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  • The ToolPost | wood turning tools | woodcarving tools
    another natural Finishing Oil They re all good Try them today Maybe we succumb too readily to the flattery of being asked but we re pleased to announce that we have been appointed by Starbond Adhesives in the USA as their exclusive dealer in the UK and Ireland This is a great and wide range of CA glues cyanoacrylates superglues that caters for just about every need The glue is sourced in Japan and is of the highest quality We especially like the attention to detail of the company who even provide micro applicators so that you can apply the glue drop wise on fine work and who also supply bulk bottles so that heavy users enjoy economies of scale There s also a glue which is water thin and can be used as a timber reinforcement to overcome the hazards of turning spalted timbers and the like And Starbond CA glue is very reasonably priced too Give some a try now We have been working with Stuart Mortimer to create a special Saburr carbide cutting tool that will simplify and speed up the cutting through of a hollow form to create the bines of a spiral form as typified by Stuart s elegant work We are pleased to announce that the SM250 cutting disc is now available and after extensive testing of the product by Stuart we have production quantities in stock If you have ever seen Stuart demonstrate his techniques this is a tool you ll want to own And we can also supply the mini grinder to mount it on from Proxxon or Arbortech Whilst it is not a product suitable for offering through the website the news is that The ToolPost is the sole distributor for the fabulous the legendary VB36 Master Bowlturner lathes in the UK and Eire These phenomenal lathes are now being manufactured in Germany by Steinert a company with many years experience in manufacturing high class lathes for woodturning and for many years the VB36 distributors to the German speaking world And because of this connection we ll also be offering the range of Steinert lathes to the market The worlds finest deep hollowing tools arguably are the Rolly Munro tools We are fortunate and proud to have been appointed as the sole UK and Eire distributors of these superb deep hollowing tools Our first act had been to reduce the prices across the board No tricks no sleight of hand it just shows what can be achieved by a distributor that puts your needs first There has never been a better time to buy a Rolly Munro tool one of the world s finest The carbide tipped turning tools created by Mike Hunter have been setting the world alight for some time We have been using them and selling them for several years now and have the highest regard for them and for Mike Hunter their manufacturer who takes the trouble to come over to our Open House events from time

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  • Turning Tools Index
    of the site as follows Kryo bowl gouges Kryo spindle gouges Kryo roughing gouges When a tool manufacturer has been in continuous production for around 200 years you know that they know what they re doing In the business of toolmaking experience counts In choosing to work with and to supply tools by Henry Taylor Robert Sorby and other fine quality manufacturers we are both making a statement about our values and giving you the opportunity to purchase and to enjoy using these fine tools Our reasons for selling and using these fine tools is that we believe them to be the finest woodturning tools available anywhere in the world today Then you may ask why two principal manufacturers They can t both be best can they Well in a way yes they can because they each have their own specialities Robert Sorby are particularly innovative in their designs and thorough in their development resulting in their offering a great range of technical tools catering for almost every conceivable woodturner s needs On the other hand Henry Taylor work very closely with a wide group of professional turners and bring the experience of those turners to bear in the design of tools reflecting the specialised techniques of those turners In addition they produce a broad range of fine woodturning tools in the best British tradition Finally we also select some suppliers who produce high quality tools at a somewhat lower price suitable for the budget conscious user though it must be said that the tools coming from Hamlet Craft Tools in particular and Crown Tools are showing them to be manufacturers of great creativity and originality and not afraid to put time and effort into new developments Back to top of page All of the tools in this hand picked selection are High Speed Steel to ensure a long edge life and reduced sharpening frequency They are fitted with robust balanced handles of good length of lacquered beech in the case of Henry Taylor and Crown Tools and untreated ash on the Robert Sorby and Hamlet tools Solid brass ferrules complete the fitting of handle to blade in both cases Every tool produced by these expert manufacturers is individually hardness tested hand ground and marked with the manufacturer s brand Your guarantee of quality Excepting the tools sold specifically as un handled Back to top of page Technical Notes You will not find many sets of tools in this catalogue The only turner who can get real value from a set of tools is the guy who turns to a recipe that s designed to fit the tools in the set And that would be a criminal waste of the joy and freedom that woodturning offers Buy your tools because you know why and how you ll use every single one If buying a set saves you a little money on a cost per tool basis you can almost guarantee that it will be a bad buy on a cost

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  • Chucks & Accessories
    specialist chucks of our own the three jaw MM50 Micro Chuck and the four jaw MM54 MicroChuck Jaw Sets to suit Axminster chucks which also fit the VersaChuck plus a range of pin chucks Morse taper carriers screw chucks to fit in dovetail jaws and faceplate rings Drive Centres for spindle mounting in all shapes and sizes including the innovative Stebcentres in a range of sizes and fittings Live Centres for the tailstock in every variation including dead centres Accessories that you just wouldn t want to be without such as Long Hole Boring Kits Augers Counterbores Cup Centres Pen Mandrels Pen Kits and Morse Taper Adapter Sleeves Faceplates and ScrewChucks in a range of sizes Drill chucks in a variety of capacities and Morse fittings Toolrests and toolposts to fit a wide variety of lathes from Robert Sorby Featuring interchangeable stems and cross pieces and including bowl rests and a box hollowing rest Spindle taps the simple way to create your own jigs fixtures faceplates etc to use on the lathe Magnetic trays are also now available to hold all those odds and ends that are lying around whilst a chuck or lathe part is being disassembled so that all the parts are there when it comes to putting the item back together Gone are the days of lost screws Though we stock spare jawscrews for any chuck we manufacture and we stock those for Patriot Nova and Axminster chucks too In addition to the above we also stock the Nova G3 and SuperNova chucks from Teknatool Record Power in the UK as well as the Axminster chuck range We just haven t found time to put them on the website yet if you need one of these products please pick up the phone If you are unsure of

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  • Lathes
    selection We are quite happy to discuss and understand your needs and expectations and to provide guidance as to the best likely solution to your needs We may not always be able to meet those expectations form within our own range of solutions but we try to ensure that the guidance we give will help you find something suitable Our primary lathe brands include the superb Belgian manufactured WivaMac for which we are the UK distributors However we recognise that in this world one size does not truly fit all and therefore we offer alternatives through the shop in Didcot The additional premium woodturning lathes which we distribute in the UK and Ireland include the legendary VB36 now beautifully built in Germany the Oneway range from Canada and the German built Steinert lathes manufactured alongside the new VB36 We also have lower cost lathe offerings from Nova and Record Power These are not yet available for on line sale but if you call we will be happy to discuss our other offerings examples of which are available to view in our showroom and workshop However please be advised that we sell products in which we believe and trust we do

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  • Grinding Systems
    in a wide range of applications in cabinetmaking wood carving and woodturning Right The Tormek T 7 Water Cooled Sharpening System Below The Oneway Wolverine Sharpening Jig If you are using a high speed grinder for sharpening your tools and most woodturners do then a good jig system is essential The Wolverine system from OneWay is right out of the top drawer in this respect and is the system favoured by many of the world s top turners Unlike so many systems which are supplied in a basic form that makes it all but impossible to sharpen any but a select few types of turning tool the Wolverine is fully equipped out of the box to sharpen all of the commonly used woodturning tools with options available for the more sophisticated shapes such as the Celtic grind for dressing the wheels square and true for grinding bench chisels and plane irons and even for balancing grinding wheels We also provide the range of Pro Edge Sharpening System as well as the sharpening jigs produced by Robert Sorby including the ingenious Fingernail Profiling Jig which reduces the task of grinding a fingernail profile to a simple mechanistic process The range also includes a straightforward grinding platform and a deluxe model which incorporates both the platform and the fingernail profiler in a single unit For anyone who has struggled to regrind a Celtic bowl gouge as featured on many Hamlet and other tools then the Hamlet Celtic Grinding Jig will be an invaluable aid Add to that the Profile Pro guides and there really is no excuse for failing to produce a correct grind every time And if you re finding yourself a little baffled by the terms used in grinding and would like a clear picture of what bevel angles to

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  • Finishes
    developed into a wide ranging woodturner s supply company With their background they certainly know about turning and are now the manufacturers of the VB36 Master Bowlturner lathe Amid their smaller treasures we discovered an excellent Finishing Oil which we love using and a special oil designed for use on outdoor carvings Also based in Germany is Drechseln und Mehr who have produced a range of unusual finishing products including a polymer pen finish carnauba wax as a paste wax a hardener for punky timber and a natural finishing oil U Beaut Shellawax Finishes Based in Australia U Beaut have created a range of superb finishing products that offer a step change improvement over the finish to be expected from more traditional friction polishes These products include the Shellawax friction polishes in versions to suit both spindle and faceplate work and the EEE Ultrashine abrasive cream which creates a perfect surface upon which to apply these wondrous final finishes In addition U Beaut offer water based highly concentrated dyes giving vibrant colours stick wax and traditional wax polish Well worth a look Beall Wood Buffing Products Wood buffing has been used by pipemakers to polish their briars for years but has not until recent years been widely utilized by other wood workers We first became intrigued by the process when we met Jerry Beall and later saw the impressive results it produced in our own workshop It didn t take much thought for us to decide to offer the Beall Wood Buff through our website Wood buffing wheels are similar to the metal buffing versions but softer and looser to conform to the contours of the work without blurring the detail Since the buffing process adds nothing to the surface of the wood except a thin coat of carnauba wax a non toxic edible substance wood buffing is a particularly good alternative for toys or pieces which are intended to contain food A novel idea Yes but a brilliant one Try it you ll be amazed Finishing Products By Liberon The well known company Liberon Waxes is another specialist in the production of finishes with a range that encompasses not only wood finishing but restoration work gilding floor finishing stonework and metal finishing We have chosen to stock those products of most immediate interest to woodworkers and homebuilders including the innovative range of waxes the traditional formula finishing waxes oils touch up and repair products carnauba wax stains and a number of accessory items Browse through both of these pages of finishes and select those products which most suit your particular style and needs Both ranges are in here on the basis of personal experience and recommendation but please let us know if there are other products you would like to see added to this range or if you seek specific products from Liberon or Chestnut Products which are not shown General Finishes one of America s favourites Fascinating though it is to read US magazines and to learn of

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  • Woodworking Tools
    Crown Hand Tools Hamlet Craft Tools Mortise chisels by Crown Hand Tools Carpenter s mallets suitable for applying to some of these chisels Framing chisels from Robert Sorby Slicks from our own ToolPost stable and Robert Sorby Draw Knives Draw Knives from Robert Sorby Crown Hand Tools and our own ToolPost traditional forged design plus detail and carver s versions Planes spokeshaves and scrapers Miniature planes from Crown Hand Tools Scraper plane insert and flush plane from Veritas Bench planes and others of all sizes and types from Stanley and an excellent economy No 4 bench plane from Silverline Spokeshaves from Stanley Cabinet scrapers and burnishers by Robert Sorby Crown Hand Tools Proxxon Precision Power Tools the answer to almost every need in the smaller quality power tool market Saws Hand tenon reversing dovetail gents veneer and bow saws from Crown Tools Flush cutting saws by Veritas Hardpoint and folding saws from Silverline The range of saws from Roberts Lee is no longer available from The ToolPost following the demise of the original company Clamps from Silverline G Clamps Sash Clamps Guide Clamps Screwdrivers from Crown Hand Tools Mallets from Crown Hand Tools Mitre Boxes from Crown Hand Tools Marking and Measuring Equipment Squares try and dovetail by M Power Trend Crown Hand Tools Robert Sorby Gilt Edge and even Engineer s squares Marking cutting mortise wheel and combination gauges and accessories by Veritas Crown Hand Tools M Power Trend Tri Blade and Tri Scribe Trim Gauge Mitre hooks by Veritas Torpedo Levels by Crown Hand Tools 450mm Framing spirit levels Marking knives left and right hand and scratch awls by Crown Hand Tools Bevels by Crown Hand Tools The novel R1 Right Handed Tape from M Power Steel rules in various lengths by SiIverline Affordable digital and vernier callipers

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  • Carving Tools
    sets of tools this section also includes carving accessories such as the Carver s Clamp and Mallets Sculptural carving tools of the type used on larger projects Typically these have blade sizes ranging from 7 8 22 mm upwards Miniature carving tools as used on smaller work and capable of being handled by children learning the craft Not that these are children s tools it is simply that their smaller size makes it easier for children to drive them through the timber under hand pressure Chip carving knives and Whittling knives These are the only tools needed to make a start on this fascinating branch of carving and are both simple and inexpensive It is interesting to contrast the free form and imaginative approach typical of whittling and the regular geometric precision of chip carving yet both are created simply by the use of knives This section includes our own extensive range of carving knives Power Carving in the context of this website refers to the use of rotary equipment to remove timber so in this section you will find products such as the Arbortech carving wheels Taking the notion of power carving a giant step further are the WivaMac

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