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  • Just who am I? | tomjupiter
    5 films of 2011 Home Just who am I Just who am I My name is Tom I am a writer I am part of the Cinetalk team and also contribute to Starburst Magazine when time allows Other websites sometimes get my words too and I always link through to them on this blog I also help look after the Picturehouse Culture Shock site I am a cinema manager I

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  • Top 5 films of 2013 | tomjupiter
    at Berlinale and going in I was worried Reception so far had been mixed to say the least Thankfully I had no reason to fear I loved it Beautiful to look at and listen to with an engaging and dutifully complex plot I cannot praise this film highly enough I can see why some people don t engage with it but if you allow yourself to get caught up then it s a very rewarding journey Stoker The beautiful poster artwork hooked me and golly did the film deliver From Chan Wook Par who brought us Oldboy amongst many other great films expectation was high In some ways it is nothing like his vengeance trilogy and it is best not to go in with them at the back of your mind However I think it also has a great deal in common but in a much more mature way The lesson is that there is a great power in waiting and that is something that we as viewers have to learn alongside the characters PACIFIC RIM Guillermo del Toro s big budget monster vs robot extravaganza Fun silly loud and the best blockbuster of the year Read my review THE

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  • Top 5 films of 2012 | tomjupiter
    one of them is a little special and worth hunting down I will only include films that have had a proper release in the UK this year or will before the year is over They are presented in no particular order A Useful Life Such a beautiful little film I was bound to enjoy a film about a cinema manager who has given his life to his cinema and yet there is still hope that he may find romance and something more to life than simple celluloid can bring A great soundtrack and a wonderful central performance really lift A Useful Life I review it HERE Avengers Assemble An obvious choice I suppose It is just so much fun though Exciting entertaining full of humour and great characters Avengers Assemble is everything that a blockbuster should be and is that rare thing a big budget release that actually reaches its potential I hope it knocks Avatar off the top spot I review it HERE Kotoko A film that follows a single mother s fall into depression and essentially madness The images and emotions that Kotoko inspired have stayed with me more than any other film this year which earns it a spot in my top five A stunning exploration of mental extremes violence and identity Not easy but excellent I reviewed it for Cinetalk Berberian Sound Studio An intense and atmospheric film from Peter Strickland A passion for cinema and old school filmmaking comes across which means I would have loved this film anyway Beyond that however Strickland proves himself to be an absolute master of suspense and of the art of film generally The extremely clever use of sound stands out but the visuals are just as strong With great performances from lead Tobey Jones and the rest of

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  • Top 5 films of 2011 | tomjupiter
    The horror of violence feels like a Kurosawa film although 13 ASSASSINS is much gorier as you would expect coming from Miike Don t assume that I m taking away any of the achievements of 13 ASSASSINS though Comparisons to SEVEN SAMURAI are a good thing It is very well constructed It s a carefully balanced film designed I think for Western audiences The first half of the film sets up the characters and the story Even though each of the 13 only get a few minutes really they still come across as fully formed characters The villain is the first true baddie that I ve seen in a film for ages Honestly you will truly hate him The second half of the film is one long action scene Miike doesn t let us get bored though There is a careful escalation of the peril almost like different levels in a video game It is exciting impressive stuff HUGO Scorsese s family adventure was frankly magical Conveying a sense of cinematic wonder heartwarming drama and plenty of action and comedy Check out my full review MELANCHOLIA This is my film of the year I think It s not necessarily enjoyable and certainly not fun Frankly it screwed me up for several days I see a lot of films and it is very rare for one to get to me so much My full review is over on Cinetalk CONFESSIONS A teacher is grieving for her daughter She is certain that at least one of her students is guilty of murdering the child and decides to take revenge Having decided that she knows who did it she tells them that their milk had been infected with HIV It s a twisted start to a film and boy do things get darker

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/top-5-films-of-2011/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Happy Together (Terracotta Festival 2013) | tomjupiter
    the story of two lovers on a journey a story of the city and a story of growing up It is I would expect the only Hong Kong gay film set in South America I could be wrong about this of course I am only a new student of Asian cinema So our two main protagonists are LAI Yiu Fai Tony LEUNG Chiu Wai and HO Po Wing Leslie CHEUNG The plot has been broken up into almost dreamlike sections different periods of the relationship This works well for the themes of the film and for the feel but if you need a strong narrative to hang onto then this style will definitely not work for you Personally I enjoyed it even if I completely lost track of the film s timescale An important point which I may not have mentioned yet the Director is Wong Kar Wai Note 2 His command of the visual aesthetic of the film is staggering and quite exciting if I m honest There are some beautiful shots and there are some really beautiful scenes First entering the bar for instance was a wonderfully cinematic experience The settings particularly the flat are excellent and really help to build the film HAPPY TOGETHER works best with our two leads on screen together The emotional bond between the two a mixture of love hate desire and destruction is powerful and central to the film Power between them juggles depending on the circumstances and they are both equally reliant on the other The scenes in which they lead separate lives suffer and just don t have the same electricity of the rest of the film Overall a very satisfying film by an accomplished Director working with a great cast I definitely recommend watching it if you get a

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-happy-together-terracotta-festival-2013/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Rouge (Terracotta Festival 2013) | tomjupiter
    myself into a weekend of cinema Looking for her long lost boyfriend Fleur Anita MUI places an ad in a local paper the twist being that she is now a ghost The film jumps between her story in the 1930 s and the hunt for her love in the 1980 s In life she was an elegant courtesan who meets and is won over by CHAN Chen Pang Leslie CHEUNG They begin an intense relationship and promise to meet one another again after death The film effectively uses the jumps in the story between past and 1980 s present to tell the story in an intriguing fashion and also to investigate the differences in society relationships and attitudes to love over the years There are also interesting questions raised about how far we would actually go for love and how much is merely performance and drama Colour and clever use of location really enhance much of this It is Anita MUI s performance that really gripped me Her sensuality and confidence as well as her determination really carries the film forward and ties together all of the various plot lines and themes As a relative newcomer to much of Asian

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-rouge-terracotta-festival-2013/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: I Am Breathing | tomjupiter
    life making sense of his world and the legacy that he will leave behind for his son Oscar It is a patchwork documentary pulling together memories the daily struggle of life and the letter and memory box Neil is working on to leave for his son In such a delicate and personal situation this feature length documentary pulls off a very clever balancing act between intimacy and humour This is shaped in no small way by the narration taken directly from Liam s blog posts he downplays the emotional struggle and depends instead on a sly wit and unerring optimism that seem to bolster those around him In fact it is the strength and resilience of all involved that turns the documentary from what would be an incredibly gruelling watch into something entirely more hopeful The repeated motif of passing on a story between generations as Liam s father did for him and as he now does for his own son makes the future feel almost tangible even though it does not exist for Liam In line with the brilliantly handled narrative the piece is also held together well cinematographically Directors Emma Davie and Morag McKinnon do not try to portray the unknowable reality of suffering MND but instead focus on shared time with family and friends about the house We are close enough to feel as though in the room with Liam but what we see is a friendly eminently likeable guy rather than a patient suffering a terminal illness There is the occasional distressing moment where the physicality of the illness is made abruptly apparent but the focus is very much on what goes on in Liam s mind rather than his body The documentary tackles a number of big issues and is also full of information on

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-i-am-breathing/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Pacific Rim | tomjupiter
    controlled by two pilots who are connected in a nifty drift neural interface thing and have to be super compatible Our hero is Raleigh Beckett Charlie Hunnam who is dragged back to piloting his Jaeger Gipsy Danger following his brother s death by tough military man Stacker Pentecost Idris Elba Beckett is teamed with Mako Mori Rinko Kikuchi and Gipsy Danger is sent back into the fray So yeah the names do give you an idea of just how deep these characters are written They re a mixture of pastiche and stereotype which I know has annoyed a fair few folks Personally I see it as fitting neatly in the genre that Del Toro is clearly as much in love with as me Having said that part of me does wish more had been done with these characters and the relationship between Beckett and Mori lacks chemistry Perhaps a little more time with them would have helped The action sequences are second to none Put all of those horrible headache inducing TRANSFORMERS fights out of your mind Del Toro proves himself a much maturer director than Michael Bay and lets the spectacle work for itself I could feel the size of the Kaiju and Jaegers and appreciate the huge power that each held The world created for PACIFIC RIM is set a few years into our future and although a B movie world it feels properly lived in and as if everyone had a lot of fun theorising just how things would change if giant monsters did start to attack There is a definite Asian theme to some of the film which suits the genre well 3 Yes some of it is basic and relies on stereotypes If this is the beginning of a new franchise then this could all

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-pacific-rim/ (2016-04-26)
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