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  • May Film Quiz! | tomjupiter
    2011 Home CinetalkTV May Film Quiz May Film Quiz This entry was posted in CinetalkTV Geek Fun on May 1 2012 by Tom That s right tonight is the Cinetalk and Genesis film quiz Head to the Genesis bar for 8pm start It s free to enter and there will be prizes About Tom Manager at Stratford upon Avon Picturehouse film lover writer View all posts by Tom Leave a

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/may-film-quiz/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Crocodile & Arirang | tomjupiter
    from Crocodile Over time bonds are formed between the homeless individuals seeming to provide them with some hope and happiness Yet tragedy looms as Crocodile s explosive temper and violent tendencies lead him to become embroiled in dangerous criminal activity Made on a relatively low budget Crocodile lacks some of the visual beauty synonymous with Kim s later work However its gritty style suits the tone of the story and the director makes the most of what he has available employing some stunning shots of the river from both above and below Some of the most beautiful moments in the film happen under the surface of the water particularly the haunting final scene which sets that environment in stark contrast to the cruel world above The notion of contrast is also intrinsic to the narrative Violence is juxtaposed with serenity compassion with brutality As despicable a character as Crocodile may seem Kim does not portray him as a purely one dimensional villain As Hyun Jung begins to have an influence on the family group Crocodile starts to soften ever so slightly there are points where despite his earlier appalling behaviour we believe that he genuinely cares for those around him However he is an inherently violent man and his struggle to overcome his nature is ultimately in vain Crocodile is an affecting and sometimes disturbing film Its depictions of violence are particularly brutal and the treatment of the sole female character makes it easy to see why accusations of misogyny are often levelled at the director Yet this a strong debut a great introduction to Kim s work and a precursor of the remarkable works Kim has since accomplished ARIRANG is a boundary blurring docu drama with its sole focus on Kim s two year period of self enforced exile from film making and mainstream society Through drunken rants heated exchanges with himself excruciating renditions of folk songs and many more strange antics Kim lays himself bare Or does he At times the director seems to be playing with the audience he refers to himself as an actor and forces us to question whether any of what we ve seen is genuine A near fatal accident involving his lead actress on the set of 2008 feature DREAM was the catalyst for Kim s solitary retreat And it is obvious that the guilt he suffered as a result of the near tragedy was great Through ARIRANG we see him question the value of filmmaking he debates whether his desire to make films is worth putting others at risk However it is obvious that his inability to make films over this period of exile was very frustrating for Kim and through a need for cinematic expression he took to filming himself a project in isolation through which no others would come to harm ARIRANG also highlights another area of Kim s frustration that of his relationship with the Korean film industry Over his prolific career Kim s films have always been better

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-crocodile-arirang/ (2016-04-26)
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  • December 5, 2012 | tomjupiter
    SuA Picturehouse Trailers Just who am I Top 5 films of 2013 Top 5 films of 2012 Top 5 films of 2011 Home 2012 December 05 Daily Archives December 5 2012 Review Crocodile Arirang This entry was posted in A C Film Reviews Review on December 5 2012 by Tom Korean auteur Kim Ki Duk has been dividing and delighting audiences for sixteen years This new double disc set from

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/2012/12/05/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: The Amazing Spider-Man | tomjupiter
    story arcs or knew the full list of players I read Batman and Superman X Men and so on but my favourite was always Spidey To this day if I dream of having super powers it s Spider man that my unconscious turns to So I was really looking forward to The Amazing Spider man I enjoyed the last three yes even the third one flawed as it is but the series had run out of steam so a successful relaunch was fine by me Plus Emma Stone which is always a good thing This time Peter Parker Spider Man is played by Andrew Garfield and a very fine job he does too He s less vulnerable than Tobey Maguire s version and when in the costume much quicker with the ad libs and one liners as Spidey should be Garfield has a youthful energy which works very well in this role There is more emphasis on Peter s parents and their legacy His father was a genetic scientist who laid the groundwork for the gene splicing that leads not only to Spider Man s powers but the creation of the big bad The Lizard The first half of the film is familiar with inescapable plot points being bitten by a spider discovering powers although it is still very enjoyable largely due to the performances from Garfield and Emma Stone The relationship between Peter and Gwen Stacey is an interesting one as it occurs before his big love Mary Jane Watson I m also pretty certain that it didn t end too happily in the comics which could prove to be an important plot point in the future now that it has been announced that The Amazing Spider man is the first film of a trilogy Once The Lizard is

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-the-amazing-spider-man/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene | tomjupiter
    I expected from the film but certainly it impressed me a great deal The film is a study of Martha played by Elizabeth Olson who has spent the last two years of her life as part of an almost self sufficient cult She escaped and is now living with her sister recovering She refuses to speak about what she s been through however and is working through it all in her head The film jumps between this new existence and life with the cult Where this could have become a simple cults are bad message the strength of this film is that the Martha provides an opportunity for different values to be explored and for our own society to be examined from the outside It is also an interesting study into how our personalities are infused not just with societies values but with those we consider friends and family Patrick the leader of the cult is a charismatic man that has built this community around him Whether he believes in the ideals or not isn t really explored The performances fantastic with Olsen and Joh Hawkes standing out in particular Very engaging very moving I felt like I wanted to

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/review-martha-marcy-may-marlene/ (2016-04-26)
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  • martha marcy may marlene Archives | tomjupiter
    who am I Top 5 films of 2013 Top 5 films of 2012 Top 5 films of 2011 Home martha marcy may marlene Tag Archives martha marcy may marlene Review Martha Marcy May Marlene This entry was posted in Film Reviews M and tagged cult film martha marcy may marlene Olsen reviews on February 11 2012 by Tom Stuck between a rock and a hard place I visited the very

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/tag/martha-marcy-may-marlene/ (2016-04-26)
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  • February 11, 2012 | tomjupiter
    Film Reviews Y on February 11 2012 by Tom I saw this at my local Genesis Cinema Go on folks support your local cinema wherever it may be Initially I wouldn t have bothered with this film I expected it to be another misbehaving comedy along the lines of Bad Teacher Entertaining but not breaking any new ground Finally after reading the excellent Review Martha Marcy May Marlene This entry

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/2012/02/11/ (2016-04-26)
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  • April 2012 | tomjupiter
    on April 16 2012 by Tom Kwok Yun Ke Shi is a simple peasant in a small mining village She is unmarried but is having an affair with the school principal Her life is turned upside down after she sees what could be a UFO and helps a rich American from Germany after he has broken his leg The town suddenly Terracotta Film Festival MY WAY This entry was posted in Film Festivals Film Reviews M Terracotta 2012 Terracotta Film Festival and tagged my way south korean terracota on April 12 2012 by Tom One of the biggest most expensive and downright epic films to come from South Korea MY WAY begins a few years before WWII when Japan had occupied Korea Two young boys one Korean and one Japanese meet and each of them is very good at running Due to the strains on the relationship Terracotta Film Festival 2012 This entry was posted in CinetalkTV Film Festivals Terracotta 2012 Terracotta Film Festival Uncategorized and tagged 2012 festival films movies terracotta on April 12 2012 by Tom The festival kicks off today and it s where I ll be living pretty much all this weekend There s a great selection of films and some Q A s and other exciting bits and bobs thrown in You can see the full programme but my personal highlights are Thursday MY WAY An EPIC WWII film I caught an early Tron Uprising trailer This entry was posted in Geek Fun Trailers and tagged animation boxleitner tron tron legacy tron uprising on April 12 2012 by Tom Ooh shiny glowing animated goodness I truly loved TRON LEGACY I saw it three times and am quite excited about the prospect of returning to the universe again Hopefully we ll get a third film soon

    Original URL path: http://tomjupiter.co.uk/2012/04/ (2016-04-26)
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