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  • Mandala Workshops
    patterns not random events There are no limits to what can be understood through the study of geometry This science explores and explains the web of energy that creates and unifies all things The Mandala initiates its creator through a doorway into the world of sacred geometry For images that are complicated to draw using pencil and paper We have available to us a CAD package Computer Aided Design Operator included INTRODUCTION TO GEOMETRY TWO DAY WORKSHOP No 1 Two days of geometric experience A practical course with information showing the wealth of geometric images in our lives and applying the principles of sacred geometry to various drawings and completing a geometric Mandala THE SRI YANTRA TWO DAY WORKSHOP No 2 This course is designed specifically to learn how to create the Sri Yantra a complicated geometric structure which is possible to draw with ease when you know how The nine interlocking triangles are recognised as the building blocks of the universe This image uses the principles of Phi and Pi Jane Blonder uses hand painted textiles as the medium for expressing her geometric designs There are many other mediums that can be used Here at the studio you will gain the geometric experience to express in the medium you enjoy working in CREATING YOUR OWN MANDALA TWO DAY WORKSHOP Why are we drawn to work with geometric shapes Why do we like these shapes Why are these principles used by architects artists engineers in fact all practical applications are governed by the rules of sacred geometry and the Mandala helps us to recognise the inherent knowledge for all of us join me in a journey into the realms of the inherent knowledge and wisdom of sacred geometry in our lives Apply the practical and useful principles of geometry and

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  • Weaving Workshops
    and expand on ideas will be using the various looms and working on their own projects This means a resident weaver will be available to help with courses and projects PLAY DAY The studio is available to come and enjoy the looms for a day Looms will be warped and ready for weaving The warp will be hemp yarn from The House of Hemp A cloth can be made up to 60cm wide depending on your choice of loom Booking in advance give you the chance to select the colour of your warp TWO DAY WORKSHOP A new idea in weaving using the ideas developed by Jane in her studio An opportunity to experiment with different textures and colours to make your own cloth which can be used to make an item of clothing wall hanging or object d art All the colours are created in Threads of Time studio and as we all use colour in our own very special way the course ensures a unique piece of art for each person WEEK LONG FEAST A coat from your very own woven fabric An intensive course to apply ideas with texture and colour into weaving and making your own garment The idea is to follow through the whole process of choosing the yarns and the colours creating something very special or indeed spending the week weaving the choice is yours THE SAORI LOOM Saori is a hand weaving program through which everyone can freely express themselves regardless of age gender disability or intellectual aptitude Saori developed a new style loom which is based on an older traditional style a new approach to weaving one without rules and restrictions The idea is freedom a true freedom of expression for the individual and a release of the individuality Using colour and

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  • Mandala Gallery
    every single day with our thoughts our intent which is energy in action applying geometric laws In other words we create through the application of geometric principles and the laws of the universe Universally inherent in man s consciousness the Mandala has continually appeared in his constructions rituals and art forms In Sanskrit Mandala literally means circle and centre The Mandala is created in the rose windows of many beautiful and important historical buildings such as Durham Chartres and Notre Dame cathedral Geometric principles are evident in most buildings including Stonehenge the Great Pyramid of Cheops Westminster Abbey The geometry plays a vital role in creating the sacred space of these grand places Historically we have a wealth of images to show the value we place on Mandala structures There are many mosaics and paintings and the Sri Yantra Mandala is one of our most ancient and revered images known to man This is constructed from nine larger triangles that generate an image of 43 smaller triangles This image is the geometric construction showing how we can interact with the galaxy and the geometry is a complex equation Healing through spirit is unconsciously or consciously directing energy which is Light or shall we say Love This energy is not seen unless the human form has learned the ability to transcend the limitation of matter If the energy of love could be seen and heard it consists of geometric shapes colour and sound A geometric image resonates with our consciousness even if the person is unaware of this action taking place We know what it is and can read the shape just as we read words in a book It is so familiar it makes us feel good As in ancient times when we knew to create within a Mandala format

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  • Jane's Picture Gallery

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  • Art Clothes
    Janes new woven hatton jacket will be available to order online soon until then please call

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