina Mark Ruffalo Spotlight Mark Rylance Bridge of Spies Sylvester Stallone Creed Best Supporting Actress Rooney Mara Carol Cynthia Nixon James White Kristen Stewart Clouds of Sils Maria Alicia Vikander The Danish Girl Kate Winslet Steve Jobs Best Original Screenplay Ex Machina Alex Garland Inside Out Pete Docter Ronnie Del Carmen Meg LeFauve Josh Cooley Mistress America Greta Gerwig Noah Baumbach Sicario Taylor Sheridan Spotlight Josh Singer Tom McCarthy Best Adapted Screenplay Brooklyn Nick Hornby Carol Phyllis Nagy The Martian Drew Goddard Room Emma Donoghue Steve Jobs Aaron Sorkin Best Editing Mad Max Fury Road Margaret Sixel The Martian Pietro Scalia The Revenant Stephen Mirrione Sicario Joe Walker Steve Jobs Elliot Graham Best Cinematography The Assassin Ping Bin Lee Carol Edward Lachman Mad Max Fury Road John Seale The Revenant Emmanuel Lubezki Sicario Roger Deakins The winners will be announced on December 14th awards carol ex machina featured inside out mad max fury road nominations ofcs room sicario spotlight the martian About the Author I m a freelance film reviewer and blogger with over 7 years of experience writing for various different websites In addition to my running editing and writing for Thoughts On Film I am also the freelance Film TV editor for Scotland based student magazine website Scotcampus I have a passion for all types of cinema and have a particular love for foreign language film especially South Korean and Japanese cinema Favourite films include The Big Lebowski Pulp Fiction and 2001 A Space Odyssey Twitter Facebook Related Posts Tweet Leave A Response Click here to cancel reply Name required Email required Website Comment Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TOF

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