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  • APTC Live Centres
    If you plan to do any long hole boring through the tailstock perhaps for a lamp then you are going to need one of these chaps This two bearing rotating hollow centre has a 5 16 bore throughout to suit a standard auger and is supplied with a removable point so that it can be used as a standard centre and an alignment tool Aimed primarily at long hole boring applications this centre can be used as a tail centre where there is a risk of splitting much like the principle of the detachable ring centre described above Supplied complete with centring pin to assist when re mounting work Planet Manufacturing Hollow Dead Centre This centre has a 5 16 bore and is supplied with a removable centre Aimed initially at long hole boring applications this centre can be used as a tail centre where there is a risk of splitting much like the principle of the detachable ring centre described above NB This is not a live centre it has no bearings VersaChuck Dead Centres VersaChuck Dead Centres Dead Centres that is centres that do not rotate on a bearing are very useful when aligning head and tailstock for use as a slipping cone drive for traditional turning and whenever an absolutely rigid tail support is required Axminster Live Centres Standard Live Centres The most basic of the woodturner s needs these live centres feature a 60 degree conical point and are mounted on not one but two top quality sealed for life dust proof bearings A tool for life Extended Nose 90 degree Live Centre With a 90 degree nose angle terminating the standard style 60 degree cone these drives give excellent access when working close up to the tailstock There is also less splitting tendency than with

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  • Penwizard
    upgrade earlier models of Pen Wizard See list below to order this item places it has never been previously possible to go In essence it is a pen mandrel seen at the front of the photo with the brass knurled nut on it along which a Dremel minidrill not supplied can be driven At the same time the mandrel on which the pen barrels are mounted can be rotated or reciprocated or held steady and can be reversed The mandrel can also be indexed such that the start place for the rotation reciprocation can be offset to any of 24 positions As a result of this it is possible to cut spirals twists cross hatching zigzags serpentine patterns correctly termed a guilloche pattern and combinations of these on the pen barrels It is also a simple matter to produce barrels with say flat sides i e a polygonal cross section pen body with up to 24 facets Some simple examples of pen blanks showing some of the basic cuts are shown below It is also possible to further enhance the barrels by for instance filling the patterns created with coloured resins metal powders etc to create the effect seen in the examples made by UK woodturner Alan Hazel below In truth the possibilities are legion and already we know purchasers who have enhanced their Pen Wizards with their own ingenious little gadgets attachments etc etc and we re not going to spill their beans here You ll have to use your own creativity for now Above Samples of simple pen barrels Left Enhanced pens by Alan Hazel Below L the indexing mechanism and R the reciprocating mechanism of the Beall Pen Wizard An introductory video of the system in operation is available to view by clicking here This link opens

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  • Turning Accessories
    most annoying to change lathes or if you have two different lathes to find that all of your centres drills etc have the wrong Morse shank size These adapters allow you to sleeve smaller sizes up to fit a larger swallow that s the name for the hole in the spindle or quill If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring Spindle Thread Adapters As with the Morse Taper Adaptor Sleeves shown above these useful bits of kit allow chucks and accessories to be used on various lathes with varying threads thus avoiding the problem of having to switch lathes when you need to change chucks on a piece of work They are also great if you have just bought a new lathe and found that all your old chucks no longer fit the new headstock thread it is certainly cheaper than replacing all your chucks In the descriptions that follow the first size given e g 1 x 8 tpi F refers to the size of your existing lathe spindle this is the size of the female thread in the adaptor the thread in the hole The second size stated e g 3 4 x 16 tpi M is the size of the threaded male stud which protrudes from the end of the adaptor and which effectively becomes the new spindle size Long Hole Boring Kit This handy kit contains everything you need to get started on long hole boring and a range of interesting projects The kit comprises a fixed hollow cup centre a counterbore which is used in the headstock to support the end of the workpiece once bored and a standard shell auger We also stock Planet Manufacturing LHB Kits Hollow Cup Centre The same centre as supplied in the kit above If you need a spare or are making up your own kit or need a different Morse taper for the tailstock than for the headstock here are the parts If you are not sure of the size of the Morse Taper in your lathe take a look at this simple method of measuring Hollow Live Centre A live hollow centre can be very useful in lieu of the hollow cup centres mentioned above Suitable versions are shown on the centres page and below Shell Augers The traditional and still the best and affordable tools for long hole boring on the woodturning lathe The standard shell auger is available in a variety of sizes The normal shell augers can be very difficult to sharpen successfully but a newer version called the deluxe auger helps overcome this difficulty as well as providing improved chip clearance with a spiral flute All augers should be used carefully and slowly withdrawing the tool often to clear the waste from the hole Pen Mandrels and Pen Making Accessories Many turners find the making of pens a totally absorbing craft as well as providing a

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  • APTC Faceplates
    piece lying flat and secure against the faceplate We supply these faceplates in thread sizes to suit most popular spindle threads We also include two dual threaded faceplates to suit 1 1 2 inch x 6 tpi spindles featuring both left and right hand threads cut such that they cross each other and can be used on both left and right handed threads These are intended for use with earlier lathes such as the ever popular Harrison Graduate and its derivatives which feature a right handed thread on the inboard side of the headstock for conventional turning and a left hand spindle thread on the outboard side of the headstock which is used for outboard turning opposite handed allowing the greater capacity of the outboard side of the headstock to be used Since there is a very real danger of the equipment mounted on the spindle becoming detached under load this thread has to be left handed so that the working pressure keeps the facplate locked onto the spindle NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering 1997 2011 P Hemsley

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Chucks___Accessories/APTC_Faceplates/aptc_faceplates.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Drill Chucks
    arbors are removable allowing the chucks to be adapted to a different MT size should a change of lathe necessitate this NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering 1997 2011 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost

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  • Toolrests
    4 1 1 1 8 25mm and 30mm diameter You may need to use a vernier or dial caliper or even a micrometer to measure your existing stem unless you can find the size in the manufacturer s literature or instruction book Next select the Crossbar or toolrest which suits your requirements The two items stem and crossbar are simply screwed together to make a perfect toolrest The stems all use the same screw fitting to mount the crosspiece with securing flats machined on the stem to ensure a perfect fit when screwed into the toolrest So once you have the stem you can just keep on adding different crossbars though for a small extra cost why not order a stem for each and have the luxury of being able to replace the complete toolrest assembly instead of screwing and unscrewing parts each time The Crossbars are available in three straight bar lengths of 4 6 and 9 together with a 9 S bar for internal and a reverse 9 S bar for external bowl turning Also available is a box scraper platform for easy access and extra stability when working into the bottom of boxes Also listed is an adaptor we produce to allow owners of VB36 lathes with the mighty 40 mm toolpost size to use 1 diameter toolposts in their lathes It is a simple device approx 200mm long which slips into the VB toolpost support and has a 1 bore with a couple of hex socket screws to lock the inserted toolpost into place Once attached the toolpost and adaptor can be treated as a single unit with the adaptor left in place unless you have several 1 post toolrests to adapt Finally if you have a banjo where the toolpost socket is 30 mm 1

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  • Spindle Data
    Record all Coronet except red Major Sears Roebuck Craftsman Klein Carbatec APTC KWL37 Nu Tool NWL37 Naerok 12073 Clarke CWL12C Draper WTL12A WTL100 Rexon WL6V Sealey SM42 3 4 x 10 tpi T10 James Inns Sherwood range Rockwell Homecraft Naerok WL1000 Sealey 7 8 x 16 tpi T08 Coronet Major Maroon 1 x 12 tpi T03 Myford ML8 Turnstyler 1 x 12 tpi T03HD APTC H1000 1 x 10 tpi T12 Harrison Jubilee Arundel E5 Durden 1 x 8 tpi T04M APTC M900 M950 M1000 M330 M600 Perform CCL and CCBL Wivamac DB800 DB801 DB1000 DB1200 ADB950 all models US option Sorby some markets Delta 1 1 8 12 tpi T20 Myford ML7 1 1 8 12 tpi T20M Myford Maestro with lock screws 1 1 4 x 8 tpi T23 Woodfast M Series US models VicMarc VL series US models Nova 3000 US models General 260 1 1 2 x 8 tpi T39 1 1 2 x 8 tpi T06 Powermatic 1 1 2 x 6 tpi T02 Axminster NV28 40 Harrison Startrite GLCo Graduate Wadkin Bursgreen 6 BL 150 Lungrens Tanner FS100 some Woodfast models 1 1 2 x 6 tpi T02P Poolewood PW28 40 Old type 5 8 Plain Bore T05 Shopsmith Multico Supershop Metric millimetre Headstock Threads Thread Ref Lathes Using This Thread but CHECK yours threads may vary in different markets 18 mm x 2 5 mm n a Elu only enquire 20 mm x 1 5mm T33 Electro HDM800 HDM1000 Multico Poolewood 20 mm x 2 mm T29 Tyme Cub 83 on Little Gem 24 mm x 3 mm T21 Luna Arundel M230 Merlin K150 450 600 25 mm x 2 mm T30 Tyme Avon 83 on Classic Tanner SD165 Selbix Springwood Sorby some markets Cotech 30mm x 1 5mm T34 Alko HDM850 M30

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  • WivaMac Lathes
    know that these are products built with care in Belgium and are built to engineering standards that we have almost forgotten in the UK and elsewhere in the English speaking world yes the engineering is done by engineers not accountants in Belgium I also knew that this was a machine to which I would be proud to put my name having bought owned and turned on a DB1200 for several years From that point it was an easy step to agree that the time had come to offer the DB series of woodturning lathes to a wider market There are four lathe models in the WivaMac DB series each featuring a fabulous 260 mm 10 23 centre height over the bed 520 mm 20 47 diameter over bed capacity with various drive options making a total of eight models from which to choose All share a common theme of massively robust construction and a systems approach to turning that permits not just bowl and spindle work but copy turning ornamental turning and thread cutting to be performed on one machine A truly unique and remarkable capability Each lathe has its own dedicated page on our site where specifics for the machine are described and from which purchases may be initiated These are DB801 802 lathe s 820 mm between centres 520 mm over bed bench mounted floor stand available as an optional extra This superb lathe features Vario electronic variable speed control as standard DB800 lathe 820 mm between centres and 520 mm over bed bench mounted but with an optional floor stand available with choice of drives DB1000 lathe 960 mm between centres 520 mm over bed floor standing and offering a choice of three drives including continuous electronically variable speed the Vario system DB1200 lathe 1250 mm between

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